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  1. standard.unknown=unknown
  3. standard.second=second
  4. standard.minute=minute
  5. standard.hour=hour
  8. standard.seconds=seconds
  9. standard.minutes=minutes
  10. standard.hours=hours
  11. standard.days=days
  13. standard.inamoment=moment
  14. standard.restoftime=The rest of time
  16. standard.for=for
  17. standard.reason=Reason: {0}
  19. standard.accept=Accept
  20. standard.deny=Deny
  22. standard.flying=flying
  23. standard.walking=walking
  25. standard.view=[View]
  26. standard.reply=[Reply]
  27. standard.delete=[Delete]
  29. standard.buyfrom=buy from the server
  30. standard.sellto=sell to the server
  32. standard.clicktoseemore=Click here to see more.
  34. standard.on=on
  37. standard.yesno.true=Yes
  38. standard.yesno.false=No
  40. standard.none=none
  41. standard.alljails=all jails
  43. startup.welcome=&fWelcome to {0} version {1}, running on Sponge API {2}. We''re glad you''re with us!
  44. startup.welcome2=&fWe''re now starting up. If you have any questions, visit our documentation site at
  45. startup.welcome3=&fYou can also add a message to our Sponge Forum thread, or visit us in Discord -
  46. startup.welcome4=&fDiscover a bug? Report it at - adding a copy of the file from &e/nucleus info \
  47.   &fto the report!
  48. startup.preinit={0} is now starting. Entering pre-init phase.
  49. startup.mixins-available=Nucleus Mixin companion plugin has been detected. Enhanced functionality is available.
  50. startup.mixins-notavailable=Nucleus Mixin companion plugin has not been detected.
  51. startup.postinit={0} is now entering the post-init phase.
  52. startup.moduleloading={0} is now loading and enabling modules. This may take a few seconds.
  53. startup.modulenotloaded={0} was unable to load modules and has aborted loading.
  54. startup.moduleloaded={0} has completed loading modules.
  55. startup.injectablenotloaded=The {0} was not loaded because of an injection error, but loading will continue.
  56. startup.started={0} has started.
  57. startup.stopped={0} is performing server shutdown tasks.
  59. standard.enabled=enabled
  60. standard.disabled=disabled
  62. standard.true=true
  63. standard.false=false
  65. standard.muted=muted
  67.{0}:{2} am ({1}:{2}h)
  68.{0}:{2} pm ({1}:{2}h)
  70. standard.action.delete=[Delete]
  71. standard.action.expire=[Expire]
  72. standard.action.return=[Return]
  74. standard.status.expired=(Expired)
  76. nucleus.module.disabled.forceload=The plugin {0} ({1}) has requested that the module {2} be disabled, but it''s set to force load, so it''s being loaded anyway.
  77. nucleus.module.disabled.forceloadtwo=Be aware: this might cause conflicts with the {0} and so things might not work perfectly.
  78. nucleus.module.disabled.modulerequest=The plugin {0} ({1} has requested that the module {2} be disabled. It will not be loaded.
  80. nucleus.injector.duplicate=Attempted to register the class {0} in Guice when it has already been registered. Skipping.
  82. in-game name of the player.
  83. nucleus.token.player=The in-game name of the player.
  84. nucleus.token.displayname=The display name, or nickname, of the player.
  85. nucleus.token.playerdisplayname=The in-game name of the player.
  86. nucleus.token.prefix=The player''s prefix, as defined by the "prefix" option in your permissions plugin.
  87. nucleus.token.suffix=The player''s suffix, as defined by the "suffix" option in your permissions plugin.
  88. nucleus.token.maxplayers=The maximum number of players your server can support.
  89. nucleus.token.onlineplayers=The number of players online on your server.
  90. nucleus.token.currentworld=The current world of the player, if a player is accessing this.
  91. nucleus.token.time=The current time in the world of the player, if a player is accessing this.
  92. nucleus.token.uniquevisitor=The estimated unique visitor count for the server.
  93. nucleus.token.ipaddress=The IP address of the user.
  95. nucleus.eventcancelled=&cA plugin cancelled that action. No reason was given.
  97. loader.mixinrequired.command=Will not load the command "{0}", requires mixin plugin.
  98. loader.mixinrequired.listener=Will not load the listener "{0}", requires mixin plugin.
  99. loader.mixinrequired.runnable=Will not load the runnable "{0}", requires mixin plugin.
  101. loader.nomixinrequired.command=Will not load the command "{0}", requires that there is no mixin plugin.
  102. loader.nomixinrequired.listener=Will not load the listener "{0}", requires that there is no mixin plugin.
  103. loader.nomixinrequired.runnable=Will not load the runnable "{0}", requires that there is no mixin plugin.
  105. warmup.start=&aWarmup started. Your command will be executed in &e{0}&a.
  106. warmup.both=&aDo not move or run a command.
  107. warmup.onMove=&aDo not move.
  108. warmup.onCommand=&aDo not run a command.
  109. warmup.end=&aCompleted warmup. Executing command.
  110. warmup.cancel=&cYour warmup has been cancelled.
  112. freeze.cancelmove=&cYou cannot move while frozen.
  113. freeze.cancelinteract=&cYou cannot interact with entities while frozen.
  114. freeze.cancelinteractblock=&cYou cannot interact with block while frozen.
  116. blacklist.confiscate.single=&c{0} is blacklisted. You may not hold this item.
  117. blacklist.confiscate.multiple=&cSome of the blocks/items are blacklisted and cannot be held, including the {0}.
  118. blacklist.environment.single=&c{0} is blacklisted. You may not interact with, mine or place this item.
  119. blacklist.environment.multiple=&cSome of the blocks/items are blacklisted and cannot be interacted with, including the {0}.
  120. blacklist.use.single=&c{0} is blacklisted. You may not use or consume this item.
  121. blacklist.use.multiple=&cSome of the blocks/items are blacklisted and cannot be used or consumed, including the {0}.
  123. globalmute.novoice=&cYou cannot speak as the server is globally muted.
  125. here to open the URL &b&o{0} &rin your web browser.
  126. chat.url.malformed=Unable to parse the URL {0}, it will not be clickable.
  127. here to run the command &b&o{0}
  128. chat.command.clicksuggest=Click here to put the command &b&o{0} &rinto your chat box.
  130. name.hover.ign=&eIGN: &f{0}
  131. name.hover.command=&eClick to suggest: &f&o{0}
  133. cooldown.message=&cYou can''t run this command for another &e{0}&c.
  135. cost.complete=&aYou were charged &e{0}&a to run that command.
  136. cost.refund=&aYou were refunded &e{0}&a.
  137. cost.error=&cThe command could not be run due to an error with the Economy service.
  138. cost.nofunds=&cYou do not have the required &e{0} &cto run that command.
  140. core.savetask.starting=Starting Nucleus save task...
  141. core.savetask.complete=Saving complete.
  143. could not deserialise custom data on {0}. The data has been temporarily removed.
  144. config.itemstacksnapshot.unable=Sponge could not deserialise the {0}. It has been temporarily removed.
  146. config.modules=Set each module to {0} (load unless another plugin requests it should be disabled), {1} (always load regardless, plugins cannot disable) or (2) (never load).
  147. config.cooldown=Time, in seconds, that a player has to wait between uses of this command. Set to 0 to disable.
  148. config.warmup=Time, in seconds, that a player has to wait without moving or using other commands before their command will execute. Set to 0 to disable.
  149. config.cost=Cost of a command that a player has to pay to use the command. The cost will only be deducted if successful. Set to 0 to disable.
  150. config.enabled=Sets whether a command is enabled.
  151. config.aliases=The commands below are aliases of these commands. Set to false to disable them.
  152. config.custommessages=If true, a "messages.conf" file will be generated and used to define custom messages.
  154. "true", Nucleus will attempt to modify the chat
  155. default colour for a player''s name if the "namecolour" permission option isn''t set on the player or group. Takes the same input as the "chatcolour" option \
  156. set to "" to retain default behaviour (no change of colour). Do not include the "&" character.
  157. default styles for a player''s name if the "namestyle" permission option isn''t set on the player or group. Takes \
  158.   the same input as the "namestyle" option, set to "" to retain default behaviour (no style). Do not include the "&" character. Multiple styles \
  159.   must be separated by commas.
  160. default colour for a player''s chat if the "chatcolour" permission option isn''t set on the player or group. Takes the same input as the "namecolour" option \
  161. set to "" to retain default behaviour (no change of colour). Do not include the "&" character.
  162. default styles for a player''s chat if the "chatstyle" permission option isn''t set on the player or group. Takes the same input as the "chatstyle" option \
  163. set to "" to retain default behaviour (no style). Do not include the "&" character. Multiple styles must be separated by commas.
  164.'Sets the prefix to a message. {{prefix}} - prefix (set as an option in a permission plugin), {{suffix}} - suffix (set as an option in a permission plugin), {{name}} - real name, {{displayname}} - display name'
  165.'Sets the suffix to a message. {{prefix}} - prefix (set as an option in a permission plugin), {{suffix}} - suffix (set as an option in a permission plugin), {{name}} - real name, {{displayname}} - display name'
  166. default chat template if no group templates apply.
  167. templates override the default chat template based on the users group. Note that the group name is case sensitive.\n\
  168. Weight matters, the player will use the highest weighted template in this list that matches a group they are in, including inherited groups. If the same weight \
  169. is used on two or more entries, the group with the most parents will be used.
  170. weight of the template. A higher number will take priority over lower numbers when two templates could apply to the same player because \
  171. they are in the both groups.
  172. "true", then Nucleus will select the most appropriate group template for a player when they send a chat message. If it''s false \n\
  173. the default template will always be used, but there will be a performance gain because a player''s groups not not have to be retrieved from the permission plugin. \n\
  174. Turn this off if you are getting severe performance problems when someone chats, it''s usually due to a misbehaving permissions plugin.
  175. true, Nucleus will take the message and try to apply it''s own transforms to it. This may overwrite other plugins who do processing super early, so turn this off if you are having problems.
  176. true, Nucleus will prepend it''s prefixes/headers with those already set buy other plugins. If false, it will overwrite them.
  177. true, Nucleus will prepend it''s suffixes/footers with those already set buy other plugins. If false, it will overwrite them.
  178. prefix to use when someone uses "/me".
  179. mods and plugins move the Minecraft player prefix to the main message body. If this is the case, turn this on, and Nucleus \n\
  180.   will try to remove it.
  182. config.environment.maxweathertime=The maximum amount of time that the weather can be set to last, in seconds. Set to -1 for no restriction.
  184. config.connection.reservedslots=The maximum number of reserved slots that can be used. Set to -1 for unlimited.
  185. config.connection.whitelistmessage=If this is not empty, the message to send to players when the server is whitelisted.
  187. config.afk.time=The amount of time, in seconds, of inactivity before the player will be marked as AFK. Set to 0 to disable, or use the permission "nucleus.afk.exempt.toggle".
  188. config.afk.timetokick=The amount of time, in seconds, of inactivity before the player will be kicked. Set to 0 to disable, or use the permission "nucleus.afk.exempt.kick".
  189. config.afk.whenvanished=If true, the server will announce when players go AFK, even when vanished. If false, only non-vanished players can go AFK.
  190. config.afk.oncommandsend=If true, any player that tries to use a command that might require the target to do something will be told if the target is AFK.
  191. config.afk.messages.base=If any of the messages tht would be broadcast to the server are blank, they will not be sent.
  192. config.afk.playerkicked=The message sent to a player when kicked for inactivity.
  193. config.afk.messagetobroadcastonkick=If empty, no message will be sent.
  194. config.afk.broadcastonkick=If true, the server will be informed when a player is kicked for inactivity, else, just those with the nucleus.afk.notify permissions
  196. config.warps.separate=If this is set to true, each warp has its own permission node - nucleus.warps.<name>.
  197. config.warps.cost=The default cost for a warp. Can be overriden using /warp setcost <warp> <cost>
  198. true, using /warp will attempt to find a safe place. If false, the teleportation will always directly send the player to the location with no safety checks.
  199. config.warps.categories=If true, warps will be displayed by category in /warp list.
  200. config.warps.descinlist=If true, the warp description will be shown in /warp list, and the co-ords will be shown in the tooltip on hover.
  202. config.kits.mustgetall=If this is true, "drop-items-if-inventory-full" will be ignored, and the kit will only be consumed if everything can be consumed.
  203. config.kits.separate=If this is set to true, each kit has its own permission node - nucleus.kits.<name>.
  204. config.kits.full=If true, any items that couldn''t be placed in the player''s inventory will be dropped on the floor around them.
  205. config.kits.process-tokens='If true, any tokens such as {{name}} and {{displayname}} will be translated on item names and lore, if they exist, when kits are redeemed.'
  207. config.jail.commands=The commands that players are allowed to execute in jail. Do not include the slash.
  208. config.jail.muteWhenJailed=If true, the player will be muted when in jail.
  209. config.jail.countonlineonly=If true, jail time will only tick down when players are online.
  211. config.broadcast.template='The prefix and suffix when sending a broadcast message. Accepts chat tokens such as {{displayname}}, {{name}}, etc.'
  212. config.broadcast.msg=No longer used. Should be deleted.
  214. true, teleporting tries to find a safe place for players.
  215. config.teleport.warmup=The time, in seconds, that a player must remain still before teleportation. Players with "nucleus.teleport.exempt.warmup" or admin permissions will be exempt from this.
  216. config.command.teleport.warmup=Teleportation warmups must be set in the main config.
  217. command.teleport.noofflineperms=&cYou do not have permission to teleport to offline player locations.
  218. command.teleport.nolastknown=&cCould not get last known location for {0}.
  219. command.teleport.offline.self=&aYou teleported to &f{0}''s &alast known location.
  220. command.teleport.offline.other={0} &awas teleported to &f{1}''s &alast known location.
  221. command.teleport.error=&cUnable to perform the requested warp.
  223. command.tphere.noofflineperms=&cYou do not have permission to teleport offline players to your location.
  224. command.tphere.couldnotset=&cCould not set the new location of the offline player &f{0} &cto your location.
  225. command.tphere.offlinesuccess={0} &awill be at your current location upon next login.
  227. config.nicknames.min=The minimum number of visible characters that the nickname can be.
  228. config.nicknames.max=The maximum number of visible characters that the nickname can be.
  229. config.nicknames.prefix=A prefix to any nickname that is displayed in chat.
  230. config.nicknames.pattern=A regular expression that limits what form the nickname can take. If Nucleus fails to read the regex here, the default of "[a-zA-Z0-9_]+" \
  231. (the same restriction as Minecraft usernames) will be used. To allow all characters, use ".+".
  233. config.home.safeTeleport=If true, Nucleus will attempt to ensure that users do not get warped into an unsafe situation (for example, if someone breaks blocks around a home).
