TomoTsuku pg 241-280

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  1. pg. 241 - Her Weakness
  2. [sign] Staff room
  3. >What was with your attitude in class today...?
  5. >That's nothing new for Sugisaki and his little gang but even you nodding off in class, Terasawa...
  6. >What sloppy behavior! What have you got to say for yourselves!?
  7. SFX: *Shooock*
  8. >I'm... part of Sugisaki's 'gang' now... [not the best phrasing, but the teacher pluralizes Sugisaki in a way that you can't really do in English. It basically conveys the idea that Shoutarou and Misuzu are being treated alike, as part of the same group]
  10. >...The truth is I was up from friday night until monday morning drilling all sorts of things into Misuzu... She couldn't get much sleep...
  11. >Stop with the misleading phrasing!
  13. >...The one who's usually taking the initiative is obviously the uke... [the bottom in a yaoi pairing, if you feel that's TN-worthy]
  14. SFX: *Mumble* *Mumble*
  15. >What happened to her!?
  17. pg. 242 - Limit face
  18. >...Excuse us...
  19. SFx: *Clatter...*
  21. >Fufu... My plan to avoid a long lecturing by deliberately shocking him was a success.
  22. >It would've been much better to say we're sorry and have him forgive us!!
  24. >...By the way, she was like that in the staff room too... Is it just me or is Terasawa acting weird...?
  25. SFX: *Whisper* *Whisper*
  26. >She's probably angry about all the weird stuff you were saying...
  28. >Ah-
  29. SFX: *Spaced out*
  30. >Being angry would've been better than that face...
  32. pg. 243 - Unmeshing gears
  33. >...By the way, Otonashi-san, about 'Yesman'...
  34. SFX: *Sway...*
  35. >Y-Yeah!?
  36. SFX: *Twitch!*
  38. >...You got this, Misuzu...!
  39. >It'll be ok... I remember the entire story!
  40. >This conversation will be my ticket to making her my friend!
  42. >Even though I spent my precious weekend working hard so I could talk to her about the story
  43. >all Tera-sawa-san was interested in talking about was the relationships between the characters and their asses, so
  44. >I could do nothing but put on a faint smile and desperately nod along.
  46. pg. 244 - Let's try harder again next monday
  47. >...Terasawa! I think she's feeling a bit under the weather...!
  48. >I think it would be best if she went home now!
  50. >You should probably go home and get some sleep too!
  51. SFX: *Run*
  53. >...Euuuuughhhh
  54. SFX: *Drip* *Drip*
  55. >...Don't cry.
  57. >These are the tears over wasting my days off...
  58. >That's harsh...
  60. pg. 245 - Who's to blame?
  61. >Man, I'm shocked... How did Terasawa-san end up like that...?
  62. >It was even worse than I expected...
  64. >But it's not like a terrible thing to be into... If you want to be friends with her, you should show some interest too.
  65. >And the reason her eyes were opened to BL was because of the book you lent her, after all.
  66. >...*You* were the one who made me borrow that book.
  68. >...I only read it because Makihara and Kishikawa recommended it to me.
  71. SFX: *Dash*
  72. >Uwah- Wh-...what!?
  74. pg. 246 - A regular at losing called first matches
  75. >If you don't show any results at the next tournament...!
  76. >The baseball club will be shut down!!
  78. >Ha-...!
  79. >Shut down!?
  81. >...Uh... Excuse me, we're talking about something important right now, so...
  82. >Could you please leave...?
  84. >Would it have killed them to let me enjoy a taste of spending my youth in a sports club!?
  85. SFX: *Tch!*
  86. >...Just the fact that they didn't beat you up tells me those baseball club guys are nice people...
  88. pg. 247 - I want to be a kid forever
  89. >I want to eat a kids' lunch!
  91. >It shouldn't be embarrassing to order it...!
  92. >Everyone loves omuraisu and hamburg steak!
  93. SFX: *Clench*
  94. >Well sure, but...
  96. >Wouldn't the portions be too small if you ate one now...?
  97. SFX: *Tiny*
  99. >Stop trying to nitpick!
