Rarity gets exactly what she deserves

Jan 20th, 2018
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  1. >Rarity corners Scootaloo on her way to the bathroom at one of the CMC's sleepovers she's hosting.
  2. >She can't help but roll her eyes at their insistence on calling them that all the way up to their senior year in high school.
  3. >Of course, it affords her just the opportunity she needs.
  4. >She asks if Scootaloo wants to share a 'special' drink.
  5. >Scoots sceptically informs her she's had beer before.
  6. >Rainbow let her try some on one of their camping trips.
  7. >Rarity then asks the girl if she's ever had cognac.
  8. >Twenty minutes later Tipsyloo is sitting in her lap, expounding on the awesomeness that is Rainbow Dash.
  9. >She says that she wants to be just like her.
  10. >Rarity's lips curl in a cruel smirk, hidden from Tipsyloo by her hand.
  11. >"You know, dear, Rainbow enjoys the company of ladies. I think I know a way I can help you with your ambition..."
  12. >Tipsyloo gives her a confused look, which is quickly replaced by shock as Rarity's hand slips down to squeeze her thigh.
  13. >"... Rainbow likes... Likes that? Are ya sure?"
  14. >Rarity smirks, cupping the girl's rosy cheek, the blush of embarrassment and inebriation spreading down her neck.
  15. >"Oh, I have it on the HIGHEST authority..."
  16. >Tipsyloo's already radiant blush intensifies as she feels Rarity's hand creep slowly up her thigh, goosebumps forming in the hot digits' wake.
  17. >"... I always thought you were really pretty..."
  18. >Rarity can't keep the predatory grin from her lips as she leans in to capture the girl's sweet little bow.
  19. >"And you are everything I need, Scootaloo. Why don't you head up to my room while I talk to the girls and guarantee us some privacy... Have another drink, perhaps?"
  20. >Tipsyloo nods, caught hallway between unsure and eager, and Rarity presses another glass into her hand and urges her up the stairs with a firm hand on her cute little rear.
  21. >It's easy to fool her little sister and Applebloom.
  22. >A simple little fib that Scootaloo was feeling unwell and an admonishment that it was getting late has them mopily ensconced in their sleeping bags.
  23. >They play a movie at her suggestion, one of those rambunctious superhero things that have become so popular of late.
  24. >It should cover the noise nicely.
  26. >She slips into her room and locks the door behind her, glancing around to find Drunkyloo sprawled on her bed, empty glass rolled away from limp fingers.
  27. >She honestly considered taking her then and there, a violation as sure and true as Rainbow's had been.
  28. >She also considered tucking her in and passing the night on her couch.
  29. >Her anger and hurt warred with her better nature as she pensively regarded the girl on her bed, looking so cute and vulnerable in her reduced state.
  30. >Eventually her resolve returned, though.
  31. >She had planned this little revenge for weeks, ever since she'd learned of Rainbow's advances on her sister.
  32. >Catching a glimpse of their vigorous embrace had sent her into a tizzy, the fact that she'd been able to stagger to her fainting couch a minor miracle before she was overwhelmed.
  33. >She'd tried to feel happy for them. She didn't have any qualms with the relationship's nature.
  34. >... Even if the idea of two such disparate personalities finding passion together simply boggled her.
  35. >All the while, her protective instincts told her that Rainbow must somehow be taking advantage of her sweet little walking disaster of a sister.
  36. >The inherent betrayal in that act boiled her blood. Rainbow was her FRIEND, and yet here she was corrupting her darling sister.
  37. >But what to do?
  38. >If she came out against the relationship, it would only embitter them both towards her.
  39. >Sweetie rarely listened to her as it was, and from the burning passion she'd witnessed, stern words from Rarity would hardly suffice.
  40. >Rainbow would simply wave her off, and Rarity could hardly blame her when her arguments consisted of 'But...'
  41. >Rarity couldn't come up with a way to voice her concerns.
  42. >Well, she COULD, but it all came out sounding like she was a bigoted overbearing ninny that didn't trust her friend with her sister's heart.
  43. >Days of agonizing over the situation hadn't presented a solution. Until, that is, the LAST sleepover.
  44. >Rainbow had dropped Scootaloo off after a long day of sisterly bonding, pushing her along with eyes filled with emotions Rarity was well versed in.
  45. >Pride, worry and endearment. Scootaloo was Rainbow's sister in all but flesh. And as Rainbow's eyes wandered over to Sweetie, giving her a sly wink and salacious grin, the seeds of Rarity's plan had been planted.
  46. >Rarity licked dry lips as she slowly walked over to Scootaloo's prone form.
  47. >She leaned over to pluck the empty glass off her bed, pausing to watch the slow rise and fall of Scootaloo's surprisingly mature chest, covered in a thin tank-top and bolstered by nothing but youthful exuberance.
  48. >This was where her plan became a bit muddled.
  49. >After so many disastrous forays into romance with those of the male persuasion, Rarity had been considering a dalliance or two with the fairer sex.
  50. >She appreciated the female form as poignantly as she did the male. They all had their pros and cons. A lifetime of designing the best way to flatter and accentuate these forms had given her, one might say, intimate knowledge of the subject.
  51. >Scootaloo was an athlete, much like her idol.
  52. >Her sleek limbs were muscled and defined, though not unduly so like a certain burly farmer or overenthusiastic weightlifter.
  53. >Scootaloo's rucked up shirt showed her toned abs, a petite hand splayed across them, dimpling the flesh and showing that there was still a certain play to the taut skin.
  54. >Rarity knew that the young girl before her would mature into a dynamic woman, not unlike her honorary sister.
  55. >She bit her lip, hand running from the sock-clad foot all the way up Scootaloo's bare leg to her scandalously abbreviated shorts as she leaned over her.
  56. >Not touching. Not yet. Fingers danced an inch from smooth skin as Rarity traced the lines and curves of those powerful legs.
