Kordah 4 Life

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  1. Why do I call myself Kordah, you ask me?
  2. Well it's because niggaz want to harrass me
  3. And run me outta a server
  4. They label me as a troller
  5. Yo! And say that I'm no good
  6. But I can't find jobs so niggas wouldn't have to go out
  7. Do some drugs on the corner so they could show out
  8. When the mods came, they gave a fake reason
  9. Because the life in the streets is treason
  10. So therefore, to make more
  11. I would will go and pg some whore
  12. And get banned in the process
  13. I ate up a seven dayer and now I am put to rest
  15. Why do I call myself Kordah, you ask me?
  16. I guess it's the way mods harrass me
  17. Back when I was young getting not getting banned was murder
  18. Fuck following rules
  19. 'Cause I deserve a career I can be proud of
  20. That I can speak loud of
  21. And to help a nigga get out of.
  22. Yo! The internet's playground
  23. But most faggots only want you to stay down
  24. But I'm a smart motherfucker you see
  25. One of the best niggas in the Roblox community
  26. Get robux like a mother fucker
  27. I am young brother who don't give a fuck about another
  29. Why do I call myself kordah, you ask me?
  30. Because mods always wanna harass me
  31. Every time that I'm rolling
  32. They swear up and down that I am trolling
  33. Make me get muted in the chats
  34. They throw my ass on the concrete
  35. When ever I take supplements
  36. A million LGBT motherfuckers on my back like I shot the President
  38. Why do I call myself Kordah, you ask me?
  39. Because my keyboard is so mother fucking nasty
  40. Tranny this, tranny that
  41. Nigga this, nigga that
  42. In the mean while my cock is getting fat
  43. Getting Hoes to say this shit here
  44. Making more hoes in a week than a pimp makes in a year
  45. So, why not call myself Kordah?
  46. It's better than not affordin' and going up the river
  47. And don't I get called Kordah anyway?
  48. Booked as a motherfucker and locked away
  49. So... so, cut out all that bull shit
  50. Yo! I guess I'll be Kordah for life
  52. (Niggas, trannies, furfags,
  53. If there's a hell below, we're all gonna go.)
  55. Kordah, Kordah, Kordah
  56. Kordah, Kordah
  57. Kordah, please
  58. I'm treated like a fucking disease.
  59. You say: why can I call myself Kordah so quick?
  60. Cause I can reach in my draws and pull my big dick
  61. Yo! Trannies say nigga somehow they cool
  62. But, I say nigga and I am fool?
  63. But I need to be fast, nigga.
  64. Dont wanna be the last, nigga
  65. Or I have to beat your ass, nigga
  66. In the endz you see action first
  67. Then hear about it later
  68. In the chats I curse
  69. Because I'm real with this to keep my shit straight bumpin'
  70. Murder created by the streets of Houston
  71. I get it from being a poet
  72. I live it, I see it, and I write it
  73. Because I know it
  74. And if you think I have no life
  75. You ain't right
  76. Yo! Because I'm Kordah for Life
  78. Kordah, this
  79. Kordah, that
  80. The actual fact is that I'm back
  81. And bound to attract
  82. The attention of another
  83. I mean the other
  84. But I'm a mother fucker that'll have them running for cover
  85. You see, I don't give a fuck about nothing
  86. Except getting wavez, getting bitches, and issuing with stitches
  87. Which is all needed to read it and find a rhyme
  88. And then it's time to say
  89. Kordah is here to stay
  90. But what about the gay niggas, the furry niggas
  91. To get mod quick they gotta suck a fat dick
  92. But Kordah is outta your mother fuckin' range
  93. I ain't gonna change a mother fuckin' thing
  95. I call myself Kordah cause the pussy don't tighten
  96. I call myself Kirdah  'cause Im a motherfucking titan
  97. Hypes me, hypes other mother fuckers around me
  98. And that's the reason why they want to surround me
  99. And ask me: why do I call myself Kordah-o
  100. Ain't none of their fuckin' business
  101. So get out of my presence, and get out of my sight
  102. 'Cause Kordah is a nigga for Life
  105. It's plain to see, you can't change me
  106. 'Cause I'm a be Kordah for Life [x5]
  108. I'm Kordah
  109. She's Kordah
  110. He's Kordah
  111. We are Kordah
  112. Wouldn't you like to be Kordah too?
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