Breaking Twilight (Ultra Lewd)

Jun 2nd, 2017
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  1. >"Thanks a bunch fer helpin' me, Twi. Ya know I wouldn't normally ask ya ta do somethin' like this, but ah’ really need ta get this darned filly home so Granny can look at 'er."
  2. >You gave Applejack a small smile
  3. >She smiled back, though hers was far less genuine
  4. >Applebloom, Celestia bless her, had thought that it was a good idea to run around the market without watching where she was going
  5. >Applejack had been doing her best to watch the filly, but since Big Mac was away taking a shipment of apples to Las Pegasus, and she was by herself selling her wares from her little cart, she hadn't been as diligent as she would have liked to be
  6. >And because of that, Applebloom had gotten into an accident
  7. >It was nothing to serious, mind you
  8. >Applebloom had just slammed into the corner of a cart and cut herself on the fore leg
  9. >But the cut was deep enough that it drew blood, and Applejack wanted to take the young mare home to get cleaned up
  10. >And that's where you came in!
  11. >You are Twilight Sparkle, purplest princess in the land, and the mare to come to when you’re a friend in need
  12. >"Now remember, an apple costs a bit, a dozen cost eight. If anypony tries ta haggle ya, tell 'em to buck off," Applejack said, adjusting a sniffling, watery-eyed Applebloom on her back
  13. "Got it," you replied with a nod
  14. >"Ya'll have everythin' ya need under that there cart, and if'in ya don't, just ask Carrot Top over 'ere an' she'll help ya out."
  15. "Don't you worry about it, Applejack. I'll be the best salespony I can be!"
  16. >You couldn't help but let out a giggle
  17. >You weren't too proud to admit that you were just a teeny bit excited about this
  18. >You've never sold anything before in your life
  19. >Also never really had a job before
  20. >And sure, this wasn't a job, but you could pretend it was!
  21. >Now you could see how a normal pony lived!
  22. >Work a nine-to-five!
  23. >Be a productive member of society!
  24. >If only for a little while anyway...
  26. >Applejack, though she still looked a bit cautious leaving you here by yourself, nodded
  27. >"Alright 'en. I'll get this lil' young’un home an' hurry back here."
  28. "Take your time," you said, leaning on the cart's countertop. "I have everything--"
  29. >Your elbow bumped into an apple
  30. >This caused a small avalanche, sending apples rolling off the cart and toward the dirty, dusty ground
  31. >Not breaking eye contact with Applejack, the tip of your horn glowed, and before one of those apples hit the ground you snatched them out of the air with your magic put them back where they belonged
  32. "--under control. I promise."
  33. >Applejack's nose scrunched up
  34. >She stared at you for a few seconds, clearly not believing a word that you said, before slowly nodding
  35. >"If'n ya say so, I'll trust ya, Twi," she said. "There's a bag in the cart ta put all of the bits. If'n somepony tries ta snatch an apple an’ skedaddle, ah’ got a lil' club back there ya can wallop 'em with. Good luck, an' thanks fer doin' this fer me."
  36. >With that, Applejack tipped her hat at you and trotted off toward her farm with Applebloom in tow
  37. >You gave your friend a wave, before giggling again
  38. >Oh, you couldn't WAIT to start selling things!
  39. >Looking around the market, you used a quick spell to straighten out your mane and fur
  40. >You then looked back at your wings to see if they were presentable, pulling out a loose, messy feather when you saw it and teleporting it away
  41. >There...
  42. >You looked like a model employee...
  43. >Now customers just needed to start coming in...
  44. >Cloudchaser, flanked by her little sister, slowly made her way over to you
  45. >"Hiya, Princess Twilight," she said, before a small, confused frown came to her face. "Say... where's Applejack?"
  46. "Applebloom got into a little accident, so she had to go back home for a few minutes," you replied. "She asked me to watch her cart until she came back."
  49. >The pegasi sisters looked at each other, before turning back to you
  50. >"Oh... Well, can you sell me a dozen golden delicious' please?" Cloudchaser asked
  51. >The tip of your horn glowed
  52. >With a spell, you levitated twelve golden delicious apples into the air
  53. >You then grabbed a paper bag under the counter, opened it up, and put the apples inside
  54. "There you go. That'll be eight bits please," you chirped, hoofing the mare her apples
  55. >Cloudchaser smiled
  56. >"Thanks a bunch, Twi," she said, pulling out a bit bag and giving you the proper amount of bits. "You have a good day."
