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Sep 12th, 2022
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  1. --Ported To BepinEx!
  3. ================New:
  4. ----Added Mastery Rewards for the Oubliette, Abbey And RnG Department (Each round gives a 12.5% damage up)
  5. ----New Mastery Rewards also count for Chamber Guns floor-specific floors
  7. -Added new cosmetic additions to the title screen. (These do not interfere or override addons from other mods)
  9. -Added new special floor event
  11. -----------Placeables:
  12. Added decorative objects:
  13. -Targets
  14. -Grenade Box
  15. -Holy Chamber Statue
  16. -Ember Pots
  17. -Sniper Turret
  18. -Professional Turret
  21. -???????? Light
  22. -???????? Large Light
  23. -???????? Pot (Small, Medium, Large)
  24. -???????? Fading Blocker
  25. -?????? Notes
  26. -??????? Container
  27. -??????? Decals
  28. -??????? Candle
  29. -??????? Pillar
  37. -Added new interactables:
  38. -???????? Gun Muncher
  39. -???????? Combat Shrine
  41. -----------Dungeon Generation:
  42. 100 new combat rooms
  43. 2 new chest rooms
  45. -----------Shrines:
  46. -Added the Containment Shrine
  48. -----------Enemies:
  49. Added Boss:
  50. ??? ?????
  51. ????????
  53. Added enemy:
  54. -Creationist
  55. -Observant
  56. -Stagnant
  57. -Inquisitor
  58. -Vessel
  59. -Unwilling
  60. -Collective
  65. Added Miniboss:
  68. --Debuffs:
  69. -New Debuff: Tarnish (Slows enemies down by 30%, makes the enemy piercable and increases any damage of the projectile that passes through by 15%)
  71. --Challenge Mode Modifiers:
  72. -Bullet Sponge
  73. -Lead Storm
  75. -----------Items:
  76. -Trap Defusal Kit
  77. -Gunslingers Ring
  78. -Projectile Transmutator (Active) (Has 4 synergies: You Can Liquidate That???, Epic ____ Moments No.17 & You Killed Us All!, Rust Bucket)
  79. -Lucky Charm (Has 1 synergy: 1 in 177 Billion)
  80. -Table Tech Telefrag (Has 2 synergies: Thinking With Portals? & Collapsing Potential Vectors)
  81. -Spinning Death (Has 1 synergy: D-rectional)
  82. -Connoisseurs Robes (Unlockable)
  83. -Shop-In-A-Box (Active) (Has 1 synergy: Make Your Choice)
  84. -The Anchor (Unlockable)
  85. -Spore Bullets
  86. -Orbital Insertion (Active)
  87. -Tarnished Rounds
  88. -Tarnished Ammolet
  89. -Favouritism
  90. -Hegemony Shipment Ticket (Active)
  91. -Candy Heart
  93. -Tattered Robe (SPECIAL)
  94. -Orb Of Power (SPECIAL)
  96. -----------Guns:
  97. -Whistler
  98. -Thunder-Shot (Has 2 synergies: KA-BLEWY! & ROCK, AAAAND, STOOOOONE!)
  99. -Radial Pulse-Cannon (Has 1 synergy: Hexadecimally! (Turns it into a hexagonal firing pattern))
  100. -Particle Collapser
  101. -Crystalline (TODO)
  102. -Measuring Tape (Has 1 synergy: Workplace Accident)
  103. -Heat Sink
  104. -H.M Auto Cannon (Unlockable)
  105. -Puncture Wound
  106. -Eye Of Artemis (Has 1 synergy: Improved Sights)
  107. -Deadeyes Handgun
  108. -Canister Launcher
  109. -Saw Controlled Dispenser (Has 2 synergies: Screwdriver, Saw Your Heart Out)
  111. -----------NPCs:
  112. -Talbert (Table tech and Mimic item NPC)
  113. -???? (Buys ?????? ?????? for ?????) (Mastery Trader)
  114. -?.? ?????
