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  1. alaskenblue: weba
  2. AisuSkyWolven: ty
  3. alaskenblue: mhm
  4. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Hihi
  5. alaskenblue: hai
  6. AisuSkyWolven: hello Cas
  7. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Did you get the cookies I left you amore?
  8. alaskenblue: no i dident
  9. AisuSkyWolven: Aisu please and yes thank you very much
  10. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: XD Aisu I know you are now Aisu, but Alaskanblues name is amore now lol
  11. alaskenblue: hehe
  12. AisuSkyWolven: lol okay ..you'd be surprised how many still try to call me Amore"
  13. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: I left them with next to you while you were asleep last night, I guess your mom didn't tell you
  14. alaskenblue: no
  15. alaskenblue: :/
  16. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Oh I can imagine XD I still want to call you amore but I use your current name
  17. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: -gives them both cookies- :รท
  18. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: :3*
  19. AisuSkyWolven: thank you-takes the cookie and noms it-
  20. alaskenblue: oh thanks unkyy
  21. alaskenblue: nuzzles him-
  22. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Daww x3 -nuzzles back-
  23. alaskenblue: -noms on my cookie-
  24. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Brb
  25. alaskenblue: tyt
  26. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Back
  27. IHeavensGuardianI: wb
  28. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Ty
  29. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Wait 1 more time
  30. alaskenblue: weba unky
  31. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Brb
  32. alaskenblue: tyt
  33. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Okie back lol
  34. AisuSkyWolven: wb
  35. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Ty
  36. alaskenblue: webas unky
  37. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Ty
  38. alaskenblue: welcome X3
  39. IHeavensGuardianI: aisu
  40. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Iv never been called unky before x3
  41. IHeavensGuardianI: did you tell lei?
  42. alaskenblue: do you like it
  43. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: A little yeah x3
  44. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Its cute
  45. alaskenblue: hehe okai unky
  46. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: -huggles her-
  47. alaskenblue: -huggles you back
  48. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Hehe -makes more cookies- who all wants cookies x3
  49. alaskenblue: oh me - raises my small paw-
  50. IHeavensGuardianI: aisu
  51. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: -hands her fresh cookies and milk-
  52. alaskenblue: tank you unky -smiles and trys to sit down with out spilling it
  53. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: -helps her- you're welcome sweety x3
  54. alaskenblue: -giggles cutely then snorts-
  55. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Brb
  56. alaskenblue: tyt
  57. AisuSkyWolven: hmm
  58. IHeavensGuardianI: did you tell lei?
  59. IHeavensGuardianI: and did you send him the paste bin
  60. AisuSkyWolven: -sighs-yea
  61. IHeavensGuardianI: can you tell what he replies?
  62. IHeavensGuardianI: Storm wants to know
  63. AisuSkyWolven: okay
  64. AisuSkyWolven: should I send it on skype?
  65. IHeavensGuardianI: yeah
  66. AisuSkyWolven: okay
  67. IHeavensGuardianI: I sent a contact request
  68. Guest_austin1500: Hey
  69. AisuSkyWolven: this is a furry pack please furry up
  70. alaskenblue: brb
  71. AisuSkyWolven: tyt
  72. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Back
  73. AisuSkyWolven: wb
  74. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Ty
  75. AisuSkyWolven: yw
  76. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: -nuzzles-
  77. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Wb
  78. AisuSkyWolven: wb
  79. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: -offers cookies to Aisu- :3
  80. AisuSkyWolven: -takesit and noms it-ty
  81. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Hehe plenty more where that came from x3
  82. IHeavensGuardianI: you got brownies or ice cream?
  83. IHeavensGuardianI: I can make you a snow cone
  84. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Yus -makes homemade ice cream and brownies-
  85. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: -offers some to heavensguardian-
  86. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Is there another name I can call you by?
