[EN RP] Rules Mistaken

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  1. <b><size=30><align="center"><link=""><color=#5abffd>MISTAKEN</color></link></align></size=40></b>
  2. <color=#FF8000><b>Links:</b></color>
  3. <b><link=""><u>Discord</u></link></b> | <b><link=""><u>Steam</u></link></b> | <b><link=""><u>Website</u></link></b> | <b><link="><u>PayPal</u></link></b> | <b><link="><u>Donation</u></link></b>
  5. <color=#fd6a5a>Rules:</color>
  6. [1] You have to play your role like if you were really there.
  7. [2] Killing a team upon spawning gives an unfair advantage, don't do that.
  8. [3] Toxic/offensive behaviour is not allowed. Treat all players with equal respect and try to keep good manners at all times.
  9. [4] Never provide information discovered out of the game to give an unfair advantage.
  10. [5] Class D are allowed to kill each other.
  11. [6] MTF can only activate Alpha Warhead if facility is in critical condition for example when SCP activity is high and out of control, also before activation one of MTF have to announce intent to  destroy facility over the intercom and then wait about 3 min before detonating it.
  12. [7] CI can activate Alpha Warhead only if all alive Class D personnel has escaped. CI does not have to announce it over the intercom.
  13. [8] Zombie ( SCP-049-2 ) suiciding is not allowed
  14. [9] It's not permited to:
  15.     - Use offensive nick names.
  16.     - Make/play annoying noises through microphone/intercom.
  17.     - Use any bugs/exploits/cheats to gain advantage over other players.
  18. [10] Killing members of your team while playing as MTF, CI, Scientist is not allowed, except if:
  19.     - (MTF Only) Player does not follow your orders (order: Commander > Lieutenant > Guard > Scientist)
  20.     - Player is trolling
  21. [11] It's not allowed to cooperate:
  22.     - As Scientist with CI and SCP.
  23.     - As Class D personnel with MTF and SCP
  24.     - As MTF with CI, SCP and Class D personnel
  25.     - As CI with MTF, SCP and Scientists
  27. <color=#00ff00>Anti-TeamKill:</color>
  28. <color=#00ff00>2</color> kills = gun removed,
  29. <color=#00ff00>3</color> kills = observator role,
  30. <color=#00ff00>4</color> kills = 30 min ban.
  32. By joining our server you accept the rules and allow us to gather statistics.
  33. You can report something on discord or using: <b><link=""><u>E-MAIL</u></link></b>
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