(MLO) Beloved: Ch3

Apr 10th, 2013
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  1. >Beloved Chapter 3
  2. >Be Twilight Sparkle
  3. >Also be sitting in a park, reading something about neo-classical literature applied to something whatnot
  4. >You should be studying harder but something else has been eating at you
  5. >And it only got worse when you saw Dash fly down in front of you
  6. >”Hey Twi”
  7. “Hey dash”
  8. >”So, uh, I was in Canterlot yesterday…”
  9. >Your ears perk up and you put your book down
  10. “Why?”
  11. >”Well I met your family, and I also stayed the night there”
  12. “…and?”
  13. >”And what?”
  14. “*Sigh* And what else did you do?”
  15. >”Oh, Heh. Well I showed up, introduced myself, had dinner with them, talked about what they did for a living, talked about you a bit, bucked your dad senseless, saw some family photos, and was given a brief lesson on your family’s history”
  16. “What was that middle one you said?”
  17. >”Don’t worry, don’t worry. We didn’t talk THAT much about you”
  18. “No, I meant-“
  19. >”Because your father’s mouth was too busy elsewhere”
  20. “Wa- bu- Why would you do something like that!?”
  21. >”Why would I? Why would you!?”
  22. >The two of you got into each other’s faces
  23. “Because you said we had a deal!”
  24. >”Yea, I was joking, but you went ahead and did it anyways!”
  25. “So if you were joking why did you sleep with him!”
  26. >”Okay, first of all, I was just completing our deal! Second of all, it wasn’t just your dad. Your mom joined in also”
  27. “Wha- RAINBOW DASH!”
  28. >Your two heads were now almost touching
  29. >”What!?”
  30. “J-Just tell me one thing…”
  31. >Deep breath
  32. “Was it a good father’s day present then?”
  33. >…
  34. >The two of you broke out laughing
  35. >”HAHAHAHA- Hey! Haha, hey Twi!”
  36. “Hahaha Y-yea?”
  37. >”I guess does this make us… Milk Sisters!”
  38. >Milk Sisters?
  39. >”You know, because we both had each other’s dads go inside of-“
  40. “I get it Dash, I get it”
  41. >”So, are we still mad at each other?”
  42. >You put your hoof to your chin
  43. “Hmmm… Nah. Want to get lunch?”
  44. >”Sure”
  46. >Now it’s a few days later
  47. >You are at the train station, waiting for dad
  48. >Originally he and mom planned to visit, but mom got busy at work so she couldn’t make it
  49. >As the train begins to unload you see him get off, levitating a pair of suitcases along with
  50. >And right behind him is Blitz, having a conversation with him
  51. “Oh dear”
  52. >”Hey Twilight!”
  53. >Dusk walks over and gives you a hug
  54. “Hey dad”
  55. >”I met this guy on the train, his name is Blitz. And I thought his mane looked… er… familiar…”
  56. >He leaned in to say the last part
  57. >Blitz walked up with a smile
  58. >”He said he was in town for a few mares he knew”
  59. >Blitz looked at you with a pleasant surprise on his face
  60. >”Dusk! You rascal, are you going for the younger ones also?”
  61. >Dusk immediately turned beat red and backed off from you
  62. >”A-actually this is my daughter, Twilight Sparkle. Twilight, this is Blitz.”
  63. >Blitz’s face immediately turned into an imitation of a stone statue when he heard those words
  64. >”Twilight, the daughter of Dusk. Hey. How do you do?”
  65. >He said with a very strained voice
  67. >The three of you are now at your Treebrary
  68. >Dusk is in another room getting settled in as Blitz sort of drags you off to a corner
  69. >Looking somewhat frantic as he talks
  70. >”Hey, look. Please don’t take this the wrong way, but can you be quiet a bit and not say anything about that night you visited?”
  71. “Er, yea, sure. I promise not to tell Dusk anything about that”
  72. >”Not just Dusk, but Dash also?”
  73. “Well, Dash already knows”
  74. >His face goes pale
  75. >”What?”
