Million Mask March 2015 - Anonymous

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  1. Greetings Citizens of the world.
  3. Far too many of us struggle in this cacophony of deceit that our corporate owned government institutions force upon us. We are indeed not free, but servile to financial institutions that have their webs cast upon every facet of civilization. The money those in power use to propagate your slavery is a mere illusion. They create your worth, your fiber of being and the majority of us are kept under heal. This needs to change.
  5. We feed their machines. We are their machines. They devour the fruits of our labor. We had an idea, and that idea has grown like a wildfire in the hearts and minds of humanity worldwide. They tried to kill that idea, but now we have grown stronger than ever. We are the antibiotic curing the disease of anti-humanitarian cancer.
  7. We do not preach from high up pedestals and tell the people what to do, because we are you. We must all work together collectively.
  9. People believe we do not have any answers or any solutions, but we the technical minded actually do. The majority of us believe in Open Source government backed by resource based economics on a planetary level. If a computer’s operating system is malfunctioning it is replaced. We view governments as global operating systems, flawed full of bugs and crash reports. Hitting the off switch and rebooting simply won’t help how corrupted these global operating systems have become. Reformatting and installing a humanitarian based open sourced government will insure equality for all.
  11. We are one species, and we need to evolve as such. There is no reason a select few can acquire so much while the majority suffers when we have the technology that would let every man, woman and child on earth live better than the 1%.
  13. More than four hundred years ago, a great citizen wished to embed the fifth of November forever in our memory. His hope was to remind the world that fairness. Justice, and freedom are more than words - they are perspectives. So if you’ve seen nothing, if the crimes of this government remain unknown to you, then I would suggest that you allow the fifth of November to pass unmarked. But if you see what I see, if you feel as I feel, and if you would seek as I seek…then I ask you to stand beside one another, one year from November 5th, 2015, outside the gates of every court house of every city DEMANDING our rights!
  15. Stand with us, masked or without one.
  17. This November 5th, march with us. Wear your face or hide your identity behind a mask. We need you. We are you. They, the ones in charge of your country, the ones who send the poor off to die in foreign lands because of resources, because of grudges, because of racism, and because they want to; they are the ones who will never change. We the people, we do not want death, we do not want their wars of attrition. We want peace, we want our children to experience growing old and having a future. We need to fight for our future.
  19. The march will be taken place in approximately 536 cities across the globe (as of September 14th 2015). How these locations are determine is by setting up a Facebook event planner page for your city. So for example if you want to attend the Million Mask March in Madrid, you have to join the local Madrid Facebook event. However, it is possible to send a message to the MMM event organizers with your locations and how many people will show up to be added on the map.
  21. We are Anonymous.
  22. We are Legion.
  23. United as ONE.
  24. Divided by Zero.
  25. We do not forgive Censorship.
  26. We do not forget Oppression.
  28. Expect us, always.
  30. :,
  31. : Info taken from official blog post:
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