Murder Mystery in a Timely Manor - Session 7

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  1. [14:29:53] <~sophos> The robotic roar echoes through the manor.
  2. [14:33:25] Mistress_D Jerks her head towards the large bovive "MAYHEM!" she yells before jumping in, gripping the bear skin rug that is giving the hug, and tries to pull it off of her
  3. [14:34:39] PrettyWreck quickly scampers on his hooves, looking for the source of the roar: "What the fuck...??"
  4. [14:35:19] VioletReverie squeaks as Pretty suddenly wrenches himself from her forelegs. "What? What's going on?!"
  5. [14:35:35] <PrettyWreck> "You heard that, right?"
  6. [14:36:23] VioletReverie nods shakily. "Y-yeah. What is it?"
  7. [14:36:59] <PrettyWreck> "Hell if I know, but it's probably not good!"
  8. [14:37:34] <Ace_Moonlight> "Uh, guys? What in Tartarus was that?" Ace asks.
  9. [14:38:25] <PrettyWreck> "Over there, I think!" The dark-maned stallion points to the vague direction of the Den
  10. [14:43:16] <~sophos> The rug shakes and tears itself from Mistress_D's grip.
  11. [14:43:21] <Ace_Moonlight> "Stellar, you wanna hop down so this thing will lift up some?" Ace asks.
  12. [14:45:30] Mistress_D is sent back after it's break, quickly rebalancing herself in the air near the piano and looks back " Mayhem hurry and get it off!"
  13. [14:46:30] PrettyWreck gives VioletReverie a worried look, but doesn't run off immediately, instead seeing that Stellar_Ascent gets off of the chandelier first
  14. [14:47:48] VioletReverie dances worriedly in place, all thoughts of their little moment banished in the chaos. "What do we do?"
  15. [14:49:08] Ace_Moonlight knocks on Stellar_Ascent's head as if it were a door. "Hellooooo? Stellar?"
  16. [14:49:14] <PrettyWreck> " Ace_Moonlight, you jump off too while it's still relatively safe! We can figure this shit--" the stallion motions at the chandeliers: "we can figure this shit later!"
  17. [14:50:15] <Ace_Moonlight> "You do realize that I'm lighter than you, and as such would be closer to the other chandelier. Thus, I could make the leap to it, and make my way down," the colt states.
  18. [14:52:22] <PrettyWreck> Pretty sighs and nods: "Just... don't get hurt, alright?"
  19. [14:52:52] Ace_Moonlight salutes PrettyWreck. "Of course."
  20. [14:52:53] Stellar_Ascent gets off of the chandelier. "Sorry, zoned out for a second."
  21. [14:53:52] VioletReverie leans close to Pretty and whispers worriedly, "Should I stay here and keep him safe?"
  22. [14:55:20] <PrettyWreck> Pretty leans close to VioletReverie, his ear twitching slightly: "Which one?"
  23. [14:55:31] <PrettyWreck> His voice is barely a whisper
  24. [14:55:44] <~sophos> Stellar_Ascent lands well enough on the marble floor of the gallery.
  25. [14:57:00] VioletReverie giggles into a hoof. "Ace, silly. He might fall."
  26. [14:57:46] <Ace_Moonlight> "I heard that, Pretty!" Ace says with a huff.
  27. [14:58:30] <~sophos> The chandeliers level in the air.
  28. [14:59:17] <PrettyWreck> The stallion grins slightly in a nervous manner: "You caught me there... Anyway, the others could be in trouble and we should hurry to them!"
  29. [14:59:29] Stellar_Ascent beats his fur and looks to the others, wondering what was going on.
  30. [14:59:54] <Stellar_Ascent> "But where are they?"
  31. [15:01:11] VioletReverie looks up at Ace and calls out, "Dont get hurt, okay? We're gonna go rescue them! Maybe!"
  32. [15:01:49] Mistress_D grips her cloud mantle in her hoof "Mayhem this might sting but bear with it." tossing her mantle infront of her self she aims at the bear rug before punching the cloud sending a bolt of lightning at it, putting together that this place *should* be constructed horror like the hologram she fires with the hope this bear was infact robotic in nature
  33. [15:02:32] <Ace_Moonlight> "I'll be there soon!" Ace calls down, preparing to make the leap.
  34. [15:03:03] <PrettyWreck> "Just follow me, I think I know what direction that voice came from!" The stallion nods, giving Ace_Moonlight a last concerned yell: "Stay safe!" Then he breaks into a fast paced run, towards the source of the mechanical voice.
  35. [15:04:02] VioletReverie whines, looking up at Ace, before dashing off after Pretty, her glittering dress fluttering out behind her.
