Silent War - 117

Feb 16th, 2021 (edited)
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~ Silent War ~

작은 전쟁 --- Publisher Link

By 타르초 --- 얀새

Script Information:

Korean Hangul English Description
Seong Hyun-Soo 성현수 Hyun MC
Woo Mi-Hee 우미희 Mia FMC
Min So-Da 민소다 Sophie Blonde
Hong Ye-Na 홍예나 Anna GOAT
Joo Lee-Na 주리나 Lina Short Hair
Song Da-Young 송다영 Song Teacher
Jang Gun-Chul (Geon-Cheol) 장건철 Gunner Red
Yang Pal-Jo 양팔조 Yang Pal-Jo Gangster

Chapter - 117

Lina while getting pounded by Hyun from behind explains how she doesn't know why but when she witnessed him making love with Anna, she felt extremely jealous...
The only answer she'll receive from Hyun is a harder pounding... Meanwhile Anna is peeking at them having sex.


Lina is asking Hyun to be a little more gentler with her and to slow down... Once again, she's answered by a hard thrust. She can only grip harder the pillow while moaning louder and louder.
Hyun is making fun of Lina for being so wet, she shyly tries to explain the reason behind her state but can't anything more than him driving her crazy and how it's so embarrassing... He keeps pounding her while slapping her ass... Anna is running in her room. She hugs her pillow with a red face while muttering, Hyun's name.

Red is explaining to his underlings how they need to find a way to make some money since Anna and LIna aren't reachable anymore, and if they don't find a solution soon they'll lose all their clients.
One of the random dudes says he'll take care of it and it's not a problem... Red keeps talking... Saying they could steal some money from the previous gangster and even if they kidnap him, nothing will happen because the police won't move a finger for a gangster's disparition...

Later Hyun tell them he has a appointment and has to leave... Red asks Blue (another random) to follow Hyun...

Hyun is getting into his new car... Blue still tailing him...

Hyun is now on the phone with Sophie... He's telling her how Red is still pissed as fuck and she better not get caught by him, she asks him if Mia already spilled the beans about their affair inside the park.
Hyun says how he doesn't think she talked about this to Red yet and how they should be extra careful about this possibility. Sophie is cursing her bad luck and how nothing should've happened to her...

He tells how boring and frustrating it must be to stay home and invites her to have a meal with him tonight. He promises her something delicious. Sophie is interested by the proposition and asks for something delicious and expensive... Hyun tells her to dress up well tonight...
Meanwhile Blue is still following Hyun's car and asks the taxi driver to not lose him... He then complains about the traffic and how it'll cost him a lot of money to pay for the ride...

Hyun is now in a restaurant, talking with an older man about something... (I haven't read SW since a long time so dunno who the fuck this guy is) Blue is spying them from afar... He's wondering who the fuck this old man is... (just like me)

Once the meeting is done, he gets into his car, once again... blue says he can't afford to pay for a cab so he'll have to run after Hyun's car... Dude looks surprised while seeing the direction where Hyun is heading...

Sunset... Hyun meets Sophie... He's surprised by how beautiful she's looking, Sophie tells him he said they were having a dinner inside an expensive restaurant so she had to dress well.

Hyun walks towards his car, opens the door and tells her they're going to take his car to go to the restaurant... Sophie is surprised by the car, Hyun tells her to get in since he'll bring her to nice place.

To be continued...
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