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The Storms Mingle

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  1. [20:56] The Nagual seemed to take on a more wild demeanor as she fought... possibly even injuring a few around her foolish enough to not distinguish themselves as allies beforehand...
  3. As she and the magi of Dawn and others fought the giant demon it was assailed from all angles with all kinds of magics... yet the beast endured smashing buildings rending people and undead into shreds...
  5. She saw a few allies even fall and she became enraged... her lightning becoming more wild... les controlled... no...
  7. The spirit reached from the amulet... much more than it had before... its magic seemed to envelop her own.. not giving her strength... but more like a guiding hand.. like one would teach a child to hold a sword their hand over the others..
  9. She reined herself under control again with the spirits help... their emotions feeling ever more blended...
  11. Eventuall the demon would fall.. the onslaught from the greatest of Dawns magi and otherwise proving to be too much forthe fell creature...
  13. The Nagual roared as the beast hit the ground a cry of victory and a warning to others....
  15. This was her home... all who attacked it would find themselves in the same position as the Demon...
  17. The gold in her eyes... turned a little orange...
  18. (Jessi Ann)
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