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  1. BelaToday at 02:27
  2. but seriously, we haven't had a real substantive discussion in quite a while
  3. since I "stepped down" in fact
  4. I've wanted to really talk to you for a while
  5. if you think I'm obsessed with you
  6. I'm not sure that's quite accurate
  7. TetraToday at 02:28
  8. You seem to remember a lot of stuff specifically about me :thinking:
  9. BelaToday at 02:29
  10. I have mentioned you before in discussions with the RHH server
  11. TetraToday at 02:29
  12. I don't know, it makes me uncomfortable
  13. BelaToday at 02:29
  14. I don't really remember the details anymore though to be honest
  15. but if you're asking me to detail what my criticisms or suggestions for improvement are, I think they would boil down to
  16. listening to others, taking advice, not being impulsive
  17. really the same kind of advice I'd give anyone
  18. TetraToday at 02:31
  19. Sure, but I think we already know that
  20. That's common sense on how to handle a community lol
  21. BelaToday at 02:31
  22. yeah I'd hope so
  23. TetraToday at 02:32
  24. Are you trying to say we're not doing that
  25. BelaToday at 02:32
  26. that's what I've identified in the past were problems for you though
  27. I don't think they're issues right now though
  28. TetraToday at 02:32
  29. The fact that you keep bringing those up makes me think you still have a problem with me being in this position
  30. Have you talked to anyone else about this
  31. BelaToday at 02:32
  32. I think you have a problem with me, is actually what I think
  33. TetraToday at 02:32
  34. I'm curious
  35. BelaToday at 02:33
  36. I think you don't like me, and won't tell me that
  37. TetraToday at 02:33
  38. Why are you so bothered about what I think of you
  39. BelaToday at 02:33
  40. and I think that would explain why we haven't talked in over a month
  41. TetraToday at 02:34
  42. Maybe I'm getting the feeling that you talk about me behind my back
  43. BelaToday at 02:34
  44. well, I like you
  45. I'm very direct about what I think Tetra
  46. I don't hide things from people
  47. but I do get the sense that you and others do
  48. we're not the same people and don't seem to have the same values
  49. I'm very open
  50. I'm very honest
  51. TetraToday at 02:35
  52. the vibe that you're getting from me, everyone can tell that i'm giving you that vibe
  53. i haven't told them anything else
  54. I may not like you but I'm going to keep it civil, it's as simple as that
  55. BelaToday at 02:36
  56. is there any chance you'll explain why
  57. or do you want to keep that a mystery from me
  58. TetraToday at 02:36
  59. It's not really a mystery
  60. BelaToday at 02:36
  61. I don't know what it is
  62. what did I do to you
  63. TetraToday at 02:38
  64. I'm not going to bother explaining to you, think about all the reasons that I might have gotten annoyed at you
  65. BelaToday at 02:38
  66. well that sounds like a dodge to me
  67. if I had problems with someone I would want to tell them
  68. and I have
  69. you can attest to that
  70. TetraToday at 02:38
  71. I've told you my problems several times before
  72. But you just dodged them too
  73. Which is why I've started avoiding you
  74. BelaToday at 02:39
  75. I don't think that's true
  76. TetraToday at 02:40
  77. Your mentality towards the problems I had when I brought them off was dismissive, and so I got what I needed from those interactions
  78. You acted as if they were minor
  79. BelaToday at 02:41
  80. I think you're making this up
  81. TetraToday at 02:41
  82. I'm not happy with the things you said about me, simple as
  83. BelaToday at 02:41
  84. the only time we ever had a conversation about something being wrong was you wanting to not be an admin on that server
  85. TetraToday at 02:41
  86. The fact that you're still not realising this is why I'm avoiding you
  87. BelaToday at 02:41
  88. and you don't want to bring clarity to this
  89. because when asked now, you won't give specifics
  90. so that's fine, I think that does signal where your feelings lie
  91. TetraToday at 02:42
  92. You talked behind my back and said some shitty stuff when I had personal issues and decided to take a break from a server
  93. You constantly bring up old things when they happened a year ago and are not relevant anymore
  94. BelaToday at 02:43
  95. you've also done this by the way
  96. back when I said I was depressed and then you attacked me thinking somebody else had said that
  97. at the bottom of all this
  98. TetraToday at 02:43
  99. what?
  100. BelaToday at 02:43
  101. what saddens me is that I like you and want to be your friend
  102. but you clearly don't want that
  103. TetraToday at 02:44
  104. I don't like how you treated me, simple as
  105. Don't expect me to be friendly when you keep bringing up someone's past problems
  106. BelaToday at 02:44
  107. I'm sorry for how I treated you
  108. I was harsh on you for some things you said and did
  109. TetraToday at 02:44
  110. I'm not looking for apologies
  111. BelaToday at 02:44
  112. but don't expect this to be a full recant
  113. because I know some of the things you said and did should have come with an apology of your own and I'm not sure that ever happened
  114. TetraToday at 02:45
  115. I've apologized for the things I did in the past, if that's what you wanted
  116. You know I have
  117. BelaToday at 02:45
  118. did you apologize to Bliz
  119. TetraToday at 02:45
  120. Me and Bliz are close friends
  121. We don't have any problems anymore
  122. BelaToday at 02:46
  123. that's good to hear
  124. I remember you saying, back then, that you were stressed out or that it was a strain to be an admin
  125. I didn't understand that
  126. if that was me dismissing your problems, I'm really sorry
  127. it doesn't matter anymore I guess but I don't like hurting people, and if that was somehow me doing that I never would have wanted that
  128. TetraToday at 02:48
  129. As I said earlier, I'm not looking for apologies anymore
  130. BelaToday at 02:48
  131. I don't hold grudges Tetra
  132. I really hope you don't either
  133. but all I've sensed from you is this spitefulness
  134. and really, even if it's just for your sake
  135. you have to let go of that
  136. I'm not God
  137. TetraToday at 02:49
  138. I don't hate you, I just dislike you and would rather avoid you because I don't think we're compatible
  139. BelaToday at 02:49
  140. I'm just a human like anyone else
  141. TetraToday at 02:49
  142. It's simple
  143. BelaToday at 02:49
  144. if I fucked up in some way, why would you hold that against me forever
  145. TetraToday at 02:49
  146. I'm sorry but not everyone will get along, and I can't see myself getting along with you
  147. What do you want me to do other than what I have been doing
  148. BelaToday at 02:50
  149. I guess nothing different then
  150. we'll just be indifferent beings present here
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