  57. >She'd always been drawn to the supple strength of the runner, the dancer, the martial artist.
  58. >The girl below her combined all three in an enticing package, a bombastic outer layer hiding an innocent and earnest core.
  59. >Rarity had spent a long time planning her revenge. A long time thinking about Scootaloo and how she could coerce her. A long time thinking about Scootaloo in general.
  60. >The edges of her plan remained, a night of intimacy with the darling girl rubbed in Rainbow's face, revealing her knowledge of Rainbow's betrayal and her subsequent response in kind.
  61. >The core was a muddy haze, filled with an appreciation of the girl she'd been thinking about for so long now, and a grudging kinship with Rainbow's taste.
  62. >She still wanted to do this, but her reasoning was unsure, and she already felt pangs of remorse for plying the girl with alcohol.
  63. >It was meant to lower her inhibitions and make her pliable to Rarity's will, but now it felt like it was sullying something she was, more and more, hoping to be genuine.
  64. >Snapping out of her daze, Rarity reared back.
  65. >Even though there was no one to see her, she still felt embarrassed envisioning the image of her leering down over Scootaloo.
  66. >Briskly walking into her bathroom, she rinsed out the glass and then filled it with chill water.
  67. >Making her way back to her bed, she sat on the edge and placed a hand on Scootaloo's cheek, stroking the flushed flesh softly.
  68. >"Scootaloo, wake up dear." She called softly, smiling as hazy eyes blinked lazily before mostly focusing on her.
  69. >"Wuh... Whuzzat? Did I fall asleep? I'm sorry Rarity, I just felt so tired alluvuhsudden..." She sat up slowly with Rarity's assistance, the hand on her cheek moving to support her neck.
  70. >Rarity set the glass of water down on her nightstand, opening a drawer and pulling out a bottle of aspirin. She shook out a couple pills and offered them to the girl, then the glass when they were taken.
  71. >"No trouble at all, dear. I shouldn't have kept you waiting so long."
  72. >Scootaloo eyed her as she swallowed the pills, draining the glass of water in a few hearty gulps and handing it back with a thoughtful expression.
  73. >"How long was I asleep?"
  74. >Rarity fiddled with the glass. She was already going wildly off plan here, giving Scootaloo time and even medicine to help recuperate her cognizance.
  75. >She really wasn't sure how much this was about hurting Rainbow, and how much it was about her own desires anymore.
  76. >Would it have even hurt Rainbow, to know she and Scootaloo had been intimate?
  77. >Knowing the brash girl, she might just cheer the two on.
  78. >Couldn't this be seen as tacit acknowledgement that she found her sister and Rainbow's behavior acceptable?
  79. >"Rarity?"
  80. >She started out of her fugue, glass slipping from jerking fingers to land on the carpet next to her bed with a dull thud.
  81. >"Oh! So sorry, I must have slipped into a bit of a funk. It was only a little bit, Scootaloo, not even a quarter of an hour. You seem to be doing better now, so perhaps it was just what the doctor ordered!"
  82. >Honestly, the girl did seem to be doing surprisingly well, considering she'd had two glasses of cognac in the last hour. Perhaps her metabolism was unusually fast? She had seemed to get tipsy rather quickly, but now she seemed more muddled and slightly confused than anything.
  83. >Rarity bent down and recaptured the glass, setting it on her nightstand before turning back to Scootaloo with a smile.
  84. >"So, where were we? I believe we were discussing the finer points of inti-Meep!"
  85. >Rarity's speech was interrupted by an orange blur eclipsing her vision, arms wrapping clumsily but forcefully around her and pinning her own to her sides.
  86. >Lips crashed into hers, suckling onto her mouth, a savage tongue battering through her own to lash against her teeth.
  87. >Scootaloo was certainly passionate, if unskilled. Her modest chest ground against Rarity's as the older girl came to the realization that Scootaloo was significantly stronger than her.
  88. >She couldn't break her hold, and thus had to suffer the indignities thrust upon her. Her hands clutched uselessly at the back of Scootaloo's Tank-top, but she only seemed to take this as a sign of encouragement.
  89. >Eventually Scootaloo broke off her mauling, a somewhat wild grin plastered on her face and her eyes still muzzy from intoxication and an overabundance of exuberance.
  90. >She looked like she was caught in some kind of mania.
  91. >Or at least she did, until she saw the less than amused look on Rarity's thoroughly mussed face.
  92. >"Ahem." Rarity practically barked, arching an eyebrow. Scootaloo slowly relaxed her grip and slid backwards, perhaps realizing somewhere in her hind brain that she wasn't the biggest predator in the room.
  93. >"Was it, was that not good, Rarity?" She asked quietly, eyes downcast but flicking looks up to Rarity's face before they skittered away.
  94. >"A for enthusiasm, dear. Your technique was a little lacking, though. Nonexistent might be a better descriptor." Rarity turned back to her nightstand with a sigh, pulling some tissues from the box sitting on top of it and wiping at her ruined makeup.
  95. >None of this was going to plan. Oh course, she had no one but herself to blame for that.
  96. >A sniffle brought her turning back around to see Scootaloo hugging her knees to her chest, face pressed against them.
  97. >Rarity grimaced. Even if her motives had been less than pure from the get-go, she'd never intended to make Scootaloo cry.
  98. >"... I wanna go home..."
  99. >The broken tone more than the words felt like a dagger plunging into Rarity's breast.
  100. >'Oh, you poor dear...'
  101. >Moving over on the bed, Rarity knelt beside the distraught girl and pulled her gently sideways, pillowing her head in her bosom.
  102. >"Scootalo, don't worry about all that. A bit of youthful enthusiasm, here and gone again with the wind."
  103. >She coaxed Scootaloo into turning to her, wrapping her in a much less objectionable hug and smoothing down her short hair as the girl sniffled into her cleavage.
