(FR) Worst Pony is a figment of your imagination (B-)

Nov 26th, 2012
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  1. >day ponies in Equestria
  2. >morning routine because you can't start a day without em
  3. >breakfast? Why the fuck not
  4. >today is going to be a real good day
  5. >why?
  6. >you're spending it with Best Pony
  7. >the two of you have been getting along rather well since you first arrived
  8. >she has been looking at you rather odd recently though
  9. >meeting up with Best Pony the two of you head out to do things you both like to do
  10. >you and Best Pony have a great day full of fun
  11. >closing in on the end of the day you and Best Pony start making out because that's how this works
  12. >it doesn't take long before you and Best Pony are sensually rutting where you two ended up
  13. >after making love to Best Pony the both of you head back to your place
  14. >along the way you are accosted by Worst Pony
  15. >seems she has set a generic trap to ensnare you for the purpose of rape
  16. >with Best Pony's help you manage to dodge the trap and comically defeat Worst Pony
  17. >she grumbles in defeat and slinks away
  18. >after successfully dodging another rape attempt by Worst Pony you and Best Pony settle in at your place for the night
  19. >the two of you rut again before going to sleep
  20. >as you drift off spooning Best Pony you don't notice Worst Pony outside your window
  21. >you also don't notice her clopping at the thought of you
  22. >Fucking Worst Pony
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