  234. config.home.respawnAtHome=If true, on respawn, a player will spawn back at their default home (named "home") if it exists.
  236. config.debugmode=Enables debug mode, which will cause stack traces from commands to be printed to the console.
  238. config.playerinfo.list.groups=If enabled, list players by their groups.
  239. config.playerinfo.list.defaultname=If listing by groups is enabled, the group name to display when a player is not in a group.
  240. config.playerinfo.list.groupaliases=If listing by groups is enabled, then any group listed here (on the left side of an equals sign) will be given the display name on \
  241. the right hand side.\nMultiple groups can be given the same alias, they will be grouped together.
  242. config.playerinfo.list.aliasonly=If true, if an alias hasn''t been defined for a group in the `group-aliases` section, it''s considered as part of the `default` group.
  243. config.playerinfo.list.grouporder=Any group aliases in this list will be listed in this order, above all other groups, which will be displayed in alphabetical order below.
  244. config.playerinfo.list.multicraft=Enable this if you are using Multicraft. This will run /minecraft:list when /list is run on the console.
  245. config.playerinfo.seen.extended=If true, the permission "nucleus.seen.extended" is required for all information that comes from modules. If false, information will be displayed \
  246. based on the command permissions a player has (so, a player with check ban rights can see banning information).
  248. config.jump.maxdist=The maximum distance a player can move using the /jump command. Negative values mean infinite - use with care.
  249. config.thru.maxdist=The maximum distance a player can move using the /thru command. Negative values mean infinite - use with care.
  251. config.connectionmessages.firsttime=This message uses all the standard Minecraft colour codes, prefixed by "&". Use '"{{name}}"' for the new player''s name.
  252. config.connectionmessages.loginmessage=Shown when a user logs in. This message uses all the standard Minecraft colour codes, prefixed by "&". Use '"{{name}}"' for the player''s name.
  253. config.connectionmessages.logoutmessage=Shown when a user logs out. This message uses all the standard Minecraft colour codes, prefixed by "&". Use '"{{name}}"' for the player''s name.
  254. config.connectionmessages.enablelogout=Enables changing the logout message.
  255. config.connectionmessages.enablelogin=Enables changing the login message.
  256. config.connectionmessages.enablefirst=Enables the first time login message.
  257. config.connectionmessages.disablepermission=If true, those with the "nucleus.connectionmessages.disable" permission will not trigger login/logout messages.
  258. config.connectionmessages.displayprior=If true, will inform players on the server when a player logs on and a name change has been detected.
  259. config.connectionmessages.displaypriormessage=The message to display to players if a name change has been detected. 'Use {{previousname}} as the token for the player''s previous name.'
  261. config.mobspawn.maxamt=The maximum number of mobs that can be spawned using /spawnmob.
  262. config.mobspawn.permob=If true, Nucleus will make an additional permission check to check whether a player can spawn a mob.\n\
  263. The permission is "nucleus.spawnmob.mobs.<mobid>", where the mobid has any ":" (colons) replaced with "." (period). So, the permission to spawn a creeper would be \n\
  264. "nucleus.spawnmob.mobs.minecraft.creeper". This allows server owners to allow all vanilla mobs with the permission "nucleus.spawnmob.mobs.minecraft".
  265. config.blockspawn.category=Controls the mobs that cannot be spawned. Each section is world specific, with the key being the world name in question, which is case sensitive.
  266. config.blockspawn.vanilla=If true, all vanilla mobs will be blocked in this world.
  267. config.blockspawn.ids=The full IDs of the mobs to block. Minecraft mobs have an id starting with "minecraft:"
  269. config.message.helpop.prefix=The prefix to any message received via /helpop.
  270. config.message.socialspy.prefix='The prefix for messages sent to social spies. Use {{from}} and {{to}} for the message sender/receiver, {{fromDisplay}} or {{toDisplay}} for the display names.'
  271. config.message.sender.prefix='The prefix for sent messages. This is displayed to the sender. Use {{from}} and {{to}} for the message sender/receiver, {{fromDisplay}} or {{toDisplay}} for the display names.'
  272. config.message.receiver.prefix='The prefix for received messages. This is displayed to the receiever. Use {{from}} and {{to}} for the message sender/receiver, {{fromDisplay}} or {{toDisplay}} for the display names.'
  273. config.message.socialspy.mutedshow=If true, show messages that players try to send and are cancelled (usually due to being muted).
  274. config.message.socialspy.mutedtag=The tag to show at the beginning of a Social Spy message when a player is muted (or otherwise has the message cancelled).
  275. config.message.socialspy.playeronly=If true, only messages sent by players will be visible via Social Spy.
  276. config.message.socialspy.levels=If true, Nucleus will check the "nucleus.socialspy.level" option on the subject for an integer level. A level can see their messages from and to players with levels below their own, \n\
  277. unless "same-levels-can-see-each-other" is set to true, in which case, social spies can see messages from their own level. Players have a default level of 0.
  278. config.message.socialspy.serverlevels=Sets the social spy level of the server and any custom message targets.
  279. config.message.socialspy.samelevel=If true, and "use-levels" is true, players with social spy will also see messages from players at their own level.
  280. config.message.socialspy.serverlevel=The server''s social spy level.
  281. config.message.socialspy.customlevel=The social spy level of any custom target that has been registered through the API.
  282. config.message.socialspy.spyon=Controls the types of *sender* that can be spied on.
  284. config.back.ondeath=Log player''s location on death.
  285. config.back.onteleport=Log player''s last location on warp.
  286. config.back.onportal=Log player''s last location after travelling through a portal.
  288. config.blacklist.environment=If true, blacklisted items and blocks cannot be interacted with, mined, or placed.
  289. config.blacklist.possession=If true, blacklisted items cannot exist in a player''s inventory, be dropped, or picked up.
  290. config.blacklist.use=If true, blacklisted items and blocks cannot be used or interacted with.
  291. config.blacklist.use-replacement=If true, blacklisted items will be replaced with the ItemType specified.
  292. config.blacklist.replacement=If use-replacement is set to true, this ItemType will replace any blacklisted item taken from a player.
  293. config.blacklist.blockedactions=These are global toggles, if any are false, the related listeners will be turned off.
  295. config.rules.title=The rules page title.
  297. config.serverlist.modify=If true, when a prospective player pings the server on the multiplayer server list, one of the messages in the list below \
  298. will be sent to the player.
  300. config.serverlist.messages='Potential messages that could be sent to the player. To split over two lines, include \\n where you want the line break \
  301.   to appear.'
  303. config.serverlist.whitelistmessages='Potential messages that could be sent to the player when the server is whitelisted. To split over two lines, \
  304.   include \\n where you want the line break to appear.\n\nIf no entries are here, the MOTD will use the `server-list-messages` list.'
  305. config.serverlist.hidevanished=If true, any player that is vanished on the server will not appear in the online player list on the server list.
  306. config.serverlist.hideall=If true, the player count will not be displayed.
  308. config.staffchat.template='The prefix to the staff chat message. Use the following tokens: {{prefix}} - prefix (set as an option in a permission \
  309.   plugin), {{suffix}} - suffix (set as an option in a permission plugin), {{name}} - real name, {{displayname}} - display name.'\n\
  310.   If "include-standard-chat-formatting" is set to "true", the formatting will be appended to this prefix.
  312. config.staffchat.colour=A Minecraft colour code the denotes the colour to display Staff Chat channel messages in.
  313. config.staffchat.includestd=If true, Nucleus will include all the normal chat tags in the message, in addition to the prefix.
  315. config.motd.onjoin=If true, show players the MOTD as defined in "motd.txt" when they log onto the server.
  316. config.motd.delay=The amount of time to wait (in seconds) before sending the MOTD to a player who has just logged in.
  317. config.motd.title=The title to show at the top of each MOTD page. Colour codes are supported. If blank, this hides the title completely.
  318. config.motd.pagination=If false, this disables the pagination system for the MOTD. Set this to false if you have one page, do not want a title, and do not want the << >> marks to appear, \
  319. otherwise, it is recommended to set this to true.
  321. true, when a player runs "/info", the section specified in "default-info-section" will be used, that is, /info will work the same as /info <default-section>. \n\
  322. The list of sections can still be viewed by running "/info -l", if the user has the "" permission. If false, or the section does not exist, this list is shown, regardless of this permission.
  323. "use-default-info-section" is true, this section is displayed when a player runs "/info", not the section list.
  325. config.commandlogger.source.base=If any option is true, log commands from the source.
  326. config.commandlogger.whitelist=If true, the "command-filter" containing the list of commands to be logged is a whitelist (command must be specfied to be logged), not a blacklist.
  327. config.commandlogger.list=A comma separated list of commands in the blacklist or whitelist (see whitelist option). Only one alias per command is required.
  328. config.commandlogger.file=If true, will log commands to files at /logs/nucleus/commands
  330. config.chatlog.enable=Whether to actually perform any logging.
  331. chat messages to the log file.
  332. config.chatlog.mail=Log mail messages to the log file.
  333. config.chatlog.message=Log private messages to the log file.
  334. true, Nucleus will try to remove any text formatted in blue and underlined that Minecraft has tried to \
  335.   turn into a link.
  337. config.mute.blocked=Commands to block when muted. This is in addition to chat and /m already being blocked.
  338. config.mute.seemutedchat=If true, those with the "nucleus.mute.seemutedchat" permission will see chat from those who are muted.
  339. config.mute.seemutedchattag=The tag to prepend any cancelled/muted messages with.
  340. config.mute.maxmutelength=The maximum length a mute may last for (in seconds) unless the user handing the mute has a bypass permission. Set to -1 for no maximum.
  341. config.mute.countonlineonly=If true, mute time will only tick down when players are online.
  343. config.tempban.maxtempbanlength=The maximum length a temporary ban may last for (in seconds) unless the user handing the mute has a bypass permission. Set to -1 for no maximum.
  345. config.warn.actioncommand=The command to execute when a player has a specific number of warnings.
  346. config.warn.showonlogin=If true, players will be shown all their warnings when they login. If false, they will not.
  347. config.warn.expire=If true, a record of players warnings will be kept as ''expired warnings''. If false, they will not.
  348. config.warn.minwarnlength=The minimum length a warning will last before expiring (in seconds). Set to -1 for no minimum.
  349. config.warn.maxwarnlength=The maximum length a warning may last for (in seconds). Set to -1 for no maximum.
  350. config.warn.defaultlength=The default length a warning is set to if no length is provided (in seconds). Set to -1 for no maximum.
  351. config.warn.warningsbeforeaction=The number of active warnings a player must accumulate before the action command is executed. Set to -1 to disable.
  353. config.note.showonlogin=If true, users with the permission nucleus.note.showonlogin will be shown a users notes when they login. If false, they will not.
  355. config.teleport.quiet=If true, by default, a target player will not be informed that they have been /teleport ed to. Override using "-q false"
  357. config.spawn.worlds=If true, players require the permission "nucleus.spawn.worlds.<worldname>" to spawn in a specific world, where worldname is the name of the world in lowercase.
  358. true, using /spawn will attempt to find a safe place. If false, the teleportation will always directly send the player to the location with no safety checks.
  359. config.spawn.onlogin=If true, players will be sent to the default world spawn on login, unless they are sent to the first login spawn, or they have the "nucleus.spawn.exempt.onjoin" permission.
  360. section controls whether respawning and /spawn work on a per world or global server basis
  361. true, running /spawn sends the player to the world specified in "target-spawn-world", if false, sends them to the world spawn.
  362. true, respawning (like from death) sends the player to the world specified in "target-spawn-world", if false, sends them to the world spawn.
  363. name of the world to use as the server spawn. If this is invalid, the default world is used instead.
  364. "spawn-on-login" is on and this is true, sends the player to the world specified in "target-spawn-world" when they log in.
  366. config.spawn.forcefirstspawn=If true, then Nucleus will attempt to force players joining for the first time to spawn at the *direct point* that first spawn has been set.\n\
  367.   Only set this if you want Nucleus to override all other plugins on first spawn.
  369. true, if a player is flying when they disconnect, this state is remembered. If false, this information is only retained between player disconnects if /fly was used.
  370. true, in order to keep fly state on login, the permission for the fly command ( is required. If false, a player without access to the \
  371.   /fly command will fall to the ground on login if they are in the air.
  372. true, and the player isn''t flying and the player is in the air, Nucleus will try to find a safe location to place the player.
  374. config.god.permissiononlogin=If true, in order to keep invulnerability on login, the permission for the god command (nucleus.god.base) is required. If false, a player without access to the \
  375.   /god will not be invulnerable on login.
  377. config.rtp.attempts=The number of times to try to find a safe teleport spot when using /rtp before failing. Setting this too low may cause a high rate of failures.
  378. config.rtp.radius=The radius from the centre of the world/world border where /rtp can warp to. This will not override the world border radius.
  379. config.rtp.surface=If true, /rtp will only try to teleport players to the surface, and not into caves.
  380. config.rtp.min-y=The minimum Y value that can be teleported to.
  381. config.rtp.max-y=The maximum Y value that can be teleported to.
  382. config.rtp.perworldperms=If true, Nucleus will check the permission "<worldname>" (where worldname is in lower case) before \
  383. allowing an RTP attempt to go through.
  384. config.rtp.perworldsect=If a world is listed below with a valid config section, it will take precedence over the global section. World names should \
  385. be lower case (so, standard nether should be "dim-1".\n\nCopy the example block and paste it below, with the correct world name, to set the \
  386. per-world options.
  387. config.rtp.defaultworld=If this is set, and the world name here matches one of your worlds (case-sensitive!), then `/rtp` will default to use the \
  388. world specified here. Otherwise, the player''s current world will be used.
  390. true, cancel a user''s warmup on...
  391. config.core.warmup.move=movement
  392. config.core.warmup.command=running a command
  393. config.core.commandonname='If set, this command will be suggested if a player clicks on the user name in chat in templated messages. Use {{player}} to indicate the player name.'
  394. config.core.kickonstop.flag=If true, Nucleus will kick all users just prior to the server stopping.
  395. config.core.kickonstop.message=The message to display to players when restarting the server. Overridden when using the /stop [reason] command.
  396. config.core.safeteleport=These parameters define how far out to check from a specific point when performing a warp. Larger numbers mean that a wider area is checked, \
  397. but large numbers will cause server lag. The defaults are sufficient in most cases.
  398. config.core.consoleoverrides=If true, commands executed by the console can affect players that normally have an exempt permission against the command.
  400. config.misc.speed.max=Sets the maximum speed that a player can set via the /speed command.
  402. config.servershop.maxpurchasable=The maximum amount a player can buy in one transaction.