  104. >Rarity had to admit that, despite the circumstances, having the young girl pressed so boldly against her was a bit... Titillating.
  105. >"You can go home whenever you like, dear." Rarity said softly. She leaned down, resting her cheek against Scootaloo's head and smiling.
  106. >"Personally, I'd be rather put out if you didn't stay."
  107. >Scootaloo's head started to lift and Rarity moved hers to let it, looking down into red-rimmed eyes and catching a slight glimmer of hope.
  108. >"You mean it...? I wanna be, um, good at this stuff. With you. Cause you... I really do think you're pretty. And graceful and junk."
  109. >Scootaloo seems to be pulling herself together, but Rarity can tell this isn't a topic that comes to her easily. She decides to let Scootaloo talk this out with herself. It's always easier to let someone convince themselves, after all.
  110. >"Wait. I'm not saying this right. Lemme..." She gets her legs under herself, leaving Rarity's embrace and drawing a pout from the older girl. She moves to kneel in front of Rarity, mirroring her position on the bed.
  111. >Wringing her hands nervously, she steals glances at Rarity from time to time before finally speaking up.
  112. >"Rainbow Dash is my big sister. That feels right. We do stuff together that's fun for both of us." 'Lord, the woman's insatiable', Rarity thought.
  113. >She quirked an eyebrow at this and Scootaloo's eyes went wide before a disgusted look crossed her features.
  114. >"What? Blegh, no, not like that! That'd be gross!" Scootaloo's eyes darted to the side and she muttered something under her breath that Rarity didn't quite catch. "-sides, - - Sweet- -..."
  115. >Rarity smiled softly, finding it easier to handle the sharp pain driven through her when she pieced together what Scootaloo must have said.
  116. >"Darling, I know about Sweetie and Rainbow." Scootaloo's face whipped back up to stare at Rarity, mouth working for a moment before she shook her head.
  117. >"You... You do? I thought only me and Bloom knew." Rarity just sighed, flipping her hair absently. If she didn't know this whole series of events would never have been put in motion.
  118. >Of course, she couldn't tell Scootaloo that.
  119. >"Yes. I'm observant enough to have noticed they are... Seeing each other."
  120. >Rarity did her best not to let her scorn leak into her tone, and was surprised again at how easy it was to do.
  121. >"Seeing each other?" Scootaloo scoffed, rolling her eyes. "They're practically married already. All they do is make kissy faces at each other. When they're not actually kissing, that is."
  122. >Rarity blinked. Granted, this was seen through the lens of Scootaloo, who seemed a little slow on the issue of romance. But still...
  123. >Was Rainbow actually serious about her little sister?
  124. >Rarity had just assumed she was using her, taking advantage of her innocence.
  125. >Had she been wrong? Had she misjudged the situation, and Rainbow at the same time?
  126. >Rarity felt slightly ill.
  127. >What kind of light did this cast her own actions in?
  128. >Rarity felt more than slightly ill.
  129. >"Anyway... Rainbow, she lets me do what I want, then picks up the pieces afterwards. I'm really grateful she lets me be myself, but sometimes I know she's waiting for me to fail."
  130. >Rarity's eyes regarded this strange creature sitting in front of her. This was Scootaloo? The rambunctious troublemaker that had ruined more of her sister's outfits in her wild schemes than any other force of nature?
  131. >Where had this awareness come from? Had she been growing up without Rarity even realizing it?
  132. >"You're... Not like that. I know I said you're pretty and graceful and junk. I really think that."
  133. >Rarity slowly brought a hand up to her cheek, blushing at the sincere compliment.
  134. >"W-well, thank you Scootaloo. A lady must keep up her appearance." She said quietly, but Scootaloo seemed to latch on to this.
  135. >She reached down to grasp Rarity's knees earnestly, but suddenly snatched her hands back. She seemed scared to touch Rarity now, as if that fire the older girl had seem flaring in her had guttered to a whimpering crackle.
  136. >Reaching out slowly, Rarity took the girl's hands in hers, rubbing her fingers gently until they unclenched from the fists they'd become.
  137. >Scootaloo smiled gratefully at Rarity, her blush ratcheting up a few notches as Rarity's cool fingers stroked her slightly sweaty palms.
  138. >"See, that's what I'm tryin' to say. Sure, you like being pretty, but you ran out of your house in a towel for three blocks to stop us from testing out our homemade fire safety suits."
  139. >Rarity shuddered at the memory. She still didn't know where they'd gotten all that asbestos.
  140. >"You act all prissy and girly, but when it's important you just throw all that stuff aside to make sure we're safe." Scootaloo looked to the side and chuckled softly.
  141. >It wasn't a happy sound, and Rarity's heart went out to the girl.
  142. >"I... Of course, dear. Sweetie is my sister and you and Applebloom are her dear, dear friends. I'd do anything to keep you safe."
  143. >The words sounded hollow in Rarity's ears. What had she been doing tonight? Was THIS keeping her dear ones safe?
  144. >"Well, yeah, Sweetie's your sister. Sometimes I just like to pretend that you'd do the same thing for me, even if I wasn't her friend."
  145. >She clenched Rarity's hands in hers, looking down at her lap. The older girl was glad she looked away as a grimace passed over her face.
  146. >"Guess what I'm trying to say is, you always look out for me, even if it's not always what I want. That's why I thought, you know, with all this..." She waved her hand around the bedroom before slipping it back into Rarity's grasp.
  147. >"... I feel like I can trust you. I know I'm not good at all this mushy stuff, but if it was with you? I dunno, I guess I just feel safe. W-with you. And junk."
  148. >Rarity felt like she was going to puke. She knew her distress was plain on her face. She couldn't help it.
  149. >She was a monster.
