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  1. &zYour mind's eye whirls and your head aches in a sharp&w, &zsudden pang&w. &zScenes of tweaking spicers come into view&w. &zOver and over again you are shown image after image of the desperate circumstances that led them to the choice&w--&zsentients from various downtrodden walks of life turning to drugs&w: &zan abused teen&w, &za single mother worked to the bone by a manipulative boss&w, &za listless arkanian looking for direction in life&w, &zand more&w, &zall turning to darkness out of hardship&w. &zDepression&w. &zInsomnia&w. &zAnxiety&w. &zParanoia&w. &zFear&w. &zA sinister voice whispers&w, &z"&rSentient nature...&z" Immediately&w, &zthe sound of blaster bolts loudly rings out&w, &zthreatening to burst your eardrums&w. &zThe scenes change to the same beings from before getting gunned down in the streets by police and mercenaries&w. &zRaids on filthy stash houses and recently bankrupted businesses turn spice producers&w--&zall beings with few other choices&w. &zIn an instant&w, &zyou experience hundreds of lifeless corpses&w, &zsoot and laser holes peppering their skin&w. &zScreaming and crying children&w, &znow parentless&w, &zecho for a time before you hear&w, &z"&r..cannot be avoided.&z" Suddenly&w, &zyou are shown an &Rarmy&w--&znumbering in the thousands&w, &zturned towards you&w. &zTheir faces are riddled with the signs of addiction&w, &zvacancy&w, &zand thirst&w. &zBehind them&w, &zthe ghostly figure of a hulking Draethos head appears from darkness&w--&za giant compared to the scale of the army&w. &zHis pale hands appear from the sides and reach out&w. &z"&rYou have failed.&z" In response&w, &zthe army begins to charge you&w, &zyelling passionately with bloodlust in their eyes&w. &zYou feel the bass of beating feet at your core&w. &zJust before the first being reaches you&w, &zthe vision stops&w, &zcutting to black&w. &rA wicked laugh echoes in the dark..
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