  57. "You too! And enjoy those apples."
  58. >You watched as the sisters left, the smile on your face growing
  59. >That was EASY!
  60. >This was going to be a piece of cake!
  61. >You checked your wings again to make sure that they were absolutely perfect, then looked over the apples on either side of you
  62. >One of the piles wasn't perfectly symmetrical, but with a little bit of magic that was fixed in a jiffy
  63. >Seeing that it was also a bit of a mess underneath the cart, you took a moment to clean that up as well
  64. >There...
  65. >Now when Applejack came back she'd have a neat and tidy cart to work from!
  66. >You couldn't help but wiggle happily at the thought
  67. >You watched as Cranky and his wife slowly made their way over to you
  68. >As usual, Matilda had a smile on her face and a pip in her step
  69. >Cranky trotted behind her, his face scrunched up in concentration as he carried what must have been two dozen bags on his back
  70. >"Good morning, your highness," Matilda said, inclining her head
  71. "Good morning, Mrs. Cranky."
  72. >"Is Applejack around? I'd like to buy some apples."
  73. "She'll be back in a few minutes, but until then I'd be happy to get you whatever you need
  74. >The jenny's smile widened
  77. >"Oh? A librarian, a princess, and now a salespony? Is there anything you can't do, your highness?"
  78. >You laughed
  79. "Oh, don't be silly, I'm no different than anypony else," you said with a wave of a hoof, a blush making its way onto your face. "Now what would you like...?"
  80. >Minutes ticked by like this
  81. >A pony would trot over, you'd chat, they'd ask for some apples, and you'd give them to them
  82. >There was a stallion that tried to haggle prices with you, and a mare tried to "borrow" an apple when she thought you weren't looking, but none of it got past you
  83. >Eventually, however, ponies began to drift toward other carts, and with nothing else to do you began pony watching
  84. >There were the flower sisters, chatting away with a group of fillies about something or another...
  85. >Lyra was next to the market's foundation, playing her lyre...
  86. >Berry Punch was shouting at passersby, trying to hawk her wares...
  87. >Letting out a sigh, you looked down and realized that you were leaning against the cart, your head in your hooves
  88. >You quickly stood up
  89. >Model employee...
  90. >Model employee...
  91. >Out of the corner of your eye, you could see someone making their way toward Bonbon's cart
  92. >A giant of a stallion
  93. >Your friend/housemate Anon
  94. >Getting a good look at him, you saw that the human looked a little down this morning
  95. >His shoulders were sagged ever so slightly, and there was a small frown on his face
  96. >Seeing this, your smile diminished slightly
  97. >Unfortunately, Anon had been carrying himself like this for the past couple of days
  98. >You had absolutely no idea why, and whenever you asked him he would change the subject
  99. >Something was bothering him...
  100. >It was bothering him so much that he hadn't taken up your offer to rut him for the last few days...
  103. >And with somepony that had a libido like Anon's, that meant whatever it was was serious…
  104. >It had you worried
  105. >And you weren’t a mare that liked to be worried
  106. >...
  107. >You were going to nip this in the bud today
  108. >Right now...
  109. "Anon," you called. "Anon!"
  110. >The human perked up, looking over at you
  111. >You gave him a wave, motioning for him to come over
  112. >He did so, navigating the crowds of ponies until he was standing in front of you
  113. >"Mornin', Twi," he said, looking around the cart. "Where the heck's Applejack? She need to be somewhere?"
  114. "Applebloom had a little accident, so Applejack asked me to watch the cart for her," you replied
  115. >Anon nodded slowly
  116. >"That was nice of you."
  117. >You opened your mouth to say something but quickly closed it
  118. >For a moment, you debated how to bring your concerns up with Anon
  119. >You knew that he usually appreciated straightforwardness, but maybe you needed to ease into it this time?
  120. >You didn't want him to get defensive or anything...
  121. >But he might get annoyed that you're beating around the bush...
  122. "So... how are you doing this morning, Anon?"
  123. >"Me? Oh, I'm doing fine," he said with a small, half-hearted smile
  124. "Are you sure? There isn't anything you'd like to talk about?" you asked, reaching over the cart’s countertop and placing a hoof on his thigh. "Because you know that I'm here if you need to talk with anypony, right?"