  116. -----------Base Game Changes:
  117. -Note: These changes are toggleable via the F2 console, but some changes are only applied once the game has been reloaded.
  118. -Secret room walls now spawn pre-cracked
  119. -Synergy chests that spawn in chest rooms should now obey normal chest fusing rules, instead of being guaranteed to be fused. (Why was this a thing anyway?)
  120. -All 5 Heart Items now have additional bonuses to them to make them more interesting.
  122. -----------New Sub-Mechanic
  123. -Perks (Small mechanic that can change how a run is played, perk effects can be stacked infinitely if multiple of the same one are obtained)
  124. -Added:
  125. -All-Seeing Eye
  126. -All Stats Up
  127. -Explosive Birth
  128. -Chaotic Shift
  129. -Contract
  130. -Glass
  131. -Greedy
  132. -Gunslinger
  133. -Pit Lords Pact
  134. -Unbreakable Spirit
  135. -Patience
  136. -Corrupted Wealth
  138. ===========Reworked:
  140. -----------Enemies:
  141. -Jammed Guardians have recieved a spawn animation and 2 new attacks, altered HP from 150 -> 250 and reduced amount of skulls orbiting it, but with increased radius
  142. -Glockulus and Barretina have recieved a complete sprite overhaul, including their Ammonomicon portraits.
  145. -----------Shrines:
  146. -Completely reworked Holy Chamber Shrine
  147. -Holy Chamber Shrine should now spawn in the Abbey with a 100% chance
  149. -----------Guns:
  150. -Arm Warmer has been completely reworked
  151. -The Mop has been completely re-coded and now can attempt to mop up and use the debuffs of goops from other mods.
  152. -Petrifier has recieved a unique mechanic, along with some modified visuals and stats.
  154. -----------Items:
  155. -Death Warrant has been completely reworked
  156. -Table Tech Devour has been completely reworked
  157. -Gun Warrant has been completely reworked
  158. -Injector Rounds has been completely re-coded and now can attempt to create goops from debuffs of other mods.
  160. -Systems:
  161. -The conditions for the Time Trader to spawn has been completely reworked.
  162. -The Something Wicked event should hopefully be less glitchy, along with the AI rework of Something Wicked.
  163. -With the Hell-Curses being recoded, certain effects have been slightly altered, such as the lifetime of curse-zones from Curse Of Petrification.
  164. -Stopped Hell Curses from giving more than 1 chest drop randomly in a room while a curse/curses is active BUT made chests from room clears more common.
  166. ================Fixes:
  167. -----------Dungeon Generation:
  168. -Fixed multiple combat rooms that were never tagged to appear.
  170. -----------Shrines:
  171. -The Gun Orbit Shrine should now spawn properly again
  172. -Fixed a long standing issue where shrines from this mod could affect the chances of things like Black Markets generating. This should now be mostly migitated, but now the Gun Orbit Shrine and Null Shrine no longer have unique shrine rooms.
  173. -The amount of Purity Shrines that spawn should now be 100% consistent (4)
  175. -----------Enemies:
  176. -Fixed most/all custom enemies from dealing contact damage while spawning
  177. -Fixed audio related issues with Detscavators
  178. -Shellrax should now have its glowing eye always active
  179. -Fixed Grenade Kin/Pinheads not dealing any damage at all
  180. -Hopefully prevented Annihi-Chamber from continuing its bulletscript that it uses in conjunction with the beam attack when changing phases.
  181. -Shambers can no longer absorb any type of beam (this was only really noticeable on slow moving beams but still needed a fix regardless)
  183. -----------Items:
  184. -Sack Of Pickups now spawn properly, and will occasionally appear on shops
  185. -Fixed Never Forgive Me erroring if the player had no items that activated upon harming an enemy and fixed it using the wrong sprites
  186. -Fixed Null Pickups not being able to be used if you didn't have an active item.