  100. >That's so immature!
  101. >Don't make me knock you out.
  103. pg. 248 - Sakoku [Japan's isolationist policy from 1633 to 1853]
  104. >I saw a show about world heritage on TV last night...
  105. >I really want to go to another country at least once.
  107. >That sounds scary to me... I'm fine with my home country.
  108. >Hahaha, you wuss. Don't worry, it'd be fine.
  110. >Foreign countries have all those different races, and languages, and customs, and sexes, you know.
  111. >We have women here too, you know!?
  113. >Women are pretty much foreigners to me...
  114. >Don't say that, it's depressing...
  116. pg. 249 - Anyone can be a hero
  117. >Want to play with me? I'll give you candy...
  119. >...You obviously shouldn't go with a guy like that, but
  121. >Hurry! No time to explain!!
  122. >Get in the car!!
  124. >...Wouldn't saying something like that make any boy with dreams feel like he might become the protagonist of something and go along with him...!?
  125. >We need to take immediate measures...!
  126. >These guys are the most dangerous.
  128. pg. 250 - I was just messing around
  129. >Hey, check it out~ Huge titties~
  131. SFX: *Flaaat!* [it's actually the onomatopoeia for something going straight down. kind of has a double meaning here]
  132. SFX: *Thump!*
  134. >...Do you need a doctor...?
  135. [small]A head doctor
  137. pg. 251 - Goldfinger
  138. >Misuzu!
  140. >What do you think of this!? I made my own puppet!
  141. SFX: *Baaaam*
  142. >...You're pretty skilled, aren't you...
  144. SFX: *Tearing up...*
  145. >...But what's with that colorful expression...?
  147. >Well duh, look... I have my hand up in here, don't I?
  148. >Don't you 'duh' me.
  150. pg. 252 - A hole in a place like that
  151. >I've been having so much fun since you helped me discover my hobby [furigana: BL], Otonashi-san!
  152. >Aaah... So it's all my fault now...
  154. >I found out so much more about boys' bodies than what was written in our textbooks too...
  155. >Manga can be educational too.
  157. >Te-... Terasawa-san, those things are fantasy, you shouldn't be so quick to believe them...
  159. >? But, I saw on the internet...
  160. >I'm telling you, it's all fantasy!
  161. >Believe the ministry of education!!
  163. pg. 253 - Image is important
  164. >Misuzu, you carry a mirror with you?
  165. >...What? Something wrong with that?
  167. >Girls sure have to deal with a lot.
  168. >Maybe I should learn from her and pay more attention to my appearance too...
  170. >Sugisaki... That mirror...!
  171. SFX: *Hehe*
  172. >Aah... Just bought it on a whim.
  174. >I never expected this from you... Peeping...
  175. >Wh-... What made you think that's what it's for!?
  176. >The way you usually act, probably...
  178. pg. 254 - Heresy
  179. >Fuhihihihi
  181. >Hey... Is it me or is Terasawa starting to be left out by the class...?
  182. SFX: *Whisper* *Whisper*
  183. >...You noticed too, huh...?
  185. >Is it because of her awakening to BL...? If this keeps escalating she'll become isolated from everyone.
  186. SFX: *Pant* *Pant*
  187. >Yeah... We should tell her that interests like that are best enjoyed in private...
  189. >...But, if we deliberately let her become isolated, wouldn't your chances of becoming friends with her increase...?
  190. >Th-...That's way too scummy...!!
  192. pg. 255 - Not listening for an answer
  193. >Forget it! I'll do something myself!
  194. SFX: *Run*
  195. >Will this really be okay...?
  197. >...Terasawa-saaaan, do you have a moment~?
  198. >Ah- Otonashi-san, perfect timing.
  200. >I want you to help me get my best boy to #1 in this magazine's popularity poll.
  201. SFX: *Zoom*
  202. >Um... But I wanted to...
  204. >It has to be through the cards that come with the magazine so go ahead and buy several copies and help me out, won't you? Thank you so much!
  205. SFX: *Push* *Push*
  206. >OWAAAAAAAAH Don't I get a turn!?
