Two Sisters One Man

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  1. >Crashing into the soft comfort of your bed, you groan in satisfaction as your muscles can relax from a non-stop day.
  2. >Working as help at Sweet Apple Acres during harvest season is tiring, no matter how much healthier you have gotten since arriving.
  3. >Top that off with a birthday party, your birthday party, hosted by one Pinkamena Pie, and you had barely enough time to shower after work before you were dragged off to fun.
  4. >And it was fun, aside from a few drunken mares making passes at you under the guise of a "present".
  5. >But besides that, Pinkie made it run smooth, cake, snacks, drinks, age appropriate party games.
  6. >You'll probably have to go get your gifts from Sugarcube Corner tomorrow, there's no way you could have carried them home as you are.
  7. >Problems for future Anon...
  8. >Face burried in a pillow, you drift to sleep.
  9. ~~~
  10. "Stupid Pinkie," you curse to yourself, sweeping the confetti off the floor, "today would have been the perfect day to ask him out or, well, anything."
  11. "But noooo, you had to be a proper mare and make sure he was happy and unmolested and stuff."
  12. >Brushing an errant strand of pink from your face, you notice a stack of boxes and bags sitting in one of the booths.
  13. >Aren't those Anon's gifts?
  14. >He must have forgotten them.
  15. >I'd be a nice thing for you to bring them to him, since he seemed so tired when he left.
  16. >Just carry the boxes to his house, and knock on the door.
  17. >He'll open it, half asleep and dressed in only those little pants he wears under his pants...
  18. >It'll take him a moment to realize it's you, and that will make him smile, realizing you're looking out for him.
  19. >You'll get invited in, and he'll tell you to put the boxes down somewhere and offer to get you a drink for your hard work.
  20. >While he's grabing a drink from his fridge, you'll get to watch him bend over to reach it.
  21. >The fabric of his mini pants clinging to his flank, maybe giving you a flash of his testicle bra.
  22. >Unf~
  23. >And then maybe you could ask if he wanted to go out some time.
  24. >A perfect plan, if you do say so yourself.
  25. >Just gotta finish tidying up and you're free to go.
  26. >No more smiles, just serious face, you sweep through the main area like a cleaning tornado, sucking all the mess neatly into a garbage can.
  27. >With a wipe of your brow, you set the broom aside and saunter over to Anon's gifts.
  28. >There's a number of them, but it won't be a problem for your mighty earth pony mare muscles.
  29. >Some stacking ingeneuity later, and you're toting a tipy tower of boxes out the door and into the very late evening.
  30. >It's not night yet, since if it was night, Anon would be asleep when you arrive, and that would ruin your whole plan.
  31. >So therefore it's just very late evening, and Anon will be getting ready for bed around when you arrive.
  32. >A quick trot later and you're outside his house, trying to figure out how to hit his doorbell.
  33. >You can't set the boxes down or else it'll take too long to pick them up, and Anon would have to help, and it would be trouble.
  34. >So in a stroke of genius, you knock on the door instead of going for the bell.
  35. >Your one hoofed flurry of knocks ring out into the house, and satisfied he'll have heard it, you wait.
  36. >And wait.
  37. >And wait...
  38. >Please Celestia, don't have him taking time because he's getting dressed.
  39. >Ten minutes later, and your worst fears are confirmed.
  40. >It's actually night time, and he's asleep.
  41. >Luna Damn it, you were supposed to wait till after all this before making everypony sleepy.
  42. >Now how are you gonna get to see Anon's testicle bra before going out on a date with him.
  43. >Heck, how are you ever gonna get to go on a date with him if you can't set up the right mood to ask.
  44. >Scratching your chin, you head back to Sugarcube Corner with his gifts, just to keep them safe.
  45. >You'll have to figure out something in the morning then.
  46. >Setting them on a table as you enter, you lock up and trudge to bed, tiredness catching up to you too.
  47. >Maybe Luna was right, it is sleepy time for ponies.
  48. >A yawn sneaks it's way out of you, just before you jump into the mound of softness that is your bed.
  49. >Your lonely, comfy, coltless bed...
  50. ~~~
  51. >Morning comes with a light hangover and mild cursing at the bright light cutting through your curtains.
