AngelxTwistEndingMa [MLO]

Mar 5th, 2013
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  1. >It was another day in paradise.
  2. >Being waited on hoof and hoof by that Yellowquiet pony.
  3. >Day in, day out, she made my food, catered to my every whim.
  4. >She'd never get the nerve to tell me no.
  5. >I got her wrapped around my little toe.
  6. >Sometimes it's good to be an evil genius.
  7. >Feeling particularly peckish this day, I decide to get Yellowquiet's attention.
  8. >Raising a leg, I start thumping against her leg, repeatedly, being as annoying as possible.
  9. >"Oh, what is it Angel?"
  10. >I pull out a picture of a delectable salad that I ripped out of a fine dining magazine that Whitefancy pony had.
  11. >"Are you hungry Angel? Is that it?"
  12. >Fixing her with a glare, I kept pointing at the salad, slapping the page for good measure.
  13. >"B...But Angel, I'm not sure I can afford that!"
  14. >She's going to get me this damn salad one way or another.
  15. >I put on my best "Bitch, you are getting me this salad" stare, thumping your foot on the floor.
  16. >"Oh my! I guess if you want that salad that bad, I'll go out and get the ingredients."
  17. >That's right, you know who wears the pants in this relationship.
  18. >Watching her gather up her saddlebags and her purse, you follow her closely, making sure she didn't forget anything.
  19. >Stupid mare would forget her own wings if they weren't attached to her.
  20. >"I'll be be back in an hour or so Angel. Make sure the other animals don't get too rowdy while I'm gone. Please?"
  21. >Waving my paw in her direction, I hopped over to my bed to signify I was done paying attention to her.
  22. >After the door closed, and I was sure she was gone, I decide to check in with my many inferiors, and see what the other animals were doing in my glorious name.
  23. >Slipping through the door that Yellowquiet installed so I could come and go freely, I make a beeline for the birdhouse.
  24. >The birds greet me with a squawk, and I asked them how their efforts were going
  25. >They say that they have been keeping up their annoying bird-songs all over Ponyville.
  26. >Excellent, those ponies will surely get tired of that melodic crap eventually!
  27. >I strode over to the bear's den, over at the edge of the forest.
  28. >He was the farthest from the house, but he was one of the most integral to my plans.
  29. >With a few loud thunks on the entrance of the cave, he lets me in
  30. >A few squeaks and growls later, and he tells me we have plenty of food for our enviable overthrowing of Yellowquiet and her obnoxious friends.
  31. >Hopefully the gigantic moronic lug wouldn't eat it all late in the fall again.
  32. >A light hoppy jog later, I thump my foot on the ground, knowing the moles would hear me.
  33. >Feeling the ground shake underneath me, I jump away, watching the mole pop up and ask me what my problem was.
  34. >He gives me that same odd look he does every-time, saying they were going "fine", before muttering something under his breathe about me and diving underground.
  35. >Stupid moles, they were expendable pawns anyways, only good for digging escape tunnels.
  36. >Everything was going according to plan.
  37. >Making my way to Yellowquiets garden, I hop up on the sundial, checking the time.
  38. >Hmm, only 40 minutes have passed.
  39. >Well, I sure was feeling horny.
  40. >And what's an evil genius without his willing harem of rabbits?
  41. >I made my way over to the rabbit hutch, knowing the path practically by heart now.
  42. >As I walked in, greeting the ladies, showing them that shit-eating grin that meant I was ready for the tender lovin's.
  43. >They all started giggling and pushing each other, trying to catch my attention, before I noticed that there's a new rabbit in the back.
  44. >She looks older, more mature, with bigger hips, and a more defined figure.
  45. >She was going to be mine today.
  46. >Thumping my paw against one of the girls, I ask who the new rabbit is.
  47. >They say she's a new one, apparently Yellowquiet found her in the Everfree alone and talked her into coming here.
  48. >Well, it seems Yellowquiet knows how to bring a nice piece of tail home with her.