  125. >Your friend nodded again, looking down at you carefully
  126. >You could see the gears turning in his head
  127. >You just stood there patiently, waiting to see what he'd do
  128. >It was no use to force him
  129. >He had to come out and tell you what was bothering him himself
  130. >And you’d listen, and do everything in your power to help him out
  131. >Finally, after nearly a minute of silence, he finally spoke
  132. >"Well... for the last couple of days I've really wanted to do something...."
  133. >Propping your upper body up on the cart, you leaned toward him
  134. "Oh?"
  137. >"Yeah, it's been bugging me for awhile, and I think I have it all figured out, but the problem is that I need someone to help me and I don't know who to ask yet..."
  138. >You let out a sigh
  139. >Oh good...
  140. >It wasn't anything serious then...
  141. "I'd be more than happy to help you with whatever you need, Anon," you chirped, giving the human your brightest smile
  142. >Anon's brow furrowed
  143. >"Are you sure? This is gonna take awhile, like a long, long while, and I don't want to bother you--"
  144. "Bother? You'd never bother me with anything, Anon," you interrupted with a dismissive wave of the hoof. "I always make time for my friends, and you're no exception to that."
  145. >The smile came back to Anon's face, though this one seemed a whole lot more genuine
  146. >"Thanks, Twi. You're a real good friend."
  147. >You giggled
  148. "They don't call me the Princess of Friendship for nothing! But would it be alright if we waited for a few minutes for Applejack to get back? Then I'll be freed up to help you out."
  149. >You were sure Applejack would be back any minute now
  150. >Then you and Anon could go wherever you needed to go and fix this problem so that your alien chum wouldn't be so gloomy anymore
  151. >"We don't need to leave the cart," Anon replied. "We can do it right here. At least the first stage anyway."
  152. >...
  153. >First stage?
  154. >You were about to ask him what he meant when you saw him reach down to unbutton his pants
  155. >Your tail twitched at the sight
  156. >Pushing his pants and underwear down to around his ankles, Anon shimmied around the cart so that he was standing right next to you
  157. >"Alrighty. I'm gonna go ahead and fuck you to start this whole thing off. Is that alright, Twi?"
  158. >Your gaze drifted down to his groin
  159. >Anon's stallionhood was already beginning to harden and thicken
  160. >You could have sworn you even saw some of the veins throbbing
  163. >You licked your lips at the sight
  164. >You couldn't see how this was going to help any problem that he had, but you most certainly weren't going to say no...
  165. "That's fine," your tail slowly rising. "It's been a few too many days since we've done it anyway."
  166. >Anon's smile widened just a hair at that
  167. >He took a half step forward
  168. >You opened your mouth, ready for him to present his stallionhood so you could suck it to hardness
  169. >But, to your surprise, he bent down and picked you up like you were a foal
  170. >You blinked, staring up at Anon as he cradled you in your arms
  171. >What the hay was he doing...?
  172. >Giving you a toothy smile, Anon gently placed you on the cart's countertop
  173. >On your back, with your legs splayed out
  174. >[spoiler] In the missionary position for the sole purpose of procreation[/spoiler]
  175. >...
  176. >W-Wat?
  177. >A blush exploded across your face as Anon placed his hands on your sides and leaned down
  178. "A-Anon? What are you--thmp!"
  179. >Your eyes grew to the size of dinner plates when he leaned down and pressed his lips against yours
  180. >This was no hungry kiss, not a kiss that came from lust either
  181. >There was love in this kiss
  182. >Love and affection
  183. >Somepony let out a gasp a few feet away from you
  184. >"Are they kissing each other in public? Like THAT?"
  185. >Your wings fluttered in surprise, shock, and embarrassment
  186. >Anon let out a hum, gently caressing your sides with those wonderful fingers of his
  187. >You found yourself squirming at his touch
  192. >NOT...
  193. >N-NOT LIKE THIS!
  194. >Slowly, Anon broke your kiss
  195. >His hands made their way upward to cup your face
  196. "A-Anon? What are you d-doing?" you demanded as he rubbed his nose against yours
  197. >"I'm making love you with, Twi," he replied, pressing his long, hard, throbbing stallionhood against your slit
  198. >...