  150. >Of course, Scootaloo looked up timidly to see her reaction to her confession, only to be confronted with Rarity's angst-ridden face.
  151. >Fingers fell limply from nerveless hands as Scootaloo's composure cracked, Rarity's horror stricken expression filling her with shame.
  152. >She couldn't understand her reaction. She'd been into it before, right? She'd fucking suggested it!
  153. >What had changed? What had she done? Scootaloo racked her brain, searching Rarity's face for some kind of clue, but the fashionista seemed dead to the world around her.
  154. >"R-rarity? What's wrong? Are you okay?"
  155. >Hideous. A monster. A beast...
  156. >"Rarity... Was it something I said? I... I'm sorry, okay? What did I do wrong?"
  157. >The fashionista's head jerked up.
  158. >She watched tears slowly trickle down Scootaloo's face as the girl struggled not to let them drown her voice.
  159. >"Don't... You can't... That's not fair..."
  160. >She stared blankly at the younger girl as her face transformed from a mask of grief into one of rage.
  161. >Youth...
  162. >So transient and fleeting...
  163. >"That's not fair! It's not, it's not, it's not!"
  164. >Strong fingers clamped bruisingly down on Rarity's shoulders as the younger girl shook her ferociously.
  165. >She was right.
  166. >It wasn't fair at all.
  167. >She'd set out to hurt Rainbow.
  168. >Not even thinking about the damage her actions might cause to others.
  169. >She hadn't been thinking of anyone but herself.
  170. >Was that really who she was?
  171. >If she hadn't been receiving such a thorough shaking from Scootaloo, she might have done it to herself.
  172. >"S-scootaloo, please."
  173. >The younger girl's hands froze on Rarity's shoulders as she heard her speak.
  174. >Her chest heaved from exertion.
  175. >Skin flushed with emotion.
  176. >Fresh tears of frustration spilled from her eyes over blotchy cheeks.
  177. >"I'm sorry. I didn't mean to hurt you. None of this is going how I'd planned."
  178. >It was true enough.
  179. >Scootaloo's feelings had never crossed her mind.
  180. >She should have been a notch on Rarity's belt already, a needle to dig in under Rainbow Dash's skin.
  181. >Retribution.
  182. >Instead she was a vulnerable young girl Rarity was truly concerned she'd wounded deeply.
  183. >A beautiful young girl Rarity had cruelly manipulated.
  184. >Someone special she'd held in her heart since the first day Sweetie had dragged her home like a stray.
  185. >'Can we keep her?'
  186. >Sweetie might not have said the words, but her pleading eyes as she'd pulled Scootaloo through the door and onto the stage of her sister's judgement had said enough.
  187. >Ruthlessly cropped hair, a bandaged cheek and scraped, bloody knees.
  188. >...And a look of such pure defiance it had taken her breath away.
  189. >Of course they would keep her, she'd told herself.
  190. >How had she forgotten?
  191. >Her fist curled in her lap, the fine fabric of her dress stretching deplorably in her grip.
  192. >"I don't... Understand."
  193. >Rarity's head jerked up again as her heart lurched.
  194. >She sounded so... Defeated.
  195. >After a thousand setbacks that would have broken any other girl...
  196. >Was she the one thing that had finally broken Scootaloo's spirit?
  197. >The girl slumped, hands falling to either side.
  198. >"Why do I like you so much! Why don't you like me? Aren't I good enough? What changed? I don't get it. I... Don't."
  199. >Impassioned words fell off to a trickle as she seemed to deflate further.
  200. >How could she have done this?
  201. >How could she FIX this?
  202. >Rarity needed time to think.
  203. >But there wasn't time to think.
  204. >She had to act.
  205. >Before she knew what she was doing, her hands had slipped around Scootaloo's back, pulling the smaller girl against her.
  206. >She slowly rubbed her back as her other hand ran soothingly through Scootaloo's hair.
  207. >"Shhhh... There's nothing wrong with you, Scootaloo. You're perfect. You're just exactly who you're meant to be."
  208. >Rarity felt fresh tears soak her chest as the girl shuddered in her arms.
  209. >She felt those strong arms that had pinned her before circle her waist, hesitant and gentle.
  210. >"You mean so much to me, Scootaloo. You really do."
  211. >The words came easily.
  212. >Scootaloo needed them.
  213. >True or not, she needed to hear them.
  214. >Rarity wanted to give Scootaloo what she needed.
  215. >It was as simple as that.
  216. >Scootaloo's head tilted back and Rarity's hand cradled the back of her neck.
  217. >She looked down into moist red eyes.
  218. >Eyes filled with confusion, at once narrowed in suspicion and widened with hope.
  219. >Rarity's breath caught in her throat at the rawness of the emotions she behold in this young girl's eyes.
  220. >She wanted...
  221. >Wanted to give that hope...
  222. >Everything it needed to blossom.
  223. >Warm fingers slid enticingly across the nape of Scootaloo's neck, drawing a gasp from her.
  224. >Craning her head down, Rarity's mouth once again captured that sweet little bow.
  225. >Plump lips rasping lightly against smooth skin...
  226. >A gentle nibble to banish the dregs of a pout...
  227. >Rarity set about showing Scootaloo what a real kiss was like.
  228. >A soft gasp slipped past the girl's lips as Rarity fisted her hand in Scootaloo's short locks.
  229. >She tilted Scootaloo's head back further, setting her mouth against the smooth expanse of her neck.
  230. >Slipping her hand lower, she found the hem of Scootaloo's shirt, passing under it and creeping back upward slowly.
  231. >Scootaloo felt as if lines of fire were tracing their way slowly up her back, fingers scorching against her bare skin.
  232. >She couldn't even describe what was going on at her neck...
  233. >Hands clutching at the back of Rarity's dress, she threw her head back further as soft mewls slipped past her lips.
  234. >She'd find the reasons why later.
  235. >All she had was the here and now.
