20 Questions #28: Adrian Marceau

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  3. ========= ADRIAN MARCEAU'S 20(?) QUESTIONS!!!! =========
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  5. (!) This list of answers is in direct response to ThatGuyNamedMikey's "20 Questions" thread ( and was originally submit on April 4th, 2018 (but not published for reasons beyond my understanding).  Apologies for the extremely late response everyone, but I hope you enjoy a deep- look into the mind of this developer either way.  :P
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  8. Question #01 [StupidStudiosN]
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  11. Q: Since people ask all the time for when "X" game or "X" Robot Master will be available, I feel the need to ask, what's the general process that goes into making new fields for the game?
  13. A: Before focusing on any one individual field, I first look at the bigger picture of all fields in the given game and try to decide which elements each will represent and what names they're going to use.  I look up gameplay videos on YouTube to refresh my memory on how each plays/sounds/looks/animates and try to find any official names for them if they exist.  From there, the field elements are often based on the RM's core type but there are exceptions. An attempt is made to avoid duplicate elements, and I sometimes have to get creative with which part of the original stage I use for the RPG's field.  The names, as most of you know, each require two unique words to describe them that are not found in any other RM field names (so that the fusion mechanic in chapter 4 works properly) so I find myself on a lot.  
  15. Once all of that is decided I can start on the actual artwork for each field.  I start by going to Sprites Inc. and gathering whatever official sprite assets are available and then going to YouTube to download the appropriate background music from TheLegendOfRenegade's channel.  Next up I either open or create a new Photoshop file for all the fields in a given game.  I have a file for all MM1 fields, all MM2 fields, etc. and when a new game comes up I just copy/paste the previous one, change the name, delete the old fields, and create new folders for the new ones.  I do it this way because I have a lot of guides set up in the those files (such positions of things, height of the foreground, where the field is cropped on smaller browsers, etc.) and having them really helps speed things up.  
  17. I then get to work creating the actual "fields" out of the assets I have in the form of backgrounds and foregrounds. I try to include at least 3 layers of depth in the backgrounds by using sets of platforms shaded darker and darker the farther back they go with subtle gradient overlays to give an almost paper-cutout effect. It's important that I keep in mind how the background will move and/or animate during this part so that I can create the necessary effects now rather than later and don't accidentally leave a piece of the field unfinished that isn't visible *now* but might be later.  I also have to make sure I keep most of the action and usable platforms (for NPCs, mechas) are above the foreground line so that they're not hidden for 99% of the battle (but still have enough going on that it's not boring to look at for the other 1%).  The foreground is often much easier as I can take a single block type and duplicate it horizontally, copy/paste that layer in front and double the resolution so it looks zoomed-in, add some layer-effects (gradient, drop-shadow), and then copy/paste some other field's middle part (the flooring) between them and tweak the colours to match the the surrounding blocks.  
  19. Once all of that is done and I'm satisfied with how it looks, it's time to export and animate.  I export the foreground separately as a transparent PNG, I export the background once as a non-animated PNG (for mission buttons), and then I export a variable number of individual animation frames for the in-battle background.  I shift platforms a few pixels, overlay different sprite animations, etc. until I have a full animation loop of anywhere from 3 to 12 or more unique frames (hopefully not more).  I take those, merge them together in Photoshop (tweaking frame duration and tweening until they look acceptable), and then export the whole thing as a GIF.  The rest is just code stuff (creating a file with the name, type, music file, etc.) and putting files in the appropriate folders.  The mechas are a whole other thing and generally come much later.  They're only meant to last 1-turn in-battle so they don't have as much planning put into them and are mostly just background animation fodder.  :P
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  22. Question #02 [StupidStudiosN]
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  25. Q: In a similar vein to the previous question, what goes into the creation (and implementation) of a new ability?
