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  1. 06[06:41] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet facepalms. "Then just... turn around or something! And no peeking!"
  2. [06:42] <Karel_van_Buren> "Ok." He looks confused, but does as he's asked.
  3. 06[06:43] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet quickly gets dressed, blushing bright red. She has it on in near-record speed.
  4. 06[06:46] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Okay. I'm dressed now. Jeeze."
  5. [06:47] <Karel_van_Buren> "Why did you want me to turn around?"
  6. 06[06:51] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "So you wouldn't see me naked!"
  7. [06:52] <Karel_van_Buren> "I...don't understand."
  8. 06[06:53] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Boys never do. Look, a girl doesn't like a guy staring at her when she's not dressed properly. Unless they're in a relationship. Then it's different."
  9. [06:54] <Karel_van_Buren> "There were girls where I grew up. We saw each other naked all the time."
  10. [06:55] <Karel_van_Buren> "We didn't have separate changing rooms, or bathrooms."
  11. 06[06:56] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Well it's different in the rest of the world! I'd die from embarrassment if people I didn't know saw me naked.
  12. [06:56] <Karel_van_Buren> "You know me."
  13. 06[06:58] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Well we're not in a relationship or anything, so you don't get to see me naked either!" She blushes.
  14. 06[06:58] * Karel_van_Buren just shrugs.
  15. 06[07:00] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Now stop trying to distract me! We're supposed to spar."
  16. [07:00] <Karel_van_Buren> "Ok~"
  17. 06[07:01] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet thinks for a moment. "Hey Karel, do you know anything about Empty Force?"
  18. [07:02] <Karel_van_Buren> "There was a thing on the TV called Empty Nest once."
  19. 03[07:03] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_ ( has joined #NERV-AFRICA
  20. 06[07:04] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_ says "It's a martial arts technique. High-level."
  21. [07:04] <Karel_van_Buren> "Oh? What's it do?"
  22. 06[07:06] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_ says "It's kind of like a touch of death, using qi as a force-multiplier."
  23. [07:07] <Karel_van_Buren> "What's qi?"
  24. [07:09] <Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_> "Fighting spirit. The light of the soul. You know, how you get the Eva to work and the AT field to expand."
  25. [07:10] <Karel_van_Buren> "Oh yeah. The power from the umbilical makes the Eva move."
  26. [07:10] <Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_> "...No, Karel. It's all fighting spirit. That's why they need us to pilot them."
  27. 06[07:11] * Karel_van_Buren looks really confused.
  28. 06[07:12] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_ says "Synch Ratio, Karel! We can pilot the Evas because of our fighting spirit!"
  29. 02[07:12] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet ( Quit (Read error: Operation timed out)
  30. [07:12] <Karel_van_Buren> "Ok, so what does that have to do with fighting out of the Eva?"
  31. 06[07:14] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_ says "It applies no matter where you are! It's fighting spirit! Courage!" Gabby strikes a pose. "The internal power that flows through your body! With courage, even a 1% chance becomes 100%!"
  32. [07:15] <Karel_van_Buren> "Courage means nothing when you're bleeding out on the floor with all your limbs broken."
  33. [07:15] <Karel_van_Buren> "When you fight, you fight until your opponent can no longer move"
  34. [07:16] <Karel_van_Buren> "Then if necessary, you move in for the kill. Otherwise you let them be and move on."
  35. 06[07:16] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_ says "With courage, you can win even from such a position."
  36. [07:17] <Karel_van_Buren> "Fighting with broken bones does nothing other than make your wounds worse."
  37. 06[07:18] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_ says "A hero can win, even with broken bones."
  38. [07:19] <Karel_van_Buren> "In a fight there are no heroes or villains, just the one who wins and the one who dies."
  39. 06[07:20] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_ says "And victory goes to those with courage!"
  40. [07:21] <Karel_van_Buren> "Victory goes to the one who delivers the killing blow. Even cowards can use a knife."
  41. 06[07:22] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_ says "A coward can never kill a true hero. And it takes a man to defeat a monster. But enough! I'll show you with my fists!"
  42. [07:22] <Karel_van_Buren> "Yay~" he says and then falls totally silent.