  87. IHeavensGuardianI: my real name is brooke
  88. IHeavensGuardianI: but heaven is fine too
  89. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Brooke will work unless I forget it lol I'm bad with names XD
  90. IHeavensGuardianI: -takes the food and stuffs it in my mouth, making my cheeks look like a squrriel-
  91. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: -pokes her cheek- o.o
  92. IHeavensGuardianI: -stares at him and mumbles at him.- my food..
  93. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: I can make more :3
  94. IHeavensGuardianI: :O
  95. IHeavensGuardianI: you'll give me diabetes xD
  96. IHeavensGuardianI: keep giving me more xD
  97. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Hehe okie -makes a banquet of desserts-
  98. IHeavensGuardianI: I don't know why that so funny to me
  99. IHeavensGuardianI: just imagine a diabetic furry xD
  100. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Lol XD
  101. IHeavensGuardianI: I love cookies too
  102. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Cookies are the best
  103. IHeavensGuardianI: chocolate chip, oatmeal and raisin, sugar cookies
  104. IHeavensGuardianI: my favs
  105. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: My favorite is peanut butter cookies
  106. IHeavensGuardianI: ooo
  107. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: And macadamia nut
  108. IHeavensGuardianI: I love warm m&m cookies
  109. IHeavensGuardianI: home made though
  110. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Ooo ooo the other week I found red velvet cake cookies at walmart
  111. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Omg they exploded in my mouth
  112. IHeavensGuardianI: >.<
  113. IHeavensGuardianI: shh I'm on a diet
  114. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Hehe
  115. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: I am on a seefood diet xp
  116. IHeavensGuardianI: dont even
  117. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Lol
  118. IHeavensGuardianI: I love lobster, crab, fried scallops
  119. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Fun fact: chocolate is a fruit
  120. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: It is extracted from the cocoa fruit seeds
  121. IHeavensGuardianI: now I want lobster
  122. IHeavensGuardianI: with butter it's so good
  123. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Iv only ever had lobster once and it was not a pleasent experience
  124. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: I broke into it and brown goo flooded out
  125. IHeavensGuardianI: I went to this restuarant like a couple weeks ago, they had this special lobster grilled cheese. so imagine a grilled cheese with lobster meat in it with a side of fries
  126. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: They left the poop vein thing in when cooking it and it soaked into all the meat
  127. IHeavensGuardianI: was it cheap?
  128. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Red lobster restaurant, it was not cheap
  129. IHeavensGuardianI: jesus
  130. IHeavensGuardianI: hope you got a refund
  131. IHeavensGuardianI: omg the red lobster biscuits
  132. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Oh we got more than a refund
  133. IHeavensGuardianI: lol
  134. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: I was like 11 and my parents were furious
  135. IHeavensGuardianI: I wouldnt be that mad, shit happens. just ask them to make another one
  136. IHeavensGuardianI: though I'd be so hungry xD
  137. IHeavensGuardianI: like more biscuits for the wait
  138. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: They were mad cause the people basically served crap to a child
  139. IHeavensGuardianI: was accident though
  140. IHeavensGuardianI: atleast I'd hope
  141. IHeavensGuardianI: brb
  142. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Tyt
  143. AisuSkyWolven: tyt
  144. Lunarangelum: -licks aunties face-
  145. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Heyyy
  146. Lunarangelum: hey cas
  147. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: How's you
  148. Lunarangelum: doin pretty good
  149. Lunarangelum: you?
  150. AisuSkyWolven: Eeeep
  151. Lunarangelum: -licks aunties face again and giggles- haiiii
  152. Guest_CaseriousVoidShadow: Good too x3
  153. Lunarangelum: thats good
  154. AisuSkyWolven: -giggles-hi
  155. Lunarangelum: :3
  156. alaskenblue: back
  157. MoonEclipseWolf: wb
  158. alaskenblue: daddy!
  159. alaskenblue: hai daddy nuzzles him
  160. MoonEclipseWolf: hey little one how you today.
  161. alaskenblue: otay i guess
  162. alaskenblue: D:
  163. alaskenblue: unky...
