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Sep 11th, 2019
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  1. <b>Potato Servers -</b>
  3. Server Rules:
  5. 1: Exploiting/Hacking is not allowed under any circumstances, and will be awarded a full game ip ban issued by SCP:SL staff.
  6. 1b: Using any in-game glitches will result in a warning, and then a 7 day ban.
  8. 2: Teaming is not allowed. This includes teaming across Facility Guard/MTF-CI, Facility Guard/MTF-SCP, Facility Guard/Scientist-SCP, are all not allowed to cooperate and be friendly with each other.
  9. However this rule does not apply to SCPs being friendly to Class-Ds.
  11. 3: Toxicity is not allowed on the server. We want to try our best to keep a nice community. so don’t be toxic
  13. 4: Camping for an extended amount of time (server admins can use their best judgement) is not allowed. Especially if it prevents the game from ending. (This rule does not apply during blackouts and when using 914. However, once you finish upgrading in 914 you should continue on with your role objective.)
  15. 5 If you are pulled into a sit with an admin, you are to be respectful and follow the admins instructions.
  16. 5b: Staff disrespect will not be taken lightly, these people take their time to moderate our servers. Please treat them with respect.
  18. 6: Mic spam for an extended amount of time is not allowed.
  19. 6b: Music is allowed, however if it is loud, annoying, or if the server is complaining about you... expect to be asked to stop by an admin.
  21. 7: Killing yourself or leaving the game to avoid being SCP-049-2 or Facility Guard will result first in a warning and then a ban.
  23. 8: Leaving during an admin sit to avoid punishment is an extended ban.
  25. 9: Killing teammates using a Tesla Gate as SCP-079 is NOT allowed.
  26. 9b: Opening SCP-106’s recontainment doors as SCP-079 is also not allowed.
  28. 10: Do not try to abuse loop holes you might find in the rules.
  30. 11: Racism is not allowed on this server. This includes any racist slang, (excessive) music, N word, ext.
  31. 11b: Just because you’re that race doesn’t mean you get a pass.
  33. <b>Expect rule edits.</b>
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