Lore Demon 2

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  1. <OOC> Verlaine says, "She's essentially asking for Lore Demon 2. And rather than go through everything, if he's willing to teach her we can summarize that. Up to you."
  2. <OOC> Elias nods
  3. <OOC> Elias says, "He's willing to teach her :D even if he's slightly disapproving that she wishes to know more about the dark history"
  4. <OOC> Verlaine nods. I'll probably put the request in tomorrow. Would you like to gloss over the actual teaching?
  5. <OOC> Elias nods
  6. <OOC> Verlaine says, "Okay. You can make the next pose. Probably assume they're in the dining area with coffee or tea. :)"
  7. For the next few hours, Elias teaches her much of demonkind. For this conversation, they are currently in the dining area, conversing. But he teachers her many things, Including that factions arose between them all after the demons found their escape from the Pit in 1999. While all of them are different, not all of them are good. The most human-friendly are the reconcilers, who wish to reconcile with the Lord and resume the duties that they held in their angelic states, like Daedarus desires. He even tells her that demons possess many kinds of powers in the form of Lores, and if they are skilled enough in Lores, a Demon is not someone anyone would want to face in a fight, no matter the strength. He tells her further things, like how a demon's torment can permanently corrupt them, like Lucifer was.
  8. <OOC> Elias says, "^^b"
  10.         Verlaine listens intently, her eyes often rather wide as these details are recounted. She's taking notes as well, she's always been a note taker. She sighs, shaking her head a bit at the enormity of it all. By the end she's finished more than a couple cups of coffee and she sets the pen down, nodding her head. "Thank you Daedalus." Her eyes drift back over to you, a quiet contemplation in her eyes. "I do want to help you. To save you. I imagine I must look small in your mind. A mortal woman.. surrounded by so much chaos and with no ability to do anything about it. But the Lord is my ally and through the Lord all things are possible."
  11. <OOC> Elias asks to pause here.
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