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애 예 진 (Ae Ye-Jin)

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  1. 애 예 진
  2. Ae Ye-Jin
  4. Character Art: http://oi68.tinypic.com/2mngj0y.jpg
  5. Dating Profile: http://oi65.tinypic.com/xnu5go.jpg
  8.         -----=====+++++=====-----
  11. You're viewing messages from [YESTERDAY]
  12. [superLuminal3585]: Hey sis you online?
  13. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: hey loser
  14. [superLuminal3585]: Just checking up on you.  Your plane take off yet?
  15. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: Nah I'm waiting for boarding, it's taking forever :P
  16. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: It's all the business & first class people boarding
  17. [superLuminal3585]: Mom's super worried
  18. [superLuminal3585]: I mean
  19. [superLuminal3585]: what else is new
  20. [superLuminal3585]: but you know
  21. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: Yeah I'm a bit nervous too
  22. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: I'm meeting a friend in VK but I don't really know anyone there yet
  23. [superLuminal3585]: Not to late to get a job at dad's company
  24. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: I'd rather be shot.
  25. [superLuminal3585]: is what you're doing any better??
  26. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: Look
  27. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: It's just
  28. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: It's the way it went.  I'm gonna make some money and see where I can go from there.
  29. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: I don't wanna be far from the family.
  30. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: And I'll make sure you get through college OK
  31. [superLuminal3585]: I'm more worried about you than me
  32. [superLuminal3585]: I mean, it's not like mom REALLY knows what's going on
  33. [superLuminal3585]: but she's not stupid
  34. [superLuminal3585]: ...
  35. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: I'm gonna be OK
  36. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: I've handled way worse
  37. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: WAY worse
  38. [superLuminal3585]: Sure fine but bugs is different
  39. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: Look this isn't my first run around the block either
  40. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: Sit tite
  41. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: I'll see about getting you an airplane ticket for spring break ;)
  42. [superLuminal3585]: Get yourself one & come home for a few days
  43. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: wow real appreciative bro
  44. [superLuminal3585]: VK is not on my top 10 places to visit
  45. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: shit gotta go
  46. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: my zone's boarding
  47. [cassowary_liberation_movement]: love ya
  48. [superLuminal3585]: Love you too
  50. You're viewing messages from [TODAY]
  51. [superLuminal3585]: You forgot your phone charger! (unread)
  54.         -----=====+++++=====-----
  58. S: My name is Detective Sugihara.  You are Ae Ye-Jin?
  59. A: Yes.
  60. S: What is--was--your relationship with Dr. Morticia Jones?
  61. A: She was my professor.
  62. S: What did she teach?
  63. A: Deep Planes research.  
  64. S: How long did you know her?
  65. A: Two years.
  66. S: How would you describe your relationship with her?
  67. A: She was my professor.
  68. S: And Mr. Simmons?
  69. A: What about him?
  70. S: He was Dr. Jones' T.A., correct?
  71. A: Yes.
  72. S: And can you describe your relationship with him?
  73. A: He was the class T.A.
  74. [pause]
  75. S: Look, Ms. Ae.  You're not under arrest and I'm not here to be your enemy.  We're just trying to understand the situation more fully to prevent any additional dangers.
  76. A: Will there be an outbreak?
  77. S: I'm not at liberty to say.
  78. [pause]
  79. S: When did you first notice unusual behavior with your T.A.?
  80. A: He was always unusual.
  81. S: How so?
  82. A: Hard to explain.  Kind of creepy.  Overweight.  Didn't take care of his hygiene very much.  
  83. S: Did you speak to him very much?
  84. A: Only when necessary.
  85. S: Such as?
  86. A: For class & class assignments.
  87. S: Did he ever speak to you?
  88. A: He asked me out about a week into the semester.
  89. S: What was your answer?
  90. [pause]
  91. A: Are you kidding?
  92. S: Please answer the question, Ms. Ae.
  93. A: I said no.
  94. S: Did he make any advances towards you after that?
  95. A: No...  Not until maybe 2 weeks ago.
  96. S: Can you tell me a bit more about that incident?  Please be specific.
  97. [pause]
  98. A: He'd started wearing a trenchcoat about a week beforehand--three weeks ago from now.  It didn't help much his appearance and I didn't care for him.  After I turned him down the first time he seemed to take the hint, left me alone except for class assignments.  But then about two weeks ago when I turned in an assignment he got very pushy about wanting to spend some time with me.  I turned him down several times and he started to imply that if I wanted to keep my grades up, I might want to reconsider.  This was very upsetting to me.  I get very good grades.
