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  1. Nookie (3:02:21 AM):your attitude and mood seems to change instantly
  2. Chillz (3:02:49 AM):well yeah it does, and want to know a secret about me that might make it different in the future
  3. Chillz (3:03:08 AM):i am seriously very quiet when it comes to this
  4. Chillz (3:03:19 AM):this has nothing to do with interwebs btw
  5. Nookie (3:03:28 AM):sure, but i dont judge people by their problems
  6. Chillz (3:03:40 AM):i take medicine for mood swings
  7. Chillz (3:03:44 AM):not joking
  8. Nookie (3:03:51 AM):theyre not working
  9. Nookie (3:03:52 AM):lol
  10. Chillz (3:04:09 AM):thats the kind of stuff i am talking about
  11. Chillz (3:04:29 AM):i just told you something serious in my life that i dont take lightly to and you joke about it
  12. Nookie (3:04:55 AM):lol, well its my opinion
  13. Nookie (3:05:20 AM):it doesnt matter anyway, you just need to remember that i will never intentionally disrespect any staff member
  14. Chillz (3:05:30 AM):but you just did, imo
  15. Nookie (3:05:50 AM):by my actions with Thor?
  16. Chillz (3:06:03 AM):no, when i told you about something i dont tell anyone
  17. Nookie (3:06:25 AM):ok, we need to get this straight
  18. Chillz (3:06:37 AM):if you have an opinion like that, please dont say it. I dont care about promotions/demotions when someone makes fun of something i have irl
  19. Nookie (3:07:00 AM):by me saying "theyre not working" is not a form of disrespect, it was an attempt at lightening the mood a little
  20. Nookie (3:07:03 AM):sorry if it failed
  21. Nookie (3:07:18 AM):you need to know the difference between the two though
  22. Chillz (3:07:40 AM):sorry if i dont like when people joke about something that i dont tell anyone about
  23. Chillz (3:07:50 AM):i dont care about the difference when it comes to that
  24. Nookie (3:08:16 AM):well, there is a difference and if you fail to recognise it, you will have problems like this throughout your lifetime Nookie (3:11:43 AM):so are we gonna end this crap or what? up to you... Nookie (3:11:57 AM):i can forgive and forget, but i cant force you to Chillz (3:12:01 AM):this is something in real life that i dont tell anyone about except close friends. i told you so we can understand eachother about more. if you are going to be like this, then fine. i wont talk about you or anything like that since its not allowed. but i dont have respect for you. if i fail to recognize what? the fact that i dont like total strangers making fun of something that i cant change without medication? shame on you. seriously. i can recognize the difference but i have no respect for you anymore. i wont say anything bad about you as i love the site and love moderating it. i will still listen to you and do as i am told. but that doesnt mean i respect you. i dont have to respect you to moderate for you. you crossed the line. so we will end this, by talking only about the site from now on
  25. Chillz (3:12:16 AM):i may forgive this in the future, but i will never forget
  26. Nookie (3:12:50 AM):youve said your piece, no problem
  27. Chillz (3:13:33 AM):so we're done here?
  28. Chillz (3:37:02 AM):Look, I am sorry also. I hope you understand why I got angry at that when you made fun(not intentionally) or my mood swings. Besides thats not the reason I get mad :-P I guess I tried to be mister tough guy at one point
  29. (3:37:41 AM):i shouldnt even acknowledge you right now. you said some dumb shit.
  30. Chillz (3:37:52 AM):uhm what?
  31. (3:38:04 AM):if you need to ask, dont bother
  32. Chillz (3:38:31 AM):i said dumb shit by saying i dont like how you make fun of my personal problems?
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