Daddy-o Discord 1.5

Feb 15th, 2017
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  1. >On the other side of the door, you found…
  2. >...a large, green field with a single tree residing on a distant hill.
  3. >...
  4. >Yeah. Okay. Whatever. Just don't question it. Take KK’s advice. Nothing strange here.
  5. >Stepping through the door makes you realize, this was the same field that you started in. The mirror was still there, off to the side. The only difference being a tree atop a medium sized hill that stuck out like a sore thumb in the flat grassy expanse, not too far away from where you were, and the sky, which was now a golden red color.
  6. >Leaving the doorway and picking up speed, you start a gallop toward the tree, thinking along the way.
  7. >Why were you back here? You asked for a room, not a small existential breakdown in the form of a door. You just hoped that this would all have a point.
  8. >Reaching the hill and going up to the crest, you take a moment to survey the land around you, now that you were slightly off the ground. But to your amazement, there was nothing, just a never ending green plain all the way to the horizon. The middle of scenic nowhere. The only thing that was relatively interesting was the sunset that happened to be taking place.
  9. >Well, what do you do now? You were literally in the middle of bumfuck nowhere, and KK wasn’t anywhere in sight.
  10. “Hmm…”
  11. >Maybe…you could just……relax? Man, it's been such a long time since you could even consider the idea.
  12. >Well…
  13. >You take another look around in every direction, in fear of someone being able to sneak up on you. There wasn't anyone else around for, at least, miles, so maybe you could get away with a few minutes……
  14. >…but just a few. No more, no less.
  15. >You reassure yourself about three more time that there's nobody else around before you go to the roots of the tree and lay. You lean your head against the surprisingly smooth bark of the tree, and look to the currently setting sun.
  17. >Letting out a sigh, the tenseness that has been building in your body since you got here starts to dissipate.
  18. >Living in the streets for most of your life, you've gotten pretty used to being under stress all the time, ready to jump to your toes at a moment's notice. And having known what that's like, you've come to appreciate the rare moments of peace presented to you in your life when they pop up.
  19. >You let out a small yawn.
  20. >Y'know, maybe you could even catch some sleep while you're at it……but just for a while.
  21. >Letting your eyelids drift down over your eyes, you slowly succumb to the peace of sleep.
  22. >Just for a while….
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