  27. A: New abilities are generally pretty easy when I put my mind to it, but sometimes the visual effects can take a long time if they're complicated or have different variations for each elemental type.  I'd say about 60% of the effort is spent on sprite work and then 40% on the actual coding given how most abilities use similar mechanics with only slight tweaks to damage / recovery / accuracy / type values.  There are exceptions like abilities with new or specialized functionality (or ones that don't really translate to an RPG and need to be re-imagined), but most of the standard special weapons are pretty easy to program.  
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  30. Question #03 [StupidStudiosN]
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  33. Q: What has to be the hardest part about updating the game?
  35. A: Deprecating a feature or content that didn't work out, is broken, or is otherwise unnecessary in the current build of the game.  Not only does it take a lot of effort to remove unlockables / event flags / etc. from someone's save file without breaking it or leaving bugs, I also have to worry about disappointing existing players who put effort into earning them in the first place.  The swap abilities for example are pretty broken and might be better off removed, but the shuffle abilities were even worse and not being able to properly remove them has been a huge headache.  Starforce, obviously, is another one that has caused me a lot of strife and has been difficult to nerf without frustrating people who put effort into collecting the stars.  A *lot* of effort.  There are so many ways I could balance them and rework them or just straight-up remove them but the backlash would probably be massive and I wouldn't know how to properly compensate members for their time other than zenny (which is worthless if there's nothing new to buy).  
  37. So yeah, probably that and... pushing the actual update live.  I'm always so worried about people losing progress or experiencing bugs that for the first few days after a patch I check my email / chat / community messages so obsessively that I can't sleep and end up really, really tired for a while.  It's been getting easier as I improve as a programmer and get better with backups, but it's still pretty scary.
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  40. Question #04 [StupidStudiosN]
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  43. Q: Favorite Robot Master (Not counting Mega Man, Bass, or Proto Man) and why?
  45. A: Wood Man or Plant Man, I can't decide.  Maybe Wood Man.  Though EXE Plant Man was pretty great too... I've always liked nature and plants and I've always picked the grass starter in Pokémon and it just feels more natural for me.  I remember thinking Wood Man's combination of organic and robotic themes was incredibly cool and even though more creative robot masters, mavericks, navis, etc. have come out since then he'll always have a special place in my heart.
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  48. Question #05 [StupidStudiosN]
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  51. Q: Favorite Mega Man game (Can be from any of the sub-series) and why?
  53. A: I like so many Mega Man games and sub-series this is really hard for me to answer, but I've always loved coming back to Mega Man & Bass.  It's true that I first played it using a fan-translated ROM of the SNES version and didn't actually own an English copy until the inferior GBA port, but it's just a really fun game for me and it integrates a lot of new ideas and improvements to the classic structure that really resonated with me as a kid (and still does).  For one, I think the robot database was an brilliant addition and it feels rewarding to collect each CD and see the full-body artwork for the robot masters and their bios and ID numbers.  That, combined with the shop mechanic, really gave the game a lot of replayability and catered to my obsession with collectibles.  I also really liked the audio and visual styles of the game and feel like MM&B was the last time Capcom bothered to modernize the classic series at all (with MM9 & 10 being huge steps back IMO).  I know that credit for this style is owed to Mega Man 8 where it first appeared (and it's given) but this was the last time they used it and (I think) improved on it it bit.  Yes, the characters run a bit slower and it's less precise at times, but I feel like those could have been fixed with another game had they stuck with the style.  I also really liked the overworld "map" and how you could kind of choose your own path but still had a clear progression system.  
  55. Honourable mentions go to MM8 which would have taken the spot had MM&B not existed (I'd rather have bad voice acting than no voice acting at all, sue me), Mega Man Battle Network 2 for getting me back into the franchise after about 6 years of forgetting it existed, and Mega Man Legends 2 for having a great story, surprisingly fun mechanics, and excellent voice acting for the time.  Oh, and Powered Up.  Because Powered Up was amazing and did literally everything right and had an brilliant stage creator and absolutely deserves a sequel.  And Mega Man X because it's probably the most well-designed and replayable games I've ever had the pleasure of beating over and over and over again.  See how hard it is for me to answer this question?