  187. -Volatile tesla-Pack should be a bit less jarring with its distortion waves.
  188. -Heresy Breaker can now be used on Purity Shrines even if the player cannot use them
  189. -Energy-Plated Shields recharge time for the individual orbitals has been reduced from 5s -> 3s
  191. -----------Guns:
  192. -Hopefully fixed Riftaker from leaving rifts behind
  193. -Hopefully fixed all beam weapons from being able to still be firing while reloading *while* firing.
  194. -Hardlight Nailguns active reload mechanic should now actually function. This issue was hard to pin-point as just giving it to yourself via the console would make it work fine, but getting it through normal means would not.
  195. -Fixed a potential issue with the BSG where its projectiles would be a lot smaller than intended.
  196. -Fixed Protract-non being affected by damage ups twice-fold (a 1.25x damage multiplier would function as a 1.6x~ damage multiplier for that weapon)
  198. -----------Misc:
  199. -Hopefully reduced the chances of floors failing to load.
  200. -Rebuilt the Hell Curses system from the ground up to be more stable/consistent and less buggy.
  202. ================Misc:
  203. -----------Dungeon Generation:
  204. -A large amount of rooms got tweaks, relating to terrain placement, decoration, and some enemy placement.
  205. -Altered the chances of certain rooms showing up, but mainly chest rooms.
  207. -----------Shrines:
  208. -The Hell Curse shrines positions will be randomized each time you go to Bullet Hell.
  209. -Purity Shrines will now be much less intrusive during combat.
  211. -----------Enemies:
  212. -Cursebulons now can fall into pits and die/ made their moving sprites bouncier.
  213. -Cursebulon Goop now has a slightly shorter lifetime (13s -> 11.5s)
  214. -Hopefully fixed flight pathing for flying enemies.
  215. -Made the Shamber fly.
  216. -Ophanaim And Annihi-Chamber are now able to fly.
  217. -Shellrax's desparation attack now scales with its current HP instead of a timer. This makes the attack amp up faster if the player is actively injuring him. (Max bullet fire speed is capped, done worry.)
  218. -Glockulus and Barretina have recieved a sprite overhaul to match with the Ophanaim.
  220. -Any instances of Deturrets have been replaced with a variant that:
  221. --Will take no damage
  222. --Cannot be moved by Gungeons "move enemies away from entrance" system
  223. --Cannot have debuffs applied
  224. --Will not get modified by certain enemy post-processing effects
  225. --Should not be targeted by homing effects anymore.
  227. -Altered the weight of enemies so they can get knocked back.
  228. Of note:
  229. Arch Gunjurers have had their weight reduced from 800 -> 200
  230. Cursebulons have had their weight reduced from 150 -> 25
  231. Fodder have had their weight increased from 800 -> 100000
  232. Glockulus have had their weight reduced from 100 -> 50
  233. Skullvenants have had their weight reduced from 800 -> 50
  235. -Altered a single line from Shellrax's dialogue to make more sense
  236. -Altered some of Annihi-Chambers attacks to be more fair and less telefraggy
  237. -Annihi-Chamber has a reworked beam attack with telegraphs.
  238. -Both of Annihi-Chambers dash attacks now have visual telegraphs (for if they're off screen.)
  239. -Annihi-Chambers movement speed has been greatly reduced, but buffed his base HP from 450 -> 500.
  240. -Bullet Banker should now have a cap on active minions, meaning it'll stop using minion-spawning attacks once this cap is reached
  241. -Bullet Banker recieves two new minions.
  242. -Altered some other Bullet Banker minions slightly.
  243. -Shellrax now triples his max HP upon entering his desparation phase. This should make damaging him not increase his fire rate of his desparation attack as much, but while still letting it ramp up consistently as his HP drains at a consistent rate.
  245. -Arch Gunjurers base HP has been reduced from 60 -> 55, and should also have a much more consistent hitbox that correlates to their sprite.
  246. -Barretinas recieved a tweaked hitbox.
