Riding On The Storm

Mar 23rd, 2017
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  1. >Sure, You could and would be willing to be tested on for a little bit of money afterwards.
  2. >What else are you going to do?
  3. >Scratch that, no one needs to hear about your non-adventures in love and matchmaking...
  4. >'Just stand on ze spot indicated' The doctor said as he adjusted his goggles.
  5. "You sure about this, doc? I'm not one to judge, but those tesla coils and the thunderstorm outside are making me just a *teensy* bit uncomfortable." You say, almost pinching your fingers together to empathise it
  6. >You recoil back as the lightning lands a direct hit on the house, filling the cob-web lined lab with the mighty reverberating sound of thunder
  7. >"Pah, fear always gets in ze way of great science!" The Doc boisterously proclaimed, putting his hands on his hips and striking a pose
  8. >"...And besides, from ze looks of you, I can tell zat you need ze money... and a shower!" he chuckled as he was checking his machinery
  9. >As he flipped the switch, you can see the electricity crackling around the coils, and start to feel the hair on your skin stand up on their ends
  10. >"Don't worry, Zis is normal, for now at least" The doctor reassured
  11. "What do you mean, for no-" You were saying, until you noticed that you were at least a solid metre and a half off the floor
  12. >"Vunderful! Vunderful! Zis is going exactly to procedure! Laugh at me now, untermensch!" He giddly exclaimed as he scribbled down notes on the clipboard
  13. >You wail as you toss and turn as it feels like your hands and feet are collapsing in on themselves, feeling as though your bones were pushing through your skin
  14. >With every bolt of energy connecting with your skin, you see dark blue fur ripple out and stand up where it makes contact
  15. >The doctor seems to be shouting something, but you can't quite hear him with all the noise the machines and the storm outside, plus with him frothing at the mouth like a rabid dog and flapping his lips like a deranged lunatic, you're not sure if you'd be able to understand him anyway
  16. >You feel your face deforming, as though someone or something had grabbed a hold of it and started pulling HARD
  17. >You look over to the doctor, with tears streaming down and dropping to the floor, and all you see is him in sheer ecstasy at your "transformation"
  18. >You kick about with your hooves flying and flailing aimlessly, your ears twitching all around with every crackle and jolt of electricity
  19. >You try to talk to the madman, but your tongue flops about, and all you let out is a long whinny as your hair grows into your sight, a lighter blue than the thicker hair on your body
  20. >You could've sworn that your ribs and spine were bubbling, cracking and pushing outwards as you look over your shoulder to see a tail growing rapidly, sharing it's colour with your hair
  21. >Just as the pain was growing too intense for you to handle with you being able to comprehend it, another lightning strike hit the house, overloading the powered on machines, frying them to uselessness
  22. >You fall to the floor, thumping against the tear-stained steel on your upper chest, your bottom half hitting it moments later
  23. >Wasting no time at all, you get up and run for it as the doctor rushes over, flashlight in mouth, clipboard in hand, and legs in a lunatic fringe
  24. >Hooves skidding on the ceramic tile outside of the darkened lab, you drift into the main halls of the house and feel your bottom hit the ground as the mad scientist tackles you from behind!
  25. >"Just hold still, you small pferd!" He growled out as his body slid towards the wall
  26. >You slide your left hindleg out, and give the fucker a good ol' buck to the face!
  27. >He screams in anguish, holding his head with his hands, blood and glass dropping onto the floor as you make your getaway
  28. >Your heart pounding like a war drum, you charge towards the entrance, slipping and breaking vases, tables and busts as you stampede through the victorian mansion
  29. >You get to the main foyer, but the door's tightly closed!
  30. >"Nothing can change you back, but I can change everything!" The doctor gloated as he stumbled in, his goggles busted, his lab coat stained with the blood raining down for his face like the storm raging outside
  31. >"...and besides anyways, I wasn't going to pay you at all" he snarks as he spits out a tooth
  32. >You needed to end him before he does *this* to anybody else!