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  58. Question #06 [StupidStudiosN]
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  61. Q: Favorite non-Mega Man game and why?
  63. A: Pokémon, though I'd think that was obvious. My favourite so far had been Pokémon Heart Gold / Soul Silver but every Pokémon generation has been good in some way or another.  I have gripes with Ultra/Sun/Moon but I think they're objectively the best games that have come out so far and I've spent hundreds of hours playing them.  Outside of Pokémon I generally like most Nintendo IPs (Smash, Mario, Zelda, Kong, Earthbound, Kirby), Final Fantasy (9, 10, 13, Crystal Chronicles, Dissidia), Bayonetta, and so many more that I can't remember.  Even games that I can't play myself (because I'm no good at them) I can enjoy by watching my partner play them like Overwatch, Nier Automata, Horizon Zero Dawn, Destiny (the lore anyway), and again so many more.  As long as a game has a colourful world or at the very least interesting characters and fun mechanics, I'll probably like it.
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  66. Question #07 [StupidStudiosN]
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  69. Q: So, are there any other games you work on aside from MMRPG, or is this the only one?
  71. A: No, the MMRPG is the only game I'm working on right now.  I've played around with some spin-off ideas over the years (available on the MMRPG DEV website) but never finished anything else or started work on something not related to Mega Man.  I did create a a few half-baked card/tile games in the past (Battle Network, Powered Up, and Pokémon) but none of them were fully realized and only have a handful of cards/tiles created (available on the PlutoLighthouse website).  Besides, I'd feel too guilty working on something else given that the MMRPG is still in-progress and people are waiting for new content.  
  73. I do have a lot of concept artwork for original IPs though and it's just hanging out in my room, waiting to be explored in an actual game. So... who knows?  Maybe one day I can share those with the world too and have something other than Mega Man attached to my name.  :)  
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  76. Question #08 [Beta Man]
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  79. Q: What is your own personal opinion of the fancharacters made here in the community?
  81. A: I think some of them are really creative and I often find myself impressed by what you guys are capable of, but admit to not-checking that part of the community as often as I should.  Whenever I see new characters that are done well enough to be in a real game, I want to include them in the MMRPG... but can't because I haven't finished all the official ones... and then I get frustrated and tell myself that I should be programming the game instead of wasting time on the net and it's a horrible cycle. I do like what you guys are doing though, and I really like how in some threads/roleplays you guys are able to adapt my ideas and mechanics and mix them with your own in really cool ways.  I do wish there were some way to let everyone express themselves more in the game and have their fan characters on their team, but seeing them in the community will have to suffice for now.  
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  84. Question #09 [Beta Man]
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  87. Q: Are there any plans for the Mega Man 11 characters in the future (when it comes out)?
  89. A: If we eventually make finish all the current robot masters in the database, and there's a proper admin panel created for other contributors to help me with updates, and we're not burn-out by that point and someone is willing to make sprites of them, then sure.  Why not?  
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  92. Question #10 [Beta Man]
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  95. Q: What sort of franchises outside of Mega Man are you interested in?
  97. A: See Question #06
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  100. Question #11 [Beta Man]
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  104. Q: What is your favorite Robot Master?
  106. A: See Question #04
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  109. Question #12 [Beta Man]
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  113. Q: Is there any Mega Man music you like in particular? If so, which one?