  199. "B-But only married couples d-do that in t-the privacy of t-their own homes," you shimmered, gasping when you felt him begin to grind his maleness against you
  200. >"Well, I guess it's married couples and us now, huh?" Anon said, brushing a lock of hair out of your face and kissing you again
  201. >Your blush crept down your neck at the lewdness you were witnessing
  202. >No…
  203. >The lewdness you were participating in...
  204. "A-Anon, stop it. Just r-rut me like you normally do."
  205. >Anon chuckled
  206. >"Nah, I think I'm gonna make love with the prettiest pony in the whole wide world like this.”
  207. >P-Prettiest pony in the world?!
  208. >A chorus of gasps could be heard from all around you
  209. >Your ears flattened against your skull at the sound
  210. >Anon ignored it, looking straight into your eyes
  211. >O-Oh goodness...
  212. >A low whine escaped your throat
  213. "A-Anon, stop it. There's p-public decency l-laws. You c-could get us in trou--"
  214. >You gasped as the tip of Anon's cock parted the lips of your marehood, revealing the pink underneath
  215. >You couldn't help but wink, coating the human's length with a spurt of marecum
  216. >"I don't care," Anon told you, tracing circles around your cheeks with his thumbs. "For the longest time I've been thinking how to make sex lewd for you little horses, and I've found it."
  219. >He leaned down to kiss you again
  220. >The tip of your horn glowed
  221. >You tried to teleport out from underneath the human so that you could berate him for acting like this in public, but your magic sputtered out with a hard grind of his hips against your own
  222. >You moaned into Anon's mouth, your wings flapping
  223. >They connected with some of the apples, knocking them to the ground, but you barely even noticed
  224. >After another entirely too long and too inappropriate kiss, Anon pulled away, leaving you more than a little breathless
  225. >"So here's what I'm gonna do. I'm gonna make love to you on this cart until you can't see straight. Then I'm gonna lovingly carry you home, take you to your bathroom where we'll share a bath together. After that I'll rub you down so you won't be sore and carry you to the bed."
  226. >He leaned down to give you a nip on the neck
  227. >"And after all of that, the two of us are gonna spend the rest of the day cuddling and whispering sweet nothing's into each other's ears."
  228. >Another kiss caused the heat from your face to make its way down your legs
  229. >"Then when the two of us wake up, I'm going to take you out on a little dinner date. After a couple of days, maybe a week or two, I'm gonna take you out on another. It'll be a nice restaurant this time, and you'll wear something that'll make you even more beautiful."
  230. >You bit your lip, your back legs twitching from his words
  231. >Anon kissed you again
  232. >You tried to squirm away, but your body betrayed you
  233. >Your lips puckered, and you returned the loving, chastened kiss
  234. >[spoiler]Celestia help you if it didn’t feel nice. Really nice[/spoiler]
  235. >"The more dates we go on the more ponies are going to notice a change in us," Anon continued, grinding himself against you with more and more force. "They'll say that the two of us look happier than we've ever been, that our smiles seem to light up whichever room we’re in. And they'd be right. We are happier. Smiles come easier, and even the bad days don't seem so bad because we have each other."
  236. >You let out a moan, your back arching
  237. >T-That
  240. >That sounds really nice…
  241. >...
  242. >Lewd!
  243. >You meant LEWD!
  244. >Lewd and inappropriate and WRONG!
  245. >You heard a mare gasp, before hitting the ground, but didn't look to see where, your eyes glued to Anon's deep green pools
  246. >You couldn't look away no matter what you did
  247. >The human had you under his spell
  248. >There was nothing you could do to stop ponies from seeing this...
  249. >"I'll move into your bedroom so that every morning the two of us wake up we'll be able to see each other's smiling faces. And once we get up from bed, after holding each other and basking in comfort and warmth, we'd get up and share a shower together."
  250. >Despite yourself, you couldn't help but picture the depraved scene in your mind's eyes
  251. >Your mane and tail all messy from sleep
  252. >Anon, nude and with your scent clinging to him from your love making the night before
  253. >He'd no doubt do something incredibly silly to make you laugh while the water cascaded all around y-you...
