SNC Minutes 7/5/15

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  1. Custom Characters:
  2. (18:35:27) MusicalKitty: So if someone wanted to, they can create sprites for a character they want to add in (Such as Flip-Top) and give them stats, abilities, resistances, etc. To make sure they aren't too OP, they can only be used in the story mode, unless if they are aloowed to be used in player battles, so orher players can use them too
  3. (18:36:32) MusicalKitty: Similar to Super Smash Flassh 2, just like I said
  4. (18:34:16) MegaBossMan: I'm not sure Prototype can work like that. Plus, we pretty much covered a lot of the MM characters anyway.
  5. (18:34:35) MegaBossMan: Unless someone really wanted the Dimensions or the Constellation bots in :P
  6. (18:34:59) TailsMK4: ...And would be willing to put in the work necessary for them to be added...
  7. (18:36:38) MegaBossMan: I do understand how cool it'd be to make your own characters, despite the work users would need to put in. We'll have to see.
  8. (18:37:31) TheDoc: The only problem would be that Adrian would have to create a feature for you to import your own characters.
  10. (18:40:48) GigavoltMan: Alright. So, my idea was kinda the same thing as Kitty's was. Except instead of importing it, you'd get to choose a body type, and then choose preset Head, Torso, Arms, and Legs, then choose a color/colors for each piece.
  11. (18:41:34) GigavoltMan: Then, you'd choose a core, and a weapon type/core, but to do all this, you'd have to use leaderboard points instead of Zenny.
  12. (18:41:51) MegaBossMan: It would require a lot of work, but I could see this working in some way, due to having preset parts.
  13. (18:42:42) GigavoltMan: And, if it couldn't work on the prototype, you could use it as the Robot you appear as on the forums instead of one of the Megaman ones.
  14. (18:43:23) GigavoltMan: Also, it would be limited to one 'bot per person.
  15. (18:45:27) GigavoltMan: And, only the person who made the 'bot could use/fight it
  16. (18:43:46) MegaBossMan: What do we do for quotes?
  17. (18:44:27) TheDoc: We'd have to have a censoring system to make sure there's no language…
  18. (18:45:01) GigavoltMan: Uh, I don't know about that part. Maybe you could typr in the quotes. Or preset quotes!
  20. Boss Mash Minigame:
  21. (18:51:47) Tobyjoey: Alright, you know how in Street Fighter 2 there was the car mashing minigame?
  22. (18:52:33) Tobyjoey: It was a way to get extra points and a small change of pace.
  23. (18:53:42) Tobyjoey: I would suggest something similar for the Prototype. As an extra mission or bonus mission, you could enter a fight with an obstacle or enemy who had gargantuan health, but never attacks you.
  24. (18:54:25) Tobyjoey: The more damage you can do to it in around 3 turns, the more BP and/or Zenny you get back.
  25. (18:54:40) ThatGuyNamedMike: Problem. Star Force.
  26. (18:55:21) MegaBossMan: Give him a Dark Spire in the background, then.
  27. (18:56:06) Tobyjoey: It would have to wait until either end of the story or near end.
  28. (18:56:15) MegaBossMan: So, you could replay it?
  29. (18:56:35) Tobyjoey: You shouldn't be able to grind it, so it would re-appear every 5-10 missions or so.
  30. (18:57:18) TheDoc: What if there were conditions you had to fulfill in a certain mission to get it every time? I feel like this sort of thing is better off earned.
  31. (18:59:22) MegaBossMan: Maybe getting 5 stars in a mission, actually?
  32. (19:00:24) TheDoc: 5 stars would work, but it would have to be certain higher bosses
  33. (18:59:56) MegaBossMan: Is everyone aware of the ranking system in the dev?
  34. (19:00:41) MegaBossMan: This, specifically​ng
  35. (19:00:50) MegaBossMan: Yeah, I see.
  36. (19:01:00) Tobyjoey: Maybe it would be Chapter 5 onwards
  37. (19:01:35) MegaBossMan: I wonder if the Prototype is capable of singling out certain missions to send you to the bonus game?
  38. (19:01:53) MegaBossMan: Most likely not, but it doesn't hurt to dream.
  40. Quick Alt Skin Change:
  41. (19:08:01) TheDoc: I think that choosing your alt skin should be different. When you first click it, it could bring you to a number pad like you see in the in-game database, and you choose your skin that way
  43. Elemental Stat Modifiers:
  44. (19:16:31) ThatGuyNamedMike: Firstly, this concerns the Preview's site Database. There's quite a few redundant Abilities, there. Name these new elemental one that Buff your stats, or down enemy stats by 20%.
  45. (19:17:48) ThatGuyNamedMike: The original Neutral versions do this by 30 percent, sooooooo, what's the point? Don't mention weaknesses, either, because Star Force and percentages mean only one thing. *remembers Thunder Beam Bug*
  46. (19:18:23) MegaBossMan: Are you suggesting a removal?
  47. (19:18:34) ThatGuyNamedMike: Yes, that.
  48. (19:19:00) ThatGuyNamedMike: It's basically 100 abilities that are already completely obsoleted and/or broken before you even use them.
  49. (19:19:06) MegaBossMan: I think it adds elemental variety, really.
  50. (19:19:26) MegaBossMan: Most Elemental moves are downright attacking; Why not have support elemental moves as well?