  36. [15:04:03] <Stellar_Ascent> "Understood!" He exclaimed, following Ace into a steady trot. Oh boy, what could this mechanical voice be? Perhabs a metal ursa or something like that? That would be awesome and terrifying at the same time.
  37. [15:05:07] Mistress_D Curses as her bolt goes wide attempts another blast
  38. [15:07:01] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace takes a few steps back and runs for the edge. He makes the jump and lands with such grace that the chandelier doesn't even sway. He smirks and takes off into the library. He pulls out his radio with his tail, "Mayhem! Where are you?" he asks into it.
  39. [15:08:14] Mistress_D Her bolt strikes home with a zap as she places her mantle back on slightly out of breathe
  40. [15:11:34] <~sophos> The bear skin convulses as the bolt strikes its center mass.
  41. [15:13:59] <PrettyWreck> The stallion runs towards the Den, ears sharp on sounds of fighting.
  42. [15:14:38] Mayhem cries out loudly as she is hit as well.
  43. [15:18:54] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace runs full tilt toward's Mayhem's cry. He skids sideways, bouncing off the wall and running through the doorway.
  44. [15:20:34] <Ace_Moonlight> He looks around the room before spotting a set of stairs and bounding down them.
  45. [15:21:12] Stellar_Ascent is startled by Mayhem's echoing scream "Oh gosh oh gosh oh gosh..."
  46. [15:21:49] Mayhem tries to break free of the rug
  47. [15:24:22] <PrettyWreck> The sound of Mayhem's cry of pain alerts the stallion into full sprint, hooves hitting the stone floor franticly. Giving VioletReverie and Stellar_Ascent a quick glance to make sure they're still following, running to the dining hall and from there, to the library.
  48. [15:25:25] VioletReverie is close behind Pretty, fear etched onto her face.
  49. [15:27:51] <~sophos> The rug keeps itself snug around Mayhem's body as it lifts her legs and places them ahead of one another. The duo advances towards Mistress_D .
  50. [15:28:19] Stellar_Ascent acknowledging Pretty's haste, he shifted into a sprint as well, hastily moving around corners in an attempt to keep up the pace. he was clearly not the most physically fit of guys.
  51. [15:35:45] Mayhem roars in anger and tries to break free again
  52. [15:41:04] <~sophos> The bearskin answers her with a roar of its own, and clenches tightly around her right arm. It rears its paw into the air and swipes at Mistress_D.
  53. [15:51:51] <~sophos> The bear claws pass a several inches above Mistress_D's head.
  54. [15:53:07] Mistress_D quickly ducking out of the way of the sizeable claw she gets into a fighting stance "Mayhem I said It would sting."
  55. [15:54:12] <Mayhem> "It's not me! It's the feckin' rug!"
  56. [15:56:58] <Mistress_D> "Well forgive me but i'm gonna have to ruff you up a bit."
  57. [15:59:10] <~sophos> Ace_Moonlight finds himself in a cold coloured room lit by a fireplace. Stark silhouettes of Mistress_D and what appears to be a bear are facing each other.
  58. [16:03:30] Mistress_D Doing a quick turn she delivers a swift buck to mayhem/bears chest in an attempt to knock them down
  59. [16:03:34] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace's eyes go wide. "Where in the fuck did you find a bear!?"
  60. [16:06:25] PrettyWreck reaches the dimly lit room and he stops at the doorway: "WHat the fuck?? Where the fuck did this bear come from?!" Pretty quickly pulls out his switchblade, the worn handle tasting metallic in his mouth.
  61. [16:06:57] Mistress_D  Bucks lands square in the chest
  62. [16:07:26] VioletReverie skids to a halt behind Pretty, her eyes wide. "Uh..." She fumbles for her laser pistol, fishing the boxy weapon from her voluminous dress.
  63. [16:10:13] Mayhem cries out in pain, but keeps standing
  64. [16:11:08] Stellar_Ascent gives his best to not crash into the other two as they came to a break
  65. [16:14:44] Mistress_D Cursing under her breathe she retakes her stance readying to parry any swipes coming from the bear "Dear I must say you're quite well built."
  66. [16:15:52] Stellar_Ascent seeing what was actually going on, he was simultaneously shocked and... slightly amused by the sight
  67. [16:18:55] <Stellar_Ascent> "A bear?!" He exclaims in shock.
  68. [16:18:55] PrettyWreck frowns, still gripping his switchblade in his teeth, it muffling his speech: "Whaf fe fuck if thaf fhing??" (Translation; "What the fuck is that thing??") The look on his face is not very amused, especially since Mayhem is strangely absent from the area: "donf fell me Mayfem if in fere!" (Translation: "Don't tell me Mayhem is in there!")
  69. [16:21:48] VioletReverie holds her pistol in her magic, trembling near imperceptibly. She looks between the bear and Mistress D, and pauses, unsure what to do.