  164. alaskenblue: :D
  165. alaskenblue: angle
  166. Guest_AngelAleighna: Blue :D
  167. alaskenblue: hai
  168. Guest_AngelAleighna: -tackles blue- mew:3
  169. alaskenblue: -giggles -mew
  170. Guest_AngelAleighna: :D
  171. Guest_AngelAleighna: Ur so tiny!!
  172. alaskenblue: yesh i is
  173. Guest_AngelAleighna: -shrinks-
  174. Guest_AngelAleighna: -howls playfully running around-
  175. alaskenblue: -plops on gound and noms on myy tail-
  176. alaskenblue: -trys to howl but cant yet-
  177. alaskenblue: daddy is you alive
  178. MoonEclipseWolf: some what
  179. alaskenblue: oh okay
  180. MoonEclipseWolf: whats up little one
  181. alaskenblue: some one called me a bad word today
  182. MoonEclipseWolf: oh who was that
  183. Guest_AngelAleighna: -growls- who called u a bad name
  184. alaskenblue: his name was rust harper
  185. alaskenblue: rusty
  186. IHeavensGuardianI: back
  187. MoonEclipseWolf: wb brooke
  188. MoonEclipseWolf: what did this human call you
  189. Guest_AngelAleighna: -perks my ears up-
  190. alaskenblue: a ... slut
  191. Guest_AngelAleighna: 0.0
  192. Guest_AngelAleighna: Ooo blue ur glowly like me
  193. MoonEclipseWolf: *growls and lets out a roar*
  194. Guest_AngelAleighna: -startled I jump up and hide behind mommy-
  195. alaskenblue: growly  - tilts my head
  196. MoonEclipseWolf: where is this Peta'Q at now
  197. alaskenblue: he left...
