Chapter 69 of Shieldbro & Co Vs Motoyasu &his Bitches(Part2)

Sep 24th, 2014
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  1. The cliffhanging never stops
  2. Chapter 69
  4. Judgement
  6. Raphtalia appears behind the bitch and slashes.
  7. Clang! The bitch barely blocks Raphtalia's sword with her sword by turning around.
  8. There was probably another illusion piled upon the one that was dispelled.
  10. "You're just a pebble on the side of the road!"
  11. "To treat others as pebbles...... Is that that attitude of one meant to rule!?"
  13. Raphtalia and bitch continue their game of cat and mouse while also insulting each other.
  14. Bitch's sword must have been expensive. However, she is unable to break Raphtalia's sword.
  15. I don't know if it's simply because Raphtalia's ability exceeds hers, I have to hurry and help...
  17. "I will not collapse just yet!"
  19. Motoyasu who was on the ground from Self-Burning Curse gets up with great difficulty and is barely able to stand in front of me.
  21. "You think you can stop me with these kind of burns? I will not acknowledge it!"
  23. Although Motoyasu has taken considerable damage from Self Curse Burning, he continues on without consideration for his body.
  24. His steps are a little unsteady.
  26. "This amount of damage is nothing that can't be fixed with recovery magic."
  27. "Do you have someone who can apply it?"
  29. I do not know what kind of magic Motoyasu uses.
  30. When I look at his companions I see the one that wasn't stabbed desperately using recover magic.
  31. Raphtalia and the bitch are still engaging each other in close combat, neither of them are backing off.
  33. "Don't forget about Firo either~!"
  34. "Firo!? Are you okay?"
  36. Firo should have been induced into a state of frenzy when I took out the shield of anger. But she's showing no signs of losing her mind.
  37. After the shield of anger's second form shield of anger 2 was unlocked, it's power increased without changing to that form.
  38. I am also able to send my companions into a frenzy with the angry dragon's roar.
  39. Maybe that's why I can stop the shield of anger 1 from from sending Firo out of control.
  41. "Whats up?"
  43. When I look at Firo's head...... her ahoge is glowing.
  45. "Somehow my body has become extremely light"
  47. Black flames are covering Firo, her white limbs are being dyed black.
  48. Firo's mind doesn't seem to be eroded though......
  49. It seems the reward from the Queen of Philorials is amazing.
  51. "I am one who commands the origin of power. I have read and deciphered a law of nature. Cure this person!"
  52. "Al ・Tzuvait ・Heal!"
  54. Motoyasu's companion casts healing magic him after a long chant.
  55. Range recovery, they had such a hand available?
  57. "You saved me!"
  59. But......Motoyasu, you have made one big miscalculation.
  60. The light of recovery falls onto Motoyasu and his group to heal.
  62. "Alright......Huh?"
  64. The recovery magic that Motoyasu was waiting for barely did anything for him. Motoyasu tilted his neck looking puzzled.
  66. "Did you think you could recover completely with just one cast? I'm sorry to disappoint you. I have my own hand to prevent that."
  68. This is funny, the side effect of Self-Burning Curse slows down healing.
  69. His long awaited recovery magic barely did anything.
  71. "I think the outcome is decided."
  73. His companions turn towards Raphtalia and starts chanting magic.
  75. "Firo"
  77. I give instructions to support Raphtalia.
  79. "Okay~!"
  81. Firo charges even faster than earlier.
  82. As Firo approaches Raphtalia who is preparing to defend with her sword, both Raphtalia and the bitch back off to start preparing magic.
  84. "Not yet!"
  86. Without learning his lesson Motoyasu tries to stab me with his spear.
  88. "Air Strike Javelin!"
  90. A thrown spear flies towards me.
  92. "Like that would work!"
  94. I catch the flying spear.
  95. Gakin! Sounds of metal clashing rings out when I grab the spear.
  96. When I completely stop the spear, it disappears from my hand and reappears in Motoyasu's.
  97. Throwing skills...... Certainly Self Curse Burning is ineffective at a long distance.
  98. If you are a gamer you would understand after seeing it once.
  100. "I won't......I won't lose here! If I lose then princess Melty, Raphtalia-chan, and Firo-chan will all become tools for the devil of the shield."