  70. [16:24:47] Mistress_D Ear twitches at the sounds of the arriving party "Darlings if you would assist me in getting this *Cutscene dodge* Rug! of our friend."
  71. [16:26:25] <PrettyWreck> The stallion looks at the bear and then at Mistress_D with a glare, trying to make heads or tails of the situation: "Fhat fuckin fhing if a fhug??" ("That fucking thing is a rug??") The stallion moves closer and tries to pull the rug off.
  72. [16:38:44] <~sophos> The bearskin shrugs a shoulder, and PrettyWreck is thrown to the ground.
  73. [16:40:00] PrettyWreck rolls on the floor and quickly scampers back to his feet, the right side of his coat and jacket over him dusty from all the dirt on the floor.
  74. [16:51:04] Stellar_Ascent attempts to get the rug off Mayhem as well, knowing that his chances were slim due to his fragile body.
  75. [16:56:55] <~sophos> Steller_Ascent manages to get a firm hold on the rug.
  76. [16:57:46] <Stellar_Ascent> "Holy." He exclaims in surprise, trying to rip it off from Mayhem.
  77. [17:03:48] <~sophos> The bearskin thrashes and futilely claws at its back.
  78. [17:14:02] <~sophos> Stellar_Ascent is swung around by the bearskin, but he manages to keep hold. The Pony's weight pulls the rug taut, and it begins to slip free of Mayhem's arms
  79. [17:14:41] Stellar_Ascent screams and makes noises similar of people enjoying a roller coaster ride. "Help!"
  80. [17:19:21] Mistress_D bucks the bear once in another attempt to knock em down
  81. [17:21:57] Mistress_D But is unfocused but the thrashing and Stellars bullride
  82. [17:22:47] <~sophos> Mistress_D overextends and falls prone to the ground.
  83. [17:23:35] Mistress_D coughs at the dust from the ground quicking getting up and stays ready to dodge
  84. [17:29:32] Ace_Moonlight runs towards the rug/minotaur and grasps a section in his mouth, furiously attempting to pull the thing off.
  85. [17:32:35] <~sophos> The bearskin continues thrashing and pushes Ace_Moonlight aside.
  86. [17:34:15] Mayhem is hit in the head and stumbles toward the fireplace
  87. [17:39:46] <~sophos> Mayhem and the bearskin topple into the fireplace, and within moments thay are both ablaze.
  88. [17:40:51] Mayhem runs screaming around the room, burning
  89. [17:42:08] Stellar_Ascent letting go of Mayhem, he falls to the ground and observes the spectacle. "Someone help Mayhem!"
  90. [17:43:07] Mayhem falls to the ground rolling in pain before lying still after a while.
  91. [17:45:45] PrettyWreck drops the switchblade from his mouth, his brain restarting and his legs quickly carrying him over to the charred body that now laid still. He could feel a lump in his throat as he outstretches a forehoof, nudging the bearskin's head off from Mayhem's head.
  92. [17:46:53] <Stellar_Ascent> "Holy..." He was in deep terror, believing to know what was not left of Mayhem. "Oh... no...."
  93. [17:47:40] VioletReverie stands there in shock, pistol clattering to the ground as her magic fails.
  94. [17:48:05] <Ace_Moonlight> "M...Mayhem?" Ace asks, barely audible. He walks over to the minotaur and gently pokes her.
  95. [17:50:14] Mistress_D stops hovering looking to the minotaurs body lowering her ears not expecting the fire show
  96. [17:52:36] <~sophos> Most of Mayhem's scalp peels away with the bearhead. Beneath charred bone, eyes drip like milky tears from her eyesockets.
  97. [17:56:21] <~sophos> The stench of burnt hair and searing meat begins to crowd the room.
  98. [17:56:54] <PrettyWreck> Pretty takes a step back, a hoof covering his mouth and forcing bile back down his throat.
  99. [17:57:20] <Ace_Moonlight> Ace takes off up the stairs chanting "No."
  100. [17:57:29] VioletReverie remains motionless, her features emotionless and blank.
  101. [17:57:32] Stellar_Ascent chockes when smelling that disgusting stench.
  102. [17:59:46] <PrettyWreck> Pretty grimaces, but feels the bile go back down, keeping him from retching. He moves the bearskin back to cover Mayhem's head with a shaking hoof.
  103. [18:00:56] Mistress_D frowns at the turn of events smelling the strentch in the air and covers her mouth with a wing, she's been in similair situations before but it doesn't make it any more pleasant smelling.
  104. [18:02:09] <PrettyWreck> The stallion sits down next to the shocked filly, wraps his hoof around her, eyes staring into the fireplace but without really looking at it, lost in thought.
  105. [18:03:23] <~sophos> The time is: 20:40
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