KHUX/Chi Story Explanation 0.2

Sep 7th, 2017
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  1. KHUX/Chi Story Explanations ver. 0.2 ~an even more fragmentary passage~
  3. Alright, I've seen a lot of confusion over Chi/KHUX so I'll just write a short synopsis/explanation of the whole ordeal and story. This most likely won't be 100% accurate since we're dealing with Nomura and things are likely to change, but it should be accurate enough to explain what's going on. I'll include some theories at the end to try to offer some possible explanations for the confusing parts. This will be a very, very shortened version so if you're interested enough, I suggest reading through khwiki for more specific information.
  5. So in the beginning there's light, everything's cool, Kingdom Hearts shines bright (presumably) and everyone's happy. Enter Master of Masters, a hooded man who has the ability to see into the future. His foresight comes from putting his eye (hopefully not literally) into his keyblade and passing it on from generation to generation. He sees everything the eye sees. Keep in mind this means his foresight is limited to what the eye sees, so his knowledge isn't absolute. He writes a book based on this, known as the Book of Prophecies. According to the book, the world is going to end as it gets swallowed by darkness and the light expires. Nothing can be done to prevent this, according to MoM, but there's a plan for continuing on after the end of the world. More on that later. MoM is also the person who created the Keyblades, and seemingly also the Black Coat worn by Organization 13. He also brings Chirithies, which are Dream Eaters, into Daybreak Town. How he did all this is not explained. There's no mention of the X-Blade anywhere either. Also the reason why I say ''presumably'' after Kingdom Hearts shining bright is because of Back Cover. Gula wants to summon Kingdom Hearts to bring MoM back, so it must be hidden somewhere already. It's also implied by Ephemera that all the Lux we gather is fake, much like everything else. How much of Chi/KHUX is actually ''real'' is unknown.
  7. The Book of Prophecies is no ordinary book though, since it can conjure power from the future to be used at any time. This is how all the worlds in Chi/KHUX work. They're not real, they're projections of the future created by the book. The heartless are just projections too. Emblem heartless don't even exist at this point. So MoM at some point decides to find 6 apprentices to do his bidding. 5 of them become Foretellers and get copies of the Book of Prophecies, 1 becomes the wielder of No Name (MoM's keyblade). The foretellers make their own unions and recruit people to gather Lux. Lux itself isn't entirely explained, but it's essentially light that's used to push away the darkness. Lux can also be used to summon Kingdom Hearts. This is mentioned in Back Cover and might explain why Xehanort thinks that the Keyblade War was caused by people wanting to summon Kingdom Hearts for their own gain.
  9. Luxu, the wielder of No Name, is tasked with simply observing the others until the war, then leaving to do his own thing which isn't revealed to us. Luxu's also given a mysterious box that we'll find out about in KH3. While he does this, the 5 Foretellers make their unions, panic about the end of the world and try to fulfill the roles given to them. The only really important roles are Ava's and Gula's. Ava has to gather ''exceptional'' keyblade wielders to join a group called the Dandelions who will be sent away for the duration of the Keyblade War so they can come back afterwards and rebuild the world (this is what Kairi's grandma's story refers to with light remaining in children's hearts, most likely.) Gula has an extra page in his Book of Prophecies that the others don't have, which warns him of a traitor among the Foretellers. All this traitor nonsense causes the Foretellers to turn against each other, one thing leads to another and suddenly everyone's against each other and you get the Keyblade War. The only one actually wanting to summong Kingdom Hearts is Gula, who wants to do it since it was strictly forbidden by MoM. Gula tries to break the rules in order to get MoM back, who disappeared pretty early on, leaving the Foretellers to figure things out on their own. He warned the Foretellers that he would probably disappear one day, so he had prior knowledge of his disappearance. No one knows why or how, but MoM is gone.
  11. So from the looks of it, MoM caused the Keyblade War to happen on purpose. There didn't seem to be any traitor, it was meant to get everyone to turn against each other. All according to keikaku, I guess. But this is just a theory based on what we know. It's the most likely option, but Nomura may have other plans. Maybe it's all part of a bigger plan to save the world in the long run somehow, who knows.