  33. >You turn around to face him, bunching up the rugs as you quickly spring towards the stairs as you form a plan
  34. >He pulls an antique musket off the wall, aiming it at you as you gallop and jump from the second floor, hurdling over the hand rail like an olympian equestrian towards the chandelier
  35. >The musketball tears the chain of the chandelier apart, causing it to fall as you make contact with it
  36. >The doctor was brought down to the ground as the lights came down on him, spraying him with glass and breaking him even more
  37. >The windows exploded, letting the wind and rain flow in when the chandelier hit the floor
  38. >You squeeze yourself through the hole, a sharp pain bolting up your leg as you do
  39. >You leave a bloody trail as you race towards the nearby woods, never looking back to that forsaken place
  40. >You canter over the dead underbrush and leaves, darkness surrounding the edges of your vision, the fur on your right leg matted with blood from the shot
  41. >You slip and tumble as you reach the shores of a quiet lake, the storm ending, letting the moon shine through the clouds
  42. >You could've sworn that there was a horse on the face of the moon and that it winked at you as you passed out, the strain on your foreign muscles catching up to you
  43. >"So let me get this straight, you two." the veterinarian sighed out as she raised her hand to her head
  44. >"While you guys were out camping, you woke up, gone out to fish, and found this, for lack of a better word, 'pony'?"
  45. >"It's a good thing we did, doc! You seen it's leg, that was some fucked up shit, man!" the bearded man replied, clapping his hands together and rubbing them
  46. >"Like, who goes and shoots a perfectly healthy thing like *that*?" the chick pointed at you
  47. >"I don't even think horses of any kind are 'in season' for hunting at any time of the year!" she quickly adds
  48. >You are Arianne, and this has to be *the* craziest case that you've worked on, minus that one time where you got a fully grown cat out of a python!
  49. >"Well, while that maybe true, let's get to the facts." You state bluntly
  50. >"This pony is literally one of a kind, and it doesn't match any other species of horse on earth! At all!" You fume
  51. >"And to make matters even more convoluted, it wasn't shot with a bullet, but a musket!" You exclaim, holding up the small lead ball with your tweezers in a death grip to show these two hippie campers
  52. >"Hey, doc! Simmer down, man, You're scaring both of us" the bearded man said as he took a step back towards the door
  53. >He's right, so you close your eyes, take a long deep breath, and let it out
  54. >"Sorry, sorry. I got ahead of myself in this" you sigh as you look to the door for a camera crew to burst in at any moment
  55. >"Umm, Dr. Arianne? It seems like our pony buddy is waking up!" the chick squeals out as the small horse on the operating table shifts about
  56. >"Proper term is veterinarian, miss; and I concur" You say as slide over to the table on your stool, clicking on the penlight as you do
  57. >You are anonymous, again
  58. >You shift and stretch your body out
  59. >You catch a whiff of medicinal supplies, lavender, fallen timber and pee?
  60. >Wait, why can't you feel your finger or toes?
  61. >"Umm, Dr. Arianne? It seems like our pony buddy is waking up!" Some chick calls out
  62. >"Proper term is veterinarian, miss; and I concur" The vet mused
  63. >You open your eyes to see the good doctor quickly approaching you
  64. >Go figure, You're waking up, and you're still a horse!