  99. S: Understandable.  Please, continue.
  100. A: I wasn't afraid.  Not yet.  I went to Dr. Jones and told her about the incident.  She asked me to step into her office and discuss it more privately.  I cannot properly describe the feeling I got, Detective, but it was a strong malaise.  I did not want to go into her office alone.
  101. S: Were you on good terms with her before?
  102. A: Very good.  We talked a lot about game theory and she introduced me to Searle's Basilisk.
  103. S: Game theory?
  104. A: Relevant to deep planes research.  
  105. S: Let's not digress.  How often would you say you spoke in person with Dr. Jones?
  106. A: Maybe once or twice a week.
  107. S: Did that pattern hold up until the incident?
  108. A: No.  For the previous month or so she'd gotten a lot more reclusive, tried to dodge me.  I didn't really understand until recently.  I think... she might have been trying to warn me.
  109. S: And you neglected to go into her office?
  110. A: Yes.  I did not go alone with her.
  111. S: Do you have proof?
  112. [pause]
  113. A: Video evidence from the classroom should prove it.
  114. S: What happened then?
  115. A: I told her the thing with Simmons was probably no big deal and I quickly left.  
  116. S: She allowed you to leave?
  117. A: She allowed me to leave.
  118. S: Describe the second incident.
  119. A: In class.  Three days later.  It was a routine summoning procedure for some research and she asked one of the students in the class to summon all three times.   This was very unusual for Dr. Jones.  She was very hands-on.  I started to assense some things, too.
  120. S: Did anything else unsual happen in the class?
  121. A: No.  I mentioned something to her after class but she just said she was tired.  But she didn't look tired.  Then she asked if I was up to speed on my thesis and invited me in for some private tutoring.
  122. S: Was this unusual?  
  123. A: No.  It was still during open office hours, but no one else was coming by the office.  This was pretty normal for her and I when we had our talks.  
  124. S: Did you go in to her office?
  125. A: No.  I had the same bad feeling.  You can check the cameras yourself; I walked away.
  126. S: That's okay, Ms. Ae.  We have agents examining footage as we speak.
  127. [pause]
  128. A: Then the third incident.
  129. S: Let's take a moment to discuss Dr. Jones' area of interests before moving to the third incident.  She was a professor of Deep Planes denizens, yes?
  130. A: Yes.  But that means a lot of things, not just thaumaturgical theory.  Although there is a lot of that.  It's a cross-disciplinal field involving game theory, evolutionary biology, psychology, some other things too.
  131. S: Why is that?
  132. A: So we can try and understand the Deep Planes denizens' motives.  Most of our research was with Engkantos, though.
  133. S: Why was that?
  134. A: They provided a mutually beneficial relationship, under certain conditions.  We thought that understanding them might be able to bridge the gap.
  135. S: Do you think that this is the case?
  136. [extended pause]
  137. A: Not anymore, Detective Sugihara.
  138. S: What was Dr. Jones' specialty?
  139. A: Engkanto.  Like what we studied.
  140. S: How do you think she was first exposed to insect spirits, then?
  141. A: Bad research.
  142. S: What do you mean?
  143. A: She would rush things.  Get very excited about potentials and all that.  Not have the proper due diligence.  But she was very smart and never made any trouble out of herself.  She probably summoned something she shouldn't have.  I don't know the details.
  144. S: Did you ever summon an Engkanto?
  145. A: No.
  146. S: What sort of spirits did you summon in her class?
  147. A: I never did.
  148. S: You didn't?
  149. A: Check my records.  I don't summon.  My contributions were largely theoretical, and where my talents were applied, it was astral plane analysis.
  150. S: Alright. Ms. Ae.  Let's talk about the third incident.
  151. [The following data has been restricted to JAPAN_GOVERNMENTAL_AUTHORITY_CLASS_S_SECURITY_CLEARANCE.  Please speak to an administrator.]
  152. S: Do you believe anyone else tried to summon insect spirits?
  153. A: No.  Just Jones, Simmons, and Andover.  Do you have Andover in custody?
  154. S: I'm not at liberty to say.  I believe that concludes our interview.  Is there anything we can do for you?
  155. [pause]
  156. A: No.  I just want things to go back to normal.
  157. S: I assure you, they will.
  158. A: Thank you.
  159. [pause]
  160. S: Wait--before you go.  A word of advice.  It may be... judicious of you to switch your area of study.  This is not a pleasant thing to be remembered for.
  161. A: Thank you, Detective Sugihara.  I'll consider it.
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