  115. A: I like a lot of Mega Man music from a lot of different games so it's hard to choose.  The Classic series robot master themes have a lot of variety and are fun to listen to as a whole, but I like the tracks from MM8 and MM&B the most I think (especially the shop and CD database themes).  Fun enough to fit in with the classic tone but modern enough to listen to even today.  Outside of those two games though I think MM3 had some of the best tracks with favourites being Snake, Hard, and Needle Man's themes.  Several tracks from the X series really jive with me too, with my favourites being the more chill and relaxed Commander Yammark, Infinity Majinion, Crystal Snail, and Bubble Crap themes (along with many others).  The Battle Network series also had a lot of really great, really high-energy music with special shout-outs to Network Transmission and its excellent themes for StarMan.EXE and PharaohMan.EXE.  So good.  Mega Man Legends music is in a whole other category and really knew how to set mood, but two that really stuck out to me were the Main Gate theme from Legends 1 and the Calinka Ruins / snowy field theme from Legends 2.  Zero had some pretty great music too, but given my preference for more relaxing/laid-back tunes the heavy metal nature of most Zero themes didn't resonate with me as much.
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  118. Question #13 [MegaBoy]
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  121. Q: How's Canada?
  123. A: Cold.  Then mild.  Then cold again.  Not really sure how to answer that without getting into politics, but I'll just say I'm happy to be where I am right now.  It's not perfect and every country has its problems, but it could certainly be worse.  At the very least, I can always count on most people being polite and saying sorry way too often, lots of maple syrup to go around, a handsome prime minster, a game called hockey that seems to keep sports nuts happy, and all my favourite streaming servers denying me content that the rest of the world already has access to.  Otherwise it's pretty great though, especially with all the igloos and polar bears we have access to.
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  126. Question #14 [MegaBoy]
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  130. Q: Do you ever think you're going to get more people to help you with coding the RPG?
  132. A: Once I build a proper admin panel and make it easier to tweak ability/robot/item/field code, I have confidence that MBM and some of the other contributors will be able to start helping out with it a bit more.  It'll be pretty easy to copy/paste blocks of code from one ability/robot/etc. to another and modify for different effects, and eventually they'll become familiar enough with how things are structured to create new content.  As far as the actual framework/engine for the game, I don't think anyone will ever help out.  The entire codebase has been on Github for years now and I haven't received a single pull request or fork or anything.  That's okay though, this game has always been a very personal project of passion and I'd understand why others might be hesitant to work with me on it.
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  135. Question #15 [MegaBoy]
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  138. Q: Favorite Mega Man Game?
  140. A: See Question #05
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  143. Question #16 [MegaBossMan]
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  146. Q: We know all about Adrian the game developer, but who is Adrian the, uh... real guy? What do you like to do in your spare time, your favorite color, your background, et cera and whatever, feel free to elaborate who you are outside of Prototype.
  148. A: Young Adrian liked the colour green and was enamoured with dinosaurs, wanting to be a palaeontologist when he got older.  He started drawing those dinosaurs, discovered he had a bit of talent for it, and developed his skills over the next several years.  Adrian was really getting into video games and anime at that time and started drawing characters and creatures from his favourite series.  Adrian started thinking about being an artist when he was older instead of a palaeontologist.  Adrian was introduced to computers and the concept of drawing digitally.  He also started learning basic HTML and programming at this time.  He was introduced to the concept of emulation and started revisiting older games, paying attention to their mechanics, the math involved in making things work, and how tweaking certain hex values could change the way the game worked.  This is when the idea of working on games a career started to feel like a real possibility and from there I tried to develop any skill that might come in handy in that field.  Art, 3D modelling, spriting, programming, writing, anything I had access to.  I started thinking up game ideas during class and the first real idea I remember having was a Mega Man RPG that let you travel around a map and challenge robot masters.  I was determined to one day work for Capcom and make that game.