  43. 06[07:23] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_ says "No weapons. No strikes at the head. You ready?"
  44. [07:24] <Karel_van_Buren> "Alright. And don't hold back." and he goes silent again.
  45. 06[07:24] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_ takes a fighting pose.
  46. 06[07:25] * Karel_van_Buren just stands there watching her.
  47. 03[07:25] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet_ is now known as Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet
  48. 06[07:31] * Karel_van_Buren suddenly jumps forward aims a blow to the chest, missing, but quickly folding it into an elbow to the stomach, before quickly jumping away again.
  49. 06[07:32] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet can tell that one wouldn't really have hurt, even without the plugsuit. "Are you holding back, Karel?"
  50. 06[07:32] * Karel_van_Buren says nothing.
  51. 06[07:34] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet roars and strikes for Karel, a hammerblow going past him as he cleanly dodges. It's clear she isn't holding back in her attacks.
  52. 02[07:53] * Earthflame (~123@9BBEC057.ACFE0DD4.393024F1.IP) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  53. 03[07:54] * Earthflame (~123@9BBEC057.ACFE0DD4.393024F1.IP) has joined #NERV-AFRICA
  54. [08:00] <Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet> Karel and Gabby trade blows. It's clear Karel is much faster than Gabby, though with the Plugsuits he isn't even able to hurt her until he lands a solid punch at her kidneys. Gabby grunts with the pain and falters. Karel lands several more blows, none of them getting through the suit.
  55. [08:01] <Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet> Gabby takes two blows and uses the opportunity for a counterblow, accepting a hit to simply drive one into Karel's body. He suddenly realizes that the plugsuit is no protection from Gabby - her fists are like iron.
  56. [08:04] <Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet> Karel despirately smashes Gabby one more time, the blow bruising her. She puts her hands together and screams "Enfer et du Paradis!", launching herself at him and accidentally getting him in the head. Karel falls over, knocked out so quickly it possibly went back in time and gave him a headache the day before.
  57. [08:05] <Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet> Gabby stands there for a moment, breathing heavily. "Karel? You okay?" She pauses. "...are you just trying to sneak up on me?" She pauses again. "Karel?"
  58. [08:06] <Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet> "Are you there?"
  59. 06[08:09] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet eventually goes to get her cell phone and calls Alice. "Alice? I need help in the training room. Can you come help? I'll explain later."
  60. 01[08:11] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice picks up her phone, starts to say something and then hangs up.
  61. 01[08:12] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice arrives shortly after sees Karel KO'd and looks at you. "What the hell!?"
  62. 06[08:12] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Is he knocked out or stalking me? I can't tell! He's quiet."
  63. 01[08:12] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice checks him. Slaps his face slightly. "Karel? Karel?!:
  64. 06[08:13] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "I pulled that punch, kind of. He should be fine!"
  65. 01[08:14] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice scoops him up and walks out, heading twords Medbay
  66. 06[08:17] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Alice? How is he? Alice?"
  67. 01[08:18] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Eventually Karel is placed in Nogira's medical room and Alice comes back for Gabby, leading her down there. "What the hell were you two doing?"
  68. 06[08:19] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Sparring! Just sparring a little!"
  69. 01[08:19] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "A little? He was out cold."
  70. 06[08:21] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet looks guilty. "I might have accidentally used one of the ultimate attacks of the school of the Undefeated of Paris."
  71. 02[08:26] * Earthflame (~123@9BBEC057.ACFE0DD4.393024F1.IP) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  72. 01[08:26] <@Geremy-Tibbles> She shakes her head.
  73. 03[08:27] * Earthflame (~123@9BBEC057.ACFE0DD4.393024F1.IP) has joined #NERV-AFRICA
  74. 03[08:28] * Blast is now known as Acenath
  75. 06[08:28] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "So... can I visit him? I didn't mean to hurt him! Badly!"
  76. 03[08:28] * Acenath is now known as Blast
  77. 01[08:30] <@Geremy-Tibbles> She leads you into the room. Nogira finishes her diagnosis. "He'll be fine. But you should really... hold back, during your sessions..."
  78. 06[08:31] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "He told me not to hold back. And it's not like he didn't get me, too!"
