Yanderedere (Possessive twiggy, gfd, fluff?)

Sep 12th, 2017
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  1. >>swn replace all of your soaps, body gels and perfumes with ones she made herself
  3. >She simply told you that 'it's for your own good'
  4. >You shrugged, thinking that she knows what she's doing, not like you disliked the aroma anyway and since she was the one replacing them she must like them
  5. >Then you started noticing that all the other mares are avoiding you
  6. >Even AJ and Dash, they both bolted off a second after you saw their nostrils flare and take a whiff
  7. >And Twilight blushed and sperged, the way she always did when she was trying to hide something from you, when you confronted her about it
  8. >You're no genius, but you didn't need much more to realize it was her doing
  10. "Why? What did you even put in there for them to react like that?"
  11. >"W-well, I-I read that article saying that reducing or stopping the means of communication between your stallion and other mares reduced the risks of adultery and/or rape, and then I read that really interesting article on mare's scents and their effects on social--"
  12. "Wait, what?! Adultery?!"
  13. >She shrinks a bit at your words
  14. "I'd never cheat on you Twilight, what the fuck--"
  15. >"I know that! B-but what if you stumbled into some crazy mare that would get the wrong idea because you're acting nice to her and that she was evil and that she was an unicorn and then she casted a spell--"
  16. "Twilight..."
  17. >You try to calm the mare down, you know how she gets when she thinks she's cornered, but you can't hide the hint of disappointment in your tone
  18. >"S-sorry, I didn't mean, I mean, I did, but I didn't think it'd affect your daily life! I swear!"
  19. >You're not sure what to think of this
  20. >On one hand you're kinda pissed that she did it without even telling you
  21. >On the other, she did it for you
  22. >It's obvious she didn't mean any harm
  23. >And it's not like she did anyway
  24. >You think?
  25. >You let a heavy sigh and bring a palm to your face to try and wipe the negative feelings away
  26. "It's okay, don't worry, I believe you,"
  27. >Fear and anxiety disappears from her face when she sees you opening your arms, and she jumps into them not a second later
  28. >"I'm sorry, Anon,"
  29. "Shhh,"
  30. >Your hands find their respective places on the small of her back and the back of her head as she nuzzles into your neck
  31. "It's okay, no harm no fool,"
  32. >You stay that way for a moment, making sure to reassure your purple mare by stroking her coat and mane as her sobs slow down
  34. "But I'd still like to know what you put in these,"
  35. >You say, pointing to the bottle of body wash you set on the table earlier
  36. >You notice her blush coming back when she cranes her neck to look at you and address you
  37. >Her mouth opens up but she stops herself before it's too late
  38. >And it takes her a good two seconds to formulate the response
  39. >"I, uh, I used my, uhm... love...?"
  40. >You blink
  41. >Once
  42. >Twice
  43. >Her eyes fidgets around, her mind obviously working full time wondering if those were the right words
  44. "Uhm..."
  45. >Disgust, but also an erection
  48. ___By /ntt/Anon
  50. >you're fully 100% bathed and enveloped in Twilight's scent 24/7
  51. >she does it stealthily but she's thorough
  52. >you, your clothes, your bedsheets, your towels, everything is permanently soaked in her and you don't even notice it
  53. >it's your natural state now, smelling like Twilight
  54. >some ponies find it vulgar, but most just pretend they don't notice and keep out of your way
  55. >they know better than to get too close to princess' property
  58. __By me
  60. >so much that some mares, and even some stallions, don't want to hang around with you anymore in fear of doing something they could regret
  61. >"I don't know if we can keep going on those 'movie fridays' anymore, Anon,"
  62. "What? Why? We've done that for years dude!"
  63. >"Yeah, but... you're Twilight's stallion now,"
  64. "..."
  65. >"Listen bro, I, huh, I'll just come to see her tomorrow and ask her if I have permission, okay? I really don't want to... you know..."
  66. "It's Twilight! She's not going to hurt you for seeing a movie with me!"
  67. >"Catch you later bro!"
  68. >You know you should be pissed about it
  69. >Or at least weirded out
  70. >But realizing how other ponies sees you makes your heart leap in your chest
  71. >Realizing how much power she has on you
  72. >Realizing you're hers
  75. ___By /ntt/Anon
  77. >One by one, ponies abandon you, even your good friends avoid you now.
  78. >All the friends you have made over years of are afraid to even stay alone with you for more than a minute.
  79. >After all no pony would want to face the princess if she finds out.
  80. >Over time you're left completely alone and your confidence is your social skill falls through the floor.
  81. >And here you thought you had a second chance in being accepted by society and having friends.
  82. >All the little, careful steps into this new world, all the awkward tries to be at home among the ponies.
  83. >Fragile, frail friendships that you've seen growing into something beautiful, something you've never experienced.
  84. >It all doesn't matter now. You're just as isolated as you were when you first came here.
  85. >Of course the difference is that you have the most amazing mare loving you now.
  86. >You can't say you're ungreatful. You are so happy with her.
  87. >But when she falls asleep in your arms, competely content and blissful, you are left alone with your thoughts.
  88. >And in these thoughts you remember actually being with her while still having other ponies to talk to and spend time with.
  89. >But it's wrong to ask for so much in one lifetime, you suppose. So you try not to think about it, stuffing those thought as far away as possible and trying to fall asleep faster.
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