  49. >Maybe that mare's good for something every now and again. The idea strikes you as particularly hilarious.
  50. >Making your way over to the older rabbit, you try putting on all the moves.
  51. >Flexing, jumping, air boxing, front-flips, and back-flips. Bitches love back-flips.
  52. >She seems more amused then excited by my antics. That's weird, the girls love this stuff.
  53. >She says you're gonna have to do something a little more mature to slip it to her today.
  54. >A challenge? Well well well, a perfect conquest to end my conspiring today.
  55. >Racking my brain for something that would woo her, it hit me. Time to bust out the secret weapon.
  56. >Clearing my throat, I lilt out a note, before descending directly into a song about how amazing she looked, despite having just met her.
  57. >She was clearly surprised, not taking me for a singing rabbit. They always underestimate me, until it's too late.
  58. >Finishing my excellent attempt at a spontaneous song, ignoring the giggling of the vapid girls behind me, I look at the older rabbit.
  59. >She's giving me the bedroom eyes. Score.
  60. >She waves her paw in my direction, pointing me to a walled off section of the hutch, where we might get a little privacy.
  61. >Bouncing around the corner, I see her bent over, ready, and damn, she looked amazing.
  62. >Her hips were big, and round, perfect for gripping and slapping, and she was clearly egging me on. I could feel myself hardening just looking at her amazing ass, and her pink slit.
  63. >I practically jumped on her, slamming my dick home hard and fast, making her gasp sharply.
  64. >Gripping her hips hard, I began pounding harder, trying to find a rhythm, as she started moaning slightly.
  65. >Despite her being older, she was tight, and she was bouncing back, meeting me half-way. She clearly had some experience behind her.
  66. >Finally finding a steady pace, I decided it was time for a little fun.
  67. >Raising a paw, I started slapping her luscious ass cheeks, watching them jiggle back and forth as I pounded her, and I watched her stuff a paw in her mouth to contain her squeaks.
  68. >She was clearly enjoying herself, and admittedly, I was too, despite this being just a quick fuck, but I knew I was close.
  69. >Dropping all pretense of going steady, I start wildly pounding her, feeling myself peak.
  70. >I didn't even pull out, marking her as my own, just like I did with the other girls.
  71. >Pulling my tapered wang out, I give her ass another smack for good luck, as she just lays there breathing heavily.
  72. >Without even a farewell, I was out of the hutch and out to the garden.
  73. >Yellowquiet ought to be home soon,and I sure worked up an appetite, so I guess I'd better head home.
  74. >Bouncing through the front door, I hop right into my bed, making myself comfortable, just as I hear the door open.
  75. >"Angel, I'm home!"
  76. >Glancing over to her, I see her saddlebags loaded down with the ingredients to my salad.
  77. >Looks like the mare actually pulled through for once.
  78. >"It turns out most of the stuff was on sale, I even have a little money left over."
  79. >Thumping my foot on my sheets, I point to the kitchen before lightly tapping my stomach.
  80. >"Oh, my, yes, I'll get right on it Angel!"
  81. >That's right, do my bidding.
  82. >Within a few minutes, she trotted out of the kitchen, holding that delectable salad in her hoof, before setting it down beside my bed.
  83. >It was as good as I imagined, green, and crisp, with all the trimmings I could ever want,,
  84. >Hopping out of my bed, I launch into the salad, satiating the hunger I had worked up.
  85. >"Oh, You must of been hungry."
  86. >"I guess I should go feed the other rabbits too."
  87. >With a start, she walks towards the door, before turning around.
  88. >"Oh, that reminds me Angel, have you met the new rabbit? I found her in the forest, and from what I heard from her, I think she might be your mother"
  89. >I froze, what she said sinking into my brain, my mind going blank at the news.
  90. >And suddenly, everything went black, the images of what I did to her earlier springing to mind.
  91. >With a yell, I start gagging, but not before flipping my salad over, horrified by what I did.
  92. >"Oh my Angel, are you alright, was something wrong with the salad?"
  93. >Fucking Yellowquiet.
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