  65. >Your ears flick to the sound of the stool rolling across the floor, and perk up at the crisp sharp *click*
  66. >You're practically blinded by the light shining into your huge eyes, and you back away from it
  67. "Jesus christ, that's bright!" you bark out as you feel a hand hold your back, pulling you in
  68. >"WHAT THE HECK! He talks?!" You hear the Vet call out to the other two people in the room
  69. >"Hey dude, we're just as surprised as you are" The bro with the beard remarked
  70. "Of course I can talk, I'm just like you! Minus the whole being a horse part, of course." You call back
  71. >"All right, since he can hold a conversation, can you two leave? I need to ask him some questions"
  72. >"Oh, come off it! We helped save his life!" the chick yelled
  73. "It's okay, Doc. They can stay if they want to." You say calmly
  74. "Also thanks for the save, guys" you gratefully reply
  75. >"No problem, mini horse. My name's Justin" He said, "and over there's Ashley" he called as he pointed her out
  76. >"And your name is..." Dr. Arianne asked while she spun her hand around
  77. "I wish I could tell you doc, but I'm drawing a blank" You sadly reply, your ears flopping down to the sides
  78. >"Wait, why aren't you giving him trouble for mis-titling you?" Ashley questioned
  79. "Because, A) He's a talking horse, and B) In this scenario, It's simpler that way" Arianne replied
  80. >"Let's take it from the top, then" She said coolly to you
  81. >"How'd you get shot in the leg?" She questioned
  82. >You take a deep breath in
  83. "Wew, mama, I've got a story for you all, and it's a big one"
  84. >"Wait, wait, wait, you used to be human?" Ashley interrupted
  85. "I don't know what the fuck that quack did for me to end up like *this*" You say as you wave your hooves downward, showing off your body
  86. "Besides, he's dead now, I hope" You remark
  87. >"What?!" Everyone else gasped
  88. >"How'd he die?" Arianne questioned, looking at you quizzically
  89. >"Well when I was making my getaway, I kicked him in the face, ran up the stairs, jumped towards the chandelier, he shot at me and brought it down on him. If he ain't dead, I'll be surprised" You drawl out
  90. >"And after that, you ran to the beach and passed out?" Arianne responded, writing down what you said in her notes
  91. "You got it, chief" You affirm
  92. >"Dude, that's badass!" Justin holds a hand out stretched in front of you
  93. >You give him the best high hoof you could
  94. >"Sorry for ruin your bro-mance, but I do have to see other patients" Arianne said sternly
  95. >"We don't even know how to take care of a horse and we don't even have the room for him!" Ashley cried out
  96. >"Yeah, we were kinda hoping that you could take care of him, doc" Justin nervously said, rubbing his head
  97. >"I'll make no promises what'll happen to him, but you'll still have to pay for my time and supplies" Dr. Arianne stated, then turned to you
  98. >"You'll be okay in here, for now at least. Get some rest, little guy" She said gently to you as she opened the door to the kennels
  99. >You trot in, looking around at the beat-up beds laying around the room and take a nap under the breeze of the fan and the light coming from the operating room
  100. >You wake up lying on the bed, and goddamn it, blinded again!
  101. >Oh wait, that's the summer sun and not a stupidly bright flashlight this time
  102. >It's pretty quiet, and you hear the whine of the fluorescent lights in the operating room and a light rhythmic tapping coming from the other side of the wall
  103. >Sticking your ear to the wall inquisitively, you listen in...
  104. >Looks like Arianne is having a little fun in being bored
  105. >After running it through your head in how it goes again, you give the connecting wall three swift taps, three slower ones then three swift ones again
  106. >You hear her get out of her seat, walk out of the room and open the door
  107. >"Welcome back to the land of the living" Arianne says with a smug grin on her face
  108. >You shoot her a silly smile back
  109. "What time is it anyways?"