  254. >Your heart fluttered and your stomach tightened at the sheer degeneracy of it all
  255. >”We'd be together for a few months, maybe a year or two, and they'd be the happiest time of our lives," Anon said, pressing his nose against yours. "And then, one day, I'd take you over to SugarCube corner to get your favorite cupcakes. We'd get a dozen of them in a little pink box with a bow wrapped around it. But when you open that box you'd see something sitting right on top of one of the cupcakes that would make you drop it. It'd be a ring."
  256. >Your breathing hitched
  257. >A ring?!
  258. >A wedding ring?!
  259. >Your hips began to rise and lower-- despite you wanting them to stay BUCKING STILL--rubbing yourself against Anon even as he rubbed against you
  260. >A happy sound escaped the human's throat, and he held you a little tighter
  261. >"I'd grab the ring and get down on one knee. There’d be tears in my eyes while I ask you to marry me."
  264. >M-MARRY?!
  265. >"You'd be crying as well, but they'd be happy tears, and you'd tell me yes. A million times yes. Ponies would cheer, and your parents, friends, the princesses, all of them would come out of the back of the bakery and congratulate us."
  266. >Your parents?
  267. >Your friends?
  268. >The princesses?!
  269. >No!
  270. >Never!
  271. >It'd break their hearts to see you so corrupted!
  272. >"The wedding would be a little thing, with just our friends and family," Anon said, his voice dropping to a whisper. "You'd look beautiful in the dress Rarity made for you, I'd look dashing in my suit. There would be tears in ponies eyes after we said our vows and kissed."
  273. >You let out a moan, wondering just what kind of vile things Anon would say in his vows
  274. >They'd no doubt be filled with love and warmth; the kind of things that kept ponies up at night eyeing the shadows
  275. >"We'd go to a nice, quiet place for our honeymoon, where I'd put the first of our many children in you. They'd have their mother's good looks and their dad's eyes and sense of humor. I'd like four boys and two girls, but I have a feeling that you'd give me more girls than boys. And that'd be wonderful, because I'd get to make each and every one of them with you.""
  276. >Again your mind's eyes began to wander
  277. >The monster of a human would no doubt save his sperm for days to make especially sure that he flooded you
  278. > But before that, he'd take his time breaking you
  279. >Slowly, sensually making love to you in the hotel’s bed
  280. >Looking into your eyes with each thrust, telling you how much he loved you in between kisses and nuzzles
  281. >There would be no hurry, no urgency in your lovemaking
  282. >And then you'd feel it
  283. >That thick mushroom-like head of his expanding
  286. >His cock twitching hard, his balls tightening
  287. >And then you'd feel it
  288. >Cum
  289. >It'd be thick, potent, more than enough to knock you up ten times over
  290. >It would paint your womb white, forcing you to give him beautiful, healthy children that would be your pride and joy until the end of days
  291. >...
  292. >The two of you would no doubt spend WEEKS picking names...
  293. >Anon kissed you once again
  294. >You gritted your teeth to keep from moaning again
  295. >Your back legs wrapped around Anon's hip, pinning him against you
  296. >T-There...
  297. >Now you at least h-had him trapped...
  298. >To make doubly sure that Anon wouldn't break free to terrorize another poor mare, you wrapped your wings around him tightly
  299. >Somepony renched to your left
  300. >To your right you could hear some less than happy rumblings
  301. >"Hey! Take those horse apples someplace else...!"
  302. >"There's children walking around, you deviants...!"
  303. >"Momma? What are those two doing...?"
  304. >"...I-I'll tell you when you're older, sweetie..."
  305. >Anon smiled as he broke the kiss
  306. >One of his hands left your face and grabbed [spoiler]your hoof[/spoiler]
  307. >More gasping
  308. >More bodies hitting the dirt
  309. >You could see the flower sisters at the edge of your periphery, all three on the ground, looks of pure disbelief etched on their faces
  310. >There was also Rarity, a plethora of bags on the dirt all around her, with a look of shock and just a bit of jealousy on her face
  311. >"How's that sound?" he asked, his cock twitching in anticipation
  312. "A-Anon we can't-- you can't-- there's--" you shimmered, trying to formulate the right words
  313. >Never before in your life had you heard somepony utter such debauchery
  314. >It was almost mind boggling
  315. >...
  316. >Celestia help you...
  317. "W-Why?"
  318. >Slowly, Anon placed his lips right next to your ear
  319. >[spoiler]"Because this is my fetish, Twi."[/spoiler]
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