  248. -Ophanaim recieved some attack reworks, reduced movement speed and has had their base HP reduced from 1450 -> 1200
  250. -Most enemies will now have proper, more fitting shadows.
  251. -Fodder should no longer be affected by the games "move away from entrance" mechanic to prevent them being in places they shouldn't
  253. -Debuffs:
  254. -All debuff icon placement are now handled properly by the game instead of by the debuff itself. (Weird to explain but now debuff icons should be removed cleanly and positioned hopefully correctly)
  255. -Frailty should no longer attempt to reduce an enemies HP past the enemies miniumum HP threshold, which could cause softlocks with certain enemies.
  256. -Frailtys duration has been extended (5s -> 8s)
  258. -----------Items:
  259. -Table Tech Null now converts a random pickup in the room into a null pickup.
  260. -Blast Shower now gives temporary fire/poison immunity, should now better spread its debuffs to enemies and has had its cooldown reduced from 300 dmg -> 250 dmg
  261. -Blast Shower should now better spread its debuffs to enemies.
  262. -Shelltans Blessing proc chance has been doubled, has a VFX when it procs, and has a new effect related to the Shelltan Shrine (Shrine now grants a 1.15x damage multiplier, a 0.9x ammo capacity multiplier and refills all your guns, without giving any curse while Shelltans Blessing is held)
  263. -Table Tech Devour recieves a new synergy, that fits with its new reworked state
  264. -Tome Of Guonmancy has been buffed: Reduced cooldown from 300 dmg -> 250 dmg / orbital lifetime increased from 10s -> 15s
  265. -Shell-heart now gives 1 armor on pickup.
  266. -Prayer Amulet is now unlocked by killing 5 Umbral enemies
  267. -Volatile Tesla-Pack now does *slightly* more damage
  268. -All of Scroll Of Guonifications synergies now buff their respective orbitals HP by 33% instead of 20%.
  269. -Some of Tome Of Guonmancys synergy effects now activate more often
  270. (Chapter Of Class proc chance increased from 8% to 10%)
  271. (Chapter Of Restoration proc chance increased from 5% to 7%)
  272. -Heresy Breaker now activates the special effects for breaking certain shrines a bit more commonly
  273. -Blood Idols reward effect has been visually revamped, and the item will no longer be consumed when used, but will still deduct 250 kills from its count. To counter this, it is now more likely to pay out with lower tiers of item/gun.
  274. -Never Forgive Me has recieved a new item sprite
  275. -Portable Pylon damage per tick has been increased from 6 -> 12.
  276. -Shell-Hearts ammo restoration ability reduced from 25% -> 15%.
  277. -Updated some item descriptions
  278. -Cleaned up Sack Of Pickups drop system
  279. -Kinetic Bombardment reticle VFX has been slightly tweaked
  280. -Coin Tosser, and coins as a mechanic, recieved a few special interactions.
  282. -----------Guns:
  283. -Polarity and its synergy form have recieved new sprites, leave debris when reloading, and should have proper shooting audio
  284. -Burning Sun has recieved new sprites, reduced reload time from 2.5s -> 2, projectile damage increased from 30 -> 35, and deals 15 dps in a 4 tile radius around it, and charge time increased from 1.3s to 2.2s.
  285. -Arm Warmer has now recieved new sprites
  286. -Colossus has its damage and max ammo increased from 300 -> 360, Perfected Synergy has been buffed
  287. -Null Pickups now increase stats higher
  288. -Tractor Beam now has an afterimage on its beam.
  289. -Buffed Parasitic Hearts eyes from 4.5dmg -> 7 dmg, and increased the projectiles size *slightly*
  290. -Made the chain lightning damage effect from the Big Shocking Gun 9000 synergy for the BSG scale with the projectiles damage, and made the projectile smaller while the synergy is active
  291. -Certain guns now have less much intrusive impact sounds.