  404. config.itemdatanode.aliases=A set of aliases that Nucleus recognises for this item. They all must be lowercase, and contain only letters, numbers, hyphens or underscores.
  405. config.itemdatanode.blacklist.environment=Prevents the mining or placing of an item in the world.
  406. config.itemdatanode.blacklist.possesion=Prevents the item being possessed.
  407. config.itemdatanode.blacklist.block-use=Prevents the item being used.
  409. config.item.skullcompat=If true, Nucleus will simply treat /skull as an alias to '"/give [player] skull [number] 3 {SkullOwner:[skullplayer]}"'
  411. config.geoip.onlogin=If true, Nucleus will tell players with the "nucleus.geoip.login" permission the country the player is connecting via. Please be considerate with this permission, do not give it to everyone.
  413. config.commandspy.template=The prefix to use when displaying the player''s command.
  414. config.commandspy.usewhitelist=If true, only display commands from the whitelist. If false, show all commands to all command spies.
  415. config.commandspy.whitelist=The whitelist of commands to spy on.
  417. positive, any new worlds that are created using "/world create" (or "/nworld create") will automatically get a world border that has this diameter (that is, from border to border). Set to 0 or a negative number to disable.
  418. true and using NucleusMixins, world generation will warn players on the server that a pre-generation is in progress periodically.
  420. config.gamemode.separate=If true, then changing gamemode using the /gm command requires an extra permission to change to the target gamemode - "nucleus.gamemode.modes.<gamemode>"
  422. crop trampling.
  423. true, mob griefing will be disabled except for the entities listed in the whitelist (which should be done by mob ID).
  424. true, Nucleus will attempt to prevent Player-Player collisions.
  426. config.vanish.connectionmessages=If true, players who leave or join the server under vanish will not have a login or logout message broadcast.
  428. config.deathmessages.enable=If "false", death messages will be turned off when someone dies.
  429. config.deathmessages.showall=If "true", Nucleus will try to make sure that everyone sees death messages.
  431. afk.kickreason=You have been kicked for being AFK for too long.
  433. # Arguments
  434. args.warpcategory.noexist=&cThe warp category {0} does not exist.
  436. args.catalogtype.nomatch=&c{0} is not a valid argument.
  438. args.itemarg.orphanedarg=&cThe alias "{0}" points to the item id "{1}" which is no longer present on the server.
  439. args.itemarg.nomatch=&cThere are no aliases or IDs named "{0}".
  441. args.jail.nojail=&cThat jail does not exist.
  443. args.home.nohome=&cThe home "{0}" does not exist.
  444. args.homeother.notenough=&cA player and a home must be specified.
  445. args.homeother.exempt=&cThat user is exempt from that action.
  447. args.warning.nouserarg=&cA user to remove warnings from must be specified.
  448. args.warning.nouser=&cThe user &4{0} &cdoes not exist.
  449. args.warning.nowarndata=&cThe warning ID &4{0} &cdoes not exist, check again in &4/warnings {1}.
  450. args.warning.noindex=&cSpecify the warning ID, check the ID in &4/warnings {0}.
  451. args.warning.nouserwarnings=&cThe user &4{0} &cdoes not have any warnings.
  452. args.warning.indexnotnumber=&cThe warning ID must be a number.
  454. args.note.nouserarg=&cA user to remove notes from must be specified.
  455. args.note.nouser=&cThe user &4{0} &cdoes not exist.
  456. args.note.nonotedata=&cThe note ID &4{0} &cdoes not exist, check again in &4/notes {1}.
  457. args.note.noindex=&cSpecify the note ID, check the ID in &4/notes {0}.
  458. args.note.nousernotes=&cThe user &4{0} &cdoes not have any notes.
  459. args.note.indexnotnumber=&cThe note ID must be a number.
  461. args.playerconsole.nouser=&cThe user {0} does not exist. Use "-" for the console.
  462. args.playerconsole.noexist=&cThat player does not exist. Use "-" for the console.
  464. args.warps.noexist=&cThat warp does not exist.
  465. args.warps.noperms=&cYou do not have permissions to warp there.
  466. args.warps.notavailable=&cThat warp is not available right now.
  467. Name
  469. args.kit.noname=&cPlease provide a name for the kit.
  470. args.kit.noexist=&cThat kit does not exist.
  471. args.kit.noperms=&cYou do not have permissions to use that kit.
  473. weather must be one of {0}.
  475. args.worldtime.error=&cCould not determine the world time from the input {0}.
  476. args.worldtime.24herror=&cHour out of range, it must be between 0 and 23.
  477. args.worldtime.12herror=&cHour out of range, it must be between 1 and 12.
  478. args.worldtime.ticks=&cTicks out of range, it must be between 0 and 23999.
  480. args.permission.deny=&cYou don''t have permission for the {0} argument.
  482. args.mailfilter.player=&cCould not filter on the player {0}.
  484. args.twoplayer.notenough=&cTwo players are required.
  485. args.twoplayer.noexist=&cThe player {0} is not online.
  487. args.timespan.notime=&cNo time was specified
  488. args.timespan.incorrectformat=&cCould not parse "{0}" - must use w, d, h, m and/or s in that order.
  490. args.user.nouser=&cCould not find user with the name "{0}".
  491. args.user.none=&cA user was not supplied.
  492. args.user.toomany=&cToo many users that start with the name "{0}" were found.
  494. args.message.none=&cA message was not supplied.
  496. args.positiveint.negative=&cThe argument must be a positive number.
  497. argument cannot be zero.
  499. args.explevel.error=&cThe argument must be a number prefixed with "l" or "lv".
  501. args.worldproperties.default=&eNo world was specified - the default was used.
  502. args.worldproperties.noexist=&cThe world &e{0}&c does not exist.
  503. args.worldproperties.noexistdisabled=&cThe world &e{0}&c must be disabled before you use this command.
  504. args.worldproperties.notloaded=&cThe world &e{0} &cmust be loaded before you can use this command.
  506. args.gamemode.error=&e"{0}" is not a valid gamemode.
  508. args.boundedinteger.outofbounds=&cThe number must be between {0} and {1}.
  509. args.boundedinteger.nonumber=&cThe argument must be a number.
  511. args.gameprofile.none=&cThere are no users with the name {0}.
  512. args.gameprofile.format=&cThe name is not of the right format.
  514. args.permissiongroup.noservice=&cNo permissions plugin is installed.
  515. args.permissiongroup.nogroup=&cThe group "{0}" does not exist.
  517. is no info page with the name "{0}".
  519. args.difficulty.notfound=&cThe difficulty {0} does not exist.
  520. args.dimensiontype.notfound=&cThe dimension type {0} does not exist.
  522. args.selector.notarget=&cThere were no valid targets chosen by this selector.
  524. args.uuid.notvalid.malformed=&cThat is not a valid UUID.
  525. args.uuid.notvalid.nomatch=&cThat UUID is not valid for this command.
  527. commandlog.message={0} ran the command: /{1} {2}
  528. commandlog.couldnotwrite=Could not write log entry to Nucleus log file
  530.[Chat] {0}: {1}
  531. chatlog.message=[Message] {0} -> {1}: {2}
  532. chatlog.mail=[Mail] {0} -> {1}: {2}
  534. # Commands
  536. # Exception
  537. command.exception.nomoreinfo=&cThere was an error executing this command: no more information was given.
  538. command.exception.unexpected=&cUnexpected error running this command: {0}
  539. command.exception.multiple=&cThere were multiple errors executing this command:
  540. command.exception.separator=&c-----------
  541. command.exception.fromcommand=&c&oException from &e/{0}
  542. command.exception.usage=&cUsage: &e{0}
  543. command.exception.subcommands=&cSubcommands: &e{0}
  545. # Usage
  546. command.usage.module=&eModule: &f{0} &e(ID: &f{1}&e)
  547. command.usage.header=&aUsage for &e/{0}
  548. command.usage.playeronly=&eThe command can only be run by players.
  549. command.usage.mixin=&eThis command requires the installation of the Nucleus Mixin plugin.
  550. command.usage.summary=&eSummary:
  551. command.usage.description=&eDescription:
  552. command.usage.usage=&eUsage:
  553. command.usage.subcommand=&eAvailable subcommands:
  554. command.usage.nopermission=&cYou do not have permission to view this help page.
  555. command.usage.suggest=Click here to suggest this command. \nShift click to suggest the help command.
  556. command.usage.noexist=&cThe command &e{0} &cis not a valid subcommand.
  558. # General
  559. command.generalerror.handempty=&cYou must be holding an item to use this command.
  561. command.afk.exempt=&cYou are currently exempted from going AFK.
  562. have gone AFK, but you are currently vanished, so this has not been broadcasted.
  563. command.afk.from.vanish=&eYou have returned from AFK, but you are currently vanished, so this has not been broadcasted.
  564. command.afk.notset=&cCould not set your AFK status.
  566. command.afkrefresh.complete=&aInvalidated cached AFK permissions.
  568. command.back.noloc=&cThere is no location set for you to teleport back to.
  569. command.back.success=&aReturned you to your previous location.
  570. command.back.nosafe=&cCannot return you to your previous location safely.
  571. command.back.cancelled=&cCannot return you to your previous location, teleport was cancelled.
  573. command.child.notloaded=Could not load the child command {0}.
  575. command.file.load=&cCould not load user information.
  577. command.error=&cAn error occurred trying to perform that command.
  578. command.economyrequired=&cAn economy is required for this command to work, no compatible plugins are installed.
  580. command.playeronly=&cThis command can only be executed by players.
  581. command.consoleonly=&cThis command can only be executed by the console.
  582. command.commandblockonly=&cThis command can only be executed by command blocks.
  583. command.unknownsource=&cThis command cannot be executed by this source.
  584. command.noworldconsole=&cYou must specify a world to use this command from the console.
  585. command.noitemconsole=&cYou must specify an item or block state ID to use this command from the console.
  586. command.noneinhand=&cYou must specify an item or block state ID or be holding the item in question in your main hand.
  588. command.reason=Reason: {0}
  590. command.mute.success.time=&e{0} &ahas been muted by &e{1} &afor &e{2}.
  591. command.mute.success.norm=&e{0} &ahas been muted by &e{1}.
  592. command.mute.defaultreason=&eYou have been muted!
  593. to mute &e{0}&c.
  594. command.mute.length.toolong=&cThe duration for that mute is too long! The maximum duration is &4{0}.
  595. command.mute.exempt=&cThe user &4{0} &cis exempt from being muted.
  596. command.unmute.success=&e{0} &ahas been unmuted by &e{1}.
  598. command.globalmute.status=&aGlobal mute is has been {0}.
  599. command.globalmute.broadcast.enabled=&eThe server has been muted. Only those with permission may now speak.
  600. command.globalmute.broadcast.disabled=&eThe server is no longer muted.
  601. command.voice.globaloff=&cGlobal mute is currently disabled, voice has no effect.
  602. command.voice.autovoice=&cThe player &f{0} &cautomatically has voice.
  603. command.voice.alreadyvoiced={0} &calready has voice.
  604. command.voice.alreadynotvoiced={0} &cdoes not have voice.
  605. command.voice.voiced.source={0} &ahas voice and can now speak.
  606. command.voice.unvoiced.source={0} &ano longer has voice and can no longer speak.
  607. now have voice and can speak.
  608. no longer have voice and can no longer speak.
  611. command.warn.success.time=&e{0} &ahas been warned by &e{1} &afor reason &e{2}&a, the warning will expire in &e{3}.
  612. command.warn.success.norm=&e{0} &ahas been warned by &e{1} &afor reason &e{2}.
  613. to warn &e{0}&c.
  614. command.warn.length.toolong=&cThe duration for that warning is too long! The maximum duration is &4{0}.
  615. command.warn.length.tooshort=&cThe duration for that warning is too short! The minimum duration is &4{0}.
  616. command.warn.exempt=&cThe user &4{0} &cis exempt from being warned.
  618. to add a note to &e{0}&c.
  619. command.note.success=&e{0} &ahas added the note &e{1} &ato the user &e{2}.
  621. command.kick.defaultreason=&eYou have been kicked!
  622. command.kick.message={0} &awas kicked by &e{1}.
  623. command.kick.exempt=&cThe user &4{0} &cis exempt from being kicked.
  624. command.kickall.message=&aAll players were kicked.
  625. command.kickall.whitelist=&aThe whitelist was enabled.
  627. command.checkmute.none=&e{0} &ais not muted.
  628. command.checkmute.mutedperm=&e{0} &awas muted by &e{1}.
  629. command.checkmute.mutedfor=&e{0} &awas muted by &e{1} &afor &e{2}.
  630. command.checkmute.created=&aIssued: &e{0}
  632. command.checkmuted.none=&aNo one is currently muted.
  633. command.checkmuted.header=&aMuted players.
  634. command.checkmuted.hover=Click here to see more information about this muting.
  636. command.checkwarnings.none=&e{0} &ahas no warnings.
  637. on the warner''s name for more information!
  638. command.checkwarnings.header={0}''s warnings
  639. command.checkwarnings.hover.check=&aClick here to view more details about this warning.
  640. command.checkwarnings.hover.delete=&cClick here to delete this warning.
  641. command.checkwarnings.hover.expire=&eClick here to expire this warning.
  642. command.checkwarnings.hover.return=&aClick here to return to this users list of warnings.
  643. &e{0}
  644. warned: &e{0}
  645. command.checkwarnings.remaining=&6Time remaining: &e{0}
  646. command.checkwarnings.warner=&6Warned by: &e{0}
  647. command.checkwarnings.warning=&6Warning: &e{0}
  648. command.checkwarnings.action=&6Action
  650. command.checknotes.none=&e{0} &ahas no notes.
  651. on the noter''s name for more information!
  652. command.checknotes.header={0}''s notes
  653. command.checknotes.hover.check=&aClick here to view more details about this note.
  654. command.checknotes.hover.delete=&cClick here to delete this note.
  655. command.checknotes.hover.return=&aClick here to return to this users list of notes.
  656. &e{0}
  657. noted: &e{0}
  658. command.checknotes.noter=&6Noted by: &e{0}
  659. command.checknotes.note=&6Note: &e{0}
  660. command.checknotes.action=&6Action
  662. command.clearwarnings.all=&aAll warnings for &e{0} &ahave been cleared.
  663. command.clearwarnings.expired=&aAll expired warnings for &e{0} &ahave been cleared.
  664. command.clearwarnings.remove=&aAll active warnings for &e{0} &ahave been cleared.
  665. command.clearwarnings.success=&aAll active warnings for &e{0} &ahave been expired.
  666. command.clearwarnings.failure=&aWarnings for &e{0} &acould not be cleared.
  668. command.clearnotes.success=&aNotes for &e{0} &ahave been cleared.
  669. command.clearnotes.failure=&aNotes for &e{0} &acould not be cleared.