  110. >"It's about quarter to five, and almost time for me to head on home" she says wistfully
  111. >"I guess I should get going, huh?" You ask, looking to her with a ear perked up
  112. >"If you weren't a talking technicolour horse the size of a golden retriever, I'd have to agree with you" she replies
  113. >"But I told the people you came in with that I'd take care of you, and I'm not leaving you with the animal shelter"
  114. "You make that sound like you don't live here, for the most part"
  115. >"That's because I don't. I'm only in town for one day a week and home for me is a couple hours north of this place, and plus, I don't really know where your home is at all" She states
  116. "So I guess it's time for a road trip then, eh?" You respond
  117. >"That's one way of putting it, I've got my workplace essentials all packed up and ready to go" she gleams
  118. "Well then, what are we waiting for? Let's ride!" You yell excitedly as the two of you walk and trot respectively out of the veterinarian's office into the summer heat
  119. >She opens the door and you hop into the SUV's back seat
  120. >"Before we go, are you sure about this? I'd be scared about what happened to me if I were you" Arianne asks, looking at you in the rear-view mirror with concern
  121. "I'll be fine, let's go" You mumble
  122. >You scoot yourself over to the window as she drives down the small town's main street, which doubled as a link to the major highway
  123. >You watch as the trees roll by, pondering if what that madman said was true, and a tear rolls down
  124. >You wipe it off with your fuzzy hoof, and keep watching wistfully
  125. >After a short while, you spot a landmark
  126. >It's a group offering goat rides to the higher mountains in the area
  127. "Hey, would you mind if we took a detour? I kind of want to see if I can grab my things, if they're still there, that is" You ask
  128. >"Sure, but let's not take too long. I want to get home before all the stores close" Arianne answers
  129. >As you turn onto the back roads, You guide her to the old creaky mansion that you escaped from earlier
  130. >She kills the engine, gets out, and opens the door so you can do the same
  131. >You feel the lightning of anxiety fill you up inside
  132. "Would you mind coming in with me? I don't feel comfortable going in there alone" You shakily say
  133. >"If it makes you feel any better, I wouldn't want to either. It looks like you did a whole lot of damage on your way out" She affirms
  134. >She walks up to the door, and tries the knob, but it's locked from the inside
  135. >"Hey, would you mind going in and unlocking the door for me? The broken windows are too small for me to get in through them" Arianne asks
  136. >You swallow a gulp and nod to her as you slip back into the mansion
  137. >You didn't really pay attention to the decor of the room as you walked in the first time, but the place would've looked lovely if it was took care of a little better
  138. >You trot over the broken, bent chandelier to see if he really did pass away but once you get over there, you freak out
  139. >Underneath the wreckage of the glided chandelier, you notice the madman's blood splattered everywhere and the smell of burning sulfur in the air
  140. >But his body is nowhere to be seen! That fucker was pinned down, and there was no way he could've moved it by himself!
  141. >Rapidly looking around, you try to find something that could unlock the door
  142. >Picking up a piece of the broken handrail, you use that to flip the lock upwards
  143. "He's Gone! He was right *there*, but now he isn't! Ohgodohgodohgod, this is so fucked!" You rapidly pointed and ramble hysterically
  144. >"Freaking out is going to get us nowhere! Let's get your things and get the hell out!" Arianne snaps back
  145. >Following the wreckage from your hasty getaway, you wind up at the lab
  146. >Looking around, You and Arianne noticed that it was ransacked, and any of the machines that could be moved easily were gone!
  147. >You grab your coat, and feel the heft of your stuff in it
  148. >Arianne's looking around, and she finds some errant notes, and a small, locked, and beat-up toolbox
  149. "What's that?" You ask
  150. >"Frankly, I don't know, but there's definitely something in it, and it isn't tools" she answers
  151. "Hold up, put it on the ground" You say
  152. >Arianne does, and you give it a swift buck, and the lock comes off easily, clinking a few feet away on the floor
  153. >A see-through orange bottle with pills rolls out along with a faded, yellowing piece of paper with some writing you can't understand
  154. >"Seems like this is a recipe of some sort of drug, probably whatever's in that bottle" She says with interest
  155. "Wait, how the hell could you read that? I couldn't write that badly, even if i tried to use my mouth!" You ask
  156. >Arianne flicks her wrist about, and says "After a long while of reading over chicken-scratched notes in class, you can find it pretty easy"
  157. >As you walk out of the house with your loot in tow and get back into the SUV, you and her look to the skies