  208. pg. 256 - Unwittingly showing her hand
  209. >Terasawa-san... Listen...  About these otaku hobbies...
  210. >You really shouldn't do that in front of...
  211. >...You're worried about me, aren't you, Otonashi-san?
  213. >I understand that people look at me differently now.
  214. >...But I think that anyone who avoids me just because of this was never my friend to begin with.
  216. >After all, being around people who accept you is more fun, and easier...
  217. >From now on I'll only associate with people who share my...
  218. >...Stop-...
  220. >Stop being so selfish!!
  221. SFX: *Gronch*
  223. pg. 257 - Unexpectedly authoritative
  224. >Do you know how foolish you look, indulging in your desires while losing sight of everyone around you...? Why don't you see for yourself!?
  225. >A... A mirror...!?
  227. >Is... Is this me!? What's wrong with my face!? It's so ugly...
  228. >It's the face of someone who flaunts her lust and abandoned her humanity...!
  230. >And this is the face everyone was seeing...!
  231. SFX: *Shwffff...*
  233. >I feel like I just exorcized a demon...
  234. [small]Though she did it herself
  236. pg. 258 - Realization
  237. >I was wrong...
  238. >I was so close to losing myself and becoming too far gone to go back to being human, like Sugisaki-kun and the others...
  239. >I wouldn't go that far...
  241. >Now I understand how foolish it is to flaunt the interest you have chosen.
  242. >...But still, I can't hold back the 'love' I feel welling up in my body...!
  244. >That's right... Balancing between reason and instinct is what being human is all about...!
  245. >Thank you... for making me realize...
  246. SFX: *Clench!*
  247. >Eh-... Aah, yeah, sure...
  249. >I've made up my mind. I'll keep the otaku conversations between me and you, my comrade, Otonashi-san.
  250. >Sure, I'll... Eh...!?
  252. pg. 259 - Disinterest [original title is "where the wind blows from', an expression suggesting distraction/disinterest, IE being more curious about which way the wind is blowing]
  253. >...She's back to being friends with the class like nothing ever happened...
  254. SFX: *Wai* *Wai* [lively conversation]
  256. >You're amazing, Misuzu. How did you do it?
  257. >Aah... It was nothing special...
  259. >Hey, guys, can you look at this for a second?
  260. SFX: *Swf...* [bringing out]
  262. >? What?
  263. >A mirror? Why?
  264. >Too late, huh...
  266. pg. 260 - Nothing personal
  267. >Strange... That Terasawa girl hasn't come by at all lately.
  268. [sign] Student council room
  269. >...Do you anything about it, vice-president?
  271. >I heard she got hooked on manga and goes straight home after school.
  272. >She... She puts her hobbies before my orders as student council president...!?
  273. >...Why not just drop the whole thing? We haven't been getting any work done ever since you started worrying about Sugisaki.
  275. >Shut up! You know nothing about how humiliating it is to suffer because of some upstart first-year!!
  276. >...I need to get the president to focus on his duties or this school's going to become a mess...
  278. >Before that happens, I, the vice-president of the student council...
  279. >will take care of Sugisaki!
  281. pg. 261 - Sure-kill 'I'm sorry' punch
  282. >Found you, Sugisaki Shoutarou...!
  284. >I have nothing personal against you, but...
  285. SFX: *Gwoooo*
  286. >for the sake of this school, you must be sacrificed!
  288. >...You're a better student council president than that guy...
  289. SFX: *Vwom!*
  291. >But I'll have to beat you...
  292. [small] Gyaaaah
  294. pg. 262 - Confirmation
  295. >Damn it... All I wanted was to do my student council work...
  296. >Poor guy...
  298. >...If only I had listened to Terasawa and gone after your friend instead
  299. >I might have had a chance...
  301. >...Terasawa.
  302. >Did... you just say Terasawa...?
  304. >The one who was leaking information about me to the student council was
  305. >Terasawa...!
  306. SFX: *rumble*
  308. pg. 263 - On the internet 2 minutes after coming in
  309. >I heard, Terasawa.
  310. >You were the one telling the student council who my friends are.