  671. command.removewarning.success=&aWarning for &e{0} &ahas been cleared successfully.
  672. command.removewarning.remove=&aWarning for &e{0} &ahas been removed successfully.
  673. command.removewarning.expire=&aWarning for &e{0} &ahas been expired successfully.
  674. command.removewarning.failure=&aWarning for &e{0} &acould not be cleared.
  676. command.removenote.success=&aNote for &e{0} &ahas been cleared.
  677. command.removenote.remove=&aNote for &e{0} &ahas been removed successfully.
  678. command.removenote.failure=&aNote for &e{0} &acould not be cleared.
  680. command.warps.start=&aWarping to &e{0}&a.
  681. command.warps.namedstart=&aWarping &f{0} &ato &e{1}&a.
  682. command.warps.nosafe=&cCould not warp to a safe location nearby. To force a warp, use the "-f" flag.
  683. command.warps.cancelled=&cCould not warp, teleportation was cancelled.
  684. command.warps.invalidname=&cWarps can only be alphanumeric, and must begin with a letter.
  685. command.warps.nooverwrite=&cThat warp already exists.
  686. command.warps.set=&aThe warp &e{0} &ahas been set.
  687. command.warps.seterror=&cCould not set the warp.
  688. command.warps.del=&aThe warp &e{0} &ahas been deleted.
  689. command.warps.delerror=&aCould not delete the warp.
  690. command.warps.list.nowarps=&cThere are no warps to display.
  691. command.warps.list.header=&aWarp List
  692. command.warps.list.maincategory=&aWarp List: Categories
  693. command.warps.list.headercategory=&b&oClick on a category to view the warps for that category.
  694. command.warps.list.back=&c&n< Back to Categories
  695. command.warps.list.cost=&b - cost: &e{0}
  696. command.warps.list.costhover=Cost: &e{0}
  697. command.warps.list.category=&aWarp List: &e{0}
  698. command.warps.warplochover=Location: &e{0}, {1}
  699. command.warps.warploc=&e - Location: {0}, {1}
  700. command.warps.warpprompt=Click to warp to &e{0}&f.
  701. command.warps.unavailable=&cWarp currently unavailable.
  702. command.warps.warped=&aYou were warped to the warp &e{0}&a.
  704. command.warp.costset.failed=&cCould not set the cost for a warp named &e{0}&c.
  705. command.warp.costset.success=&aSet the cost of the warp &e{0} &ato &e{1}&a.
  706. command.warp.costset.arg=&cThe cost of the warp must be zero, positive, or -1 to reset the cost to the default amount of &e{0}&a.
  707. command.warp.costset.reset=&aThe cost for warp &e{0} &ahas been reset to the default amount of &e{1}&a.
  709. command.warp.cost.details=&aThe warp &e{0}&a costs &c{1} &ato use.
  710. command.warp.cost.clickaccept=&a&nClick here to accept this cost and warp&r &r
  711. command.warp.cost.clickhover=&fClick to run {0}
  712. command.warp.cost.alt=&aor add "-y" to your command.
  713. command.warp.cost.nomoney=&cThe warp &e{0}&c costs &e{1} &cto use, but you do not have the money to pay this amount.
  714. command.warp.cost.charged=&aYou were charged &e{0} &ato use this warp.
  716. command.warp.category.listitem.simple=&e{0} &a- Display Name: &f{1}
  717. command.warp.category.listitem.description=&aDescription: &f{0}
  718. command.warp.category.listitem.title=&aWarp Categories
  720. command.warp.category.removed=&aRemoved the category for the warp &e{0}&a.
  721. command.warp.category.noremove=&cCould not remove the category for the warp &e{0}&c.
  722. command.warp.category.requirenew=&cThe category &e{0}&c does not exist yet. Click here (or use -n in the command) if you want to create this category.
  723. command.warp.category.added=&aThe category &e{0}&a was added to the warp &e{1}&a.
  724. command.warp.category.couldnotadd=&cThe category &e{0}&c could not be added to the warp &e{1}&c.
  725. command.warp.category.required=&cA warp category is required.
  726. command.warp.category.displayname.set=&aThe category &e{0} &ahas been given the display name &f{1}.
  727. command.warp.category.displayname.removed=&aThe category &e{0} &ahas had its display name removed.
  728. command.warp.category.description.set=&aThe category &e{0} &ahas been given the description &f{1}.
  729. command.warp.category.description.removed=&aThe category &e{0} &ahas had its description removed.
  731. command.warp.description.removed=&aRemoved the description for the warp &e{0}&a.
  732. command.warp.description.noremove=&cCould not remove the description for the warp &e{0}&c.
  733. command.warp.description.added=&aThe description "&r{0}&a" was added to the warp &e{1}&a.
  734. command.warp.description.couldnotadd=&cThe description could not be added to the warp &e{0}&c.
  736. command.warp.worldnotloaded=&cCould not load the target world.
  738. must be a player or specify a world name.
  740. have been teleported to the spawn point for &e{0}&a.
  741.{0} &ahas been teleported to the spawn point for &e{1}&a.
  742. not teleport to the world &e{0}&c, it has not been enabled.
  743. not teleport to the world &e{0}&c.
  745. creation of world &e{0}&a.
  746. world with the name &e{0}&c already exists.
  747. world &e{0} &ahas been created.
  748. &e{0}&a, Generator: &e{1}&a, Modifier: &e{2}&a, Gamemode: &e{3}&a, Difficulty: &e{4}&a.
  749. on startup: &e{0}&a, Keep spawn loaded: &e{1}&a, Generate structures: &e{2}&a, Allow commands: &e{3}&a, Generate bonus chest: &e{4}&a.
  750. world &e{0} &awas created, but could not be loaded. This might be because "allow-nether" is set to \
  751.   false in "", it must be set to true.
  752. not create the world &e{0}&c.
  753. not save the world properties for the world &e{0}&c.
  755. world &e{0}&c is already loaded.
  756. world &e{0}&a.
  757. world &e{0} &ahas loaded successfully.
  758. not load the world &e{0}&c.
  759. world &e{0} &cis not enabled and cannot be loaded. Add &e-e&c if you wish to enable the world.
  760. world &e{0} &cis not enabled and cannot be loaded.
  762. world &e{0} &cis already enabled.
  763. world &e{0} &ahas been enabled.
  765. world &e{0} &cis already disabled.
  766. world &e{0}&c is still loaded and cannot be disabled.
  767. world &e{0} &ahas been disabled.
  768. world &e{0} &ccould not be disabled - possibly because it''s a default world.
  770. world &e{0}&c has already been unloaded.
  771. world &e{0}&c cannot be unloaded because players are still in the world. Use "-t [world]" to transfer them out before unloading.
  772. to unload world &e{0}&a.
  773. to unload the world &e{0}&c.
  774. world &e{0}&a has been unloaded.
  776. world difficulty for &e{0}&a to &e{1}&a.
  777. game mode for &e{0}&a to &e{1}&a.
  779. world spawn.
  780. to world spawn.
  781. world border is now set for world &e{0}, &aaround ({1}, {2}) with a diameter of {3} blocks.
  782. world border is now changing over {4} seconds for world &e{0}, &ato be around ({1}, {2}) with a diameter of {3} blocks.
  783. world &e{0} &cis not loaded, please load it before pre-generating chunks.
  784. world &e{0} &cis already generating chunks.
  785. of chunks within the world border for the world &e{0} &ahas started.
  786. of chunks for "{0}" is still ongoing. Last message:
  787. of chunks within the world border for the world &e{0} &ahas been cancelled.
  788. is no chunk generation task running for the world "&e{0}&c".
  790. Sponge''s chunk generation routines.
  791. Nucleus'' mixin enhanced chunk generation routines.
  792.''s standard chunk generation routines do not perform saves. --save has been ignored.
  794. &e{0}
  795. &e{0}
  796. &atrue&f. Loaded: {0}&f.
  797. &cfalse&f.
  798. &e{0}&f, Generator: &e{1}&f, Modifiers: &e{2}&f, Gamemode: &e{3}&f, Difficulty: &e{4}
  799. &e{0}&f, Load on Startup: &e{1}&f, PVP: &e{2}&f, Keep Spawn Loaded: &e{3}
  800. ID: &e{0}
  801. &e{0}
  803. &e{0}
  805. - x: {0}, z: {1}
  806. Diameter: {0} blocks
  807. Diameter: {0} blocks in {1} seconds.
  808. Border: &e{0}
  810. world directory &e{0} &cexists. Add "-i" to try to import this world.
  812. property "&e{0}&a" for &e{1}&a has been set to "&e{2}&a".
  814. the difficulty of the world is now set to "&e{0}&a".
  816. command.pregen.gen.notify=&e{0} chunks were generated in {1} (over {2}). Generation is {3}% complete.
  817. command.pregen.gen.notifyskipped=&e{0} chunks were generated ({1} skipped) in {2} (over {3}). Generation is {4}% complete.
  818. command.pregen.gen.saving=&eNow saving world, just in case.
  819. command.pregen.gen.savefailed=&cCould not save world. Going to continue anyway, check the console for details.
  820. command.pregen.gen.saved=&eWorld has been saved. Continuing generation.
  821. command.pregen.gen.memory.high=&cMemory usage is high ({0}%). Generation is paused, requesting unload of chunks.
  822. command.pregen.gen.memory.low=&cMemory usage has reduced. Generation is restarting.
  823. command.pregen.gen.all=&cA world pre-generation is in progress. The server may run slowly whilst this completes.
  824. command.pregen.gen.completed=&aWorld generation is complete. {0} chunks were generated ({1} were pre existing), taking {2} of server time (overall: {3}).
  826. delete &e{0}&c whilst it is loaded.
  827. delete &e{0}&c whilst it is enabled
  828. to locate the &e{0}&c data directory.
  829.! &cYou are about to delete the world &e{0}&c. &4THERE IS NO UNDO.
  830. think it''s found at &e{0}&c.
  831. YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY SURE, run &e/world delete {0}&4 again within 30 seconds.
  832. to remove the file {0}.
  833. confirmed. Starting removal of the world &e{0}&a.
  834. world &e{0}&a has been deleted.
  835. world &e{0}&a has been deleted, but with errors. See the console for details.
  837. for world &e{0}
  838.{0} &f= {1}
  839. the gamerule "&e{0}&a" to "&e{1}&a" for the world "&e{2}&a" successfully.
  841. command.blacklist.add.success=&a{0} has been added to the blacklist.
  842. command.blacklist.add.alreadyadded=&c{0} is already blacklisted.
  843. command.blacklist.set.success=&aThe item &e{0}&a has the actions &e{1} &a{2}
  844. command.blacklist.set.added=added to the blacklist.
  845. command.blacklist.set.removed=removed from the blacklist.
  846. command.blacklist.remove.success=&a{0} has been removed from the blacklist.
  847. command.blacklist.remove.notadded=&c{0} is not on the blacklist.
  848. command.blacklist.list.none=&cThere are no blacklisted items.
  849. command.blacklist.list.possess=possession
  850. command.blacklist.list.use=use
  851. command.blacklist.list.environment=environment
  853. command.kit.create.notcreated=&cCould not open a GUI to create your kit.
  854. command.kit.create.title=Create Kit: {0}
  856. command.kit.spawned=&aThe kit {0} was added to your inventory.
  857. kit {0} could not be added to your inventory.
  858. command.kit.cooldown=&cYou must wait {0} before using the kit {1} again.
  859. command.kit.onetime.alreadyredeemed=&cThe kit {0} may only be redeemed once.
  860. command.kit.add.success=&aKit {0} successfully created.
  861. command.kit.addempty.success=&aEmpty kit {0} successfully created.
  862. command.kit.add.alreadyexists=&cKit {0} already exists.
  863. command.kit.remove.success=&aKit {0} successfully deleted.
  864. command.kit.set.success=&aKit {0} successfully updated.
  865. command.kit.setcooldown.success=&aKit {0} cooldown set to {1}.
  866. command.kit.list.text=&fClick to redeem kit &6{0}.
  867. command.kit.itemsdropped=&cYour inventory is full, some items were dropped on the ground.
  868. command.kit.fullinventory=&cYour inventory is full, some items were lost.
  869. command.kit.fullinventorynosave=&cYour inventory does not have enough space, your kit was not redeemed.
  870. command.kit.list.kits=&aKits
  871. command.kit.list.empty=&cThere are no kits to display.
  872. command.kit.list.interval=&cYou can next use &6{0} &cin {1}.
  873. command.kit.list.onetime=&6{0} &cis a one time kit, which you have already used.
  874. command.kit.list.cost=&a - cost: {0}
  875. command.kit.cost.success=&aKit &6{0} &acost has been set to {1}.
  876. command.kit.notenough=&cYou do not have enough for &6{0}&c, you require {1}.
  877. command.kit.onetime.on=&aThe kit &6{0} &ais now set as a one time use kit.
  878. kit &6{0} &ais no longer a one time use kit.
  879. command.kit.autoredeem.on=&aThe kit &6{0} &ais now set to be automatically redeemed on login.
  880. kit &6{0} &ais no longer set to be automatically redeemed on login.
  881. command.kit.resetuser.success=&aReset &f{0}''s &ausage for the kit &6{1}&a.
  882. command.kit.resetuser.empty=&cCannot reset &f{0}''s &cusage for the kit &6{1}&c - nothing needs to be reset.
  883. command.kit.cancelledpre=&cCould not redeem the kit &6{0} &cbecause the event was cancelled.
  885. command.kit.edit.success=&aSuccessfully updated the kit "&e{0}&a".
  886. command.kit.edit.error=&cUnable to update the kit "&e{0}&c".
  887. command.kit.edit.current=&cThe kit "&e{0}&c" is currently being edited by another player.
  888. command.kit.edit.cantopen=&cCouldn''t open the kit "&e{0}&c".
  889. command.kit.edit.title=Editing Kit: {0}
  891. command.kit.displaymessage.on=&aWill notify the target player when the kit {0} is redeemed for/by them.
  892. not notify the target player when the kit {0} is redeemed for/by them.
  894. command.firstkit.edit.success=&aSuccessfully updated the first join kit.
  895. command.firstkit.edit.error=&cUnable to update the first join kit.
  896. command.firstkit.edit.current=&cThe first join kit is currently being edited by another player.
  897. command.firstkit.edit.cantopen=&cCouldn''t open the first joint kit.
  898. command.firstkit.edit.title=First Join Kit
  900. command.firstkit.give.spawned=&aThe first join kit was added to {0}&a''s inventory.
  901. command.firstkit.give.success=&aThe first join kit was added to your inventory by {0}.
  902. command.firstkit.give.reject=&c{0} items were not {1}''s to inventory - possibly because it was full.
