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  1. I've had a lot of things happen that were so far out of my control. And I could do nothing but weather the storm.
  2. I'm going to just keep this brief. As it may be a repeat to some.
  3. Pretty much biological father was a child molester and drug attic. My mom pretty much told him if he tried anything she would try to kill him... So pretty much he made promises and never kept them.  And did it so frequently that I believed that I was the problem. At the age of 7 he forced me to watch porn. and then told me to say nothing. Which I did tell my mom.
  4. Stepfather was abusive. Played favorites, used me as a scapegoat, forced me into sports and forever ruined them for me. And anger issues. His own family lied to my mom and I. Pretty much the entire time they hated us while pretended to care. I've been unreasonably grounded by him. I only now recently found it that it was because of him. Grounding me for a entire year. Or groundings that lasted over 3 months.
  5. Stepbrothers are tragic. Started out as ok but got into drugs because of their mother. Which turned them very violent against me. Resulting into physical harassment by them.
  6. I had a trip to the loony bin because of lithem because my doctor (Which by the way I have ADHD, autism high functionand bipolar.) And due to lithem I went completely insane. As in hullicanting, talking to nothing and having no memory of it too.
  7. And as a note, my only coping mechanism at the time was to play video games. Which when your practically fighting for grasp to become coherent because I could feel that something was very wrong, my attempts were while grounded to play video games. breaking into rooms and so on. Which idk if you can really blame someone who at that time reality was slipping. That trip to the loony bin had this but not limited to
  8. A person who did
  9. threw a punch at me for no reason. which lead into a fight with people far older than my age leading me to go to the hospital.
  10. Got a hold of my clipboard (which the staff is supposed to hold) which then found out my stepfather put me there for video game addiction.
  11. Abused that information
  12. Went into my dorm while I was showering and entered my bathroom and ripped the curtains out calling me shrip dick even though I was 13 and I hadn't went through puberty quite yet or was going to be what he expected.
  13. And that's excluding the fact that I had bed wetting issues. So I had to keep that under wraps when sharing a room with someone.
  14. And there I also reached maximum depression the kind that you wish to just sit in bed and do nothing, not move a inch.
  15. I did not get any help there due to them *if I even was supposed to*
  16. And when I got back, I still had to re earn everything.
  17. This is excluding my depression which I tried killing myself several times. Which I'm going to guess perhaps a supernatural force is preventing me from doing that or self preservation. So I've given up entirely on trying.
  18. All while at school I was constantly bullied. Made fun of my speech impediments or how I sometimes lacked understanding of certain social aspects (got to thank my autism for that)
  19. Eventually reaching pencil ERASERS being thrown at the back of my head and spit balls. Even people chucking pencils at me.
  20. And guess what? I told teachers about it. They did nothing. And then when I finally snapped because of other background  issues which I'll explain in a sec. I snapped and threw closed fist punch mid class to a girl who was bullying me. Bring her friends over to "prove me wrong" when I already asked twice for her to stop and she brought her third friend.
  21. Which wasn't the only reason I snapped (primarily because she was a dick to my exgirl friend and fucking fake friend her to only then dick her in the ass.)
  22. And you know what the principle said.
  23. "You never reported bullying"
  24. You can probably tell how pissed I was. And guess what? I got suspended, she didn't.
  25. Now during that, my stepfather pulled his dick move and pretty much in one night, I went from having a home, to no home.
  26. Which let me now explain my moms condition. Because she had gambera, she is terminally ill. Or has no immune system and is certain to die sooner than I am (which she also told me at a young age... And then also told me in the same night that she wouldn't be alive if I wasn't.) along with her left arm being completely numb. And so was often was asleep.
  27. Oh but wait. there's more! The reason he suddenly did it was because his family told him to do so. Which btw they are well off I must add.
  28. So my mom and I are kicked out of our home. Which also must I add that she was planned to have heart transplant since her heart is also bad. She never got it. And eventually my grandfather found out, which she didn't want to happen because she didn't want him to use his retirement money. Guess what happened? My grandfather did exactly that bought us a rv, and then died by a heart attack 2 weeks later.
  29. BUT WAIT THE UNSTABLITY GET'S MORE UNSTABLE. You thought things ended there for me?! NOPE. My grandmother is a manipulative, and child abuser. And my grandfather's death was the key for her to start doing her shit again. First thing she did was find my grandfathers wallet. Second thing. Try to sell all my mom and I's stuff that we had left over (because we had to sell a lot of our belongings) and the rv and his guns to people that my grandfather would have problems with!
  30. All of this eventually ends with my mom finding his phone calling his brother, which btw, I didn't even know existed because my grandmother made it taboo! And found out she never had any intentions on telling his side of the family. That eventually lead to my mom and I finally moving with the help of them.
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