  52. >Your only solace comes with knowing today is Saturday, and thus not a work day for you.
  53. >Otherwise Applejack would be proverbially whipping your butt.
  54. >If she actually did it she'd be hauled off for colt abuse the moment someone found out, which kinda sucks, because who doesn't like a little rough play when having fun?
  55. >Though it's not like she's high on your list of potential dates, given her personality.
  56. >A nice mare and all, but a bit too conservative and way too bland.
  57. >Hauling yourself to the bathroom, you let loose the flow before moving to the mirror.
  58. >Jeez, you're a mess.
  59. >Tired eyes, hair messier than Rainbow Dash and a frown that would make any mare bend to your whim.
  60. >Turning the taps, you let water pool in your hands before splashing it on your face.
  61. >Repeating this, but instead running it through your hair, you try to bring it to some sense of tidiness.
  62. >Once you're presentable enough, you head to the kitchen for food, but hit your first roadblock of the day.
  63. >Staring into the depths of your fridge and cupboards, nothing is looking appealing for breakfast.
  64. >Several minutes of huffing and humming later, you decide to just go out for breakfast.
  65. >And since you have to go to Sugarcube corner for your presents anyways, it seems like that's where you'll be eating.
  66. ~~~
  67. >The smells of fresh baked foods surround you as you do the stocking at work, waiting for your destined meeting this morning.
  68. >Some time soon, Anon will come to pick up his presents, and you'll use this opportunity to chat him up, maybe share some breakfast and ask him out on a date.
  69. >A perfect plan.
  70. >Looking over the display cases, almost everything is filled, and those that aren't are in progress, handled by Mr. Cake's skilled hooves.
  71. >The door bell dings as it's opened, and you immediately pivot to it, looking for your potential future husbando.
  72. >Instead of tall, handsome human, your eyes are greeted by stone faced sister.
  73. "MAUD!" you exclaim, springing over and wrapping her in a hug, "What are you doing out here? Why didn't you send a letter to let me know? I could have had a welcoming party ready."
  74. >"It's a surprise visit," she replies simply, "Boulder and I wanted a change of scenery for a bit."
  75. "Well welcome back to Ponyville Sis," you say, letting go, "Can I get you something for breakfast?"
  76. >"A muffin would be most welcome. My stomach wishes to imitate an avalanche right now."
  77. "One super stuffer muffin, coming right up," you say, hopping over to the counter.
  78. >A quick transaction later and you're sitting in the same booth as Anon's presents with your sister.
  79. >"What are these boxes for?" your sister asks between bites.
  80. "Oh, my friend forgot them yesterday at his party. He's gonna come by today to pick them up, I think."
  81. >Your sister replies with a nod, before continuing her slow, steady pace on the muffin.
  82. >The doorbell rings again, and your eyes immediately shoot to the portal and the tall form ducking under it.
  83. "Morning Anon!" you call out, waving, "Here for your presents?"
  84. >"Food first, Pinkie," he replies with a half hearted wave.
  85. >Poor dear must still be tired from all that fun yesterday.
  86. "Okie Dokie, just sit right down and tell Pinkie what you want," you say, donning your apron.
  87. >"Muffin, Chocolate chip, coffee, black and one of those things from the party yesterday. You know, the ones with that..." he says, making some hand gestures.
  88. "Gotcha. In the mean time, Anon, this is my sister, Maud. Maud, this is Anon."
  89. >While you head to the counter again, you notice Maud look up at him.
  90. >"You know, My profession is in rocks. Many ponies think gems are rocks, but that is not accurate. I do however come across a lot of gems in my work."
  91. >"I have seen all kinds of diamonds, rubies, sapphires, sunstones, moonstones and emeralds, but I have never seen more handsome emeralds than the ones in your eyes."
  92. >What?
  93. >"Perhaps you would let me study them? Over at that Neightallian Restaurant? They have good lighting, I hear, perfect for an in depth analysis... Good wine too, but that's just for us to enjoy ourselves."
  94. >What?!
  95. >"Uh okay? Thanks?" Anon replies, still somewhat asleep.
  96. >WHAT!
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