Known Techniques- Mono

Aug 12th, 2017
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  1. Mono
  2. Mana Color: Pink/Green
  4. Mana: 3000
  6. Set The Stage
  7. Mono sings a song of varying style and difficulty in order to shape the battlefield to her whims via a temporary magical modification. The effects can range from simple adjustment of the field (such as making walls for cover where there are none) to complete battlefield adjustment (such as changing a wide open field to a small factory). The effect remains so long as she sings. She must keep her concentration up while she does this or else the effect ends.
  9. Demonsong- 1200 Mana
  10. A single target song that requires immense focus to activate and sustain. Only the specific target hears this song, and they proceed to hallucinate differences in their environment- Mono cannot control these hallucinations. Should they hear the song long enough, it induces nausea and debilitation. Will induce a running mana cost, starting at 50 and increasing every 'turn'.
  12. Sheep’s Blade- 800 Mana
  13. As Mono fights in combat, she sings a melody that gives off an aura of panic and helplessness, raising the chances of onlookers coming to her aid.
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