  102. ...... In a way coming all the way here believing in justice in itself is somewhat praiseworthy.
  103. But I am treated as the villain.
  104. No way, In Motoyasu's eyes am I a mid-boss within a game?
  105. What an unpleasant treatment. Who is a boss character.
  107. "I will absolutely help you!"
  108. "A buffoon of a womaniser coming here, it's too pathetic."
  110. Don't you understand you're the one being brainwashed?
  111. It's such a waste to not be directing your passion somewhere more productive......
  113. "Damn......"
  115. He doesn't even respond to my remark. His Companions are being trampled on by Firo.
  116. Well, his unyielding will is certainly Hero-like.
  117. However, if you insist of blindly following justice like that, then there is no saving you.
  119. "Give it up, you cannot beat us."
  121. You don't even know your allies are the ones behind this.
  122. I look at Melty anxiously while thinking about what's to do next.
  123. Victory or defeat is also decided on whether or not the cage can be destroyed.
  124. It is admirable that she can act so bravely knowing her own older sister is trying to have her assassinated.
  126. ......Killing intent surges within me.
  127. But if I murder anyone here my innocence will never be proven.
  128. If I murder anyone, I will be no different than that trash who is trying to frame me.
  129. I refuse to become an existence similar to trash.
  130. To even sacrifice your own flesh and blood without hesitation.
  131. Is that really alright?
  132. No, I will prove my innocence!
  134. "Not yet......I haven't lost yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!"
  136. Motoyasu suicidally charges me, it's like he;s trying to die an honourable death.
  137. It will be deicide with the next move-
  139. right before a decide a foreign sound echoes.
  140. Applause is heard from a strange place.
  142. "Iya~...... as expected of the spear, truly a strong will. It was a good show."
  144. The area is filled with magical pressure.
  145. All of Firo's feathers stand on end as she covers Rapthalia.
  147. "Eh--"
  148. "Mel-chan!'
  149. "Kyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
  150. "Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaa!"
  151. "I-I am a princess! how dare you treat me with so impolitely--"
  152. "Firo-cha--fube!"
  154. And without any hesistation,everyone including Bitch and Motoyasu were kicked towards me, freely using high-speed magic Firo appears in front of me
  155. Everyone, whether friend or foe is gathered together at my feet by Firo.
  157. "Master! We'll defend with everything!"
  158. "What's happening Sudden-"
  159. "Hurry up! Something big is about to come!"
  160. "Damn! I know!"
  162. While Firo was watching with a threatening attitude, while I use Shield Prison, Air Strike Shield, and Second Shield.
  163. Just as the shields appear a huge pillar of light poured down on us from the sky.
  165. "Guu......"
  167. It was a heavy attack that shook my body to it's core
  168. I endure it while chanting Fast Heal.
  169. Air Strike Shield and Second Shield are blown away immediately, and Shield Prison is barely holding up.
  170. As the shield is protecting everyone from the sky a Bakin sound could be heard.
  171. The Prison is destroyed and the light falls onto me. My shield is somehow blocking the thick beam of light.
  172. As I was about to slip Firo wraps her wings around me and supports me.
  174. "Uguguguuuuuuuuuu......"
  176. The light reduces my physical strength.
  178. "A little more......It's over!"
  180. The light suddenly vanishes but I still hold my shield ready.
  181. Firo stands up and covers everyone with her wings.
  182. The area around us......It's all scorched-earth.
  183. It looks like a meteor fell and we were at it's epicentre.
  184. There were some villagers groaning outside the crater that was part of the aftermath of the magic the enemy cast.
  185. It was horrible.
  187. "Wh-What on earth......"
  188. "Oh my what's this? To think the devil of the shield could withstand the High class synthesis magic [Judgement] and remain calm."
  190. When I look towards the voice, what greeted me was the smiling face of the priest back in the church of castle town.
  191. Followed by a dozen church officials, with some knights mixed in.
  193. "You.....!"
  195. Motoyasu looks at the priest in frustration.
  196. They're not your reinforcements?
  197. No wait, Motoyasu would have been caught up in that blow as well.
  198. This is......
  200. "Oh dear oh dear, How could I forget to introduce myself. I am the pope of the Church of Three Heroes."
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