  150. Well, life happened and video game courses weren't available in my school so I shifted into general programming / computer engineering.  I could do game stuff later, right?  I learned a lot, got into a decent school, did well enough but was utterly bored.  So much of the course was non-visual and it was mind-numbing.  Bad choice for me.  I found a different school close by that actually had a game design course, applied, got in, did fantastically but... funding ran out and I couldn't continue and had to move back home with my parents.  By that time my favourite colour had changed to red and I had to start thinking about other options.  I still remembered lot of the web-design stuff I learned in school and did a few small website projects for family members and close friends.  Eventually I met my partner online, moved back to the big-city that I previously couldn't afford to be with him, and continued with a career in web design.  I got a job at my current company around that time and started working on the MMRPG in after work.  A few years later my company realized I was pretty good at programming and promoted me to that of a web developer position with more responsibility and a greater focus on back-end stuff.  The company was bought-out eventually and now I technically work for a different brand now, but I'm doing the same thing (essentially, developing websites and web-related reservation, ordering, and marketing services for restaurants across Canada).  I don't work for a game company and probably never will at this point, but I'm always going to want to program them and will continue doing so in my spare time for as long as I'm alive.
  152. Outside of career aspirations and my love of both playing and programming video games, there's a lot more about me I don't talk about as much.  My love of cooking is known by a few but I think it might be overblown a bit.  I'm not a seasoned chef by any means, but I prefer cooking my breakfasts, lunches, and dinners as "from scratch" as possible.  I could probably stand to eat a few more vegetables but everything I do eat I try to make from base ingredients and spices.  Be it salads, casseroles, meats, soups, sauces, pastas, pastries, cookies, or cakes I always try to do by hand and as fresh as is reasonable.  Both because it saves money in the long run but also because it's much healthier than eating everything from a box.  Also, it feels pretty great when you end up making something that a friend or significant other really likes and they appreciate your efforts.  :P
  154. Other random pieces of trivia include:
  155. -  My middle name is Alexander and I'm currently 30 years old (born March 28th, 1987), though mentally I might be stuck at 16
  156. -  My last name is French but I do not speak it fluently, I only know what we learned in elementary school + what I picked up from my job
  157. -  I have a male partner and we've been together for over 11 years now - we will likely get married *someday* but haven't yet because we're too lazy and frugal
  158. -  I have a brother named Jordan - he's 4 years younger then me and we spent a large portion of our childhoods in different foster families before loosing touch
  159. -  I have only ever lived or travelled within Ontario, Canada and have never left my province or country
  160. -  I have a terrible fear of heights and often get vertigo from playing open world games
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  163. Question #17 [MegaBossMan]
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  166. Q: If you were to somehow anger an international mafia boss by stealing his car (because you mistook it as your own) and, as a result, ended up on this international mafia boss's hit-list, what MMRPG user would you choose to help you get out of this wacky and wild situation?
  168. A: I'd probably select you, MBM.  You're just too reliable and loyal.  If not you then probably Mike, if only because he's one of the most serious and stubborn people I've ever met and he might be handy in mafia-related negations.  :P
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  171. Question #18 [MegaBossMan]
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  174. Q: Okay, I believe it can be reasonably inferred you like Mega Man and you like RPGs; that's not a question. Instead, what other types of games and franchises do you enjoy?
  176. A: See Question #06 for other video games I like, but I'm also a huge fan of a lot of cartoons and TV shows.  As I kid I watched a lot of Sailor Moon, Dragon Ball Z, Digimon, and Yu-gi-oh, though some of those are remembered with nostalgia glasses and maybe weren't that good in hindsight.  As an adult my tastes have changed a lot and I don't watch as many cartoons (mostly sitcoms and Netflix originals) but both the Avatar (Last Airbender / Korra) and Steven Universe series really clicked with me and become some of my favourite shows of all time.  The story and animation in Avatar were just incredible and the the songs and characters and lore of Steven Universe just keeps on giving.  Oh, and should probably mention that I'm huge Star Trek fan.  The alternative just never did it for me.  :P
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  179. Question #19 [MegaBossMan]
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  182. Q: If there was one thing that you wish you knew going into Prototype's development that you know now, what would it be?
