Dec 20th, 2018
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  1. Proposal Regarding Daily Standing, and the Retooling Thereof:
  3. Daily limits on standing, focus, and many other things are a simple fact of life in Warframe. They exist to help prevent players from getting too far ahead of one another in many ways, and help to stretch the game out to a more appreciable length by enabling some hard limits. A prime example of this being the mastery tests...pass or fail, you can only gain one per day.
  5. However, with the introduction of Syndicates and Focus, and their respective daily caps, there also came a new idea to the fray: A way to Sidestep the daily limits. This is accomplished for Syndicate Standing via medallions and special daily alerts, while for Focus it is accomplished via the three redeemable eidolon shards.
  7. It is important to note for this proposal that both of the above sidesteps provide a limited amount of extra standing gain available per day, in a form of diminishing return. Neither syndicate missions nor eidolon shards award as much as the "vanilla" method of earning them through affinity.
  9. However, the remaining five factions that use standing: Cetus, Quills, Solaris U., Vox Solaris, and the Ventkids, do not have any method by which their daily limit may be sidestepped, which has become a major source of contention among many players, including myself.
  11. I was approached by Star Gazer of the design council earlier to offer my input for how this contention could be alleviated, and through discussion, my raw proposal would be thus:
  13. 1) For Solaris United: After daily standing limit has been reached, and at least two bounties have been run, allow players access to one of two special "Alert" style missions, characterized as either a Rescue or a Raid. Lore wise, you are rescuing Brain-shelved Solaris, or raiding New Anyo's ship's for parts contained in caches. Offer a reward of ~1000-1500 standing for each mission, dependent on caches found or Solaris rescued.
  15. 2) For Vox Solaris: After both Solaris daily standings have been maxed for the day, allow Toroid Fragments to spawn in the above Alert missions, which can then be turned in to Little Duck for ~100 Standing a pop. Treat these fragments as similar to medallions in a Syndicate Alert, possibly even having varieties.
  17. 3) For Cetus: This one is fairly easy, simply allow an Eidolon Capture or kill to gain standing with the Ostrons when chosen as a bounty, with a capture offering more than a kill. This allows for some minor bonuses to calling the Eidolon Bounty, and lore-wise makes sense, as the eidolons are the greatest threat to Cetus.
  19. 4) For the Quills: Similar to the Vox above, have special Sentient fragments spawn during the bounties for the eidolon, and only for hunting them through said bounty. Although equal in merit to a single intact sentient core, allow them to not count towards the standing for the Quills.
  21. 5) For the Ventkids: Make the Races award their standing separately. Bam. Problem solved on this one. Seriously, it's Tony Hawk, ProFrame Edition, I don't think we need to take this one seriously at all.
  24. Please note that all of the above four methods are designed to allow players to slowly push their standing up past its limits, but with heavily diminished returns. It will still remain much faster to level up Cetus and Solaris through bounties, fishing, and mining. In the same vein, Toroids and Cores are still the fastest method for Vox and the Quills.
  26. The second arc of this proposal is based off the idea that standing not only has a daily limit, but also that it is (in a manner) a form of currency. Thus, like credits, affinity, and other resources, I would propose, and second any proposals for, a pair of Platinum-purchased boosters, each one gainable through Plat or through the other normal means (Login rewards, Rare Containers, etc.)
  28. One of these two proposed can double the amount of standing gained for a period of time, same as other normal boosters. Thus, for example, a max-point trick with the Ventkids earns 1500, rather than 750 standing. This one could be a universal one, applying to all standing gained.
  30. The other proposed booster could double the daily limit of standing for a set number of days (1 day for a login, etc.), but apply only to one syndicate of the player's choice.
  32. These two boosters would not only act as ways for dedicated players to help speed up their standing farming, but also as more Platinum sinks to help keep the thriving economy that is Warframe's plat market in check.
  34. Finally, in regards to standing, and as an outside aside to the above proposals, I would recommend allowing the merchants of Fortuna and Cetus to sell to the Tenno for either Standing OR Credits. After all, credits are seen as the universally accepted currency, and lore-wise, these ARE merchants. While buying via standing can be seen as trading favors owed, buying with credits can be seen, lore-wise, as just making a purchase.
  36. In addition, it could be implemented that, as the player's rank with a faction increases, the costs the merchants charge them decrease. After all, Nakak herself states that the Ostrons charge outworlders a much higher price than they do locals, and as the people of these places grow to love the player, so too would they likely be willing to offer deep discounts.
  38. Except for Nakak, whose prices should stay the same no matter what.
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