  236. >And in the here and now, she wanted more of these hands. More of these lips.
  237. >She felt safe in these arms.
  238. >They held her close. Maybe even too close for comfort.
  239. >She knew they would hold her back, but only from the things that would hurt her.
  240. >Trusted them, like a coat of armor wrapped around her heart.
  241. >The acceptance they offered blew away the confusion and hurt that had gripped her, leaving her frighteningly open and vulnerable.
  242. >She wasn't worried at all, though.
  243. >In fact, she wanted more.
  244. >Instinctively, perhaps, her knees shifted until one of them pressed between Rarity's.
  245. >Arms straining, she tugged at Rarity insistently, pulling the older girl toward her and splitting Rarity's knees with her own.
  246. >Rarity's eyes widened even as her hips did, shocking heat blooming in her center.
  247. >Her body responded to the shocking need in Scootaloo's, and the feeling of warm skin sliding slowly up her thighs.
  248. >It always responded, leaving her heart to catch up, or as in recent cases, not.
  249. >But what happened when her heart was already full? Already bursting with feelings for the one in her arms?
  250. >The answer was passion.
  251. >It ripped through her chest, tingling lines of sensation abrading her skin anywhere Scootaloo touched her.
  252. >A throaty moan muffled itself in the soft flesh pressed to her lips as she pulled the girl toward her while her fingers ran frantically through Scootaloo's short mop of hair.
  253. >Fluid rapidly soaked the sheer panties she'd designed herself in the hopes of enticing the girl in her arms.
  254. >Pale blue darkened to just the right hue, rainbow lace plastered itself to her thighs, and her gorge threatened to choke her.
  255. >The intent behind her ensemble sickened her now.
  256. >She wanted it off her body, but she wanted Scootaloo pressed against her more.
  257. >Suddenly she was brought out of her thoughts by rough fabric butting against her knee.
  258. >Scootaloo's shorter legs had run out, leaving her knee woeful inches away from Rarity's ladyhood, while Rarity's own knee pressed against the stiff seam of the girl's shorts.
  259. >She squirmed against Rarity in an attempt to travel further, but was brought to a shocked halt as the fabric of her shorts dug into her most sensitive skin.
  260. >"OH! O-oh, oh, oh, ohohohoh..."
  261. >Scootaloo's body rocked against Rarity's knee with every breathy exclamation.
  262. >Fresh tremors surged through her as she felt the fabric slowly dampen.
  263. >It was exhilarating, but oh so frustrating at the same time.
  264. >She wanted to feel Scootaloo like the girl was feeling her.
  265. >Wanted to strain against her, yearned for her touch against her most intimate places.
  266. >Practically of their own volition, her hands slipped under Scootaloo's gyrating thighs.
  267. >Straining, she lifted the girl until her own rocking motions sent her shimmying up Rarity's thigh.
  268. >She groaned as she felt Scootaloo's knee press insistently against her vulva, heard the vulgar squish as it ground against wet fabric and wetter flesh.
  269. >Her hands settled on the girl's hips, assisting her as she rocked against Rarity's thigh.
  270. >Scootaloo's fingers scrabbled at her sides, clumsily trying to find the bottom of her shirt.
  271. >Rarity had the presence of mind to lean away from her as she found it, stripping the shirt off over her head and flinging it to the side.
  272. >Scootaloo's hand hesitantly roamed across Rarity's bare shoulder before settling on her neck.
  273. >Her other hand clutched desperately at her chest.
  274. >Rarity's eyes roved over the Scootaloo's spare frame.
  275. >It wasn't the first time she'd had occasion to see the girl au naturel.
  276. >She'd repaired the girl's clothes often enough after one disaster or another, and Scootaloo was hardly modest.
  277. >The slight sheen of sweat and the pert arousal of her budding nipples cast the sight in a slightly different light than usual, though.
  278. >Watching her fingers dig into the taut flesh of her petite mound, trapping the nipple between them and squeezing...
  279. >No, this was nothing like she'd seen before.
  280. >Unconsciously her hips picked up their pace, grinding Scootaloo's knee against herself as she licked suddenly dry lips.
  281. >Perhaps...
  282. >Her hand lifted from Scootaloo's hip, gently plucking the hand clamped to the girl's breast from it's hold.
  283. >Muzzy eyes shifted down to ask Rarity a question, but the older girl only smiled, settling Scootaloo's hand on her hip where her own had just vacated.
  284. >Said hand trailed fingertips slowly up Scootaloo's ribs, the sensation sending the younger girl's head snapping back with a gasp.
  285. >Pointer finger extended, Rarity traced the circumference of the tender mound of flesh, spiraling inward until it pressed against the stiff nipple.
  286. >Her thumb joined it, rolling Scootaloo's tender bud between them.
  287. >A ragged gasp spilled from Scootaloo's throat as her back arched, just as Rarity had been hoping.
  288. >Eyes shimmering with heat, she leaned forward.
  289. >Her tongue slid across the pebbled flesh, swirling slowly as she suckled at the pert nub, murmuring softly.
  290. >The salty tang of sweat intoxicated her.
  291. >Scootaloo's impassioned cries stoked the furnace raging behind her bosom.
  292. >She wanted nothing more than to feel Scootaloo's body tense against her as sensation overwhelmed her.
  293. >The hand at Scootaloo's hip pressed insistently down with her rhythm, grinding the girl's mons harder and harder against her thigh.
  294. >Feeling the seam of the girl's shorts dig into her skin, she could only imagine what it felt like splitting Scootaloo's petals and rubbing so roughly against...
  295. >Rarity hunched over slightly as a tremor rippled through her.
  296. >Whining softly into Scootaloo's breast, she bucked her hips sharply against the girls knee.
  297. >How was she so close?
  298. >She'd already climbed so close to her peak without even noticing?