  13. For the most part Chi is just us going through a bunch of Disney worlds, nothing important. Some actual story happens and we start questioning why there's 5 unions, why we're fighting each other when there's a common goal, all that. Eventually the player gets invited to join the Dandelions so we can go avoid the war and help rebuild. We turn the offer down and march right into war. We fight all the foretellers, get our asses kicked and start our honorful death. But then two of the Dandelions, Ephemer and Skuld appear to save us and force us to become a Dandelion. This is how Chi ends, basically. It's all build-up to the war, then the war, and done. Now after this we get an extra scene that shows us waking up in Enchanted Dominion, with Chirithy saying we were having a bad dream, and we slowly wake up. After this we're shown Maleficent hanging around. Should be logical since this is Enchanted Dominion, yes? But this Maleficent isn't a projection by the book, this one's the real deal. She talks about Sora, implies that Pete was supposed to be with her as well. How did Maleficent get here? Hopefully we'll find out soon.
  15. So that ends Chi. Now we get KHUX and suddenly we find ourselves doing the exact same things we did in Chi. Now here's the catch. It seems at first that KHUX is just a remake of Chi and we're doing the same things, yes? Well, not quite. While the overall story is the same, we get a lot of things that weren't in Chi. There are a few worlds that weren't in Chi, as well as some cutscenes. These cutscenes are mainly about the Foretellers, usually talking to Ephemer or each other, and later on post-Keyblade War scenes of the Dandelions in the Keyblade Graveyard. The reason for this is one of the main reasons I'm writing this. KHUX isn't a remake, it's a sequel. Further proof is in quests 670-675 and Back Cover. Basically, at the end of Chi we're turned into a Dandelion, which means we have to go through training in a dream like all the other Dandelions. This involves us essentially reliving our previous keyblading days in a dream-state. Obviously reliving what we already did isn't much of a training exercise, so there's another reason for this. Ava doesn't want anyone to remember the war, she wants it all to be forgotten. So this training involves our memories being altered so that it's like the Keyblade War never happened. This is where KHUX branches out and doesn't follow Chi anymore. I've no idea what the plan is after we wake up and how they're going to explain where we are and what this big graveyard is, but we'll find out. Presumably we'll wake up in Enchanted Dominion and pick off from the Maleficent scene. If things go according to plan, we won't go through the Keyblade War again in KHUX, nor meet Dark Chirithy. However we're already getting nightmares/flashbacks to Chi events we're supposed to forget, so it's possible we relive those events at some point too.
  20. Another addition to KHUX are the 5 new union leaders. Ephemer and Skuld we already knew, but recently we've been introduced to the last three. These three are Ventus, Blaine (or Brain...) and Lauriam (who is the somebody of Marluxia). The new leaders gather at the graveyard, chat a bit and try to figure out what to do next. This is the post-Keyblade War world and presumably the one the rest of the series takes place in. This is as far as we've gotten in KHUX so far. We'll get the next big story update on the 14th and things will actually start happening.
  22. That's a short (by KH standards) summary of Chi/KHUX/some Back Cover. Now on to the theories that will probably be all wrong!
  24. Lauriam. So we know that he becomes Marluxia at some point and it's heavily hinted that he's already a bad guy. It seems like he kills off Strelitzia who was actually supposed to be a Union leader, so that he could infiltrate the Dandelions. Why? Who knows. It's not 100% certain that it was Lauriam, but it's extremely likely. Lauriam has the same methods of surviving till modern day as Ventus. I've heard some talk about Nobodies not aging, which would allow Lauriam to live as Marluxia till CoM days, but I haven't found an actual source for this. I'm sure there will be some explanation for Marluxia being so strong though, with different forms and all (assuming fight mechanics are canon).
  28. Maleficent. So thanks to Re:Coded and the KH3 trailers, we know that Maleficent is aware of the Book of Prophecies. Somehow Maleficent finds a way back in time into ye olden times where our Chi/KHUX player is. This also brings a theory that we're just in a data world. Maybe someone using Book of Prophecies instead of Jiminy's Journal. But this is just a wild theory I've heard mentioned, take it with several grains of salt. Either way, Maleficent is around and was looking for MoM's box in KH3, meaning that to this day it's still out there and Maleficent wants it. Here's one of our main story tie-ins to Kingdom Hearts 3.