  51. (19:21:54) TheDoc: Mikey's argument makes sense to me. If they do the exact same thing, why go out of your way to pump out copies of them?
  52. (19:23:42) MegaBossMan: I personally disagree; Besides, these have the added benefits of weaknesses and resistances.
  54. Mecha Locations:
  55. (19:25:43) ThatGuyNamedMike: Mechas shouldn't just be privy to one area.
  56. (19:26:27) MegaBossMan: Like Mets in Guts Man's stage?
  57. (19:26:47) ThatGuyNamedMike: Or Fleas in Elec Man's stage.
  58. (19:27:08) MegaBossMan: I had the same thought the other day; I think we need more mechas before we start sharing, though.
  59. (19:27:43) ThatGuyNamedMike: Do we? We already have 34.
  60. (19:28:04) MegaBossMan: Yes, but they're all respective to someone.
  61. (19:28:14) MegaBossMan: We need more mechas like Beaks, and the like.
  62. (19:28:56) MegaBossMan: So while I do believe you have a good idea on your hands, just not now.
  63. (19:28:33) ThatGuyNamedMike: that's the idea, man; they shouldn't be respective to ANYONE.
  64. (19:29:09) ThatGuyNamedMike: They could be respective to certain FIELDS; that would make more sense.
  65. (19:29:28) ThatGuyNamedMike: Not just 1, though.
  66. (19:31:33) Tobyjoey: So, maybe there would be like 3 possible to appear in a stage?
  67. (19:31:41) ThatGuyNamedMike: This'll be easier on Adrian, too, 'cause then, he can make more MEchas without worrying about who they belong to.
  68. (19:31:56) MegaBossMan: I'd limit it to 3.
  69. (19:32:22) ThatGuyNamedMike: 3 or 4, yeah.
  71. Another Starforce Alternative…:
  72. (19:35:43) ThatGuyNamedMike: This concerns those crazy little things called Star Force. Another non-stat-boosting alternative that they can be used for...well, sort of.
  73. (19:37:21) ThatGuyNamedMike: can't THESE be used to unlock fields in Kalinka's shop instead of Zenny? She's LOOKING for Star Force, anyway, so, it'd make sense.
  74. (19:38:23) TheDoc: So, you'd be using Starforce as a currency?
  75. (19:38:51) ThatGuyNamedMike: Only with Kalinka, though.
  76. (19:39:05) TheDoc: Mmmmmmmmmmmm​mmmm....
  77. (19:39:15) MegaBossMan: Not feeling it.
  78. (19:39:22) TheDoc: Me neither
  79. (19:38:18) MegaBossMan: I'm really more for sticking with Zenny :/
  81. A New Age of Prototype:
  82. (19:41:39) ThatGuyNamedMike: How about making a Prototype where characters don't level up, AT ALL
  83. (19:41:52) MegaBossMan: Nah, no thanks.
  84. (19:42:01) Meta: Nope
  85. (19:42:11) TheDoc: W.....wha....
  86. (19:42:26) ThatGuyNamedMike: Yeah, I know. I expected those reaction. I'm not finished, yet, though.
  87. (19:44:37) ThatGuyNamedMike: We ALL want Level 100, and that's the problem. the game gets extremely predictablea t Level 100.
  88. (19:45:19) ThatGuyNamedMike: Everything, save for the Sigmas, becomes underpowered and weak and no fun.
  89. (19:47:45) ThatGuyNamedMike: The reason that I suggest this 'so insane it just might work' idea is because the game isn't challenging at all once you start leveling up towards 70, 80, 90, 100. What if the game was more strategic? Forcing you to bring the right robots to the right battles to make the right moves at the right times in order to TRULY accomplish anything, storyline-wise.
  90. (19:50:17) ThatGuyNamedMike: .....this would force a 100-100-100-100 Mega Man to plan out every move he makes against bosses like Guts Man, whose superior attack and defense will prove to ALWAYS be a challenge to Mega Man, no matter when he chooses to face him.
  91. (19:48:16) TheDoc: Wait wait. Would there be Starforce?
  92. (19:48:31) ThatGuyNamedMike: ...I'm getting to that. x)
  93. (19:51:18) ThatGuyNamedMike: This kind of formula also makes way for an interesting gimmick using Star Force:
  94. (19:53:10) ThatGuyNamedMike: Hate a Robot's Stats? Boost them all, HP, Atk, Def and Spd by 2% for every Star with their type that you have them hold, up to 50. Copy- and Neutral- types can hold any 50.
  95. (19:53:54) ThatGuyNamedMike: This powers them up, without them being OVERpowered up.
  96. (19:54:11) ThatGuyNamedMike: a perfect balance.
  97. (19:55:04) Meta: ...
  98. (19:55:14) ThatGuyNamedMike: Some of the bosses in the Boss Database are already perfectly tailored to this, in fact--look at all the planned bosses in the current Database that isn't Space-type.
  99. (19:56:26) MegaBossMan: Honestly, no leveling kinda makes the game seem pretty basic.
  100. (19:56:53) TheDoc: Sounds like a lot of trouble
  101. (19:56:56) ThatGuyNamedMike: All Mega Man Classic games are pretty basic. :P
  102. (19:57:12) MegaBossMan: That doesn't necessarily means it needs to reflect here, though.
  103. (19:57:26) Meta: ...Agreed with MBM.
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