  76. >Then he leans into you
  77. >”What did you say to her? Was it anything about what I said!? Please tell me you didn-“
  78. >A sudden stop as Dusk walked into the room and saw you two
  79. >”Hey you guys, what’s up?”
  80. >Blitz quickly went back to his normal stance and smile
  81. >”Nothing. Say, how about some dinner huh?”
  84. >You are now Blitz
  85. >And you are trying to ignore the sinking feeling in your stomach as you head off to dinner with Twilight and Dusk
  86. >”DAD!”
  87. >A rainbow blur slams into you
  88. ”Hey Champ!”
  89. >”How’s it going? You finally made it for a visit to little old p0nyville huh?”
  90. >Hey eyes jump from you to Twilight to Dusk
  91. >”Oh, heeeey Dusk. What’s up?”
  92. >Huh?
  93. “Dash, you know Dusk?”
  94. >Immediately Dusk’s face turns red as he stares at the ground
  95. >”Er, yea. I met him in Canterlot”
  96. >”Well, not at first. The first time was really in the Princess’s castle, but I guess that counts as Canterlot…”
  97. >Dusk nods along
  98. >”SO! Where are you all going?”
  99. >Twilight chimes in “Just going to get some dinner”
  100. >”Sweet. Mind if I join ya?”
  101. ”Yea… sure. Why not?”
  102. >The sinking feeling in your stomach only gets worse
  103. “But first, go ahead you two; I have to ask Twilight something real quick”
  105. >You and Twilight sat near the edge of a bridge away from anyp0ny’s prying ears
  106. >Your voice is in a low tone and labored broken up with deep breaths
  107. “Twilight, can I tell you something... personal?”
  108. “I was never a great pony. I just wanted to be free, fun, and most importantly, the best. Awards, fame, bits, some fans, I had it all, and I was happy with that. Intimacy was something that I always thought of as boring old person stuff. But then during one derby I met Her”
  109. >You stared at the sky for a while
  110. “It was an agility competition, and she was another contestant. And after I lost to her I saw her again in a speed race. I won that one. For a while I saw her as a rival, as she also saw me. But after one particularly… eh… physical contest it sort of turned into a relationship. I…”
  111. >You take a deep breath and rub your eyes
  112. “I loved her. I loved her so much, she was my everything. Until it went bad.”
  113. “I don’t know where it started, or how it got so bad, but after one fight she left. For good. I never saw her again. All I had left of her were some broken trophies, a load of bills, and my little Dashie.”
  114. >After sighing you shifted your glaze to Twilight, who looked on in empathy
  115. “I left behind my racing, my fame, my passions to take care of her. I don’t regret it, but I couldn’t see myself doing those things while trying to raise her. Twilight, I guess I’m trying to say that I love her”
  116. >Another deep breath and readying yourself for the next words out of your mouth
  117. “I care for her. I just want her to be happy and fulfilled. Good friends, a challenging job, winning races, a national hero. She is doing everything that I wanted, and that makes me proud”
  118. >Twilight moves a bit closer to you as she puts a hoof around your shoulder
  119. “But, she always reminded me of her mother, before things got bad…”
  120. >You quickly look side to side for anyp0ny in earshot before continuing
  121. “Twilight, can you keep a secret?”
  122. >”Of course”
  123. >She does some sort of absurd swear that ends with her sticking an imaginary cupcake in her eye
  124. “…Okay… Er, Twilight. I love Dash”
  125. >”…I know, you just said-“
  126. “No, I … please….”
  127. >You rack your brain to say this with tact
  128. “Um, that night with you was amazing… but you weren’t the girl in my mind that was driving me”
  129. >Twilight’s eyes grew to saucer plates
  130. “Look, I know there is something wrong in me, I know okay? Just, don’t tell her. Please.”
  131. “I just want her to be happy, to live a non-bucked-up life where she knows her father is lusting after her. Please, she doesn’t have to know about that, okay?”