  32. Ventus. How is he alive already? KHUX should take place at least a hundred years in the past. Well, aside from the obvious time travel stuff, there are other ways. Considering that time flows however Nomura chooses, there are ways for Ventus to have legitimately been born back then, and lived all the way to BBS days. As shown in 0.2, time flows very slowly in the realm of darkness. As far as I know, time also flows differently (if at all) in the realm of sleep. That already opens up two ways for Ventus to live.
  34. Xehanort. How does Xehanort relate to all this? Well, he has the No Name. This means it was passed on to him either by Luxu or someone in between. It was hanging on the wall in the Xehanort/Eraqus chess cinematic. In this same cutscene, Xehanort cites a part of the Book of Prophecies. Eraqus is implied to know of it too. How much they actually know about the book, and if they've read it or not, is unknown. But they're aware of what's in it. This could've been the spark to Xehanort's adventures. Considering Xehanort uses No Name, MoM should be 100% aware of everything Xehanort does. This means that MoM knew all this would happen. Is Xehanort a pawn of MoM, or is something else going on? Please buy Kingdom Hearts 3.
  36. Master of Masters. Is he a good guy? A bad guy? Did he get the Foretellers to fight each other on purpose? The Keyblade War and darkness taking over might not have happened without him. It seems like he practically invented the Keyblades. He also wears a Black Coat like Organization 13 members do (as well as Riku and Mickey), which lets you travel through darkness safely. Why would MoM need that? He also somehow brings in a seemingly endless army of Chirithies from somewhere, which are Dream Eaters. How does that work outside of the Realm of Sleep? Are we in the Realm of Sleep? In fact, the Nightmare Chirithy implies that we are in the Realm of Sleep already in Chi, by saying ''Let's meet again in another dream''. It's also revealed that the Nightmare Chirithy is our Chirithy, despite us already having one. Do we have two? How did that happen? Never explained.
  37. MoM's powers are pretty crazy, so it's hard to say what he can and can't do. Creating keyblades, the coat, book of prophecies. He may act like Xigbar (insert a billion theories here), but he means business. But we have no way of telling if this is all an elaborate plan to save the world, or something completely different. So far he doesn't seem like a good guy, manipulating the Foretellers into starting a war and all. No Name ends up with Xehanort somehow, too. MoM must have known that would happen. His entire prophecy about the Keyblade War and darkness taking over is quite the self-fulfilling prophecy, too. It wouldn't have happened if he hadn't written it. However we don't know exactly how MoM's foresight works aside from the whole eye mechanic. Was he born with it? Did he gain it? Time travel and seeing into the future unavoidably causes paradoxes so it's a difficult topic to theorize about. As for MoM's true purpose and alignment, time (heh) will tell, although MoM is not going to show up in KH3 so I'm not quite sure how it'll be handled.
  41. Fun facts: Medals and Guilt are canon, not just gameplay mechanics. Medals are power drawn from the future that we use for fighting. So theoretically every medal we have should exist in the canon somewhere. Guilt is actually an important one. This is mentioned in Back Cover and end of Chi, with a hint towards it in the very story mission it's given in. The bangle we use for guilt is given to us by a Dark Chirithy and it uses dark powers to enhance medals. So basically we shouldn't do it and it's causing trouble but everyone is already doing it so it's too late for the leaders to do anything about it. It's brilliant, really. While we gather light, we're also strengthening ourselves through darkness. We can't win. Who's the actual mastermind behind the guilting, dark Chirithies and such? Maybe we'll find out. There's definitely more to Chi events than what we know.
  43. If there's any questions, suggestions, anything, let me know! I'll happily try to answer what I can and edit this. It's likely I got some things wrong or forgot to include important details, so please let me know. It's not very clear/organized yet either, so it'll take a while to make it presentable enough. All input is appreciated!
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