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  1. (1) The Rays couldn't develop a pitcher for the first decade of their existence, and now they have more than they know what to do with. In Desmond Jennings, they have come up with yet another of hteir signatures: a toolsy outfielder in the Carl Crawford/B.J. Upton line.
  3. (13) The end of Roy Clark's tenure as scouting director (he's now assitant GM in Washington) was marked by a shift to junipr-college and college players in the draft. The Braves on a budget have drafted more conservartively than they used ot, leading ot a system with less depth than usual.
  5. (12) It's only natural for the A's to fall in the rankings
  7. (28) It's the end of an error in Toronto, where J.P. Ricciardi go the hang of player develoopment but not public relations, or, in the nd, winning. The Blue Jays' new approach under new GM Alex Anthropolius is an attempt to go back to the future, emphasizing scounint
  9. (29) St. Louis
  11. (30) Houston
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