Feb 27th, 2016
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  1. 3:39 PM To:
  2. I'm looking for deepguard logs
  3. 3:40 PM To:
  4. couldn't find them
  5. 3:41 PM Sethu:
  6. Thank you and please do take note, this is your case/ticket number:xxxxxxxxx
  7. 3:41 PM Sethu:
  8. May I know what F-Secure program are you using and your subscription/license key?
  9. 3:42 PM To:
  10. well where can I find those infos?
  11. 3:43 PM Sethu:
  12. Where did you purchase the F-secure program?
  13. 3:43 PM To:
  14. via my isp
  15. 3:43 PM To:
  16. anvia
  17. 3:44 PM Sethu:
  18. We are from the F-Secure Consumer Support Team, focusing on F-Secure Antivirus and F-Secure Internet Security from our F-Secure website. The software you are using from your Internet Service Provider is a cusTozed version of the F-Secure security program. F-Secure has only provided your Internet Service Provider its technology to cusToze the program for their customers. As such, your Internet Service Provider has a dedicated Technical Support team who would be able to support you. We recommend that you contact them directly to obtain further support. If they are unable to resolve the issue, please get your Internet Service Provider to escalate your case.
  19. 3:44 PM To:
  20. yeah.. well its same shit
  21. 3:44 PM To:
  22. I know, I've used your normal software before
  23. 3:44 PM To:
  24. my isp won't answer in days..
  25. 3:45 PM To:
  26. so.. where are those logs normally
  27. 3:47 PM Sethu:
  28. Sorry, I can understand your situation but we F-secure not dedicated for cusTozed version. You can try to find the deepgaurd logs from diagnostic report( fsdiag)
  29. 3:48 PM To:
  30. and fsdiag is located at?
  31. 3:51 PM To:
  32. it's still same software just reskinned so.. >.>
  33. 3:51 PM Sethu:
  34. To create fsdiag. Support Tool requires you to be logged in as an administrator.
  35. 1. Click Start.
  36. 2. Select All Programs > (your F-Secure product) > Support Tool. The Support Tool window is displayed.
  37. 3. Click OK. The tool starts gathering information. It creates the output file on your desktop. The name of the archive file is fsdiag.tar.gz).
  39. 3:54 PM To:
  40. ok, seems to take awhile
  41. 3:56 PM Sethu:
  42. Yes, you can then check deepgaurd logs from fsdiag. If you still any issue, please contact your service provide for further support.
  43. 3:57 PM To:
  44. okey, well it seems like it gathered same information I could already see in programdata
  45. 3:57 PM To:
  46. where is specifically deepguard logs?
  47. 3:58 PM To:
  49. 4:00 PM Sethu:
  50. I am sorry, you can find the from fsdiag folder by searching deebgaurd
  51. 4:02 PM To:
  52. there isn't folder named deepguard
  53. 4:02 PM To:
  54. search find nothing, I already tried that before contacting you
  55. 4:02 PM Sethu:
  56. I am sorry To, please contact your Service provider in order to find the deepgaurd logs.
  57. 4:02 PM Sethu:
  58. Thank you for using F-Secure Chat. Have a great day ahead. Goodbye!
  59. 4:02 PM Sethu has ended the session.
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