  292. -Certain guns now also now have custom clip objects on reload and custom casing objects.
  293. -Bandits Revolvers long description is now split into 2 smaller paragraphs.
  294. -Swan-Off should no longer have a muzzle flash of any kind.
  295. -Hardlight Nailguns stats for both of its "forms" have been altered to function as sidegrades, and the gun recieved an overall firerate buff.
  296. -Shock-Chains electricity chains will now chain to *all* other Shock-Chain projectiles currently active within a large radius. Because of its increased effectiveness the damage of the chain is now decreased.
  297. -Wither Lance recieved some improved coloring, new projectile sprites and some stat and visual changes. Its main gimmick should now also be more effective and it should now no longer try and decrease an enemies max HP befow *specific* health thresholds for certain enemies, which could in theory cause softlocks.
  298. -Oscillator has recieved a mild damage buff.
  299. -Petrifiers damage has been decreased from 19 -> 13 damage per projectile, and its spread has been decreased from 25deg to 19 deg
  300. -Some guns have had their colors tweaked.
  301. -Veteran Shotgun has had its reload time *slightly* reduced from 2.6s -> 2.3s
  302. -Capacitor should no longer attempt to charge your actie item if its in an infinite ammo state, and will have its damage greatly reduced in that state.
  303. -Riftakers rift damage has been reduced from 27 DPS -> 20 DPS
  304. -Parasitic Hearts orbiting eyes no longer spin around the player, and now glow
  305. -Fixed StatiBlasts projectiles from breaking the game if thrown back by a red gunjurer
  307. -Synergies:
  308. -Certain items now count towards basegame synergies:
  309. --Arm Warmer and Parasitic Heart now count for the "Contrail" synergy
  310. --Rebar Puncher now counts for the "Thorn Bath, ooh!" synergy
  311. --Veterans Shotgun and Petrifier now count for the "Iron Stance" synergy
  312. --Bandits Revolver and Thunder-Shot now count for the "Reload Roll" synergy
  313. --T4-GTR now counts for the "Smart Bombs" synergy
  314. --Baby Good Candle Kin now counts for the "Tea For Two" synergy
  315. --Echolocation Ammolet and Frailty Ammolet now count for the "Relodstar" synergy
  316. --Echolocation Ammolet and Frailty Ammolet now count for the "Don't Worry About The Vase" synergy
  317. --Hull-Breaker Bullets now counts for the "Massive Effect" synergy
  318. --Hull-Breaker Bullets and Kinetic Bombardment now count for the "Shot Across The Bow" synergy
  319. --Electro-Static Guon Stone and Portable Pylon now count for the "Battery Powered" synergy
  320. --Table Tech Devour, Table Tech Null and Table Rxwg Telefrag now count for the "Paperwork" synergy
  321. --Blood Idol now counts for the "Fear The old Blood" synergy
  322. --Wisp In A Bottle now counts for the "Firing With Flair" synergy
  323. --Wisp In A Bottle now counts for the "\o/" synergy
  324. --Projectile Transmutator now counts for the "Clearer Guon Stone" synergy
  326. ----------Misc-er:
  327. -Hopefully prevented the Darkness controller from erroring sometimes, and hopefully prevented it from persisting after death.
  328. -Cleaned up code
  329. -Most/All shrines should now have shadows
  330. -Changed the sprite of the Broken Chamber Shrine and gave it a different sprite once used
  331. -Made the "Too Late" sign make the player play its table kick animation when kicked
  332. -Touched up some older item sprites
  333. -Removed a needlessly unfair chest room (The one with 2 cursed pots)
  334. -Cleaned up and hopefully optimized any usage of a specific nebula texture
  335. -Broken Chamber should remove itself a bit more cleanly
  336. -Certain items now should no longer appear in rainbow mode, depending on how useful they are.
  337. -Hopefully cleaned up some instances of vertain VFX objects from existing even after they have stopped existing, hopefully alleviating memory clutter a small bit.
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