Anon - One mouth full of fillies [SFW]

Jul 15th, 2014
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  1. [Anonymous] [MF: ButterScotch ] [MM: Virgo ] [MFF: Orange Pop / Dandelion / Flower Tart ] [SFW]
  3. >You are Anonymous and you are up and about, walking pointlessly around the village to kill time
  4. >Mothponies are getting about with their daily chores everywhere
  5. >It feels nice to just see life going on around you
  6. “Anon!”
  7. >You turn your head and see your friend, Virgo, looking extremely exhausted
  8. >Around him three fillies are running around while giggling happily
  9. >You look at him quizzically
  10. >”Virgo, what are you doing exactly?”
  11. >Virgo sighs while the three fillies start running towards somewhere
  12. “Don’t go too far!”
  13. >Orange Pop is the only one who turns around to answer him
  14. “We won’t!”
  15. >And then they're gone and Virgo wipes some sweat off of his forehead
  16. “You must be wondering about the fillies”
  17. >You nod
  18. “I kind of... might have agreed to look after them for some time for Butterscotch”
  19. >You sigh, you can already guess where this is headed
  20. >”Trying to impress her by offering to help her?”
  21. >Virgo does hoof guns at you
  22. “Exactly”
  23. >You shake your head and Virgo lets out a tired laugh
  24. “Yeah it’s not as easy as I thought it w-“
  25. >Virgo stops and looks around
  26. “Did you see where they went?”
  27. >”No, I was not really paying attention to them”
  28. “Me neither...”
  29. >Virgo suddenly takes flight, leaving a bit of his dust behind and scans the area, before looking relieved and shooting off towards somewhere
  30. >With nothing better to do you decide to follow him
  31. >After a bit of walking you find him and the fillies
  32. >He seems to be trying to get a point trough
  33. “... and that is why you just can’t run off like that”
  34. >Dandelion gives a little nod while looking like she was not listening to any of that, and then Flower Tart pushes her aside
  35. “Hey you think I’m pretty right?”
  36. >Virgo raises an eyebrow at Flower Tart, at whom dandelion now glares as she gets up
  37. “Yes you’re a really pretty filly, but what’s that got to do with anything?”
  38. >Flower Tart starts beaming at Virgos words
  39. “You’re going to be my coltfriend!”
  41. >Flower Tart suddenly glomps Virgo who seems troubled
  42. “Whoa whoa, uhh Flower Tart...”
  43. >But Flower Tart does not seem to be listening while she talks to herself about how all the other kids will be so jealous of her and think she’s so mature
  44. >You shake your head as Virgo tries to get Flower Tart off of him but with no avail due to not wanting to use too much force
  45. >So he’s just pretty much poking her and hoping she lets go
  46. >Orange Pop suddenly lands on Virgos back
  47. “I’m hungry”
  48. >Now Virgo’s got Flower tart hanging onto him with her hooves around his neck, Orange Pop lying on his back and as if to complete the unholy triangle Dandelion glomps Virgos head
  49. “Dandelion too!”
  50. >And with that Virgo falls to the ground and you wince
  51. “Auuuggh...”
  52. >You then hear someone landing near you and turn to look to your side
  53. >Butterscotch is looking at Virgo and the fillies in surprise
  54. “I-I’m back? What happened here?”
  55. >Before any of the three can say anything Virgo looks at Butterscotch with pleading eyes
  56. “Please rescue me, I’m sorry! I bit of more I can chew!”
  57. >Flower Tart just nuzzles against Virgo while still talking on about how this will boos her popularity while Orange Pop looks like she’s about ready to fall asleep on this Virgo bed
  58. >Dandelion gives a little wave to Butterscotch while trying to somehow stay on top of Virgos head, with painful looking results
  59. >And Butterscotch starts to laugh
  60. >At first it’s a slight giggle, but it soon grows into full laughter
  61. >Virgo stares at Butterscotch while she laughs for a small while before calming down enough to talk
  62. “Girls, that’s not nice, please stop and let poor Virgo get up”
  63. >The three fillies seem to listen to her surprisingly well and get off of Virgo, who quickly gets up
  64. “Thanks Butterscotch”
  65. >Butterscotch shakes her head
  66. “No, thank you Virgo, I was able to run a few errands and see something really hilarious as well”
  68. >Virgo looks surprised now as Butterscotch gives him a happy smile
  69. >And then he puts his grin on
  70. “No problem Butterscotch”
  71. >Virgo gives Butterscotch a wink, and the latter seems a bit amused by it
  72. >But before either can say anything Orange Pop pokes Butterscotch
  73. “I’m Hungry”
  74. >As if by command Dandelions and Flower Tarts stomachs’ growl as well
  75. >Butterscotch giggles a bit
  76. “Come on you three, let’s go eat something”
  77. >Butterscotch giggles slightly
  78. “Come along you three, we’ve got to find a place to eat something”
  79. >The three fillies give an overjoyed nod to Butterscotch
  80. >The fillies start walking beforehand and Butterscotch gives Virgo one last glance and mouthing a thank you before going after them
  81. >And with that Virgo is left alone
  82. >You decide to join his company
  83. >”Did it go well?”
  84. >Virgo shakes his head
  85. “I don’t know at all”
  86. >”Fair enough”
  87. >Your stomach now let out a growl
  88. >”Come along Anon , I know a good place where we can eat
  89. >And with that you start following him so the two of you can grab something to eat
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