Hunting/Tracking New Perks

Oct 21st, 2017
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  1. ---T1---
  2. (A) Familiar Prey
  3. Choose a Single type of Animal, such as omnivores, on the Animalpedia. Gain a +1 to Hunting and Tracking them.
  4. (B) Familiar Territory
  5. Choose a Single type of Terrain on the Map (Jungle, Swamp, River, Ocean, Tundra, etc(wip)), Gain a +1 to Hunting and Tracking rolls in it.
  6. (C) Searching for Clues
  7. Gain a +1 to finding bits of trace evidence left behind by a target, such as small hairs. GM can deny this roll if no evidence is left behind. (Must be searching for a specific target; no general groups allowed)
  9. ---T2---
  10. (A) Practiced Strider
  11. You suffer much less from movement restrictions due to naturally occuring obstacles.
  12. (B) Familiar Territory II
  13. Choose a Single type of Terrain on the Map. Gain a +1 to Hunting and Tracking rolls while in it.
  14. ---T3---
  15. (A) Hunter's Mark
  16. You receive a +1 to all hunting and tracking rolls against a target, provided you have succeeded on a previous hunting and tracking roll against them. This bonus is lost if you fail a hunting and tracking roll against them.
  17. (B) Ambush
  18. You receive a +1 to any roll to attack, subdue, or cast a spell upon a target you have been following, provided they aren't aware of your position.
  20. ---T4---
  21. (A) Expert Tracker
  22. You are much better at following a trail. Weather now has less of an effect on your attempts to track something, and you are much harder to fool with faked tracks.
  23. (B) Mimicry
  24. Three times per quest, you can mimic an animal's tracks or sounds it might make. You must have encountered the creature you are attempting to mimic before.
  26. ---T5---
  27. (A) Bloodhound
  28. You may track someone in water or through the air as easily as you could on land. You may use a Hunting roll in place of a perception roll to find the target you're tracking, if they attempt to conceal themselves from you.
  29. (B) Environmental Mastery
  30. Big Critters call for creative solutions. You may make a hunting roll to use the environment of a fight against your quarry, such as forcing them to stumble backwards into an uneven piece of stone or gnarled root (what you can do is up to your own imagination and the GM's opinion)
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