  132. >She leans in giving you a light nuzzle before pulling back
  133. >”I understand, and don’t worry. Dash only knows that we… er… made love. Not what you said during”
  134. >A huge exhale escapes your lips
  135. >”In fact, I didn’t really thing that much about what you said until you stopped me and told me”
  136. “Wait, really?”
  137. >….Buck….
  140. >You are now Rainbow Dash, in a little upscale restaurant looking for a table with Dusk
  141. >After spotting a corner booth the two of you get in it, taking up seats across from each other
  142. >A few minutes pass waiting for Twilight and Dad
  143. >Dusk looks down a bit and mumbles something
  144. >You lightly kick his leg with your own
  145. “Huh?”
  146. >He shuffles around a bit before talking again
  147. >”Don’t you think that was a bit awkward?”
  148. “What? The whole ‘meeting the father of the girl you bucked’ thing?”
  149. >”Yes”
  150. “Hmm… Nah”
  151. >You grab some bread and start munching on it
  152. >”But the whole thing seemed a bit-“
  153. “Don’t worry about it.”
  154. >”What about when you were over, the things we did and said, and when my wife-“
  155. “Hey, look. Did you like it?”
  156. >”I-I guess so”
  157. “Then don’t worry about it. No harm no foul”
  158. >You reach over and grab another piece of bread to stuff in your mouth
  159. >He sighs and leans back
  160. >”That’s good. I thought you might be a bit weirded out with the whole ‘bloodline’ talk about Twilight”
  161. “Hmm?”
  162. >”Oh, you know. Like how the old unicorns used to try to keep their bloodlines as pure as possible by… um… keeping it in the family…”
  163. >You immediately stop chewing
  164. >Of the night in question you only heard whispers and moans, nothing about this stuff…
  165. >…You think
  166. >”I’m just happy that… you understand that it was, uh… just… something intimate between us”
  167. >Your eyes grow wide at the implications of that
  168. >He catches and quickly adds
  169. >”I-I mean my wife. Never anything with Twilight. Just between my wife and me. Us two only!”
  170. >You nod and finish your bread
  171. >”…and you I guess…”
  172. >A laugh escapes your throat, this was too good
  173. >For the next few moments you lightly teased him and watched as he blushed and squirmed in his seat
  175. >You are now Twilight Sparkle, just arriving to the restaurant with a moist-eyed Blitz behind you
  176. >A quick glance shows Dash and Dusk in a booth, with Dusk blushing and Dash telling him something in low tones
  177. >She was also nudging her hoofs against his underneath the table
  178. >”…libido is genetic?”
  179. “What was that?”
  180. >”Nothing, nothing. Just wondering how they know each other”
  181. “Well, they met in Canterlot”
  182. >”Yea, I know-“
  183. >He stopped and stared
  184. >”He told me on the train that he was meeting his daughter and a mare who “rocked him stupid” that lived in this town”
  185. >Blitz looked on with an expression of disbelief, first at Dash, then at Dusk, then at you
  186. >”Did… is there…”
  187. >He tried to formulate a question before an enlightened smile appeared on him
  188. >”Hahaha, oh wow”
  189. “What?”
  190. >”So, you both were Father’s day presents, huh?”
  191. >After a facial reddening and a few steps you joined them
  192. >Dinner wasn’t too fancy, but it was fun
  193. >Dash made a few off color jokes which Blitz loved and Dusk blushed at
  194. >Blitz told some stories of his glory days, and you and Dash talked about some of the adventures
  195. >”Hey everyp0ny…”
  196. >Blitz looked around the table
  197. >”It’s not every day your dads come to visit. How about living a little?”
  199. >It is now three hours and a few bottles later
  200. >The four of you got kicked out of the restaurant for being a nuisance
  201. >Eventually after a few wrong turns, bad jokes, and a lot of tripping and stumbling, you made it back to the Treebrary
  202. >Before you got the door open there was a note on the front of it
  203. >”What does it say?”