  79. 02[08:32] * Earthflame (~123@9BBEC057.ACFE0DD4.393024F1.IP) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  80. 03[08:32] * Earthflame (~123@9BBEC057.ACFE0DD4.393024F1.IP) has joined #NERV-AFRICA
  81. 01[08:32] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice walks out of the room with Nogira. She pokes her head in. "Apologize when he wakes up!"
  82. 01[08:32] <@Geremy-Tibbles> She shuts the door.
  83. 06[08:32] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet sighs and finds somewhere to sit down.
  84. 06[08:34] * Karel_van_Buren slowly wakes up, then quickly jumps up clutching his hand to his mouth looking for the bathroom.
  85. 01[08:34] <@Geremy-Tibbles> There's a bedpan to your left...
  86. 06[08:34] * Karel_van_Buren grabs it and throws up into it.
  87. 01[08:34] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Gross
  88. 01[08:35] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Gabby you hear someone throw up
  89. 06[08:35] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet wrinkles her nose at the smell and noise. "I guess you're awake now?"
  90. 06[08:35] * Karel_van_Buren coughs and spits into the pan before putting it back.
  91. 06[08:36] * Karel_van_Buren looks around before checking inside of his shirt.
  92. [08:36] <Karel_van_Buren> "Why didn't I die?"
  93. 06[08:37] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Jeeze, Karel, you say that like I habitually go around killing people."
  94. [08:38] <Karel_van_Buren> "I...lost a fight into the point of unconsciousness, but I'm still alive."
  95. [08:39] <Karel_van_Buren> "Klaas said they killed him when he lost that badly."
  96. 06[08:39] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Karel, it was sparring, not Mortal Kombat. I don't go around pulling out people's hearts. Except for that one time when I piloted unit 03. But that was different!"
  97. [08:40] <Karel_van_Buren> "I know. I heard stories from back home, that if we lost as badly as I did today that they would kill us and replace us."
  98. [08:40] <Karel_van_Buren> "Why can I say this now?"
  99. 06[08:41] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "...because normal people don't go around killing people?"
  100. [08:42] <Karel_van_Buren> "Whenever I wanted to tell you about something from my home, sometimes I couldn't say what I wanted to, and I don't know why. But now, I say the same things, but I can say them."
  101. 06[08:43] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "I probably hit you hard enough to give you a concussion."
  102. 06[08:43] * Karel_van_Buren is silent for a moment.
  103. [08:44] <Karel_van_Buren> "Wait. I remember now."
  104. [08:44] <Karel_van_Buren> "You cheated!"
  105. [08:44] <Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet> "No I didn't!"
  106. [08:44] <Karel_van_Buren> "You said the head was off limits!"
  107. [08:45] <Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet> "I slipped!"
  108. 06[08:46] * Karel_van_Buren grins, "I'm proud of you!"
  109. [08:46] <Karel_van_Buren> "There are no rules to combat, and you remembered that!"
  110. [08:46] <Karel_van_Buren> "I just wish I could teach Seb that."
  111. 06[08:49] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "I really didn't mean to hit you in the head. Mostly."
  112. [08:50] <Karel_van_Buren> "I told you not to hold back, and I'm glad you didn't."
  113. [08:50] <Karel_van_Buren> "Maybe I shouldn't have held back then."
  114. 06[08:50] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says " were holding back?"
  115. [08:51] <Karel_van_Buren> "Normally first thing I'd have done was break your arms."
  116. [08:51] <Karel_van_Buren> "I didn't want to put you in the hospital, so I just fought normally."
  117. 06[08:52] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Broken arms suck. I broke my hands a couple of times learning the Iron Fist."
  118. [08:53] <Karel_van_Buren> "Yeah. I broke mine a few times. Then they made me fight with the cast to punish me for getting it broken in the first place."
  119. [08:55] <Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet> "I had to stop training for two weeks. But it was worth it."
  120. [08:57] <Karel_van_Buren> "We were only allowed to stop for sleep, or eating, or our lessons."
  121. 01[08:57] <@Geremy-Tibbles> You hear the sound of something being knocked over in the other room.
  122. 06[08:59] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet turns toward the sound for a moment.
  123. 01[08:59] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Something elese falls onto the floor. You hear Alice shout something from behind the door.