  904. command.kit.give.spawned=&aThe kit {1} was added to {0}&a''s inventory.
  905. command.kit.give.self=&cYou cannot give yourself a kit using this command. Use "/kit".
  906. command.kit.give.onetime.alreadyredeemed={0} &chas already redeemeed the one-time kit {1}. Use "-i" to override.
  907. command.kit.give.cooldown={0} &cmust wait {1} before using the kit {2} again. Use "-i" to override.
  908. command.kit.give.fullinventorynosave={0} &c''s inventory does not have enough space, the kit was not redeemed.
  909. command.kit.give.fullinventory={0} &c''s inventory is full, some items were lost.
  910. command.kit.give.itemsdropped={0} &c''s inventory is full, some items were dropped around them.
  912. command.kit.command.nocommands=&aThe kit &f{0} &ahas no commands.
  913. command.kit.command.commands.title=&aKit &f{0} &acommands.
  914. command.kit.command.commands.entry=&e{0}. &f{1}
  915. command.kit.command.add.command=&aAdded the command "&f{0}&a" to the kit &f{1}&a.
  916. command.kit.command.clear.command=&aCleared all the commands from the kit &f{0}&a.
  917. command.kit.command.remove.noexist=&cThe command "&f{0}&c" is not run by the kit &f{1}&c.
  918. command.kit.command.remove.overidx=&cThere are only {0} commands for the kit &f{1}&c.
  919. command.kit.command.remove.success=&cThe command &f"{0}&c" was removed from the kit &f{1}&c.
  920. command.kit.command.remove.onebased=&cCommand indexes are "one based", indexes start at 1.
  921. command.kit.command.removehover=&fRemove this command from your kit.
  922. command.kit.command.edit.success=&aUpdated the commands in the kit &f{0}&a successfully.
  923. command.kit.command.edit.toomany=&cThere are too many commands in kit &f{0}&c to be displayed in a GUI.
  925. command.freezeplayer.success.frozen={0} &ahas been frozen in place.
  926. command.freezeplayer.success.unfrozen={0} &ahas now been unfrozen and can move.
  928. command.socialspy.on=&aYou can now see others'' private messages.
  929. can no longer see others'' private messages.
  930. command.socialspy.unable=&cYour social spy status could not be set.
  931. command.socialspy.forced=&cYou cannot turn off social spy.
  933. set the weather to &e{0} &ain the world &e{1}&a.
  934. set the weather to &e{0} &ain the world &e{1} &afor &e{2}&a.
  935. maximum amount of time the weather can be set to last for is &4{0}.
  936. weather is locked for the world &e{0}&c. It must be unlocked to change the weather.
  938. command.settime.done=&aThe time on the world has been set to &e{0}&a.
  939. command.time=&aThe time on world &e{0} &ais currently &e{1}&a.
  941. command.servertime.time=&aCurrent server wall clock time: &e{0}&a.
  943. command.god.player.on=&aInvulnerability has been enabled for &e{0}&a.
  944. has been disabled for &e{0}&a.
  945. command.god.on=&aYou are now invulnerable.
  946. are no longer invulnerable.
  947. command.god.error=&cCould not set invulnerability status.
  949. command.hat.success=&aSet hat of &r{0}&a to {1}.
  950. command.hat.successself=&aYou are now wearing a &r{0}.
  952. command.lightning.success.other=&r{0}&a was smited.
  953. command.lightning.error=&cCould not create lightning strike.
  954. command.lightning.errorplayer=&cCould not smite &r{0}&c.
  956. command.skull.success.single=&aAdded {0}''s skull to your inventory.
  957. command.skull.success.plural=&aAdded {0} of {1}''s skull to your inventory.
  958. command.skull.semifull=&c{0} skulls could not be added to your inventory because it was filled.
  959. command.skull.full=&cCannot create {0}''s skull because your inventory is full.
  960. command.skull.error=&cFailed to create {0}''s skull.
  962. command.ignite.success=&aSet player {0} on fire for {1} ticks.
  963. command.ignite.error=&cAn error occurred while setting player {0} on fire.
  964. command.ignite.gamemode=&cCannot set {0} on fire as they are in creative or spectator modes.
  966. mode has been enabled for &e{0}.
  967. mode has been disabled for &e{0}.
  968. are now able to fly.
  969. are no longer able to fly.
  970. not set fly status.
  972. the item in {0}''s hand.
  973. item in your hand is not reparable.
  974. must be holding an item to use this command.
  976. command.mail.send.successful=&aYour mail was sent to &e{0}.
  977. command.mail.send.error=&e{0} &cis unable to receive mail. Your mail was not sent.
  978. command.mail.none.normal.self=&aYou have no mail.
  979. command.mail.none.filter=&cNo mail was found. Try broadening your search.
  980. command.mail.none.normal.other=&e{0} &ahas no mail.
  981. command.mail.hover=Click here to view more details about this mail.
  982. sent:&f
  983. command.mail.sender=&eSender:&f
  984. command.mail.message=&eMessage:&f
  985. command.mail.clear.success=&aYour mail has been cleared.
  986. command.mail.clear.nomail=&cYou have no mail to clear!
  987. command.mail.reply.label=&aClick here to reply to &e{0}&a.
  988. command.mail.delete.label=&cClick to delete this mail.
  989. command.mail.delete.success=&aThe mail was deleted.
  990. mail could not be deleted - it may no longer exist.
  992. command.heal.success.other=&aYou have healed &e{0}&a.
  993. command.heal.success.self=&aYou have been healed.
  994. command.heal.error=&cThe healing could not be completed.
  996. command.feed.success.other=&aYou have fed &e{0}&a.
  997. command.feed.success.self=&aYou have been fed.
  998. command.feed.error=&cThe feeding could not be completed.
  1000. command.jail.unjail.success=&e{0} &ahas been unjailed.
  1001. not unjail &e{0}&c.
  1003. command.jail.exempt=&cThe user &4{0} &cis exempt from being jailed.
  1005. command.jail.offline.noperms=&cYou do not have permission to jail offline players.
  1006. command.jail.jail.nojail=&cYou must specify a jail!
  1007. command.jail.reason=You have been jailed!
  1009. command.jails.list.header=&aJail List
  1010. command.jails.set.exists=&cThe jail &e{0} &calready exists.
  1011. command.jails.set.success=&aThe jail &e{0} &awas created.
  1012. command.jails.set.error=&cUnable to create the jail &e{0}&c.
  1013. command.jails.del.success=&aThe jail &e{0} &awas deleted.
  1014. command.jails.del.error=&cUnable to delete the jail &e{0}&c.
  1015. command.jails.nojails=&cThere are no jails.
  1016. command.jails.unavailable=&cThat jail is in an unloaded or deleted world.
  1017. command.jails.warpprompt=Click here to warp to the jail &e{0}
  1018. not warp to the jail named &e{0}&c, the world is unloaded and may have been deleted.
  1019. to the jail &e{0}&a.
  1020. Name
  1023. command.checkjail.nojail=&aThe player &e{0} &ais not in jail.
  1024. command.checkjail.jailedfor=&e{0} &awas jailed in jail "&e{1}&a" by &e{2}. They will be unjailed in &e{3}&a.
  1025. command.checkjail.jailedperm=&e{0} &awas jailed in jail "&e{1}&a" by &e{2}.
  1026. command.checkjail.created=&aJailed: &f{0}
  1027. command.jail.jailedfor=&cYou were jailed in jail "&e{0}&c" by &e{1} &cfor &e{2}&c.
  1028. command.jail.jailedperm=&cYou were jailed in jail "&e{0}&c" by &e{1}.
  1029. command.jail.error=&cUnable to jail the player.
  1031. command.checkjailed.none=&aThere is no one in &e{0}&a.
  1032. command.checkjailed.header=&aPlayers jailed in &e{0}&a.
  1033. command.checkjailed.hover=Click to display more information about this jailing.
  1035. command.home.success=&aWarped to home "&e{0}&a" successfully.
  1036. to warp to home "&e{0}&c".
  1037. command.home.successdefault=&aWarped to the default home successfully.
  1038. command.home.nohomes=&cThere are no homes to display.
  1039. command.home.invalid=&cThe home "&e{0}&c" does not point to a valid location.
  1041. command.homeother.success=&aWarped to &e{0}&a''s home "&e{1}&a" successfully.
  1042. to warp to {0}''s home "&e{1}&c".
  1043. command.homeother.invalid=&c{0}''s home "&e{1}&c" does not point to a valid location.
  1045. command.listhome.player=&cYou must be a player or specify a name.
  1046. command.listhome.exempt=&cThat player is exempted from having their homes listed.
  1048. command.sethome.limit=&cYou cannot set any more homes as you have reached your limit of &e{0}&c.
  1049. command.sethome.seterror=&cYou already have a home set with the name "&e{0}&c".
  1050. command.sethome.overwrite=&aYour previous home with the name &e{0} &ahas been deleted.
  1051. command.sethome.tooverwrite=&cIf you are sure you want to overwrite this home, run &e/sethome -o {0}&c, or click this message.
  1052. command.sethome.set=&aSet a home with the name "&e{0}&a".
  1053. home name must be alphanumeric and start with a letter.
  1055. command.home.delete.success=&aYou deleted the home &e{0}&a.
  1056.''t delete a home named &e{0}&c.
  1058. command.home.delete.other.success=&aYou deleted &e{0}&a''s home "&e{1}&a".
  1059.''t delete &e{0}&c''s home named &e{1}&c.
  1061. command.reload.errorone=&cAn error occurred reloading the Nucleus config. Check the console for details.
  1062. configuration has been reloaded.
  1063. command.reload.two=&ePlease note that changes to modules require a full server restart.
  1065. command.tptoggle.success=&aTeleportation to you has now been &e{0}&a.
  1067. command.teleport.self=&cYou cannot teleport to yourself.
  1068. command.teleport.player.noself=&cDo not specify yourself when teleporting.
  1070. command.tpall.broadcast=&e{0} &chas enforced a teleport of all players to them.
  1071. command.tpaall.success=&aYour request to teleport everyone to you has been sent successfully.
  1072. command.tpall.cancelled=&cThe following players did not receive a request: {0}.
  1074. command.tppos.nosafe=&cCould not teleport: no safe spot was found or teleportation was cancelled.
  1075. command.tppos.success.other=&aTeleportation of &e{0}&a has been completed.
  1076. command.tppos.success.self=&aYou have been teleported.
  1077. command.tppos.ysmall=&cThe y co-ordinate must be positive.
  1078. command.tppos.invalid=&cThe supplied co-ordinates are invalid.
  1079. command.tppos.worldborder=&cThe supplied co-ordinates are outside of the world border.
  1080. command.tppos.fromchunk=&eChunk co-ordinates supplied - attempting teleport to the middle of the chunk at ({0}, {1}, {2}).
  1081. command.tppos.cancelledevent=&cCould not teleport: teleportation was cancelled.
  1083. command.tpaccept.nothing=&cThere are no teleport requests for you to accept.
  1084. command.tpaccept.success=&aYou have accepted the teleport request.
  1085. command.tpdeny.deny=&aYou have denied your outstanding teleport request.
  1086. are no teleport requests for you to deny.
  1088. command.tpahere.question=&e{0} has requested that you teleport to them.
  1089. command.tpa.question=&e{0} has requested that they teleport to you.
  1090. command.tpa.eventfailed=&cYour request was cancelled, no reason was given.
  1092. command.tpask.sent=&aA teleport request was sent to &e{0}&a.
  1094. command.seen.title=&aPlayer Info: &e{0}
  1095.{0}&b is currently &aonline
  1096. command.seen.iscurrently.offline=&e{0}&b is currently &coffline
  1097. command.seen.displayname=&bDisplay name: &f{0}
  1098. command.seen.uuid=&bUUID: &f{0}
  1099. command.seen.ipaddress=&bIP Address: &f{0}
  1100. command.seen.lastipaddress=&bIP Address: &f{0} &c(last known)
  1101. command.seen.loggedon=&bOnline for: &f{0}
  1102. command.seen.loggedoff=&bLast online: &f{0}
  1103. command.seen.currentlocation=&bCurrent Location: &f{0}
  1104. command.seen.lastlocation=&bLast Location: &f{0}
  1105. command.seen.speed.walk=&bWalking Speed: &f{0}
  1106. Speed: &f{0}
  1107. command.seen.core=Core
  1108. command.seen.locationtemplate=World: {0}, Co-ords: {1}
  1109. command.seen.firstplayed=&bFirst played: &f{0}
  1110. command.seen.canfly=&bCan fly: &f{0}
  1111. command.seen.isflying=&bIs flying: &f{0}
  1112. command.seen.teleportposition=&oClick here to teleport to this location.
  1113. command.seen.gamemode=&bGamemode: &f{0}
  1115. command.serverstat.tps=&aCurrent TPS: {0}&7/20.00
  1116. command.serverstat.uptime.main=&aServer Uptime: &f{0}
  1117. command.serverstat.uptime.hover=This is the amount of time the server has been able to accept players.
  1118. command.serverstat.jvmuptime.main=&aJVM Uptime: &f{0}
  1119. command.serverstat.jvmuptime.hover=This is the amount of time Java has been running.
  1120. command.serverstat.averagetps=&aAverage TPS for session: {0}&7/20.00
  1121. command.serverstat.maxmem.main=&aMaximum allocatable memory: &f{0} MB
  1122. command.serverstat.maxmem.hover=This is the maximum amount of memory that can be allocated to this server. This does not \
  1123.   mean that this memory is in use.
  1124. command.serverstat.totalmem.main=&aAllocated memory: &f{0} MB
  1125. command.serverstat.totalmem.hover=This is the amount of memory currently allocated to the server. This includes both used \
  1126.   memory and allocated but unused memory ("free memory").
  1127. command.serverstat.allocated.main=&aUtilised memory: &f{0} MB &7({1}% of allocated, {2}% of max)
  1128. command.serverstat.allocated.hover=This is the amount of memory currently being used by the server. \
  1129.   \n\nIf the "% of max" is close to 100%, your server has a good chance of running out of memory soon.
  1130. command.serverstat.freemem.main=&aFree (but allocated) memory: &f{0} MB
  1131. command.serverstat.freemem.hover=This is the amount of memory currently allocated to the server that is not being used. \
  1132.   \n\nIf this number is low, that does not necessarily mean you are running out of memory, unless the maximum and allocated \
  1133.   memory numbers are similar.
  1135. {0}
  1136. &f{0}&a, Generator: &f{1}&a, Entities: &f{2}&a, Loaded chunks: &f{3}
  1137. command.serverstat.title=&aServer Statistics
  1139. command.ban.alreadyset=&e{0} &chas already been banned.
  1140. command.ban.applied=&e{0} &awas banned by &e{1}&a.