  299. >Another tremor swept through her as she felt Scootaloo's rhythm falter, the girl's hips jerking against Rarity's thigh as her back arched.
  300. >Strangled chirps burst from her throat as she shimmied wildly from side to side, Rarity's eyes drawn to her taut stomach as the muscles contracted and relaxed spasmodically.
  301. >Jerking the girl into her arms, Rarity pressed every inch of herself against Scootaloo.
  302. >A strange sense of triumph roared through her chest as she rode out Scootaloo's orgasm with her, quivering inside at every shiver and quake she felt wrack the girl's body.
  303. >It should have disgusted her, but the slow dribble of excess fluid she felt roll down either side of her thigh...
  304. >... It ENFLAMED her.
  305. >She wanted to let Scootaloo savor her moments of ecstasy, but she was sooooo close...
  306. >"D-did it feel good, Scootaloo?"
  307. >Rarity's voice quavered slightly, her need making her mouth clumsy.
  308. >Scootaloo's arms slipped around Rarity's waist as she leaned into her.
  309. >"Am... Amazing. So good..."
  310. >Rarity shuddered at the girls lethargic, blissful tones.
  311. >The knowledge that she'd pleased Scootaloo so thoroughly was touching something deep inside her.
  312. >It was ephemeral, though.
  313. >Her needs right now were quite mundanely physical.
  314. >"C-can you help me, Scootaloo? I'm very close."
  315. >The words shamed her, but she was desperate.
  316. >Something inside her yearned for the feelings she knew this girl could give her.
  317. >Scootaloo stiffened in her arms, and Rarity felt a sense of foreboding.
  318. >Perhaps she was being too selfish.
  319. >Suddenly, the arms around her waist tightened into what seemed like steel bars.
  320. >She felt herself tilting forward, lifting, turning...
  321. >With a soft expulsion of breath, she landed on her back, Scootaloo sprawled on to of her.
  322. >The girl giggled roughly, crawling up Rarity's body until she loomed over the older girl.
  323. >Leaning down, her lips brushed Rarity's ear as she whispered intensely into it.
  324. >"I'd love to..."
  325. >Shifting her balance to one arm, Scootaloo's hand slipped under the older girl's arm, pulling down the side zipper on her dress.
  326. >A few gentle tugs and the dress and bra underneath were bunched around Rarity's middle.
  327. >Where had the awkward, fumbling fingers gone?
  328. >The roaming hand slipped down her side, grabbing the hem of her dress and rucking it up her thighs until it joined the top.
  329. >Scootaloo let out a soft breath as she looked down at the alabaster skin she'd exposed, broken only by the soft coral pink of Rarity's nipples.
  330. >"You know... I think about this a lot."
  331. >She hooked her fingers in the frilly band of Rarity's panties and pulled gently, tightening the fabric against the older girl's sensitive mound.
  332. >"About... About what, Scootaloo?"
  333. >Rarity gazed up into the girl's intense eyes, watching her chest rise and fall.
  334. >Scootaloo grinned, leaning down again.
  335. >"Undressing you, you know? Figuring out the best way to get you out of all your little outfits."
  336. >Rarity felt a tug at her panties again, but this time in the opposite direction.
  337. >She felt them slide down over her buttocks, past her thighs and to her knees.
  338. >Wordlessly, she drew her legs up, letting Scootaloo pull them past her stocking-ed feet and off.
  339. >Bringing the panties up between them, she glanced down at them.
  340. >Raising an eyebrow, she grinned down at Rarity before tossing them aside.
  341. >Rarity barely knew what to say.
  342. >She supposed that the girl's natural confidence had surged back to the fore after the... Affirmation she'd received.
  343. >"You do?"
  344. >The girl nodded happily, hand roaming over Rarity's hip and up and down her thigh.
  345. >Trailing fingers stoked the guttering flame in her core, pulling a shuddering sigh from her lips.
  346. >"Mmmmm, I do. Your outfits are pretty, you know?"
  347. >She leaned back, getting to her slightly wobbly feet and taking a step back.
  348. >Still grinning, she settled her hands on her hips and looked down at Rarity, sprawled across the bed at her feet.
  349. >"... But you're beautiful like this."
  350. >Her hands hooked into the waist of her shorts, slipping them down her legs and stepping out of them.
  351. >Rarity looked up at the young woman standing over her, and couldn't help biting her lip with desire.
  352. >Lithe and strong, she watched muscles flex in the supple legs and thighs as Scootaloo shifted her weight from one foot to the other.
  353. >Her eyes roved over the girl, taking in the defined abs and slim hips, licking her lips as her eyes passed over the gap in her thighs to her seemingly recently shaved slit.
  354. >Winking, Scootaloo slipped a hand between her legs, rubbing the reddened lips and shuddering slightly.
  355. "Mmmmnnnn... Still feels so good, Rarity. I might be sore in the morning, though."
  356. >Laughing lightly, she smoothly slipped down to her knees, straddling the same thigh she'd used to such good advantage earlier.
  357. >One hand slid slowly up and down the opposite one as she settled forward, sprawling across Rarity's body.
  358. >"Whadda ya think? Pretty, um, pretty good, right?"
  359. >Rarity heard the hesitation in the girl's voice as she didn't quite meet her eyes, and took a deep breath to steady herself.
  360. >"Didn't I already tell you, Scootaloo?"
  361. >She reached down, a finger tilting the girl's chin until their eyes met.
  362. >Rarity tried to put every ounce of admiration and desire into her gaze as she smiled.
  363. >"...You're perfect."
  364. >She felt fingers dig into her thigh as Scootaloo's face suffused with blood, the girl's eyes glinting in the soft light of the bedroom.
  365. >Rarity felt her breath pick up, Scootaloo's chest heaving against hers, her own breathing shaky as that strong hand pulled her thighs apart.
  366. >Not that Rarity had any desire to resist her.
