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  1. Chapter 1: Ebeast is high as fuck and decided to write
  3.  Once thought to be the manliest people on Smogon our whole world was turned upside down when TLC came around. He shoved his big 12 inch black penis into Trop's ass and thrusted hard. "I REALLY LIKE THIS, I HOPE ALL YOU KIDS TRY THIS", said Trop in a muffled tone. He had a dick in his mouth and near the end of the buttsex, the sinister TLC revealed that he was not planning on pulling out. Devasted by this, Trop screams as TLC blasts his load inside of him. Next up on his list was PBlur, who TLC had though was cute ever since he met him. Confident in his ability to seduce the male race TLC heads out in only his underwear hoping to catch PBlur staring. TLC whips out his package and forces PinkBlur to gasp at its presence. By sheer instinct PBlur gets on his knees and starts sucking TLC throbbing member with the desires he has held back for many years. Next up comes Molk down the isle, who TLC decides he should have sex with next. Using all of his old tactics TLC approaches Molk in hopes of getting his dick inside of his butthole. Sadly for TLC Molk is no faggot and decides to beat him and ebeast with a Chainsaw and make fun of him in Smogon analysis. However while TLC's penis was made flaccid, his motives were kept erect. With new members to TAONU in Pokemon0078 and Veemon, TLC was sure that he would not fail this time. Catching Pokemon0078 in the middle of writing an analysis and earning a badge TLC striked quickly and effectively. Whipping out his giant penis, which held the power of a thousand suns, TLC jabbed at Pokemon0078's hands. The sheer force of TLC's now erect penis was stronger than that of motherfucking Special Ramp and heavily crippled Pokemon0078 from writing. With his purpose taken away, Pokemon0078 was forced to become TLC's sex slave until the end of eternity. Howling from the shadows sprouts Veemon to save his Taonu compatriot's butthole from TLC's overpriced cockmeat sandwiches. Digivolving in EXVeemon there was not much TLC could do as even
  4.  though he was a sick fuck, capable of having sex with Metang, he would not step down to the level of the Japanese and commit to beatiality. Free from the clutches of TLC Pokemon0078 is laid to rest in the hopital with a diagnozed wanker's cramp for the next week. With TLC's plans being foiled again, he decided it was time to strike TAONU's dearest idol, their GOD himself. Soviet was minding his business calling Trop a faggot, when suddenly TLC sprouts, with penis in hand and carefully waves it at TAONU's god. God is unbeatable however, and smites the poor faggot with his cold russian fist. This causes TLC to have a stroke that changed him forever. That stroke made TLC into a retard who(>implying he wasnt one before) gave up his life of gay buttsex and started posting on Smogon.
  7.   .
  9. Chapter 2 - Escavalier is shit and the dastardly Oglemi
  10. Now that the sex craved prepubecent 12 year old TLC was maimed and started posting on Smogon and going to IRC, people began to stop fearing him and think of him as a total retard. Once day TLC runs across an Escavalier whose spears on his arms reminds him of his old days of thrusting his penis into men. Scared of this he sends out his only friend, Stoutland to deal with it. Without hesitation the Stoutland acted on his own to save his friend and literally 2HKOed Escavalier with Fire Fang. Excited of the news, TLC decides to hop onto IRC and tell everyone about how much Escavalier sucks. "Escavalier sucks it's too slow and X4 weak to Fire", says our past Booty Warrior. Everyone on the chats begins to laugh heartily and make fun of the poor boy. Maddened (lol Madden) by this TLC remembers of his faithful companion and tells everyone that Escavalier is literally 2HKOed by Stoutland Fire Fang. After a few talks about U-turn being boosted by Technician TLC is finally banned by the tyrants of NU. Back over at the forums TLC makes masterful remarks about Zangoose being countered by using Protect and the whole world laughs at him. The faggots that he once raped were making jokes at him for this. Mad as fuck about this he goes and calls people out in RU forums where Oglemi catches him. Smacking his head, Oglemi quickly infracts the foolish TLC and puts an end to that. TLC had had enough of this and decided to keep making shitty as fuck posts. Expressing the same feelings he had before he managed to shove his dick up his ass while making these posts. He gave a whole new definition to talking with a dick up your ass. TLC was swiftly banned from Smogon by Oglemi and here ends the legacy of the foolish TLC.
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