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  1. iamkylezicari dox
  2. Don't act hard because you can get someone's age off Instagram. ;)
  4. Skype: iamkylezicari
  5. Instgram: @notkylesweet (
  6. Facebook:
  7. Address: 400 18th St Vero Beach, FL 32960-5682
  8. Father: Joseph (Joe) Zicari
  9. Father's Facebook: (a big wrench for a big nut LOL)
  10. Grandfather: Joseph Zicari Sr.
  11. Grandfather's Address: 569 10th Ct Vero Beach, FL 32962-1596
  12. Grandfather's Age: 65+
  13. Grandfather's Facebook:
  14. Mother(?): Candee Tracy Zicari
  15. Mother(?)s Facebook:
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