  1141. command.ban.profileerror=&cUnable to get the profile for {0} from Mojang.
  1142. command.ban.offline.noperms=&cYou do not have permission to ban offline players.
  1143. command.ban.exempt=&cThe user &4{0} &cis exempt from being banned.
  1144. command.tempban.applied=&e{0} &awas banned temporarily for &e{1}&a by &e{2}&a.
  1145. command.tempban.offline.noperms=&cYou do not have permission to tempban offline players.
  1146. command.tempban.length.toolong=&cThe duration for that tempban is too long! The maximum duration is &4{0}.
  1147. command.tempban.exempt=&cThe user &4{0} &cis exempt from being temporarily banned.
  1148. command.checkban.notset=&e{0} &ais not banned.
  1149. command.checkban.bannedfor=&e{0} &awas banned by &e{1}. This will expire in &e{2}&a.
  1150. command.checkban.bannedperm=&e{0} &awas banned by &e{1}.
  1151. command.checkban.created=&aIssued: &f{0}
  1152. command.unban.success=&e{0} &awas unbanned by &e{1}.
  1154. command.nucleus.debug.uuid.none=&cNo users with that username exist on this server.
  1155. command.nucleus.debug.uuid.title=&aUsers: {0}
  1156. command.nucleus.debug.uuid.header=&bUUIDs in green indicates the player is currently online.
  1157. command.nucleus.debug.uuid.clicktodelete=Click here to delete this users'' Nucleus and Minecraft data files.
  1158. command.nucleus.debug.refreshuniquevisitors.started=&aRefreshing the unique visitors count (was {0})
  1159. command.nucleus.debug.refreshuniquevisitors.done=&aRefreshed the unique visitors count (now {0})
  1161. command.nucleus.reset.warning=&4WARNING!
  1162. command.nucleus.reset.warning2=&eThis command deletes all Nucleus data for the user {0}. This command will:
  1163. command.nucleus.reset.warning3=&e* Kick the player if they are online.
  1164. command.nucleus.reset.warning4=&e* Ban them for 30 seconds.
  1165. command.nucleus.reset.warning5=&e* Delete their Nucleus player file, which includes their homes, jailings, mutes, etc.
  1166. command.nucleus.reset.warning6=&e* Remove the ban.
  1167. command.nucleus.reset.warning7=&eThis command will NOT delete other minecraft data for the player. This CANNOT be undone. Are you sure you want to continue?
  1168. command.nucleus.reset.warning8=&4This command will also attempt to delete Minecraft and Sponge data for the player, but not data from other plugins. \
  1169. &eThis CANNOT be undone. Are you sure you want to continue?
  1170. command.nucleus.reset.reset=&aClick here if you wish to continue.
  1172. command.nucleus.reset.failed=&cCould not delete data for the player &e{0}&c.
  1173. command.nucleus.reset.complete=&aNucleus data for &e{0}&a has been deleted.
  1174. command.nucleus.reset.completeall=&aNucleus and Minecraft data for &e{0}&a has been deleted.
  1175. command.nucleus.reset.completenonm=&aNucleus data for &e{0}&a has been deleted. Minecraft data could not be deleted.
  1176. command.nucleus.reset.starting=&aStarting removal of &e{0}
  1177. command.nucleus.reset.restartadvised=&cA restart of the server is advised.
  1179. command.nucleus.migrate.success=&aData from EssentialCmds has been migrated succesfully. Please remove EssentialCmds and restart the server to avoid any conflicts with Nucleus.
  1180. command.nucleus.migrate.begin=&aBeginning migration...
  1181. command.nucleus.migrate.warps=&aMigrated warps.
  1182. homes.
  1183. command.nucleus.migrate.homefailure=Unable to migrate the home "{0}" for UUID {1}.
  1184. command.nucleus.migrate.jails=&aMigrated jails.
  1185. command.nucleus.migrate.jailed=&aMigrated jailed players.
  1186. command.nucleus.migrate.mutes=&aMigrated mutes.
  1187. command.nucleus.migrate.nicks=&aMigrated nicks.
  1188. command.nucleus.migrate.blacklist=&aMigrated blacklisted items.
  1189. command.nucleus.migrate.mail=&aMigrated mail.
  1190. command.nucleus.migrate.rules=&aMigrated rules.
  1191. worlds with locked weather.
  1192. command.nucleus.migrate.error.noplugin=&cAn error occurred trying to migrate data. Please check the console for more details.
  1193. command.nucleus.migrate.error.plugin=&cAn error occurred trying to migrate data from the plugin(s) "{0}". Please check the console for more details.
  1194. command.nucleus.migrate.noplugin=&cThe plugin(s) "{0}" need to be installed for the requested migration.
  1196. command.nucleus.docgen.start=&aStarting Documentation Generation.
  1197. command.nucleus.docgen.complete=&aDocumentation Generation has completed.
  1199. command.nucleus.messageupdate.notfile=&cThis command is only useful if you are using the "messages.conf" file.
  1200. command.nucleus.messageupdate.nothingtoupdate=&aThere is nothing to update.
  1201. command.nucleus.messageupdate.reset=&aThe keys were reset, the old translation was stored in the comments.
  1202. command.nucleus.messageupdate.sometoupdate=&a{0} messages require updating:
  1203. command.nucleus.messageupdate.confirm=&aTo proceed, click this message or run &e{0}&a.
  1205. command.nucleus.getuser.regex=&cThat is not a valid Minecraft username or UUID.
  1206. command.nucleus.getuser.failed=&cUnable to get information about {0}, possibly because the user doesn''t exist.
  1207. command.nucleus.getuser.success=&aAdded profile with UUID &e{0}&a and name &e{1}&a to the cache.
  1208. command.nucleus.getuser.starting=&eRequesting user details for &f{0}&e from Mojang.
  1210. world with UUID {0} was not found on the server. No settings for this world can be migrated.
  1211. command.migrate.user.noexist=The user with UUID {0} was not found on the server and could not be migrated.
  1213. data save task.
  1215. saved to the file {0} at the server root.
  1216. not save to disc.
  1218. command.nucleus.rebuild.start=&aStarting rebuild of the Nucleus user cache.
  1219. rebuild is already in progress.
  1220. command.nucleus.rebuild.end=&aRebuild is complete.
  1222. command.getfromip.notvalid=&cThat is not a valid IP address.
  1223. command.getfromip.nousers=&aThere are no users associated with that IP address.
  1224. command.getfromip.hover=Click here to run &e/nucleus:seen &ffor this player.
  1225. command.getfromip.title=&eUsers last seen from {0}
  1227. command.suicide.wronggm=&cYou must be in Survival mode to commit suicide.
  1229. command.kill.killed=&aYou killed &e{0}&a.
  1230. command.kill.killedby=&cYou were killed by &e{0}&c.
  1231. command.kill.wronggm=&cThe target player must be in Survival mode to kill them.
  1232. command.kill.overall=&a{0} entities were killed, of which {1} were players.
  1234. command.setspawn.success=&aThe spawn point for world "&e{0}&a" was set to your current location.
  1236. command.spawn.success=&aYou have warped to the spawn point for world &e{0}&a.
  1237. not warp you to the world spawn point for world &e{0} &csafely. Ask an administrator to set a safe spawn point.
  1238. command.spawn.cancelled=&cCould not warp you to the world spawn point for world &e{0} &c: your warp was cancelled.
  1239. command.spawn.noworld=&cCould not get the world, unable to spawn.
  1240. command.spawn.nopermsworld=&cYou do not have permission to warp to the world spawn for "{0}".
  1242. command.spawnother.offline.permission=&cYou do not have permission to send offline players to spawn.
  1243. command.spawnother.self.failed.noreason=&cYou cannot warp to spawn right now.
  1244. command.spawnother.self.failed.reason=&cYou cannot warp to spawn for the reason: {0}
  1245. command.spawnother.other.failed.reason=&cYou cannot send &r{0} &cto spawn for the reason: {1}
  1246. command.spawnother.other.failed.noreason=&cYou cannot send &r{0} &cto spawn right now.
  1247. have been sent to the &e{0} &aworld spawn.
  1248. command.spawnother.success.source=&aSent &r{0} &ato the &e{1} &cworld spawn.
  1249. not send &r{0} &cto the &e{1} &cworld spawn.
  1250. command.spawnother.offline.sendonlogin=&aWill send &r{0} &ato the &e{1} &aworld spawn on next login.
  1252. command.firstspawn.success=&aYou have warped to the first-time spawn point.
  1253. not warp you to the first time spawn point safely. Ask an administrator to set a safe first spawn point.
  1254. command.firstspawn.notset=&cThe first-time spawn point has not been set.
  1256. command.setfirstspawn.success=&aThe first-time spawn has been set at your location.
  1257. command.setfirstspawn.remove=&aThe first-time spawn has been removed.
  1259. command.sudo.force=&aForcing &e{0} &ato run the command "&e/{1}&a".
  1260. command.sudo.chatfail=&cA chat message must be specified.
  1261. command.sudo.noperms=&cYou cannot force that player to run a command.
  1262. command.sudo.chatcancelled=&cThe chat message was cancelled.
  1264. command.list.afk=&7[AFK]
  1265. command.list.hidden=&7[HIDDEN]
  1267. command.vanish.success=&aYou are now &e{0} &ato other players.
  1268. command.vanish.successplayer=&f{0} &ais now &e{1} &ato other players.
  1269. command.vanish.successuser=&f{0} &awill now be &e{1} &ato other players upon next login.
  1270. command.vanish.noperm=&f{0} &cdoes not have permission to be vanished upon login.
  1271. command.vanish.vanished=invisible
  1272. command.vanish.visible=visible
  1273. not set vanish status.
  1275. do not have permission to use the {0} style in nicknames.
  1276. command.nick.colour.nopermswith=&cYou do not have permission to use the {0} colour in nicknames.
  1278. command.nick.success.base=&aYour nickname has been set
  1279. command.nick.success.other=&e{0}&a''s nickname has been set
  1280. command.nick.tooshort=&cThat nickname is too short.
  1281. command.nick.toolong=&cThat nickname is too long.
  1282. command.nick.nameinuse=&cThe name &r{0} &cis already someone''s Minecraft username and cannot be used as a nickname.
  1283. command.nick.eventcancel=&cThe nickname change was cancelled by another plugin.
  1284. command.nick.nopattern=&cThat nickname is not allowed on this server (regex: "&e{0}&c")
  1286. command.delnick.success.base=&aYour nickname was removed.
  1287. command.delnick.success.other=&e{0}&a''s nickname was removed.
  1289. command.list.playercount.base=&eThere are {0}/{1} players online.
  1290. command.list.playercount.hidden=&eThere are {0}/{1} players online. {2} are hidden.
  1292. command.speed.negative=&cThe speed cannot be negative.
  1293. command.speed.max=&cThe speed cannot be larger than {0}.
  1294. command.speed.success.base=&aYour {0} speed has been set to {1}.
  1295. command.speed.success.other=&e{0}&s''s {1} speed has been set to {2}.
  1296. {0} speed could not be set.
  1298. command.speed.walk=&eWalking speed:
  1299. command.speed.flying=&eFlying speed:
  1301.{0} &ahas &e{1} &aexperience point(s), and is at level &e{2}&a.
  1303. command.exp.set.error=&cCould not set experience level.
  1304.{0} &anow has &e{1} &aexperience points (level &e{2}&a).
  1305. now have &e{0}&a experience points (level &e{1}&a).
  1306. command.exp.gamemode=&cCannot set experience of a player in creative or spectator modes.
  1308. command.clearinventory.success=&aCleared inventory of player &e{0}&a.
  1309. command.clearinventory.offlinenotsupported=&cOffline player /clearinventory is not available in Sponge yet.
  1311. command.printperms=&aThe suggested permissions have been written to &e{0}&a.
  1313. command.lockweather.locked=&aThe weather has been locked in the world &e{0}&a.
  1314. command.lockweather.unlocked=&aThe weather has been unlocked in the world &e{0}&a.
  1316. command.specifyworld=&cThe world must be specified.
  1317. command.noworld=&cThe world {0} does not appear to exist.
  1319. command.powertool.noitem=&cYou must be holding an item to set or view a powertool.
  1320. command.powertool.viewcmds=&aThe following command(s) will be run when you use a &e{0}&a.
  1321. command.powertool.nocmds=&cThere is no powertool associated with a &e{0}&c.
  1322. command.powertool.set=&aThe item &e{0} &ahas been associated with the command &e{1}&a.
  1323. command.powertool.removed=&aThe item &e{0} &ano longer has a powertool associated with it.
  1324. command.powertool.toggle=&aAll your powertools are now &e{0}&a.
  1325. command.powertool.list.none=&aYou do not have any powertools.
  1326. command.powertool.list.header=&ePowertools ({0}&e)
  1327. command.powertool.ind.header=&aPowertool commands for &e{0}
  1329. command.gamemode.error=&cUnable to set the game mode for {0}.
  1330. command.gamemode.set.base=&aYour game mode was set to &e{0}&a.
  1331. command.gamemode.set.other=&e{0}''s &agame mode was set to &e{1}&a.
  1332. command.gamemode.get.base=&aYour game mode is currently &e{0}&a.
  1333. command.gamemode.get.other=&e{0}''s &agame mode is currently &e{1}&a.
  1334. command.gamemode.permission=&cYou do not have permission to switch to the &e{0}&c gamemode.
  1336. command.ignore.exempt=&cYou cannot ignore the user {0}.
  1337. command.ignore.self=&cYou cannot ignore yourself.
  1338. command.ignore.added=&e{0} &awas added to your ignore list.
  1339. command.ignore.remove=&e{0} &awas removed from your ignore list.
  1341. command.jump.noblock=&cUnable to find a block to jump to.
  1342. command.jump.success=&aJumped to the target block.
  1343. command.jump.notsafe=&cUnable to jump to the target block safely.
  1344. command.jump.outsideborder=&cUnable to jump to a location outside of the world border.
  1346. command.thru.nowall=&cNo wall in front of you to travel through.
  1347. command.thru.nospot=&cNo free spot beyond the wall found.
  1348. command.thru.success=&aYou jumped through the wall.
  1349. command.thru.notsafe=&cUnable to find a safe place to jump to.
  1351. not find a block to jump to.
  1352. are already on or above the surface.
  1353.{0} &cis already on or above the surface.
  1354. not find a safe place to jump to on the surface. Add -f to the command to force the jump.
  1355. not jump to the surface, teleport was cancelled.
  1356. jumped to the surface.
  1357. &f{0} &ato the surface.
  1359. command.more.success=&aYou are now holding {1} {0}.
  1360. command.more.none=&cYou must be holding an item.