  158. >Large black anvil shaped clouds had rolled in during the short time you were investigating
  159. >"We gotta get moving, that storm isn't gonna hold our hands while we go through the pass" Arianne says worriedly
  160. "It's a damn shame we couldn't find out more about what the hell happened to me, but this'll do for now." You sigh, your ears folding down to your head
  161. >"Look on the bright side, you got your stuff back, now we can find out who you were." She nervously smiles as she pulls away from the mansion
  162. >After fueling up at the gas station connecting the capillary highway to one of the more major ones, You and Arianne travel north along the long and lonesome road, with a slight drizzle slicking the roads
  163. >With her focusing on the road, and the radio cutting out every time the terrain got even slightly more rocky, you were simply bored
  164. >You decide to pull out your wallet out of your coat, which was easier said than done with how you happened to be a pony now
  165. >After a short while, you undo the velcro that was holding it closed with a satisfying *RIIIIP*
  166. >You see your admittedly handsome mug on the driver's licence and smile even though your current face isn't on there
  167. >Anon Y. Mous, gentleman extraordinare
  168. >That's who you were, now you're anonymous in name
  169. >Your ears start hurting as the rain pelting the SUV pound it like a metal drummer with an anger unknown to man
  170. >Arianne notices it too, as the windshield wipers take off a solid sheet of water every time they sweep outwards
  171. >"With the way the rain is going, they're going to close the highway for sure, and we don't have the food for the both of us to wait around until it does" Arianne guarantees
  172. >"In about 15 minutes, we're coming up on a couple of bridges running over some seriously shaky land, so I need you to keep calm, okay?" she says with a pleading tone
  173. "I'll try, but this rain is killing my head" You say as you bury your head into the jacket, trying to silence the roar
  174. >With every turn of the mountainous road, You learned what made it so dangerous
  175. >It wasn't just the fact that the grade of the road was steep, making every little bit of torque count, it was also that the weather and the mountains themselves could make this into a dire journey at any moment
  176. >Arianne had a grim,determined look on her face as she gunned it across the first bridge, spraying the water into the air up high
  177. >You watched in awe of this battle of woman versus nature with a lot of the blanket on the seat wrapped around your head to kill the noise from the rain
  178. >Then everything went white and the loud KA-THOOM of thunder exploded throughout the vehicle as the storm scored a direct hit on it
  179. >You did not take it well, at all, as you brayed and bucked about in a panicked frenzy
  180. >The engine had stalled out, but you were on solid land
  181. >Arianne had taken off her seat belt, and embraced you in her arms
  182. >"I used to be scared of thunderstorms, too" She admits as she stroked your light blue mane and scratched behind your ears
  183. >You catch your breathing as the pleasure of the veterinarian's soothing touch brings you back to reality
  184. >She moves back to the steering wheel, and revives the car with a little luck and a mighty Vroom!
  185. >You move up to the shotgun seat, wrapped in the blanket like a little pony burrito, and watch the raindrops fall and be illuminated by the red nightlights of the console
  186. >The second bridge was being flooded over, but time was short
  187. >As the two of you crossed it, you could hear the strain on the engine as it worked, revving up and down like a rower on the rapids, pushing you slowly across it
  188. >When it touched solid land and caught the ground, kicking up mud that'd washed up, the two of you cheered
  189. >You point out the flashing red and blue lights over the hill
  190. >Arianne tells you to hide in the back as she crests the hill behind the police barricade that had formed to keep the roads closed
  191. >After a brief moment of parting the thin blue line to let the two of you through, and a bit of congratulations on getting through the pass with the hell-storm raging, Arianne and you drove through the small city, not as casual tourists, but champions
  192. >The rain had let up once you reached the city proper, so when you reached Arianne's house, it was a slight drizzle, just enough to dampen the roads
  193. >Turns out her place was quite simple for someone who had a doctorate, it was a small house, with what looked to be two bedrooms
  194. >You unravel yourself from the blanket and grab your jacket, as Arianne opens the door to let you out
  195. >You make a small splash jumping out of the SUV and into a puddle that'd formed
  196. >You're a little shocked when the cold water hit your belly, but you tough it out
  197. >You trot into the house, and it's a comfy sight
  198. >Hardwood floors and warm lighting welcome you in from the cold, dark and rainy streets
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