building custom beaglebone kernel

Aug 30th, 2018
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  1. (note: you probably want the repository for the -ti kernel series)
  2. 13:30:22 < zmatt> for the -bone kernel series, for the -ti kernel series
  3. 13:30:35 < zmatt> select branch for the exact series desired
  4. 13:30:52 < zmatt> copy to and tweak contents to taste
  5. 13:31:57 < zmatt> then run ./ to build a debian package
  6. 13:32:14 < zmatt> it'll give you an opportunity to tweak the kernel config (by running make menuconfig)
  8. 13:31:14 < lyb> bb-kernel is empty nowadays
  9. 13:31:22 < zmatt> no it's not, you just didn't pick a branch
  11. 13:56:14 < zmatt> tip: you may want to append a line to in the build repo to give your custom kernel a suffix that distinguishes it from the normal one, e.g.: BUILD+=-custom1
  13. (about modifying the kernel)
  14. 13:36:12 < zmatt> yeah in that case just first build an unmodified kernel, then make changes in the KERNEL subdirectory it creates (the patched kernel tree) and run tools/
  15. 13:36:26 < zmatt> don't run ./ again since that will recreate a clean tree
  16. (note: same if you just want to rebuild the package with changes to the kernel config)
  18. (how to add your patches to the repo itself so they are applied when doing a clean rebuild)
  19. 21:24:54 < __jojo__> Would it allow me to apply my patch on the top ?
  20. 21:26:43 < zmatt> yes, what I do is I create a directory patches/local with my custom patches, and add the following line to dir 'local'
  21. (note: the build script will already preserve any kernel config changes you make by updating patches/defconfig for you)
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