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  1. Update v1.50:
  2. Items
  3. - Added chance to get tier 7 pet prefixes on Act 4 & 5 Legendary rings, amulets and staves
  4. - Rune Mastery boosting affixes can now appear on amulets, staves, axes and shields
  5. - Geneally improved unique item distribution and drop progression across difficulties
  6. - Removed drops of Act 1-3 unique items in Act 5 Normal and Epic in favor of more new items
  7. - Adjusted the items levels (and thus requirements) of several Act 5 uniques
  8. - Fixed low-tier custom requirements that remained on some weapons
  9. - Reordered armor value progression within some armor sub-types
  10. - Fixed friendly Simulacrum Doppelgangers dropping duplicate items
  11. - Fixed missing base stats on Raven Warrior MI sword
  12. - Cold Essence Relic now correctly drops from Jotuns and Nixies
  13. - Fixed epic and legendary Zeus' Thunderbolt not being applicable to thrown weapons
  14. - Tweaked looks of common celtic tunics, common aesir torso
  15. - Added "Thrown" property to all throwing weapon tooltips
  16. - Added black dyes to all regular vendor inventories
  17. - Corinth's marketplace may occasionally offer egyptian or asian dyes
  18. - Fixed UI bitmaps of Verdandi's Knots and Ullr's Protectors
  19. - Various minor tweaks and fixes
  21. Enemies
  22. - Certain enemies now use throwing weapons (including MIs) in Acts 1-4
  23. - Added new 'Ghost' race (designating physical resistance) to eligible enemies in Acts 1-4
  24. - Buffed attack damage of Hildisvini, Kornwyf, Gladsheim Statues and Storm Revenants
  25. - Reduced Nixie passive dodging in favor of stronger Fumble effect on their attacks
  26. - Bear pounce attacks now cause Stun
  27. - Visual tweaks made on almost all monsters, mostly textures and effects.
  28. - Tweaked animations on Bears, Jotuns, Drunk Bandits, Aesir, Alfr and Draugar
  29. - Increased the numbers of Fjord Ichthians (they really are everywhere!)
  30. - Increased enemy density in parts of Jotunheim
  31. - Tweaked balance of ranged vs melee enemies in Salt Mine and Asgard Greensward
  32. - Improved Pet interactions with the final boss"
  34. Quests
  35. - Numerous small improvements to Side Quest logic
  36. - Improved / added door scripts to resolve irregular path blocks
  37. - Raven leader Heisthard now stops and talks
  38. - Added an additional item reward to The Magic Cauldron
  39. - Added system to preserve already completed quests in the journal during updates
  41. World
  42. - Visual tweaks to Himingbjorg, Dvergr Mines, Master Forge and Land's End
  43. - Fixed collision problems in the Temple of Asklepius
  44. - Fixed old world map bugs at Charon's bridge and Knossos landing
  45. - The mad Dvergr enchanter has wandered closer to the waypoint
  46. - Tweaked looks and animations on various NPCs and objects
  48. General
  49. - Officially added Stash sort button (in its proper place)
  50. - Added fix for disappearing projectile trails
  51. - Improved look of Legendary item upgrade UI
  52. - Various sound and volume tweaks
  54. Localization
  55. - Fixed multiple issues where Chinese and Japanese texts were not fully displayed
  56. - Merchants in all languages now have at least an English VO
  57. - Various minor text and name fixes
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