  184. A: The importance of an admin panel.  All the structural, balance, memory, security issues that I put so much time into tweaking and fixing were important but prevented me from adding real content to the game and, if I had added an admin panel in the first place, other people could have helped me keep up with that while I worked on the other stuff in the background.
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  187. Question #20 [MegaBossMan]
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  190. Q: Have you played any other Mega Man fan-games? If so, what are your thoughts on what you've played? Are there any you'd like to see be featured in Prototype's actual game?
  192. A: Other than the two Newgrounds Mega Man RPGs that you already know about and an X RPG (also on Newgrounds), no not really.  I do watch a lot of fangame trailers and gameplay videos though so that I know what they're like, and I sometimes go to the homepages to see if there's any artwork for the RMs or screenshots if my interest is piqued, but I rarely download and play them myself.  It's mostly a time thing.  I have so many other official games that I should be playing at any given time, and if I'm not doing that I should probably be working on the MMRPG... no?  That's not to say that I don't respect them, and if I wasn't developing my own I'd probably play them, I just don't have a lot of time to play them.  I do respect them though and have seen many with robot masters that would work in the prototype, but I think that's best for a separate discussion.  
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  195. Question #21 [MegaBossMan]
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  198. Q: I seem to remember recalling you tend to generally enjoy cooking; what is it about cooking that can be endearing? In fact, do you have any recipes you'd like all of Prototype's members (well, the active ones) to hear?!
  200. A: I just like knowing exactly what goes into the food I'm eating, and it's a nice bonus if the person you're cooking with/for enjoys what you're making.  I like to make a lot of stuff from the YouTube channels Food Wishes ( and Entertaining With Beth ( but there are a lot more I can't remember.  No recipes of my own though.  :P
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  203. Question #22 [MegaBossMan]
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  206. Q: The question that everyone's eager to know for so long now: how do you pronounce your last name, Mr. Marceau?
  208. A: Mar-so (MARch + SOnar)
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  211. Question #23 [MegaBossMan]
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  214. Q: hey when is mega man 5 coming and how do i unlock gemini man
  216. A: Never and you can't, sorry.
  218. Just kidding.  Mega Man 5 will come once I've ironed out all the other structural, balance, and content-creation issues in the current build of the game.  That includes a few more global patches to save data, an admin panel, and then another reboot of BP system where all mission progress (but not stars, items, abilities, robots, zenny, etc.) is cleared and everyone starts fresh on the leaderboard.  It's gotta happen at some point, at least once, and I think the best time is *before* any new content is added to the game so people can experience it with the newer, better system.
  220. As for Gemini Man, if it's still not clear for other people:
  221. - Encounter Gemini Man (or any other MM3 robot master) in battle and scan it
  222. - Purchase the corresponding field from Kalinka's Shop (must unlock Kalinka's Field Shop)
  223. - Add the newly purchased field to one your doctor's save files by using the Player Editor
  224. - Go into the new field on the mission select screen and defeat the robot master with Neurtal abilities
  225. Yes, it's very convoluted and should be changed.  It will someday.  In the mean time you'll have to deal with it.  :)
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  228. Question #24 [NiceIce2]
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  231. Q: What got you into game development in the first place?
  233. A: A combination of anime, Mega Man, Pokemon, emulators, and web design (oddly).  See Question #16 for more info.
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  236. Question #25 [Tobyjoey]
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  239. Q: Do you still like to draw, or has the busy-ness of life killed that hobby?
  241. A: It's mostly killed it as a hobby.  I haven't drawn anything seriously in a long time.  That's why all the prototype's official artwork has been done by other people - it is *not* like riding a bike, lol.  At least not for me.  I still doodle in the margins of my time sheets while on the phone at work, sometimes new Pokémon or robot master ideas, but nothing as polished or worthy of posting online.  Maybe I'll get back into it one day, but right now my priority should probably be programming the game given that no one else is able to do that.  It is kind of sad though, drawing used to be such a huge part of who I was.  :|
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  244. Question #26 [Tobyjoey]
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  247. Q: If there is one fundamental thing about the Prototype you could change, now or at any point in development, what would it be?