  367. >She cupped Scootaloo's cheeks, thumbs running across her cheekbones as she felt the girl's hand cup her vulva.
  368. >Firm fingers stroked down her outer lips, spreading her wide, and she couldn't keep a gasp from slipping past her lips as Scootaloo's middle and ring finger dipped slowly into her.
  369. >She was still so wet.
  370. >There was no resistance whatsoever.
  371. >Her cheeks blazed in embarrassment, but Scootaloo only grinned, slipping forward to plant a soft kiss on her lips.
  372. >"You're so wet, Rarity... Did I do that?"
  373. >The girl's grin was wicked.
  374. >She knew exactly what she was doing to Rarity.
  375. >The older girl opened her mouth to make a haughty reply, but Scootaloo's palm pressed firmly into Rarity's sensitive mound as her fingers curled inside her.
  376. >A weak mewl was the only thing that escaped Rarity's lips as she felt fingers stroke her walls, eyes cast to the ceiling as she felt them wiggle from side to side.
  377. >Scootaloo watched the muscles in Rarity's neck tense as she plunged her fingers into the girl.
  378. >Her hips rocked slowly against Rarity's thigh as she remembered the pleasure this girl had already given her.
  379. >Lips twisting into a salacious grin, Scootaloo slipped backward a bit, her free hand digging into the soft flesh of Rarity's breast.
  380. >"Nnnngh... G-gently, please..."
  381. >Glancing back up, she saw Rarity clutch at her throat, fingers raking the smooth skin between her collarbones while she dug her other hand into her scalp.
  382. >Heat rose up in her again as she watched the older girl writhe slowly from side to side, hair a messy fan across the cream colored sheets.
  383. >"Amazing... So amazing..."
  384. >The words slipped unbidden from Scootaloo's lips as she kneaded the soft flesh in her hand.
  385. >Gently.
  386. >Heat thrummed through her again as she rocked her hips, slit sliding against Rarity's slick thigh.
  387. >She couldn't believe she finally had this magnificent creature in her hands.
  388. >As her head cleared more and more from the earlier drinks, she was coming to accept the fact that maybe some dreams really did come true.
  389. >It was hard not to just stare down at those smooth white legs, that swan-like neck, those deep azure pools so dark with desire.
  390. >The thing she wanted more than anything right now was to bring Rarity to the heights of pleasure.
  391. >She wanted to see Rarity's face twist with the agony and ecstasy of a mind blowing climax.
  392. >Wanted to know that SHE did that.
  393. >Every dainty moan sent a bolt of lightning up her spine as her fingers explored Rarity's petite folds.
  394. >Her own puffy sex quivered against Rarity's thigh, the friction against her bud combined with the emotions roaring through her chest sending her desire soaring.
  395. >It was getting harder and harder to keep her focus on the girl twisting and moaning under her, and it only got more difficult when Rarity's leg started to raise off the bed, pressing into her.
  396. >"Nnngggh, R-rarity, You're incredible... You're so beautiful and... And sexy. You feel so gooood... I wanna make you feel good. Wanna make you feel sooooo good."
  397. >Words tumbled out of the younger girl's mouth, interspersed between long laps and quick nips at Rarity's breast.
  398. >She thrilled at the smooth skin under her tongue, the textured flesh of her hard nipple, the heady taste of her sweat...
  399. >It awoke a desire in the younger girl to taste everything Rarity had to offer, and after a particularly deep thrust of her fingers, her hand left the older girl's quim.
  400. >"Rarity... Look, Rarity..."
  401. >With a mewl of disappointment at Scootaloo's fingers' abandonment of her broiling snatch, Rarity's eyes muzzily opened.
  402. >Scootaloo's flushed face wavered before her eyes, her hand held between them.
  403. >Her eyes popped wide as Scootaloo's tongue lapped slowly up the length of her glistening fingers, nose twitching at the familiar scent of her arousal.
  404. >Scootaloo's eyes scrunched tightly shut as a pleased moan slithered past her lips.
  405. >"You taste so good, Rarity..."
  406. >The older girl's eyes glazed over as she watched Scootaloo plunge those shining digits into her mouth, rocking against her thigh as lascivious groans emanated from her.
  407. >Rarity's hips bucked, drawing another long moan from Scootaloo before she slowly drew her fingers out of her mouth, a fresh sheen of liquid coating them.
  408. >The older girl was beyond words.
  409. >Nearly frantic whines crawled past her lips as her hips slithered across the sheets, twitching and gyrating.
  410. >Scootaloo practically curled into a ball at this new assault on her nethers, but she kept the presence of mind to slide her hand slowly down Rarity's body.
  411. >Trailing over her desperately clutching fingers whose nails left harsh red lines in the pearly skin at her throat...
  412. >Circling gently across her ribs as the girl's chest heaved through quick, ragged breaths...
  413. >Splaying over the taut stomach, feeling the muscles clench beneath the smooth expanse of skin...
  414. >Nails pricking at hypersensitive skin as her fingers walked their way past Rarity's lower belly to the object of both their attention.
  415. >Scootaloo's palm pressed into Rarity's folds, her fingers flattened as she wiggled her hand quickly from side to side, sticky flesh smoothing and squirming delightfully under her assault.
  416. >"MnnnNNNnnnNNNGH!"
  417. >A ululating moan burst from Rarity's lips as her hips lifted off the bed, seeking to press herself harder against the flashing digits.
  418. >Bending down, Scootaloo's mouth slurped up the older girl's stiff nipple, her tongue swirling around the hot tip as she growled her arousal into the soft flesh.
  419. >She felt fingers slide over and through her short hair, digging lightly into her scalp as they held her there.
  420. >The younger girl's hips jerked steadily up and down against Rarity's raised thigh as she plunged two fingers into her sweltering tunnel, her thumb rubbing against Rarity's turgid button.
