Jun 29th, 2018
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  1. before
  3. notes : anything you wanna say to me
  4. before i read your form?
  5. slot's theme song : this is just for fun :,)
  7. basics
  9. username : @YAHSUNG
  10. password : dm me for hints !
  12. slot : blue
  13. backup slot : black
  15. face claim : twice's jeongyeon (blue hair)
  16. back up face claim : exid's hyerin (short hair)
  18. personal
  20. name : arashiro niko
  22. nickname(s) : from who, and why?
  23. - "niko niko ni!!"... the girls call her
  24. this simply because she's from japan and
  25. her name fits in nicely, also because niko
  26. had a liking towards the anime
  27. - "shiro-san"... acquaintances or other
  28. people tend to call her so because they
  29. don't want to rub niko in a wrong way, so
  30. they stay as respectful towards the girl
  31. since she's scary, ms.shiro is the trans
  32. for shiro-san
  33. - "neko neko!"... the girls & those she's
  34. close with call her so because she can be
  35. as rude and ignorant yet cute and friendly
  36. like a cat tends to be, she shares
  37. characteristics with cats earning herself
  38. this nickname
  39. - "rosie~"... acquaintances and others call
  40. her so because her alias has gained her
  41. the new nickname, also because the girls
  42. will call her so when they're in battle at
  43. times, citizens and others begin calling
  44. her so because they believe it is her real
  45. name (though many end up using primrose
  46. most of the time in fear of her reaction)
  48. alias : primrose
  50. age : 20
  51. birthday : september 12, 1997
  53. ethnicity : japanese
  55. more about you
  57. background : niko was an only child and was
  58. usually by herself as a kid... and she was
  59. completely fine with being alone rather than
  60. playing with the other kids. any other kid
  61. would be bullied or teased for always being
  62. by themselves, but niko had this straight
  63. face that no one wanted to mess with, they
  64. were too afraid for the outcome and didn't
  65. even want to test the outcome. with saying
  66. so, niko had unintentionally gained everyone
  67. in her palms, though she didn't care of so
  68. given the fact that she payed little to no
  69. attention to the other kids in school or her
  70. neighborhood.. it was hard to gain her
  71. attention and when you did, well, it was
  72. hard to keep her attention, or at least
  73. understand if she's even interested. sooner
  74. or later, once she was in her early middle
  75. school days, her parents had another child,
  76. bringing a beautiful little boy into the
  77. world!! niko was ecstatic at the fact that
  78. she was going to have a little brother and
  79. be able to take of someone other than
  80. herself for once, her brothers birth making
  81. her much more softer to those around her.
  82. her much more softer attitude towards the
  83. students in her school and class gained her
  84. a friend that she grew to silently love and
  85. adore, wanting to take care of them as much
  86. as she wanted with her younger brother (this
  87. someone is the other criminal she's close
  88. with). niko wasn't a troublesome kid as she
  89. grew up, she listened to what her parents
  90. told her to do and she respected them and
  91. all of her elders.. even those kids or
  92. students that were older than her, but she
  93. always made sure no one walked over her or
  94. think that it was okay to push her around.
  95. of course almost every little kid goes
  96. through a few teasing her and there from
  97. other students... niko was bullied and
  98. teased because of her blue hair (if jeong is
  99. chosen and if this is ok?? can she have blue
  100. hair as a child??), the other kids saw this
  101. as weird and thought it would have been
  102. funny to tease the quiet girl about it. and
  103. since then, when niko had managed to throw a
  104. large amount of water on a ton of children
  105. with a heavy step of her small foot, no one
  106. even dared to bother niko. that was the
  107. first and last time niko had done anything
  108. to get into trouble... she wanted people to
  109. know she wasn't someone to mess with, she
  110. was given the chance to show so and she took
  111. it, owning up to her title. all the way to
  112. high school, no one dared to bother niko,
  113. the girl with captivating blue hair, and she
  114. carried the same serious and scary face,
  115. though be respectful towards her elders and
  116. seniors. the only time she smiled was with
  117. her close friend or family, and though
  118. that's the niko people truly wanted to be
  119. around, no one dared because they knew who
  120. she truly was and what she could do. and for
  121. those that didn't? those that went up to her
  122. and complimented her on her oddly blue hair?
  123. they wouldn't be threatened or stared at
  124. rudely.. she'd thank them with a smile and
  125. hurriedly leave, confusing everyone. by the
  126. end of high school, she somewhat had a
  127. change of heart and wanted people to know
  128. that she was chill but wasn't someone to
  129. walk over.. though not many dared to even
  130. look her way, and though she didn't give up,
  131. she wasn't allowed to even try anymore,
  132. because she suddenly became a criminal
  133. overnight... making people think she was
  134. even more dangerous than she initially was.