  198. MoonEclipseWolf: block him little one
  199. alaskenblue: i did
  200. MoonEclipseWolf: good
  201. alaskenblue: lays by daddy
  202. Guest_AngelAleighna: -runs from behind mommy and sits by blue-
  203. MoonEclipseWolf: *holds his two daughters.*
  204. Guest_AngelAleighna: Hi grandpa
  205. MoonEclipseWolf: hello grand daughter.*
  206. alaskenblue: hai angle
  207. Guest_AngelAleighna: -giggles and jumps off the cliff- fly!!
  208. alaskenblue: no runs over to catch her befor she hits the gorud-
  209. alaskenblue: ground*
  210. IHeavensGuardianI: kill me honestly
  211. alaskenblue: why aunite
  212. Guest_AngelAleighna: -falls onto blue- oomph thanks blue your awesome
  213. IHeavensGuardianI: just because
  214. Guest_AngelAleighna: xD
  215. alaskenblue: well i dont want you to die
  216. alaskenblue: -sighs- daddy
  217. MoonEclipseWolf: yes,
  218. Guest_AngelAleighna: -hops off blue-
  219. alaskenblue: wheres mommy
  220. alaskenblue: your welcome for saveing you
  221. MoonEclipseWolf: not sure she may be in bed,
  222. Guest_AngelAleighna: -hugs blue- thank you :3
  223. alaskenblue: -huggles back-
  224. Guest_AngelAleighna: -sits on the ground- I'm boredddddd xC
  225. alaskenblue: you wanna play
  226. Lunarangelum: back
  227. Guest_AngelAleighna: Yea :3 what do u want to play -runs over to blue-
  228. alaskenblue: um anythis
  229. alaskenblue: anything*
  230. Guest_AngelAleighna: Hmmm
  231. IHeavensGuardianI: im going
  232. Guest_AngelAleighna: Why mom?
  233. Lunarangelum: ??
  234. IHeavensGuardianI: it's late and im annoyed
  235. Guest_AngelAleighna: Okay. Have a good night
  236. MoonEclipseWolf: night brooke
  237. IHeavensGuardianI: see you later
  238. Lunarangelum: nini...
  239. Guest_AngelAleighna: <.>
  240. MoonEclipseWolf: night family,
  241. alaskenblue: night
  242. AisuSkyWolven: nini
  243. Lunarangelum: hello, how can we help you?
  244. Lunarangelum: (when youre fully loaded)^
  245. Lunarangelum: or just leave, whatever works for you
  246. Guest_CptnRx: Sky walker
  247. Lunarangelum: welcome, how can we help you?
  248. Guest_CptnRx: Hello just stopping by
  249. Lunarangelum: who are you here to see please?
  250. Lunarangelum: orrr you can leave too o.o
  251. AisuSkyWolven: mhm
  252. Lunarangelum: wb auntie
  253. Lunarangelum: i love you auntie ill be in me and jonah's pack room with him until he wakes up if you need me.
  254. SunsetMoonlight750: hey guys guess what
  255. SunsetMoonlight750: hey guys guess what
  256. Guest_AngelAleighna: Hi :3
  257. SunsetMoonlight750: hey guess what
  258. Guest_AngelAleighna: What
  259. SunsetMoonlight750: THE FLOOR IS LAVA!
  260. Guest_AngelAleighna: -jumps up- AH
  261. SunsetMoonlight750: jumps up in the tree holding out my hand- grab on
  262. Guest_AngelAleighna: -grabs your paw- wb blue?
  263. SunsetMoonlight750: she's going to bed
  264. Guest_AngelAleighna: Dang.
  265. Guest_AngelAleighna: I'm probably heading there to soon
  266. SunsetMoonlight750: -pulls you up in the tree
  267. Guest_AngelAleighna: My bae alseep on the phone snoring xD
  268. Guest_AngelAleighna: I'm gonna head to bed gammy
  269. SunsetMoonlight750: ok well I'll protect you from the lava
  270. Guest_AngelAleighna: xD okay
  271. Guest_AngelAleighna: Ty
  272. Guest_AngelAleighna: Goodnight
  273. SunsetMoonlight750: anyone?
  274. SunsetMoonlight750: hello
  275. SunsetMoonlight750: careful the floor is lava
  276. Guest_taraknowlestelle: *jumps*
  277. SunsetMoonlight750: -holds hand out since I'm a tree- grab my hand
  278. Guest_taraknowlestelle: *grabs sunset's hand* thankiesss
  279. SunsetMoonlight750: of course I love this game
  280. Guest_taraknowlestelle: *giggles* me too
  281. SunsetMoonlight750: I do it irl and I love seeing what people do
  282. Guest_taraknowlestelle: do they do anything funny?
  283. SunsetMoonlight750: let me send a link
  284. Guest_taraknowlestelle: okie ^w^
  285. SunsetMoonlight750: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2iYCf0FbIc
  286. Guest_taraknowlestelle: opening
  287. SunsetMoonlight750: ok
  288. Guest_taraknowlestelle: ahahahaa
  289. SunsetMoonlight750: ikr
  290. Guest_taraknowlestelle: i wanna do this
  291. Guest_taraknowlestelle: sorry
  292. SunsetMoonlight750: I want to as well
  293. SunsetMoonlight750: alright wanna play again?
  294. Guest_taraknowlestelle: sorry i didnt mean to be rude
  295. SunsetMoonlight750: you weren't rude
  296. SunsetMoonlight750: hey TAra
  297. Guest_taraknowlestelle: hm?
