Spider-Man 2 Route WIP

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  1. Map
  3. Secret tokens are faster and 100% consistent than doing either type of rescue mission. Whenever possible route their collection.
  4. 90% of combat stuff still needs to be tested, though I’m pretty sure air Reflex attacks are the most powerful in the game. I'm going to sink HP into my air combos unless I find a reason not to.
  5. Every time you're in Soho past Chapter 6, consider doing an MJ mission. They're fast and the rewards are large.
  6. Hideout Tokens are a maybe. Probably not though because they randomly include enemies.
  7. Only feasible challenges are 5 (Financial District), 21-22 (Chinatown) 25-27 (Lower East Side), 36 (Greenwich Village), 50-51 (Chelsea), 64, 69 (Garment District), 77, 79 (Midtown), 96, 101 (Lower West Side), 108-109, 111 (Upper West Side), 114 (Upper East Side), 120-125 (Morningside), 128, 130 (El Barrio), 137-140 (Harlem). 99% of these are still slower.
  9. Chapter 1: What Might Have Been
  10. lol you can skip this whole thing
  11. Chapter 2: A Day in the Life
  12. lol same
  14. Chapter 3: Punctuality is the Thief of Time (2000 HP, Visit Pizza Parlor)
  15. 860 HP from thugs and mission with the case in Morningside.
  16. Pizza Mission takes 45 s and nets 250 HP. Might not be worth it.
  17. As night falls you have to meet your friends near Midtown (200 HP). Empire State Building is right next door if that helps.
  18. You need 680 HP after this is all over.
  19. After To-Do List is complete, meet MJ in Chelsea, beat up some thugs, chase Black Cat to Midtown or whatever and get 900 HP that doesn’t count towards any chapter goals
  21. Chapter 4: All in a Day's Work (Daily Bugle assignment, Level 2 Swing Speed, 3000 HP)
  22. Get upgrades relatively soon. Flat Iron has a Spidey Shop near the Daily Bugle.
  23. Daily Bugle assignment gets 750 HP.
  24. Rhino gives 1750 HP.
  25. You need to make up 500 HP somewhere.
  27. Chapter 5: A Meeting of the Minds (Doctor Octavius visit, Grapple purchase, 2000 HP)
  28. 2000 HP is all freestyle gains. Still need to come up with a decent route for this area but it’s servable.
  30. Chapter 6: Cat and Mouse (Photo Op Tokens, Mary Jane Mission, Swing Level 3, 2000 HP)
  31. Getting the Camera Tokens triggers a Black Cat chase and earns 100 HP. You get 1000 HP for the chase and can earn 150 HP really easily through tokens on your way through it.
  32. Probably makes sense to do the chase first and hit a Spidey Store on the way back for upgrades on the way over to MJ.
  33. You don’t actually have to do the MJ mission but it takes like 45 seconds and you get 600 HP for your time and effort.
  34. 150 HP is easy to make up just do a volunteer mission.
  36. Chapter 7: Pride and Prejudice (Daily Bugle assignment, 3000 HP)
  37. Go from the Daily Bugle over to the stadium. There’s a secret token right on top of it for 250 HP.
  38. You get 1500 HP for doing Beck’s BS. Still need to cover 1250 HP.
  39. Get Swing Upgrade and Sprint Upgrade now or earlier.
  41. Chapter 8: Sugar and Spice (Doctor Octavius visit, Swing Speed 4, 3000 HP)
  42. You get 1250 HP from the BS before the play, and 110 after. There’s also a 250 HP award around this time. You still need to cover 440 HP.
  44. Chapter 9: When Aliens Attack (Daily Bugle assignment)
  45. lol just go fast.
  47. Chapter 10: When Good Men Go Bad (Swing 5, 3000 HP)
  48. Gramercy has a nice line of 4 secret tokens. Get them.
  49. After Octavius’ science fun, you have 2500 HP for the chapter. Get the last 500 from the Bugle.
  51. Chapter 11: The Underworld of Crime (Bank Fight, 4000 HP)
  52. Only Doc has to be punched.
  53. Just hang and chill on the helicopter.
  54. You’ll have just under 2000 HP when you’re done rescuing Aunt May.
  55. Get 8 secret tokens.
  57. Chapter 12: Shocking Developments (Go to apartment, 4000 HP)
  58. Go to the apartment, picking up 5 secret tokens along the way.
  59. Go to fancy house, get a secret token.
  60. Get 850 HP for the chase to Shocker.
  61. Get 1500 HP from the fight, maybe slightly more if Black Cat takes out some goons.
  63. Chapter 13: Cleaning the Slate (Daily Bugle, 4000 HP)
  64. Get 2 secret tokens near Soho.
  65. 800 HP are gained from punching Mysterio.
  66. Get 400 HP on chase to Shocker.
  67. 2000 HP are rewarded after Shocker, plus a 250 HP award.
  69. Chapter 14: Burning Bridges (3000 HP)
  70. Get 3 secret tokens on the way to the play.
  71. Think about getting upgrades from the Spidey Store next to the Chrysler Building.
  72. Get 1750 HP from the dock mission then 500 HP from confessing to MJ
  74. Chapter 15: To Save the City (Nothing)
  75. Go to your apartment. The game gives waypoints for everything else you need to do so I’m not going to bother with notes.
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