  1362. command.blockinfo.list.header=&aBlock Info - &ex:{0} y:{1} z:{2}
  1363. ID: &e{0}&a. Block name: &e{1}&a.
  1364. &e{0}&a. Value: &e{1}&a.
  1365. command.blockinfo.traits.item=&aTrait: &e{0}&a. Value: &e{1}&a.
  1366. command.blockinfo.none=&cNo block was found ahead of you.
  1368. command.iteminfo.list.header=&aItem Info
  1369. ID: &e{0}&a. Item name: &e{1}&a.
  1370. command.iteminfo.extendedid=&aExtended ID: &e{0}
  1371. command.iteminfo.key=&aData Key: &e{0}&a. Value: &e{1}&a.
  1372. command.iteminfo.none=&cYou must be holding the item you wish to inspect.
  1373. command.iteminfo.invalidblockstate=&cThat block state does not have an item associated with it.
  1374. command.iteminfo.buyprice=&aPlayers can buy for &e{0}
  1375. command.iteminfo.sellprice=&aPlayers can sell for &e{0}
  1376. command.iteminfo.list.aliases=&bItem Aliases
  1378. command.entityinfo.list.header=&aEntity Info - &ex:{0} y:{1} z:{2}
  1379. type ID: &e{0}&a. Entity type name: &e{1}&a.
  1380. command.entityinfo.uuid=&aEntity UUID: &e{0}
  1381. command.entityinfo.key=&aData Key: &e{0}&a. Value: &e{1}&a.
  1382. command.entityinfo.none=&cNo entity was found ahead of you.
  1384. to spawn in any {0} entities.
  1385. command.spawnmob.success.singular=&aSpawned in {0} {1} entity.
  1386. command.spawnmob.success.plural=&aSpawned in {0} {1} entities.
  1387. command.spawnmob.livingonly=&cUnable to spawn in {0}, the entity must be living.
  1388. command.spawnmob.limit=&cThe maximum number of mobs you can spawn in at once is {0}. This can be changed in the Nucleus config if desired.
  1389. command.spawnmob.blockedinconfig=&cThe entity {0} has been disabled on this server and cannot be spawned in.
  1390. command.spawnmob.mobnoperm=&cYou do not have permission to spawn in {0} entities.
  1392. command.helpop.success=&aYour message was sent.
  1394. command.lore.set.noitem=&cYou must be holding the item you wish to set the lore of.
  1395. command.lore.set.success=&aLore has been updated on the item in your hand.
  1396. not update the lore on the item in your hand.
  1397. command.lore.set.invalidLine=&cThat line number is invalid.
  1398. command.lore.set.invalidEdit=&cNo lore exists on that line.
  1399. command.lore.clear.none=&cNo lore to clear on the item in your hand.
  1400. command.lore.clear.success=&aCleared the lore on the item in your hand.
  1401. to clear the lore on the item.
  1402. command.lore.clear.noitem=&cYou must be holding the item you wish to clear the lore of.
  1404. command.itemname.set.noitem=&cYou must be holding the item you wish to set the name of.
  1405. command.itemname.set.success=&aThe display name has been updated on the item in your hand.
  1406. not update the display name on the item in your hand.
  1407. command.itemname.clear.none=&cNo name to clear on the item in your hand.
  1408. command.itemname.clear.success=&aCleared the name on the item in your hand.
  1409. to clear the name on the item.
  1410. command.itemname.clear.noitem=&cYou must be holding the item you wish to clear the name of.
  1412. command.rules.empty=&cThe server owner has not set any rules in Nucleus.
  1414. command.firstkit.list.title=&aFirst join kit contents
  1415. command.firstkit.list.none=&aPlayers receive no items when they first join the server.
  1416. command.firstkit.set.success=&aNew players will now receive the current contents of your inventory.
  1417. command.firstkit.clear.success=&aNew players will no longer receive items when they first join the server.
  1418. command.firstkit.redeem.success=&aRedeemed the first join kit.
  1419. command.firstkit.redeem.reject=&c{0} items were not added to your inventory - possibly because it was full.
  1420. command.firstkit.list.unable=&c{0} items could not be loaded into the kit.
  1422. command.staffchat.on=&bYou are now chatting in the Staff Chat Channel.
  1423. are no longer chatting in the Staff Chat Channel.
  1424. command.staffchat.cancelled=&cCould not send your message into staff chat.
  1425. command.staffchat.consoletoggle=&cToggle is not available for non-players, use /a <message>.
  1427. command.enchant.noitem=&cYou must be holding an item to enchant it.
  1428. command.enchant.nounsafe.enchant=&cThis enchantment cannot normally be applied to {0}. Add "-u" to your command to add it anyway.
  1429. command.enchant.nounsafe.level=&cThis level cannot be applied to {0} safely. Add "-u" to your command to add it anyway.
  1430. command.enchant.overwrite=&cThe enchantments &e{0} &cwould be removed if you applied this enchantment. Add "-o" to your command if you intend for this to happen.
  1431. command.enchant.success=&e{0} &alevel &e{1} &ahas been applied to the item in your hand.
  1432. command.enchant.error=&cUnable to enchant the item in your hand with &e{0} &clevel &e{1}.
  1434. command.nucleus.permission.complete=&aPermissions for role {0} have been added to the {1} group.
  1436. command.motd.nocontroller=&cCould not get the MOTD.
  1439. {0}
  1440. on a title to view that section.
  1441. here or run "/info {0}" to read the section "{0}".
  1442. are no info pages for this server.
  1444. command.nucleus.clearcache.success=&aSuccessfully cleared the user cache. Any manual changes to offline user''s files will be read next time they reconnect.
  1445. command.nucleus.clearcache.success2m=&aSuccessfully cleared the user cache of players that have been offline for more than two minutes. Use "-f" to clear all offline players.
  1446. command.nucleus.setitemalias.inuse=&cThe alias "{0}" is already in use.
  1447. command.nucleus.setitemalias.noneinhand=&cYou must either specify the item ID or hold the item in your main hand to create an alias.
  1448. command.nucleus.setitemalias.noidconsole=&cYou must specify the item ID you wish to create an alias for.
  1449. command.nucleus.setitemalias.success=&aThe alias "&e{0}&a" has been set for item with ID "&e{1}&a".
  1450. command.nucleus.setitemalias.notvalid=&cThe alias "{0}" is not valid. The alias can only contain letters, numbers, underscores and hyphens.
  1451. command.nucleus.removeitemalias.removed=&aThe alias "&e{0}&a" has been removed from the item with ID "&e{1}&a".
  1452. command.nucleus.removeitemalias.cleared=&aAll aliases for the item with ID "&e{0}&a" have been removed.
  1454. command.realname.title=&aReal names for "&e{0}&a"
  1455. command.realname.nonames=&cThere is no-one on the server with a name starting with "&e{0}&c".
  1457. command.rtp.other=&aYou are about to be teleported to a safe random location.
  1458. command.rtp.searching=&aSearching for a safe random location...
  1459. command.rtp.successother={0} &ahas been teleported to the co-ordinates &e{1}, {2}, {3}&a.
  1460. command.rtp.success=&aYou have been teleported to the co-ordinates &e{0}, {1}, {2}&a.
  1461. command.rtp.error=&cTimed out trying to find a safe location to warp to.
  1462. command.rtp.cancelled=&cYou cannot teleport at this time.
  1463. command.rtp.worldnoload=&cThe world &e{0} &ccould not be loaded and cannot be teleported to.
  1464. command.rtp.worldnoperm=&cYou do not have permission to rtp in &e{0}&c.
  1466. command.setworth.samecost=&cThe {0} cost of &e"{1}"&c is already set to {2}.
  1467. command.setworth.alreadyunavailable=&cThe item &e"{0}" &cwas already unavailable to {1}.
  1468. command.setworth.noeconservice=&cWarning: No economy has been detected. To make use of the server shop, you must install an economy plugin.
  1469. item &e{0} &ais now available to {1} for &e{2}&a.
  1470. command.setworth.success.removed=&aThe item &e{0} &ais no longer available to {1} (it was available for &e{2}&a).
  1471. command.setworth.success.changed=&aThe item &e{0} &ais now available to {1} for &e{2}&a (it was previously available for &e{3}&a).
  1473. price: {0}
  1474. command.worth.sell=&eSell price: {0}
  1475. command.worth.something=&f{0}&e: {1}.
  1476. command.worth.nothing=&f{0}&e items do not have a buy or sell price.
  1478. command.itembuy.maximum=&cThe maximum number of items you can buy at once is &e{0}&c.
  1479. command.itembuy.summary=&bYou can buy &e{0} {1} &bfor &e{2}&b.
  1480. command.itembuy.clickhere=&b&nClick here to accept this.
  1481. command.itembuy.notforsale=&cThat item is not for sale.
  1482. command.itembuy.nofunds=&cYou do not have the funds to buy this.
  1483. command.itembuy.transactionsuccess=&aYou have bought &e{0} {1}&a for &e{2}&a.
  1484. command.itembuy.transactionpartial=&cDue to lack of inventory space, &e{0} {1} &cwere not bought.
  1486. command.itemsell.notforselling=&cThat item cannot be sold to the server.
  1487. command.itemsell.summary=&bYou have sold &e{0} {1} &bfor &e{2}&b.
  1488. command.itemsell.error=&cThere was an error selling your &e{0}&c.
  1490. command.itemsellall.none=&cYou do not have any &e{0} &cin your inventory to sell.
  1491. command.itemsellall.summary=&bYou have &e{0} {1} &bworth &e{2}&b. If you want to continue selling this, click this message or run &e/itemsellall -a {3}&b.
  1493. command.invsee.targetexempt=&cThe player &f{0} &cis exempt from having their inventory inspected.
  1494. command.invsee.self=&cYou cannot inspect your own inventory with this command.
  1495. command.invsee.nooffline=&cYou cannot inspect offline player''s inventories.
  1496. command.invsee.offlinenotsupported=&cOffline player /invsee is not available in Sponge yet.
  1498. command.nameban.success=&aAny player with the name &e{0} &ahas now been blocked from joining the server.
  1499. command.nameban.failed=&cThe name &e{0} &cis already blocked from joining the server.
  1500. command.nameban.notvalid=&cThat is not a valid username. Usernames are between 3 and 16 characters, made up of letters, numbers and underscores (_).
  1501. command.nameban.pardon.success=&aAny player with the name &e{0} &acan now join the server.
  1502. command.nameban.pardon.failed=&cThe name &e{0} &cis already allowed to join the server.
  1504. command.blockzap.success=&aSuccessfully zapped the block at &e{0}&a in the world &e{1}&a.
  1505. not zap the block at &e{0}&c in the world &e{1}&c.
  1506. command.blockzap.alreadyair=&cThe block at &e{0} &cin the world &e{0}&c is already air.
  1508. command.geoip.update.licence=&cYou must accept the GeoIP module licence in the main configration file before downloading the IP location databases.
  1509. command.geoip.update.start=&aStarting download of GeoIP databases.
  1510. command.geoip.update.complete=&aUpdate of GeoIP databases has completed.
  1512. command.commandspy.success=&aYou have now {0} Command Spy.
  1514. message could not be sent.
  1516. command.getpos.location.self=&aYour location - &eworld "{0}": {1}, {2}, {3}.
  1517. command.getpos.location.other={0}''s &alocation - &eworld "{1}": {2}, {3}, {4}.
  1518. command.getpos.location.nolocation=&cCannot get last location for the player &r{0}&c.
  1519. command.getpos.hover=Click here to warp to this location.
  1521. current latency/ping: &e{0}ms
  1522.{0}&a''s current latency/ping: &e{1}ms
  1524. command.serverlist.message.set=&aThe server list MOTD has been set to the following:
  1525. command.serverlist.message.required=&cA message is required for the server list.
  1526. command.serverlist.message.expiry=&aThis message will expire in &e{0}.
  1527. command.serverlist.message.notset=&cCould not set the server list MOTD.
  1528. command.serverlist.message.isempty=&cThere is currently no temporary server list MOTD.
  1529. command.serverlist.message.removed=&aThe temporary server list MOTD has been removed.
  1530. command.serverlist.message.noremoved=&cThere was no temporary server list MOTD to remove.
  1531. command.serverlist.message.empty=&aThe temporary server list MOTD has been cleared.
  1533. command.serverlist.modify.true=&aNucleus currently controls the server list MOTD.
  1534. command.serverlist.modify.false=&cNucleus currently does not control the server list MOTD.
  1536. command.serverlist.hidevanished=&aVanished players are not included in the player count.
  1537. command.serverlist.hideplayers=&aThe player count will not be displayed in the server list.
  1538. here to see the current MOTD messages.
  1539. here to see the current whitelist MOTD messages.
  1540. command.serverlist.tempheader=&aThere is currently a temporary server list MOTD.
  1542. command.serverlist.head.whitelist=&aServer list MOTD whitelist messages
  1543. command.serverlist.head.messages=&aServer list MOTD messages
  1544. command.serverlist.nomessages=&cThere are no messages
  1546. # Ban
  1547. ban.defaultreason=The BanHammer has spoken!
  1549. # Mute
  1550. mute.playernotify.standard=&cYou are muted and cannot speak.
  1551. mute.playernotify.time=&cYou are muted and cannot speak for &e{0}&c.
  1552. mute.elapsed=&aYou are no longer muted.
  1554. # Warn
  1555. warn.playernotify.standard=&4Warning: &c{0}
  1556. warn.playernotify.time=&4Warning: &c{0} &7(expires in {1})
  1557. warn.login.notify=&e{0} &ahas &e{1} &aactive warning(s). To view &eclick this message.
  1558. warn.login.view=&aClick to view warnings for &e{0}.
  1560. # Note
  1561. note.login.notify=&e{0} &ahas &e{1} &anote(s). To view &eclick this message.
  1562. note.login.view=&aClick to view notes for &e{0}.
  1564. # jail
  1565. jail.isjailed=&cPlayer is jailed.
  1566. jail.playernotify.standard=&cYou are jailed and cannot interact.
  1567. jail.playernotify.time=&cYou are jailed and cannot interact for &e{0}&c.
  1568. jail.elapsed=&aYou have served your time and are now unjailed.
  1569. jail.muteonchat=&cYou cannot speak whilst in jail.
  1570. jail.teleportcause.isjailed=&cYou cannot send teleport requests because you are jailed.
  1571. jail.teleporttarget.isjailed=&cYou cannot send teleport requests to &f{0} &cbecause they are jailed.
  1572. jail.abouttoteleporttarget.isjailed=&cYou cannot teleport &f{0} &cbecause they are jailed.
  1573. jail.abouttoteleportcause.targetisjailed=&cYou cannot teleport to &f{0} &cbecause they are jailed.
  1575. # Messsages
  1576. message.noreply=&cThere is no-one for you to reply to.