  136. special conditions :
  137. - lactose in tolerant
  138. - allergic to bees
  140. appearance
  142. height : 5'7 or 169 cm
  143. weight : 49 kg or 109 lbs
  145. what does someone think when they
  146. first meet your slot? : people usually tend to be cautious around niko because her face seems as if she's pissed off and in a terrible mood, and because she doesn't speak up or has a low tone when she does... people think she's someone with a snappy tongue and who looks for fights, that she's probably ignorant and extremely rude.
  148. personality
  150. personality : niko has a normally cold and cool persona, never breaking a sweat at what people may think of her and passing her days briskly because of such trait. the girl is usually pretty quiet with others, as much as she would be by herself, and tends to distance herself from everyone else in society because she doesn't see the point in speaking and acknowledging others.. she thinks it takes too much work and would rather live her days easily than waste it with people she may not end up liking. though niko does try her best to be as people friendly as possible, her own unintentional nature just won't let that happen. she happens to have a resting bitch face, or simply looks as if she's not in the mood for anything and anyone, and usually answers people with a curt or blunt answer and a bleak tone. there are times when she wants to be softer for those around her, her younger brother bringing this want to come out, but she remembers how much she really doesn't enjoy many people and how hard it is for her to enjoy to be around others presences... and she drops it all together because she doesn't see it as something easy. of course the girl is on the softer side for specific chosen people, her family and the girls she feels like she be herself with. niko cannot help but be a completely different person with her family and friends, she's always had her family on her side and they understand her the most... she'd do anything for them. of course there are girls in her group that she's less comfortable with and some she could spend her whole day with, but she thinks they all play an important role in her life because they all understand her unlike other people her age ever would... though she would never tell any of them (maybe PINK) that because she doesn't wanna break her cold personality side and let out her softer personality. though people that aren't close with niko, or people from the outside, tend to still think this girl is cold and doesn't seem to feel anything or have much emotion. people think so because even with the other girls, she doesn't smile much and seems to be in a trance, always in her own world and staring at the ground while the other girls giggle and play around.
  152. likes : min 4
  154. dislikes : ^
  156. trivia : ^
  158. habits : max 3
  160. flaws : min 2
  162. strengths : ^ ( personality based )
  164. weaknesses : ^
  166. powers
  168. power : water!!
  169. how does it work? : (imagine the last air bender) niko's powers can work with movements or gestures, the girl could use any part of her body to make water move, do anything she wants it to, or attack someone, though she does this when she wants to be showy and somewhat cool to an audience. when she's serious, and is totally in the zone or just isn't up for a show, niko can and will move and attack with water simply with her mind and thinking of so. she wants a glass of water? pours herself a glass while she's passing by with the cup. one of the other girls doesn't shut up? throw water in their face as she looks at them from a pond that's a mile away. some hero thinks he can overpower her?? she'll literally bring a whole lake into the building they're in simply because she doesn't want them to think of themselves so high and mighty. (can i add ice into this?? and like sea creatures?? if i can pls tell me i can get even more creative)
  171. how does your character fight? : niko will usually just go for it, sending a large amount of water towards someone way in a fight in a surprising way almost always. though it is depending on where they are.. if they're outside and she's given all the space she can ask for, well she'll be messy... but if they're in a building with a ton of other people, especially innocent citizens and the other girls, she will think and calculate exactly how she's going to make her attack.
  173. how does the slots power match their
  174. personality? : niko is actually pretty good with her power, given the fact that she's been using it ever since she was young, ever since she herself figured out she had such a gift. she could do a ton of stuff with her water, not only could she carry large amount of water, but she could also make figures and make it rain (not like nature, like she'll have water literally up above their heads and make it 'rain')! the girl had always carry a huge liking toward her gift, never getting jealous of not being gifted with something else like teleportation or fire.. though she did acknowledge would be pretty cool to have just like her water powers. she wouldn't change her gift for someone else's because she's gained too attached to hers and feels odd just thinking about not having it.. the power kinda feels like her closest friend.
  176. weaknesses :
  177. - lightning... the two simply don't match, if they're put together, they're a massive threat to not only themselves but to society and those around them as well (? ppossibly? i'm not sure if i got this correct my bad)
  179. strengths :
  180. - nature... this power or element really does matter simply in the economy, if nature is good then the water is good, nature is a big strength when it comes to water (if the sea creatures r ok.. then this is a yes)
  181. - air... the two are a huge match, air really helps the waves in the ocean to start forming and making momentum, making it much more easier and faster for niko, or someone with a water power, to gain more amount of water when in fights! air could also help start up a tsunami, if niko ever wanted to go completely rogue and ruin the whole city...
