SERBIA/CROATIA/SLOVENIA Wednesday 2:00 night update

Oct 20th, 2015
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  1. SERBIA/CROATIA/SLOVENIA Wednesday 2:00 night update
  3. EUROPE, PLEASE ACT! - An Open Letter to the Governments of Europe from Volunteers -
  5. 30+ groups of volunteers across the Europe connected to common call to action. Please read it, share it and urge your government to act now! #europeact
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  11. BERKASOVO/BAPSKA - Serbian-Croatian border opened during the day for organized transport, but it is slow and there is a lack of buses, so again large number of refugees are spending the night in the muddy field. Site has been reorganized by authorities to avoid crowd problems, but not sure if it helps with such a high numbers of people. House has been rented in nearby village by Czech team to provide shelter and shower for volunteers to take a rest during their work. Warm clothes, shoes and raincoats still needed there, as well as volunteer help. Contact number +381 649 366 029.
  13. OPATOVAC - Refugees are now transported from Bapska border to Opatovac transition camp by bus, people no longer walk. 2000 people is now in the camp, further boarding trains at Tovarnik, and also many of buses from Opatovac went to Slovenian borders. Volunteer help needed in Opatovac, and supplies, especially shoes (size 39-45), socks and children & men jackets. As cold as 4 C during the night.
  15. PRESEVO - situation is really volatile, but calm now, queue for registration camp has been cleared by the evening. Volunteers will be needed to be replaced soon, also warm clothes and shoes for children will be needed. Several organizations providing medical help and special room for children care. Contact number +381 642 653 479
  17. BEOGRAD - Volunteers helping at Miksaliste (Mostarska 5, Beograd) set up also their VolunteerSpot account and are asking anyone who is in Belgrade to sign up for various tasks needed to be done there. Visit to see what is needed there and to sign up for timeslots.
  20. =================
  22. MILJANA/PODČETRTEK - New large refugee group has been reported by Are you Syrious group at Podčetrtek/Miljana border crossing. No help there, if you are in nearby, please check the situation, this may be dangerous to have lot of people in the middle of the night without ANY help.
  24. BREZICE - Your help is needed at migrant transition camp in Brezice, 2000 refugees reported here. Lack of food and warm clothes. Contact number is +41791929040.
  26. BREGANA - Weather got better here during the day, but still long queues waiting. After being accepted to Slovenia, refugees walk to Obrezje camp.
  28. SREDIŠČE OB DRAVI - Some volunteers and NGO on place, awaiting new refugees. No confirmation if additional help needed.
  30. For Slovenia-related updates throughout the day, follow Protirasistična fronta bez meja on facebook:čna-fronta-brez-meja-962830080456004/
  32. Please let us know about the situation on other points in Slovenia!
  36. =================
  38. - Slovenia deployed military personnel along some places of the border.
  40. - Slovenia international trains: The trains with refugees with tickets to Vienna and Graz, which left Ljubljana has been stopped and refugees sent to Šentilj and/or Maribor. We do not recommend buying tickets for Vienna/Graz, since apparently for now every refugee has to leave the train in Šentilj.
  42. - Supplies which are needed almost at all places: warm and/or waterproof clothing (jackets, pullovers), shoes, hats, gloves, socks, dry and canned food, fruit; food for babies and milk. Generally, anything what could make them at least little bit warm and help them of hunger.
  44. - Also SIM cards for those who has to wait would be great so they can contact their relatives.
  46. - Be prepared, that individual volunteers could have problems accessing refugees to provide help. Please always try to communicate UNHRC, Red Cross and/or police on the site before providing help, however, they may not be welcoming your there, so be polite and patient and don't get refused. This is the common approach of Red Cross at many places, and eventually it was always possible to find a common way.
  48. - Supplies and money donations are also being collected in the Social Centre Rog (Trubarjeva 72, Ljubljana) and in Maribor (at the parking lot in front of the railway station, where they set up a container. Tomorrow, on Tuesday, they start collecting from 12:30 on.)
  50. - Large amounts of supplies could be picked up also in Zagreb, please call Lejla +385 91 456 77 05 if you are able to bring any supplies from Zagreb to any of the borders.
  52. - The city Red Cross Čakovec submitted the appeal for assistance to refugees waiting in Trnovac. They are asking for biscuits, cheese slices, ribnljih cans, dates, raisins, chicken pate, dry biscuits and baby food and water in bottles, soaps, wipes, diapers and sanitary napkins.
  54. - and don't forget:
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