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200 Intel fix

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Jan 3rd, 2018
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  1. So I've been playing CS:GO on this rig I've built
  3. CPU: i5-7600k
  5. Mobo: MSI Z270-A Pro
  7. RAM: 8GB DDR4
  9. GPU: GTX 660 (enough for CSGO)
  11. Samsung evo 250GB SSD
  13. And I've noticed that on a fresh install it was easier to get kills. Then, when Windows 10 automatically updates your drivers, it becomes impossible to hold angles, your enemies just peek and kill you really quickly.
  15. It took me over 30 Windows installations to find out that these problems are caused by the Intel 200 Series Chipset drivers.
  17. If you have been experiencing the same problems, here is what you can try (create a restore point AND/OR install the newest chipset drivers from your motherboard page). But I have never got any blue screens with these drivers deleted, so I deem it to be pretty safe.
  19. Before starting, go to Advanced system settings>Hardware>Device installation settings>Set it to "No" AND (important!!!) also disable Windows Update in your services (Run> Services.msc> Windows Update>Right-click (Properties)> Start-up type = Disabled.)
  21. Go to Device Manager (run>devmgmt.msc)
  22. Expand "System devices"
  23. Uninstall the following drivers and delete the driver software. (one of the drivers will not have a "Delete the driver software for this device" checkbox) :
  24. a) Intel Xeon Gaussian Mixture Model (also put a checkmark in the "Delete the driver software for this device")
  26. b) Intel 200 Series Chipset Family Thermal Subsystem (also put a checkmark in the "Delete the driver software for this device)
  28. c) Intel 200 Series Chipset Family PMC (also put a checkmark in the "Delete the driver software for this device)
  30. d) Intel 200 Series Chipset Family SMBUS (this one doesn't have the checkbox, just verified this)
  32. Edit: also uninstall "Intel Management Engine"
  34. 4 Restart your PC.
  36. 5 Go to Device Manager (run>devmgmt.msc)
  38. 6 Now your "Other devices" section should look something like this: minus the "PCI Simple communications controller"
  40. 7 Voila, you are finished. Now jump into an MM game and see how easy it is to hold angles. The game feels different, the recoil is easier to control.
  42. I've been topfragging most of my games ever since I've done this, so don't be scared to give it a shot if you just can't seem to get kills.
  44. I'm really tired of testing and I can't find out which one of the 4 drivers is causing the problems. It would be great if some of you could try uninstalling 1 driver at a time and see if you notice the difference. Possibly it's just all of these 4 drivers causing issues altogether.
  46. edit2: I've tried deleting not just the above-mentioned 4 drivers, but the best combination is deleting these 4 AND Intel Management Engine. Gave me the best results ingame.
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