  183. questions
  185. how did your slot feel about becoming
  186. a criminal at first? : niko was for sure not excited... she never got a thrill about getting herself into trouble or stirring something up, though in this case she wanted to stir something up. she wasn't scared, and not because she happens to be some tough girl, but because she knew what she was getting herself into and she was ready for the outcome... she believed she was doing this to protect those she deeply cared for and would do anything to keep them safe.
  188. how do they feel about it now? : niko likes being able to use her powers freely without someone causing a scene or seeming as if they were going to get murdered... she enjoyed how she fought actual people with real combat skills or powers, she liked being able to be herself and not some boring normal person. though she didn't liked being stared at by citizens as if she was the most evil thing in the world... yes she has a threatening face and aura, but there are people in the world who have cause more danger and were a serious threat to the world than simply her and the other girls. she enjoyed being able to spend her time with people just like her and be able to smile every now and then.. but she doesn't like how she has to be on the run and can't see her family nor carry any friendships or relationships out of the circle she's already in.
  190. would they trade their life for a
  191. 'normal' one if they could? : if that meant she had to drop her powers and never see the other girls ever again... then no, she wouldn't give her current life for a so-called normal life. if that meant she was able to keep her powers, know the same people she knows now, yet still live in peace and be with her family that she loves and adores so much.. then she would, in a heartbeat. she'd do anything to be able to be with her family again and live that normal life, but she can't and won't imagine a life without her powers and having nothing (the others) she has currently.
  193. which slot does your slot get along
  194. with the most, and the least? : niko has known PINK for a while now, met her when her brother was forming his personality, and because she saw her little sibling in PINK and had the urge to protect her... they became close friends and has a huge liking toward the soft girl. you'll always see niko with PINK, it either be while they're conversing or she's simply keeping watch over PINK. WHITE is someone niko wouldn't go to for a good chat or to simply chill.. they both acknowledge that their powers go well together and that they're on each others side though... niko doesn't enjoy how pessimistic and bitter the girl could be. yes, niko may carry a serious face and aura, and she doesn't want anyone to dare breathe around her bubble most of the time, but niko is always about seeing the best of things, or at least acknowledging the outcome in a better way, and because WHITE just isn't like that... niko can't be around her. niko will always have this sudden urge to want to hit WHITE with steaming water or give the girl a serious peptalk about how she should see a therapist but... she simply stays far far away for anything horrible won't begin.
  196. love interest
  198. love interest : johnny
  199. back up : taeil
  201. their power : super stretch
  203. background : follow the personality
  204. base that i introduced !!
  206. personality : ^^ detailed !!
  208. likes : min 3
  210. dislikes : ^
  212. trivia : ^
  214. habits : max 3
  216. together
  218. your first impression : niko didn't really pay attention to johnny at first, she simply just didn't care about him, but because PINK thought he was a little nice on the eyes... she started staring at him and examining him to figure out exactly what was so great about this johnny kid. first off, niko did acknowledge that he was pretty handsome and that his height was extremely flattering.. but she thought he seemed kind of dumb? she didn't think he was all that intelligent simply because all he did was try to scare his members repeatedly and repeatedly... she saw him as child-like and simpleminded... she didn't want anything to do with such a big kid.
  220. his first impression : to be completely honest, johnny wanted to touch the girls hair from the moment he laid eyes on her... he though she was sorta pretty too but wasn't sure if he could think that way because of the serious and scary face she carried around. even from where he was standing, which was pretty far from the criminals, he could tell she was carrying a serious vibe.. she didn't really laugh or joke around with the other girls, simply smiled and nodded her head to everything they were saying as she listened. he thought she looked smart and too good to be there, minus the fact that she carries a somewhat evil face, he was confused onto why she was even a criminal and was highly interested in her.
  222. how does your slot feel about your love
  223. interest? : crushing? hate? strangers?
  224. add beginning, middle, and end
  226. what's your relationship at the end? : i
  227. know it's 'love interest' but the person
  228. you choose can be your best friend if
  229. you'd like !
  231. after
  233. suggested scenes : i'll try to add any
  234. suggested scenes, but if i can't, then i
  235. apologize :( / optional
  237. missing : add anything i forgot in the
  238. form here !!
  240. my message to you : thank you for
  241. participating in my apply fic ! i wish you
  242. good luck in being accepted and i hope
  243. you love this story nonetheless. thank
  244. you !!!
  246. your message to me : optional
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