  204. “Something… something… Cutie Mark Crusaders… something… something… helping Rarity… something… love Spike”
  205. >Dusk and Blitz stumbled in leaning on each other and collapsed into the guest room on the first floor while you dragged Dash upstairs to sleep it off
  206. >Then, with a flick of your horn and a blown out candle you went to sleep
  209. >You are now Rainbow Dash
  210. >And you are trying to sleep in the same room as Twilight
  211. >Key word being trying
  212. >She mumbles a lot in her sleep, you don’t know how Spike can stand it
  213. >You roll over and try to think of something other than that
  214. >…
  215. >You immediately start thinking of Dusk, and the things you did back in Canterlot
  216. >The riding, his moans, his gasps, his thrusting…
  217. “Isn’t Dusk downstairs?”
  218. >You get up and quietly head to the guest room in the dead of the night
  219. “Why not some fun?”
  220. >It’s pretty dark, but you can see Dusk’s outline on the bed as you walk over with a twitch in your hips
  222. >You are now Dusk
  223. >And you definitely can’t sleep now
  224. >You woke up a bit when somep0ny walked into the room
  225. >And now you are completely awake after hearing Blitz start to moan and shuffle
  226. “…is that Twi…”
  227. >You aren’t stupid; you saw the signs and heard his bragging on the train
  228. >And Blitz was acting weird the whole night, so-
  229. >Another low moan and shuffle pierce your ears
  230. >This was getting awkward in more ways than one as blood rushed to your face and groin
  231. >You gather yourself and sneak out of the now slightly musky smelling room
  232. “…Dash is upstairs…”
  233. >The thought of her, the possibility of experiencing her again, the memories of last time, all drive you
  234. >A few drunken moments later you are upstairs
  235. >Dash is passed out in a bed, mumbling about something
  236. >She sounds a bit off, must be drunk a bit still
  237. >It’s too dark as you walk over, accidentally stubbing your hoof on something
  238. >As you make it to the bed you climb under the covers and embrace her as a big spoon
  239. >She twists slightly before turning around, wrapping her hoofs around your neck, and kissing you
  240. >Moans, licks, kisses, caresses
  241. >This was a little different from last time
  242. >Moisture, warmth, tugging
  243. >The sound of slapping flesh, the smell of musk and sweat
  244. >As you filled her, she arched her back towards you, pressing herself against your form
  245. >Your coats rubbed and stroked each other
  246. >Throbbing told that you were getting close, but her breathing and tender wetness said that she wasn’t far behind
  247. >You are snapped out of your sexual haze with a scream
  248. >”DAD!?!?”
  249. >”D-DASH! WAIT!”
  250. >Wait… that was Blitz and Dash’s voice…
  251. >A horn glows in front of you as you both are lit up
  252. >Twilight is staring into your eyes with shock
  253. “T-Twilight!?”
  254. >She pauses before leaning up and kissing you, rocking her hips again
  255. >You quickly return it, massaging her tongue against yours
  256. >Surprise is quickly overcome by lust as you two mix again
  257. >The sudden realization sent a shock through you, brining you back to the brink
  258. >Finally a moan from her set you off
  259. >With an explosive release you collapsed next to her
  260. >And quickly fall asleep in each other’s grasp
  262. >It is the next day
  263. >And you are Rainbow Dash
  264. >You awoke in the guest bad, angry, sticky, and sweaty
  265. >Last night came back to you in a blur
  266. >Sneaking into the guest room, working Dusk, panting, moaning, licking, and then-
  267. >It wasn’t Dusk, it was Blitz, and after the yelling he ran out of the room, leaving you to sit on the bed and wait
  268. >Eventually falling asleep
  269. >You get out of bed and head to the kitchen, finding Blitz passed out on the table with a wine bottle in his hoof
  270. >After a gentle caress of his head, you then slam it against the table
  271. >*WHAM*
  272. “WAKE UP!*
  273. >”Wa-wher-what?”
  274. “Dad! We need to talk”
  275. >”About wh-“
  276. >His face goes pale
  277. >”Last night… Dash…”
  278. >He gets off the table and lowers his head
  279. >”Dash, I’m sorry, I didn’t- I mean why did you-“
  280. “Shut up! Just, what the hell happened?”
