non-wyrden folk ARE strange

Jul 21st, 2021
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  1. [originally occurred 6/30/2021]
  3. The Stables of the Wyrden Thorn.
  4. The shadows violently writhe and twist along the ground here, indicating a war shrine of Nocht nearby. The shadowy outline of a twisted forest casts a dark gloom here. It is warm and quite pleasant. Wyrden trees hunch over each other here, forming a canopy overhead. The twisted branches from each tree clash together, writhing about each other and blurring together in an unending battle of foliage. Beneath the twisted canopy, a sturdy stables has been erected, crafted from the wood from several ravenwood trees. Viciously thorny vines spread out across the ground, wrapping around the stables and spreading outwards. Midnight black roses grow in patches amongst the abundant plant life, their heavy blooms threatening to snap the stems they grow upon. Tucked away in the corner of the stables is a carefully wrapped bundle, the corner of a pitch-black tunic and the shimmer of silver and gems visible within. Filib Shee-Slaugh hovers in the air here with a pair of daggers in his hands, wings beating rapidly. A solstice stocking has been hung here. A sign suggests you can use STABLE commands here.
  5. You see exits leading north and northeast.
  6. Filib Shee-Slaugh turns in the air to glance at you before going back to his chores.
  8. You give Filib Shee-Slaugh a respectful bow, one hand clasped over your heart.
  9. Filib Shee-Slaugh bows respectfully and whispers, "Greetings, kin."
  11. You whisper, "Hello, Filib."
  13. [look filib]
  14. The complexion of this shadow faeling's skin is rough and weathered with a murky greyish tone. An untidy mop of pitch black hair sits atop his head, with gnarled locks of hair falling down around his head. His pale blue eyes are partially obscured by the locks of dangling hair and his face is heavily scarred by hollow pockmarks and a massive number of freckles. Pale wings of dull shades of varying colours grace the back of his slender build, protruding from the dirty smock adorning his form. Besides the smock, he is clad in a pair of tight fitting pants and a pair of fingerless gloves over his hands. The only other adornment he wears is a finely crafted brooch of ravenwood, pinned to the front of his smock.
  15. Filib Shee-Slaugh looks to be crushingly strong.
  17. Filib Shee-Slaugh goes about his daily chores as he hums a tune too low for you to hear clearly.
  19. You have emoted: Esei stands out of the way, leaning quietly against a sturdy tree.
  21. Filib Shee-Slaugh goes about his daily chores as he hums a tune too low for you to hear clearly.
  23. Blinking in surprise, Filib Shee-Slaugh says, "Hello, cousin."
  25. A wry smile spreads across your face.
  27. You whisper, "I hope I'm not in the way?"
  29. Filib Shee-Slaugh shakes his head as he hovers about the stables, his wild hair flopping about. "No one of the Glomdoring has ever been in the way! Is your afternoon going well, cousin?"
  31. You have emoted: Esei tilts their head one way, then the other. "Yes," they say softly after a few moments, crossing their arms, then turning to appraise Filib Shee-Slaugh. "What about yourself?"
  33. Continuing the hunt for his dark mate, Father Sun presses forward in his journey, lowering himself in the sky yet still casting even, full light upon the land.
  35. Filib Shee-Slaugh scratches at his chin distractedly as he ponders the question. "Hmmm.... Well enough, I suppose. I had heard you all got in a fight with the Serenwilders some time back! And I sensed a strange Celestian lingering in the forest not too long ago. It's been quite in my stables though" he concludes with a small shrug.
  37. You ask Filib Shee-Slaugh, "Aye, it was over the Eye of Dynara, more or less. Strange Celestian?"
  39. Filib Shee-Slaugh flutters up several inches, stretching his hand above his head as he whispers, "Yes. Very tall. Awfully gloomy looking too."
  41. You hum thoughtfully.
  43. In his whispering voice, Filib Shee-Slaugh says, "I saw Miss Illyria with him so I figured he was no threat."
  45. You say, "Aye. Avaris, he's called."
  47. Wryly, you say, "I do not speak to him much, myself."
  49. Filib Shee-Slaugh nods as he whispers, "Non-wyrden folk are.... strange. I don't talk to many at all."
  51. You say to Filib Shee-Slaugh, "Agreed. He seems to hate me for... no reason aside from being wyrden, and very possibly of Lord Nocht's Order."
  53. You shrug helplessly.
  55. You scent at the air, your skilled nose picking up the faint traces of others in the surrounding area.
  56. You make out the scent of Avaris coming from Dark Tidings Postal Service.
  57. You make out the scent of Illyria coming from Dark Tidings Postal Service.
  59. The pointed tips of your ears twitch to hear an errant sound.
  61. Filib Shee-Slaugh tilts his head as he looks off into the forest. "Hmm...."
  63. You whisper, "Ah, there he is again."
  65. You crease your brow in a frown.
  67. In his whispering voice, Filib Shee-Slaugh says, "Hates you?"
  69. Deadpan, you whisper, "Shies away from my presence, glares at me with those eyes in his wings, and calls me 'creature' enough to cause offense to others in his own city."
  71. You shrug helplessly.
  73. Filib Shee-Slaugh exhales sharply through his nose, his wings beating faster for several beats in annoyance. "C-creature?" he asks, an indignance creeping into his whispering voice. "How rude. This is why I prefer the wyrden..."
  75. A sense of purpose and pride for the Glomdoring swells within you as a three-finger ring bearing an amethyst scythe pulses against your hand.
  77. You have emoted: Esei tips their head forward slightly, exhaling faintly. "I know," they say mildly. "But I am not overly offended by it. Better to be a creature and wyrden than..." they release one hand to gesture vaguely in the direction of New Celest.
  79. You think to yourself: ...better than whatever that is.
  81. Shadows swirl around your arm as the Fingerblade of dha'Wyrden-cree digs itself more painfully into your finger.
  83. Quietly, you ask Filib Shee-Slaugh, "How are things between you and Akuuko?"
  85. Filib Shee-Slaugh is about to protest about how offensive it truly is before your question causes him to splutter over his words clumsily. "Ak--Akuuko? Wha.. He.. Um.." he says, smoothing out his smock as he collects himself with firm "Ahem." before speaking once more in his whispering voice. "I have not seen him for some time.... Why do you ask, cousin? Did he say something to you?" the faeling asks, doing his best to appear conversational and only mildly interested.
  87. You purse your lips, deep in thought.
  89. You say, "Ah, no, he hasn't said anything to me."
  91. Thoughtfully, you say, "...I do not think any of us have seen him in some time, either."
  93. "Ah..." Filib Shee-Slaugh says, failing spectacularly at masking his disappointment.
  95. You have emoted: A wry smile briefly passes over Esei's lips before smoothing out again. "I am not sure where he would be, either," they say quietly.
  97. "Hmm..." Filib Shee-Slaugh muses, seemingly lost in his thoughts.
  99. You have emoted: Esei takes a step closer, fingers briefly touching Filib Shee-Slaugh's shoulder. "Something on your mind, dearest cousin?" they whisper, black eyes briefly glimmering.
  101. Filib Shee-Slaugh avoids your gaze, the color of his face darkening in slight embarrassment. "Nothing at all, cousin."
  103. Gently, you say, "Of course."
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