  298. SunsetMoonlight750: the floor is lava again
  299. Guest_taraknowlestelle: *jumps on the mushroom*
  300. SunsetMoonlight750: -flies inteh air
  301. IMurmurI: WHAT THE
  302. SunsetMoonlight750: hey Leillu
  303. SunsetMoonlight750: the floor is lava
  304. IMurmurI: I was just checking
  305. IMurmurI: :o
  306. SunsetMoonlight750: you have five seconds the floor is lava
  307. IMurmurI: What are you talking about
  308. SunsetMoonlight750: have you never heard of the game the floor is lava?
  309. IMurmurI: Nope
  310. SunsetMoonlight750: :O
  311. SunsetMoonlight750: sending link now
  312. SunsetMoonlight750: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e2iYCf0FbIc
  313. SunsetMoonlight750: watch this it'll explain it
  314. IMurmurI: I'm on mobile
  315. SunsetMoonlight750: when someone says the floor is lava you have to get off the ground
  316. IMurmurI: Oh well
  317. IMurmurI: I'm not playing
  318. SunsetMoonlight750: awe why not
  319. IMurmurI: Not in the mood
  320. IMurmurI: owo
  321. SunsetMoonlight750: oh ok
  322. SunsetMoonlight750: well hey Tara
  323. IMurmurI: Is that a new person?
  324. IMurmurI: owo
  325. Guest_taraknowlestelle: yeah?
  326. SunsetMoonlight750: a friend of mine
  327. SunsetMoonlight750: the floor is lava again
  328. IMurmurI: Can I kill her real quick?
  329. SunsetMoonlight750: no
  330. IMurmurI: awe why not
  331. SunsetMoonlight750: because
  332. IMurmurI: Because...
  333. SunsetMoonlight750: if she doesn't act quick the lava will kill her
  334. IMurmurI: Well I'll take the lava's place
  335. Guest_taraknowlestelle: *gets on the rocks*
  336. IMurmurI: Darn
  337. SunsetMoonlight750: lol
  338. IMurmurI: I can still get her
  339. SunsetMoonlight750: hey Tara
  340. SunsetMoonlight750: Leillu is coming after you! (pretend he's the lava)
  341. IMurmurI: Don't worry Tara I'm just a demon owo
  342. Guest_taraknowlestelle: *runs away with arms flailng* o3o
  343. SunsetMoonlight750: lol
  344. IMurmurI: I'll make it quick I promise
  345. IMurmurI: And I'm faster than light running away won't help
  346. Guest_taraknowlestelle: please dont kill meehh
  347. IMurmurI: Just makes me wanna kill you more
  348. IMurmurI: owo
  349. SunsetMoonlight750: Tara teleport
  350. IMurmurI: Still won't help
  351. SunsetMoonlight750: Tara leave
  352. IMurmurI: That will help
  353. Guest_taraknowlestelle: pewf
  354. IMurmurI: owo
  355. IMurmurI: Too bad
  356. SunsetMoonlight750: now you can't kill her
  357. IMurmurI: I liked her
  358. IMurmurI: owo
  359. SunsetMoonlight750: but the floor is still lava so I'm not coming down
  360. IMurmurI: No need
  361. IMurmurI: I can kill you in the air
  362. IMurmurI: It's totally fine
  363. SunsetMoonlight750: you won't kill me though
  364. IMurmurI: Just don't move
  365. IMurmurI: owo
  366. SunsetMoonlight750: Storm would be after you if you kill me
  367. IMurmurI: Do you really I'm scared of Storm??
  368. IMurmurI: XD
  369. SunsetMoonlight750: you'll also have Miyako on your ass
  370. SunsetMoonlight750: and Aisu
  371. SunsetMoonlight750: and Moon and my uncle and my father and a whole bunch of people
  372. IMurmurI: Now you're just making this more exciting owo
  373. SunsetMoonlight750: -dies-
  374. IMurmurI: Ever heard the saying the more the merrier?
  375. IMurmurI: owo
  376. SunsetMoonlight750: -is dead-
  377. IMurmurI: Well I didn't touch you so.it's natural death
  378. IMurmurI: XD
  379. IMurmurI: Heart attack?
  380. SunsetMoonlight750: -revives- surprise I can revive myself
  381. IMurmurI: That's complete god mod
  382. IMurmurI: owo
  383. IMurmurI: But ok
  384. SunsetMoonlight750: I am a demon we can fake death
  385. IMurmurI: I find it cowardly
  386. SunsetMoonlight750: and I died by your bad jokes
  387. IMurmurI: As a demon king I enjoy death
  388. IMurmurI: And it wasn't a joke
  389. IMurmurI: xD
  390. SunsetMoonlight750: I died by your lack of jokes
  391. IMurmurI: That's because I don't joke
  392. IMurmurI: XD
  393. SunsetMoonlight750: hence I died from your lack of them
  394. IMurmurI: Even though I'm laughing I'm completely serious
  395. IMurmurI: Oi I don't have time for this
  396. IMurmurI: See ya
  397. SunsetMoonlight750: the floor is lava
  398. Guest_taraknowlestelle: *jumps onto a tree* look im a tree hugger
  399. IMurmurI: Sirenne
  400. IMurmurI: Is your Tara friend part of the arctic pack?
  401. IMurmurI: Annnd she's dead
  402. IMurmurI has left the chat
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