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PvtCinnamonbun Jul 13th, 2014 231 Never
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  1. I’m at the point with Bomberman Hero where I need to play aggressively at all times. That means going for harder tricks, comparing strats, finding reference points, and lots of practice. Stuff like losing 6 seconds to a boss, missing easy jumps, or grabbing extra ledges are no longer acceptable. I’ve looked over some of my runs and I’ve come up with a list of things I mess up often enough that I need to practice. I also got a new controller and cleaned + lubricated it so this will serve as a way to wear in the new boy.
  3. Suicide strat (Hyper Room) [I get it often enough but it could be more consistent. Saves .5 seconds]
  4. All corner boosts (Hole Lake) [Missing a boost is an easily preventable .2 second loss]
  5. Red Devil dodge (Red Cave) [Over a second of time loss because I psyche myself out and it looks terrible]
  6. Swag Jump (Dark Woods) [Second gain that looks amazing]
  7. Adok Bomb skip grabless (Clown Valley) [Saves about a second]
  8. Air turn to fast grab to early grab (Great Rock) [Saves .5-1 seconds. I get it fairly often but it does need an actual setup]
  9. Fast nest throw (Great Rock) [Easy but could be better and I need to get better at dodging lightning]
  10. Fireball Launcher throw to grab (Great Rock) [Around 1-2 seconds that I need to get better at]
  11. Grab to slope (Great Rock) [Precise grab and dodge that saves less than a second. I need to know when I’m going to get knocked off]
  12. Landing on the radio (Fog Route) [Saves up to 2 seconds and it needs a reference point]
  13. Endol [I should practice for consistent 8700+]
  14. All corner boosts (Erars Lake) [I need to not be scared of corner boosting on this level]
  15. Grabless warp (Waterway) [Saves over a second and needs practice]
  16. Early land on teleporter (Rock n’ Road) [Landing on it earlier for a faster warp needs a reference point for the jump]
  17. Test the dice dodging (Rock n’ Road) [Need to figure out how wasteful dodges are and the margin of error for dodges]
  18. Early platform (Water Hole) [Needs reference point. Not sure how much faster it is but it is quite a bit]
  19. Not being a pussy (Dark Prison) [Play aggressively with the first platform and everything else in the level]
  20. Nitros 2 skid [1 second]
  21. Not being retarded (Killer Gate) [Not missing subs, being fast with subs, getting consistent jukes at the turret]
  22. Wiggle test (Spiral Tower) [Testing angles for time loss from rubbing against walls]
  23. Baruda [Consistent 8600+]
  24. Being aggressive (Magma Dam) [Being risky with my angles, getting even better with the jump and turn, remembering the bomb drop at the very end]
  25. Faster cage kick (Death Temple) [Kirkq keeps yelling at me about this]
  26. Gap jump (Death Road) [Reference point, saves barely any time]
  27. Switch throw (Float Zone) [Test margin for error]
  28. Red Guy throw (Aqua Tank) [Practice]
  29. Nitros 3 towers [Practice the fast strat to the point where I sometimes get double shield hit]
  30. Nitros 3 skid setup [1 second, needs reference points]
  31. Platform jumps (Crazy Coaster) [Setups for faster jumps and landings, jump to first immobile platform, that retarded strat, angles]
  32. No Bitch Strat (Dark Maze) [Practice setup, practice timing]
  33. Tower structure (Hard Coaster) [Compare what I do with what Kirkq does]
  34. 2 Push (Move Stone) [Find any sort of reference point to get this in runs because it saves 2 seconds and is impressive as fuck]
  35. Not being ass (Move Stone) [I mess up something small on this level way too much]
  36. Bolban [Consistent 8650+ and not getting hit]
  37. Test shrooms (Hopper Land) [I might be losing time with my route]
  38. Jump reference points (Junfalls) [Might be losing fractions here]
  39. Corner Boosts (Snowland) [I lose time by missing these; they need reference points]
  40. B. Locker Jump (Storm Valley) [lmao get good]
  41. Not being a bitch (Snow Circuit) [Getting Kirkq’s version of the fast start consistent, not bitching out of the final gauntlet of spin jumps]
  42. Hitting corner boosts (Heaven Sky) [I miss one on average and it’s a stupid time loss]
  43. Nitros 4 skid [1 second]
  44. Early air stream (Air Room) [Getting past the ledge quickly saves a lot of time]
  45. Good exit (Air Room) [My strat sucks; learn Kirkq’s]
  46. Test first platform (Zero-G Room) [Kirkq says it loses time to skip the grab but I’m not so sure]
  47. Get better overall (Mirror Room) [Sick of losing time to random stuff I mess up]
  48. Consistent Chronos 3 hit (Natia) [Not sure what I do to get this but I need to figure it out]
  49. Testing whip avoidance strats (Natia) [Dying kills a run 7 times over on this fight]
  50. Danceless (Natia) [Need to practice this throw]
  51. Chronos 2 Cycle [Double-check that my setup is as good as I can get it]
  52. Getting good (Nitros 5) [Fast towers and fast lock]
  53. Nitros 5 skid [.5 seconds]
  54. Not getting hit (Natia 2) [Mandatory to play how I want on Bagular 3]
  55. Natia 2 [Consistent 8800+]
  56. Bagular 1 lock [Practice my throws and teleports]
  57. Get lucky (TV Phase) [Making sure I’m in good positions and avoiding panic]
  58. The Arm (Bagular 3) [Getting better at the throws and recovering from missed ones]
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