  1577. message.cancel=&cYour message could not be sent.
  1579. # Mail
  1580. mail.youvegotmail=&eYou have just received a mail from
  1581. mail.title.nofilter.self=&aMail
  1582. mail.title.filter.self=&aMail (Filtered)
  1583. mail.title.nofilter.other=&aMail (&e{0}&a)
  1584. mail.title.filter.other=&aMail (&e{0}&a - Filtered)
  1585. mail.header=&bClick on the sender''s name for more information.
  1586. mail.login=&aYou have &e{0} &amail(s) in your inbox.
  1587. mail.toread=&ato read them.
  1588. mail.toclear=&ato delete them.
  1590. # Motd
  1591. motd.title=&6MOTD
  1593. # Homes
  1594. home.title.normal=&aHomes
  1595. (&e{0}&a)
  1596. home.location=: [world: {0}, location: {1}, {2}, {3}]
  1597. home.warphover=Click here to warp to {0}.
  1598. home.warphoverinvalid=&cThis home is pointing to an invalid location and cannot be used.
  1600. # Blacklist
  1601. blacklist.title=&aBlacklist
  1602. blacklist.hover={0} is blacklisted.
  1604. # Broadcast
  1605. broadcast.tag=&a[Broadcast]
  1607. # Powertool
  1608. powertool.playeronly=&cThis powertool requires you to attack a player to run the command.
  1610. list.listener.multicraftcompat=Multicraft compatibility has been enabled. To use the Nucleus list command from the console, use /ls.
  1612. user {0} has not logged onto the server before. They have been added to the system.
  1614. # Info
  1615. info.load.duplicate=Duplicate file name detected - {0}. It has not been loaded - note that case does not matter.
  1617. # Seen
  1618. seen.error.requireplugin=The plugin (annotated with @Plugin) must be provided as the plugin object.
  1619. seen.error.pluginregistered=This plugin has already registered a provider.
  1620. seen.header.modules=&bModules
  1621. seen.header.plugins=&bPlugins
  1622. seen.isbanned.temp=&bBans: &c&oTemporarily banned for {0}.
  1623. seen.isbanned.perm=&bBans: &c&oPermanently banned.
  1624. seen.isjailed.temp=&bJails: &c&oTemporarily jailed for {0}.
  1625. seen.isjailed.perm=&bJails: &c&oPermanently jailed.
  1626. seen.ismuted.temp=&bMutes: &c&oTemporarily muted for {0}.
  1627. seen.ismuted.perm=&bMutes: &c&oPermanently muted.
  1628. seen.notbanned=&bBan: &fNot banned.
  1629. seen.notjailed=&bJail: &fNot jailed.
  1630. seen.notmuted=&bMute: &fNot muted.
  1631. seen.warnings=&bWarnings: &f{0} active, {1} expired.
  1632. seen.notes=&bNotes: &f{0} notes attached.
  1633. seen.frozen=&bFrozen: &c&oYes.
  1634. seen.notfrozen=&bFrozen: &fNo.
  1635. seen.socialspy=&bSocial Spy: &f{0}
  1636. seen.socialspylevel=&bSocial Spy Level: &f{0}
  1637. seen.godmode=&bInvulnerable (Nucleus God mode): &f{0}
  1639. # Teleport
  1640. have teleported to &e{0}&a''s location.
  1641. teleport.from.success=&e{0} &ateleported to your location.
  1642. to complete teleport because the target has gone offline.
  1643. cannot target &e{0} &cas they have disabled being targeted for teleportation.
  1644.{0} &ccannot be teleported because they are jailed.
  1645. teleport.nosafe=&cThe teleportation was cancelled - either due to a plugin or lack of a safe location.
  1646. teleport.cancelled=&cThe teleportation was cancelled.
  1647. teleport.success.source=&e{0} &cwas successfully teleported to &e{1}&c''s location.
  1648. teleport.prep.cancel=&cThe teleportation was cancelled. Your &e{0} &chas been refunded.
  1650. teleport.warmup=&aYou will teleport in &e{0}&a seconds. Do not move or run a command.
  1652. teleport.accept.hover=&aClick to accept (&e/tpaccept&a)
  1653. teleport.deny.hover=&cClick to deny (&e/tpdeny&c)
  1655. # GeoIP
  1656. geoip.playerfrom=&e[Nucleus GeoIP] &r{0} &eis connecting from {1}.
  1657. geoip.noinfo=&e[Nucleus GeoIP] Cannot determine where &r{0} &eis connecting from.
  1659. # Vanish
  1660. vanish.login=&aYou are currently vanished.
  1662. # Permission Descriptions
  1663. permission.base=Allows the user to run the command /{0}
  1664. permission.exempt.warmup=Allows the user to bypass the warmup for /{0}
  1665. permission.exempt.cooldown=Allows the user to bypass the cooldown for /{0}
  1666. permission.exempt.cost=Allows the user to bypass the cost for /{0}
  1668. permission.afk.exempt.kick=Prevents the user from being kicked for being AFK for too long.
  1669. permission.afk.exempt.toggle=Prevents the user from going AFK.
  1670. permission.afk.notify=If kick notifications are not sent to the server, players with this permission will still get these notifications.
  1672. permission.mute.notify=Notifies the user about mutes when they occur.
  1673. permission.ban.notify=Notifies the user about bans when they occur.
  1674. permission.jail.notify=Notifies the user about jails when they occur.
  1675. permission.kick.notify=Notifies the user about kicks when they occur.
  1676. permission.warn.notify=Notifies the user about warnings when they occur.
  1677. permission.note.notify=Notifies the user about notes when they occur.
  1679. permission.tempban.offline=Allows the user to temp ban offline users.
  1680. permission.ban.offline=Allows the user to ban offline users.
  1681. the user from being a target of the /ban command.
  1682. permission.jail.offline=Allows the user to jail offline users.
  1683. the user from being jailed.
  1685. permission.jail.teleportjailed=Allows the player to teleport jailed players.
  1686. permission.jail.teleporttojailed=Allows the player to teleport to jailed players.
  1688. permission.nick.others=Allows the user to change other''s nicknames.
  1689. permission.nick.colour=Allows the user to colour their nickname.
  1690. the user to style their nickname.
  1691. permission.nick.colourspec=Allows user to use the colour "{0}" (&{1}) in nicknames.
  1692. permission.nick.colorspec=Allows user to use the color "{0}" (&{1}) in nicknames.
  1693. permission.nick.stylespec=Allows user to use the "{0}" style (&{1}) in nicknames.
  1694. permission.nick.magic=Allows the user to use "magic" characters in their nickname.
  1696. permission.list.seevanished=Allows the user to see vanished players in /list.
  1698. permission.seen.extended=Allows the user to see extended information about a player in /seen.
  1700. permission.spawn.otherworlds=Allows the user to go to another world''s spawnpoint.
  1701. permission.spawn.worlds=If set in the main config, this permission will give players access to spawn in all worlds. Adding the name of the lowercase name world \
  1702. as a child of this permission will grant permission for that world only (that is, ending with "" for the world "world").
  1704. permission.spawnother.offline=Allows the user to send a player to spawn on their next login.
  1706. permission.teleport.force=Allows the user to "force" teleport to a point, regardless of whether it is safe to do so.
  1707. permission.teleport.others=Allows the user to teleport other players.
  1708. permission.teleport.offline=Allows the user to teleport to the location of players who are offline.
  1709. permission.teleport.quiet=Allows the user to use the "-q" flag to override whether to tell the target player if a teleport is being performed.
  1711. permission.tphere.offline=Allows the user to teleport players who are offline to their current location on next login.
  1713. permission.tptoggle.exempt=Allows the user to teleport to anyone, regardless of whether they have turned on /tptoggle protection.
  1714. permissions.warps=Allows the user to access all warps if per-warp permissions is turned on.
  1716. permission.others=Allows the user to target other players using the command "{0}".
  1718. the user to have an unlimited number of homes.
  1719. granted, other players cannot warp to your homes using /homeother
  1721. permission.sudo.exempt=Exempts the user from being a target of the /sudo command.
  1723. the user from being a target of the /warn command.
  1724. permission.warn.exempt.length=Allows the user to bypass the maximum and minimum warning lengths.
  1725. the user from being a target of the /mute command.
  1726. permission.mute.exempt.length=Allows the user to bypass the maximum mute length.
  1727. the user to bypass the maximum weather length.
  1728. permission.mute.seemutedchat=If true and enabled in the config, players with this permission will see chat from muted players.
  1729. the user from being a target of the /tempban command.
  1730. permission.tempban.exempt.length=Allows the user to bypass the maximum tempban length.
  1732. the user from being a target of the /kick command.
  1733. permission.kickall.whitelist=Allows the user to turn the whitelist on when kicking all players.
  1735. user to type colors in chat.
  1736. user to type colours in chat.
  1737. user to use the colour "{0}" (&{1}) in chat.
  1738. user to use the color "{0}" (&{1}) in chat.
  1739. user to use styles in chat.
  1740. user to use the "{0}" style (&{1}) in chat.
  1741. user to use magic characters in chat.
  1742. user to type clickable URLs in chat.
  1744. permission.message.color=Allows user to type colors into messages.
  1745. permission.message.colour=Allows user to type colours into messages.
  1746. user to use styles into messages.
  1747. permission.message.magic=Allows user to use magic characters into messages.
  1748. permission.message.urls=Allows user to type clickable URLs into messages.
  1750. permission.blacklist.bypass=Allows user to bypass all restrictions on blacklisted items.
  1751. permission.blacklist.bypassuse=Allows user to bypass use restrictions on blacklisted items.
  1752. permission.blacklist.bypasspossess=Allows user to bypass use restrictions on possessing items.
  1753. permission.blacklist.bypassenvironment=Allows user to bypass use restrictions on mining or placing items.
  1755. permission.warn.showonlogin=Allows user to see other users warnings when they login.
  1756. permission.note.showonlogin=Allows user to see other users notes when they login.
  1758. permission.sign.formatting=Allows user to use text formatting on signs.
  1760. permission.kit.exempt.cooldown=Allows the user to bypass kit cooldowns.
  1761. permission.kit.exempt.onetime=Allows the user to use one time kits multiple times.
  1762. permission.kit.give.override=Allows the user to grant kits to those who would not ordinarily be able to obtain a kit using the -i flag.
  1763. permission.kits=Allows the user to use all kits.
  1765. permission.gamemode.other=Allows the user to change the gamemode for any user.
  1766. permission.gamemode.modes.survival=If "admin.separate-gamemode-permissions" is set in the config, allows the user to change a target''s gamemode to survival.
  1767. permission.gamemode.modes.creative=If "admin.separate-gamemode-permissions" is set in the config, allows the user to change a target''s gamemode to creative.
  1768. permission.gamemode.modes.adventure=If "admin.separate-gamemode-permissions" is set in the config, allows the user to change a target''s gamemode to adventure.
  1769. permission.gamemode.modes.spectator=If "admin.separate-gamemode-permissions" is set in the config, allows the user to change a target''s gamemode to spectator.
  1771. the user from having their chat, messages and mail ignored.
  1773. permission.iteminfo.extended=Displays data associated with the item.
  1774. permission.blockinfo.extended=Displays properties and traits associated with the block.
  1775. permission.entityinfo.extended=Displays data associated with the entity.
  1777. permission.spawnmob.other=Allows the user to spawn a mob on another player.
  1778. permission.spawnmob.mob=If "mob.separate-mob-spawning-permissions" is true, then this permission will allow a user to spawn all living mob types in. \n\
  1779. A specific spawnmob permission is "nucleus.spawnmob.mob.<mobid>", where the mob's id, such as "minecraft:creeper", will have the colon (:) replaced with a period (.), thus, the permission for a creeper is "nucleus.spawnmob.mob.minecraft.creeper".
  1780. permission.helpop.receive=Allows the user to receive message via /helpop
  1781. permission.back.ondeath=Sets the player''s /back location on death
  1782. permission.back.onteleport=Sets the player''s /back location on returnable teleports.
  1783. permission.back.onportal=Sets the player''s /back location on portal teleports.
  1784. permission.enchant.unsafe=Allows setting enchantments and levels that are not ordinarily available to the held item.
  1785. permission.motd.join=If granted, the user will see the MOTD when joining the server.
  1786. granted, the player can run /info -l to see all the available info sections.
  1787. permission.spawn.exempt.login=If granted, and the configuration is set to send players to spawn on login, this permission will prevent the player from going to spawn on login.
  1788. permission.vanish.see=If granted, and the version of Sponge/Nucleus supports this, allows players to see other vanished players and tab their names in commands.
  1789. permission.vanish.other=If granted, grants ability to vanish other players.
  1790. permission.vanish.persist=If granted, the player is able to retain their vanish status upon logout and login.
  1791. permission.connection.joinfullserver=Allows the user to join the server even if full.
  1792. permission.speed.exempt.max=Allows the user to specified a speed greater than the max speed set in the config file.
  1793. grants the user voice if a global mute is in effect.
  1794. permission.voice.notify=If granted, this user is told when a player''s voice status is changed.
  1795. granted and enhanced generation is being used, these players are notified of progress to the generation.
  1796. the user to see world seeds.
  1797. the user to teleport other players to other worlds.
  1798. permission.invsee.exempt.inspect=Prevents the player from being a target for /invsee.
  1799. permission.invsee.exempt.interact=Prevents the player from having their inventory interacted with.
  1800. permission.invsee.modify=Allows the player to modify others' inventories.
  1801. permission.invsee.offline=Allows the player to look at offline players'' inventories.
  1803. permission.enderchest.exempt.inspect=Prevents the player from being a target for /enderchest
  1804. permission.enderchest.others=Allows the user to inspect other players'' ender chests.
  1806. permission.connectionmesssages.disable=If set in config, players with this permission will not trigger a connection message.
  1807. other players to teleport to the topmost block.
  1809. permission.geoip.login=Displays player country on login, if enabled in the configuration.
  1811. permission.getpos.others=Allows the user to view the position of other players.
  1813. permission.kittycannon.damage=If granted, the user can use the -d flag to damage entities with exploding ocelots.
  1814. granted, the user can use the -f flag to cause fires with exploding ocelots.
  1815. permission.kittycannon.break=If granted, the user can use the -b flag to break blocks with exploding ocelots.
  1817. permission.socialspy.force=If granted, along with the "nucleus.socialspy.base" permission, the target player cannot turn social spy off.
  1819. permissions.warp.other=Allows the user to send other players to warps they have access to.
  1821. permission.rtp.worlds=The base permission for per-world permission, if allowed in the config. This permission can be suffixed with ".worldname" (in \
  1822. lowercase) to allow for per-world rtp permissions.
  1824. granted, prevents commands from this player being sent to other command spies.
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