  124. [09:00] <Karel_van_Buren> "Alice?"
  125. 02[09:00] * Earthflame (~123@9BBEC057.ACFE0DD4.393024F1.IP) Quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
  126. 06[09:00] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet listens closely to hear what's going on.
  127. 03[09:00] * Earthflame (~123@9BBEC057.ACFE0DD4.393024F1.IP) has joined #NERV-AFRICA
  128. 01[09:00] <@Geremy-Tibbles> The sound stops. "Wh... what?"
  129. 03[09:01] * Blast is now known as BlastOff
  130. 06[09:01] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "It's nothing."
  131. 01[09:01] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "..."
  132. 06[09:03] * Karel_van_Buren gets up and opens the door.
  133. 01[09:04] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Nogira's on the floor, and quickly gets up straightening herself out. Alice is picking up some clip board from the floor. "Oh. Hey, Karel. Glad you're up!"
  134. [09:06] <Karel_van_Buren> "What happened?"
  135. 01[09:07] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "...nothing."
  136. 01[09:08] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice clears her throat. " feeling better?"
  137. 06[09:08] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet snickers from the other room.
  138. [09:08] <Karel_van_Buren> "J-ja, but I heard something crash."
  139. 06[09:09] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Just let them have their 'alone time', Karel."
  140. [09:09] <Karel_van_Buren> "O-ok."
  141. 01[09:10] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Nogira shuffles out of the room. Alice just turns red. "F-! It's nothing! Go back in there and apologize!"
  142. 06[09:10] * Karel_van_Buren closes the door and sits back down on the bed.
  143. 06[09:10] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Karel."
  144. [09:13] <Karel_van_Buren> "Ja?"
  145. 06[09:13] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "I'm sorry for almost killing you."
  146. [09:15] <Karel_van_Buren> "It's ok. I wouldn't have minded if you did. Although I'd miss my trophies."
  147. 06[09:15] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Yeah, well, I think the being dead thing is worse."
  148. [09:16] <Karel_van_Buren> "For a bit, maybe. But I'd be back in a few days, so it's not so bad."
  149. 06[09:18] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet pauses "...Karel, people die when they're killed. Or... are you hindu or something? I know some religions believe in reincarnation."
  150. 02[09:21] * Earthflame (~123@9BBEC057.ACFE0DD4.393024F1.IP) Quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
  151. [09:23] <Karel_van_Buren> "No, I have ba-HHNK"
  152. 06[09:23] * Karel_van_Buren starts coughing.
  153. 06[09:25] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "Are you okay?"
  154. [09:25] <Karel_van_Buren> "Ja. I guess I can't say what I want to say anymore."
  155. 01[09:27] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice opens the door and closes the door, sitting down next to Karel.
  156. 06[09:27] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet pauses she has no idea what that means. "Well, whatever. But I don't care what your religion says. When people are dead, they're dead. Reincarnation is just bullshit, sorry."
  157. [09:28] <Karel_van_Buren> "What's a religion?"
  158. 01[09:29] <@Geremy-Tibbles> She sighs. "Just relax Karel."
  159. 06[09:30] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet sits back "I apologized, okay? I really didn't mean to hit him that hard. It was just a slip."
  160. [09:32] <Karel_van_Buren> "She didn't need to apologize. I told her not to hold back."
  161. 01[09:32] <@Geremy-Tibbles> She nods. "Well I think you should keep the sparring to the simulator..."
  162. 03[09:33] * Earthflame ( has joined #NERV-AFRICA
  163. [09:33] <Karel_van_Buren> "Ok. I couldn't fight normally anyway, cause I didn't want to put her in the hospital."
  164. 01[09:34] <@Geremy-Tibbles> She sits back. "Well, the doctor says you're okay to leave now that you've woken up..."
  165. 01[09:34] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Just take it easy, okay?"
  166. 06[09:34] * Gabby_Glorie-Gaudet says "How about we get some ice cream or something and go home, Karel?"
  167. [09:36] <Karel_van_Buren> "Ok~"
  168. 01[09:36] <@Geremy-Tibbles> Alice chuckles at that.
  169. 01[09:39] <@Geremy-Tibbles> "Alright then, ice cream.
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