  421. >Scootaloo could feel another shattering orgasm approaching, but she was bound and determined to give Rarity the best climax she'd ever had.
  422. >If only she could stop her own hips from moving...
  423. >Wrist twisting, fingers curling and plunging as deep as she could reach, Scootaloo built a map of Rarity's pleasure in her mind.
  424. >A stroke here brought a strangled mewl, pressure there left Rarity open-mouthed and gasping.
  425. >Thick, tacky liquid coated her fingers, replacing her saliva with a much more hard-earned solution.
  426. >"Rarity... Rarity, does it feel good? I want you to feel so, sooooo good. You drive me wild, Rarity. Lemme drive you wild. P-please..."
  427. >Every sentence was punctuated by a fresh lap or nibble at the tip of Rarity's globe, words spilling from Scootaloo's mouth as she worshiped the alabaster princess under her hands.
  428. >The words slipped through the haze Rarity had become enshrouded in like a stiletto, thin blade pricking at her heart.
  429. >Her need to give this girl what she wanted was coursing through her blood.
  430. >Like a dagger coated with the poison of desire, Scootaloo's words slithered through her mind, surged through her veins, overwhelming everything else.
  431. >Rarity's hand clenched in the younger girl's hair, the other covering her mouth as she attempted to smother the shrieks building in her throat.
  432. >Her back arched as waves of sensation rolled outward from her center, muscles tensing as indescribable pleasure washed over them, to the very tips of her fingers and toes.
  433. >Scootaloo groaned into the older girl's breast as she was lifted off the bed by Rarity's thrusting hips, her sex grinding into the thigh it encircled.
  434. >Rarity fell suddenly limp, crashing back down to the bed, overstimulated muscles flaccid in the wake of her powerful constrictions.
  435. >"Ooooooohhh, oh darling..."
  436. >The thin, contented whimper slipped past Rarity's limp fingers, her hand slowly falling to the side.
  437. >Scootaloo's lips replaced them, peppering her face with kisses before pressing tenderly against the older girl's mouth.
  438. >The intense eyes staring into hers cut through the haze of Rarity's afterglow, through the gentle fingers stirring her still, the slackening waves of aftershocks reverberating through her body.
  439. >Desperation ebbed away, replaced by triumph.
  440. >Rarity's arms weakly wrapped around Scootaloo, pulling the girl close as she deepened the kiss they shared.
  441. >She watched those intense orbs lose focus, her leg lifting of it's own accord to press firmly against Scootaloo's quivering slit.
  442. >The fierce peak Scootaloo seemed to be maintaining sent shivers up Rarity's spine, deliciously subtle sensations in the wake of the overwhelming bliss she felt ebbing slowly away.
  443. >She swore she could feel the younger girl's distended clit trace a line of fire up and down her thigh as Scootaloo's hips doggedly thrust against her.
  444. >"You're quite good at this, Scootaloo..."
  445. >Wide purple eyes snapped up to meet hers, taking in the dreamy contented smile she couldn't have hidden even if she'd wanted to.
  446. >"I haven't felt such release in ages."
  447. >She was good?
  448. >Scootaloo felt like little parts of her brain were fizzling, crisping up in the heat of her attempt to process Rarity's words.
  449. >She was GOOD?
  450. >Rarity's words struck her like a maul.
  451. >The tense knot in her heart that had told her she'd never be good enough for Rarity, never be able to give the sophisticated older girl what she needed and deserved, came undone.
  452. >She barely choked back a sob as she was overwhelmed.
  453. >Relief surged through her even as the tight spring coiled inside her snapped, even as she felt Rarity's hand so tenderly stroke her cheek, even as those beautiful eyes smoldered under the blanket of weary contentment into hers.
  454. >She wanted to stare into those eyes forever, but the powerful sensations arcing up her spine like bolts of lightning curved her back, sending her gaze toward the ceiling as her slack tongue lolled out of her mouth.
  455. >"Awwww yeah..."
  456. >Rarity purred into the girl's throat as she felt steely thighs clamp down around hers, arms tightening around Scootaloo as she helped rock the lithe young body against hers.
  457. >Trails of scorching heat slithered down her thigh, eventually mixing with the proof of her own earlier ecstasy.
  458. >Propriety, however, was thrown out the window in favor of clutching this shivering beauty ever closer to her bosom.
  459. >Her hands stroked softly across Scootaloo's back as the girl's heart slowly ebbed from it's thunderous pace, as her body slowly relaxed against Rarity's, a comforting weight pressing her down into her soft sheets.
  460. >"Rarity... Oh, damn. Oh, that was so... Amazing. You're incredible. Just, incredible."
  461. >The soft words murmured close against her ear curved Rarity's lips up in a soft smile.
  462. >Her heart rested easy in Scootaloo's embrace, her body satisfied in a way she'd rarely felt.
  463. >She could only hope that Scootaloo felt the same.
  464. >"Darling, you took the words right out of my mouth."
  465. >She was almost startled by the hot tears that landed on her cheek, but after a moment she turned her head to kiss Scootaloo gently.
  466. >"I'm glad..."
  467. >Scootaloo's soft words sent a flood of joy through Rarity.
  468. >She wasn't sure if she was merely accepting what she'd felt all along, or if the night's events had unlocked a new and wonderful part of her.
  469. >She wasn't much concerned either way.
  470. >Perhaps she'd merely forgotten how important this girl's happiness was to her, but she wouldn't make that mistake again.
  471. >More soft words were exchanged, but they didn't speak of tomorrow.
  472. >They seemed to have come to the consensus that they would build some kind of future together.
  473. >None of that mattered tonight, though.
  474. >Rarity's remorse after her perceived betrayal, Scootaloo's bruised and broken self image, they could wait for another day.
  475. >Tonight was for two people, sharing something wonderful, and holding something precious in their arms.
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