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Dec 28th, 2013
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  1. <JassperBeastHD> Fuck you
  2. <JassperBeastHD> Assfucking shithead
  3. <Brandon15811> do you want a perma ban from the forums as well?
  4. <JassperBeastHD> Sperma ban? Fuck you pedobaer
  5. <Brandon15811> The ban you had on the forums was going to expire in 2 weeks, but not anymore
  6. <JassperBeastHD> Now can younplx say me why ingetting error 7 on pocketmine when i run it
  7. <JassperBeastHD> I dont care ban just like channel i make another name :)
  8. <JassperBeastHD> Well fuck you for kicking me from #pocketmine asshole it was hard to get back
  9. <JassperBeastHD> F
  10. <JassperBeastHD> Jg
  11. <JassperBeastHD> Jgskg
  12. <JassperBeastHD> I
  13. <JassperBeastHD> F
  14. <JassperBeastHD> Kf
  15. <JassperBeastHD> Foei
  16. <JassperBeastHD> Kepfjs
  17. <JassperBeastHD> Prj
  18. <JassperBeastHD> Peif
  19. <JassperBeastHD> F
  20. <JassperBeastHD> F
  21. <JassperBeastHD> Fekf
  22. <JassperBeastHD> Ek
  23. <JassperBeastHD> Fuckface
  24. <JassperBeastHD> Ksofks
  25. <JassperBeastHD> Ksofksfis
  26. <JassperBeastHD> Rjs
  27. <JassperBeastHD> Slfj
  28. <JassperBeastHD> Slfjfjs
  29. <JassperBeastHD> Now get the fuck out my device you fartface
  30. <JassperBeastHD> Unban me arsehole
  31. <JassperBeastHD> Plz
  32. <JassperBeastHD> Plzzlzplzpzlpzlz
  33. <JassperBeastHD> Plzpzlpzlz
  34. <JassperBeastHD> Zlpzlzpz
  35. <JassperBeastHD> Pt
  36. <JassperBeastHD> Kf
  37. <JassperBeastHD> Kr
  38. <JassperBeastHD> K
  39. <JassperBeastHD> Kid
  40. <JassperBeastHD> Kf
  41. <JassperBeastHD> Kfdf
  42. <JassperBeastHD> Fuck
  43. <JassperBeastHD> Dkfjfk
  44. <JassperBeastHD> Dkfjfkf
  45. <JassperBeastHD> Dkfjfkff
  46. <JassperBeastHD> Dkfjfkfff
  47. <Brandon15811> if you don't stop, I'll get you banned from freenode for spamming
  48. <JassperBeastHD> Wtf is a freenode nerdy piece of shit
  49. <JassperBeastHD> ?
  50. <Brandon15811> this irc network
  51. <Brandon15811> aka, I'll get you banned from every channel on this webchat
  52. <JassperBeastHD> you wont get me i can make own irc server and get here
  53. <JassperBeastHD> stupid poop
  54. <JassperBeastHD> Kick me
  55. <JassperBeastHD> Hahnyou cant do it
  56. <JassperBeastHD> Haha
  57. <JassperBeastHD> Shitfacenkick me
  58. <Brandon15811> nope, I can't
  59. <Brandon15811> you're right
  60. <JassperBeastHD> noob :D
  61. <JassperBeastHD> you cant kick me noob
  62. <JassperBeastHD> Trolololololoolo
  63. <JassperBeastHD> Jdnskf
  64. <JassperBeastHD> F
  65. <JassperBeastHD> F
  66. <JassperBeastHD> Fsi
  67. <JassperBeastHD> S
  68. <JassperBeastHD> FIs
  69. <JassperBeastHD> Fuckface
  70. <JassperBeastHD> Djsjdhs
  71. <JassperBeastHD> Fuck you unban me #pocketmine bich
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