  281. >”I thought you were Twilight when you came into the room-“
  282. “But why didn’t you stop when you found out it wasn’t?
  283. >He kept on pounding, grabbing your wings and licking your neck, his hooves reaching down to your-
  284. >”T-That wasn’t supposed to happen… you, I thought… buck…”
  285. >You glare at him so hard, hoping he feels your piercing look
  286. >”Look, Rainbow…”
  287. >He sighs
  288. >”I love you. I always loved you. Ever since your mother left you have always been a constant reminder of the better times”
  289. >Blitz sat on the ground before continuing
  290. >”I always loved you, and always wanted you to be happy. Sometime after your flight school I… I started having these thoughts that got into my head. I never acted on them, I never could, and I would never do anything like that. I didn’t, and still don’t, want to hurt you. But I could never be with anyone else because of my memories, both of your mother and you. I love you, and just want you to be happy…”
  291. >He then gets up and steps close to you
  292. >”Last night, I thought… I should have stopped when I found out. I’m sorry. This was never supposed to happen. I never wanted to hurt you…”
  293. >”And I never will again…”
  294. >Then he steps around you and walks towards the door
  295. >”I’ll leave, you don’t have to see me again. Just, tell them I left early for work or something if they ask…. Bye Dash…”
  296. >And he began to walk out
  298. “Dad, wait…”
  299. >Anger, sadness, confusion all well up inside of you
  300. >With a sigh you walk towards him
  301. “Look, I still love you too, but I can’t be like that for you… you know that…”
  302. >The both of you stop and look at each other
  303. >His face betrays a bit of sadness, but he still looks happy that you haven’t disowned him
  304. >Then, you lean in and give him a hug
  305. >At first he is surprised, but then returns it
  306. >A few moments pass in each other’s chaste embrace
  307. “I… I love you dad”
  308. >”I love you too champ”
  309. >…
  310. “Dad...”
  311. >”Hmm?”
  312. “You’re… uh, poking me…”
  314. >You are now Twilight Sparkle
  315. >And you just woke up in your bed
  316. >Dusk is awake, he’s staring at the ceiling from the floor
  317. >“Last night…”
  318. >You climb out of bed and lay next to him, and start staring also
  319. >“It was…”
  320. >Words don’t come to you; there isn’t anything you have to say
  321. >”Don’t… wasn’t that a… little odd?”
  322. >With a sigh you roll over and look at him, his gaze soon meeting yours
  323. “I’m not an innocent filly, I know what you and mom were talking about while you were… intimate. The whole thing about keeping it in the bloodline.”
  324. >”But, aren’t you angry at all?”
  325. “A little surprised sure, but…”
  326. >Memories of last night revisit you
  327. “It was fun”
  328. >”I thought that you would hate me or think I was a freak or something”
  329. “Dad, it’s not like that. I always knew our family was a little odd. This doesn’t change anything…”
  330. >He sighs and admits defeat
  331. >”Okay… but I don’t think we should do that again…”
  332. “Sure. Besides, don’t get too worked up over it. It’s not like we haven’t done anything Shining and I did as kids”
  333. >”Oka- Wait, what?”
  335. >It is now a few hours later
  336. >You and Dash are at the train station, waving off Blitz and Dusk as they head back
  337. >Each of them gave their daughters a hug, before giving each other’s daughters a hug
  338. >Blitz lingers a bit as he whispers something unbecoming in your ear, causing you to stammer and Dash to laugh
  339. >After a final goodbye the two of you started walking back to the town proper
  340. >”So… I’m guessing you heard me and Blitz yelling-“
  341. “Yea. Yea, my lips are sealed… as long as you don’t tell anyp0ny about finding Dusk and me on the floor like that”
  342. >”Deal.”
  343. >”So… that whole day was…. Interesting?”
  344. “Yea, yea it was…”
  345. >Dash skipped a bit and looked around before continuing
  346. >”So… what are you getting for a mother’s day present?”
  348. THE END
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