  249. A: I would not have created fusion fields. They were cheap filler until more content was ready, they inspired me to create Starforce, and they will absolutely destroyed any sense of balance in the game.  If I could go back to warn myself about them I would.  I would say "Don't do it Adrian! Fusion fields are bad! Just say NO!!!"
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  252. Question #27 [Tobyjoey]
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  255. Q: Anything really interesting or noteworthy happen lately?
  257. A: Yup.  About 90% of my company was laid off in January and while I still have a job, my workload has naturally increased tenfold.  I'm now responsible for the websites of an entire department and I've been really busy doing overtime and trying to catch up with all the work my colleagues left behind.  That, as well as some stuff in our personal lives, has prompted my partner and I to pack up and move out of the big city and closer to our childhood home-towns.  We're moving May 1st but might move sooner if we have to.  Part of the new company structure after the lay-offs has me working remotely, so that's good at least and I hope it all works out.  I'm probably going to be packing and dealing with that for the next few weeks, so wish me luck!
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  260. Question #28 [Tobyjoey]
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  263. Q: How do refrigerators work? I just really want to know.
  265. A: It's a secret to everybody.
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  268. Question #29 [ThatOneEnder]
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  271. Q: Alright, bud, so you are trapped within an iron cage 50 feet under the ground. You have three food items and a bucket. What do you do, and what are these food items?
  273. A: I'm not sure what I'd do with the bucket.  Maybe put my food into it so it doesn't get dirty?  No I'll sit on it.  Yeah that's a good idea.  As for what three foods, I'd probably have a cheese-n-pepperoni pizza, a Caesar salad, and some medium wings.  If water doesn't come with the deal than I'll trade the salad for the water.  And then... I guess I'd just wait for someone to save me or I die.  :|
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  276. Question #30 [ThatOneEnder]
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  279. Q: are you going to make it so I don't have to rewrite this garbage when prototype logs me out for no reason after inactivity and HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH?
  281. A: Nope.  The intent is to provide players with a sense of pride and accomplishment for posting full threads within the session timeout of the website and game.
  283. We appreciate the candid feedback, and the passion the community has put forth around the current topics here on the MMRPG Prototype.
  285. Our team will continue to make changes and monitor community feedback and update everyone as soon and as often as we can.
  287. --------------------------------------------------------
  288. Question #31 [ThatOneEnder]
  289. --------------------------------------------------------
  291. Q: when mega man 5 we have been waiting forever come on man,,,,
  293. A: See Question #23
  295. --------------------------------------------------------
  296. Question #32 [ThatOneEnder]
  297. --------------------------------------------------------
  299. Q: Canada? Cold? So, do you have a patented Elon Musk flamethrower, now with a 5% discount for the amazing Quality and Great Memestorage Co. Meme Storage Crate, now with 5 packets of blood, and do you use it to unleash your fury upon the world?
  301. A: Yes, mostly.  No, unfortunately not.  And I would never.
  303. --------------------------------------------------------
  304. Question #33 [ThatOneEnder]
  305. --------------------------------------------------------
  307. Q: Is your refrigerator running?
  309. A: My refrigerator is functioning within acceptable parameters.
  311. --------------------------------------------------------
  312. Question #34 [ThatOneEnder]
  313. --------------------------------------------------------
  315. Q: Hello, child, in 4 years, 1 month, 2 days, and 6 seconds from the exact time I post this uhhhhh
  316. mega man 5 better be out by then, maybe even 6, woah
  318. A: This is a possibility, but who knows what will happen between now and then?
  320. --------------------------------------------------------
  321. Question #35 [ThatOneEnder]
  322. --------------------------------------------------------
  324. Q: Uh-oh, you just got BEAN!ed! Tag your friends toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo totally bea
  326. A: Sure.
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