  312. >Su-... Sugisaki-kun...!
  313. >Why did you do it...?
  314. SFX: *Rumble...*
  315. >You put me, Misuzu, Makihara and Kishikawa in danger...
  317. >...That... I'm sorry. I didn't have the courage or an excuse to disobey an upperclasman at the time...
  318. >But I'm not involved with the student council anymore!
  320. >Only because you're busy with your hobby, right?
  322. pg. 264 - Blind to his own flaws
  323. >...Even if you were just being manipulated, I can't forgive this!
  324. >Maybe it wasn't your fault directly, but it's true that all of us were in danger because of you...
  325. >Stay away from Misuzu from now on.
  327. >...Staying away from her... Hold on...
  328. >Is that... what Otonashi-san wants...?
  329. SFX: *Doki!*
  331. [misuzu] I wanna be friends - with Terasawa-saaaaaaaan
  332. >...No...
  333. >That's my decision.
  334. >...Wha-...! Who do you think you are, making decisions on behalf of others!?
  336. >I-... I'm just looking out for her!!
  337. >No, that's not it! You just want her all to yourself!
  338. >Wh-... Why you-! Don't you try to turn this back on me...!
  340. pg. 265 - Outbreak of war
  341. >Otonashi-san opened up my world...
  342. >I want to get closer to her!!
  343. >Honestly, you getting closer to Misuzu only makes me anxious...
  345. >If you want to be her friend...
  346. >That will be when I decide Terasawa Natsuki is worthy of being Otonashi Misuzu's friend!
  348. >...Sugisaki-kun... You're saying I need to win your approval for us to be friends...
  349. >I accept your challenge.
  351. >...Fufufufufufufufufufufufufu...
  352. SFX: *Rumble*
  353. >Ufufufufufufufufufu...
  355. pg. 266 - Secret plan
  356. >Even if we agree... The student council president is going to get in our way.
  357. >Eh...!?
  359. >I'd like to solve things as peacefully as possible, but... I doubt he'd listen, and I don't want to deal with any more of his assassins.
  360. >I'm going to set the student council president straight, right now.
  362. >Isn't going after the student council president with violence playing into his hands...?
  363. >Not that it would bother me if you got expelled.
  364. >Hmpf, I know that.
  366. >And I know just who to call for help.
  367. >I'll take care of this soon enough, you just wait here.
  369. pg. 267 - Decoy strategy
  370. >What's taking the vice-president so long...? Where did he go?
  371. >Maybe I should go looking for him.
  373. >Ah- President! Do you have a moment!?
  374. >We need to talk to you about something!
  375. SFX: *Rush* *Rush*
  376. >!? Wh-...What is it, all of a sudden...?
  378. >I'm in a bit of a hurry right now, but we can talk later...
  379. >A student council president abandoning his fellow students!?
  380. >Oi, Makihara, we're putting this online!
  382. >Listen, you two, I...
  383. SFX: *Pewww*
  385. pg. 268 - Lively in chaos
  386. >Wh-... What is this...
  387. >...A water pistol.
  390. SFX: *Punch*
  391. >Gueh!
  395. SFX: *Bolt*
  396. >Sorry, Makihara! I'll buy you one of those shokugan you collect!! [abbreviation of 'shokuhin gangu' - small toys that come with snacks or sweets for children]
  398. >So I bought one of those shokugan the other day, and all that came with it was this really tiny piece of gum that barely tasted like anything so I was like "Eeh-!?" I mean I buy those things for the figures so it was a real letdown I mean I know they have to keep up appearances but I wish they were more considerate...
  399. SFX: *Mutter* *Mutter*
  400. >Thank god, if you can talk like that then you must be okay... or are you!?
  402. pg. 269 - A rat in a trap
  403. >Haah
  404. >Haah [panting]
  405. SFX: *Footsteps/Running*
  407. >Look at all that sweat... It makes sense.
  408. >He's been chasing me at full speed for a good few minutes now.
  410. >Don't look so relieved... I finally cornered you, Sugisaki.
  411. >Haah
  412. >Haah
  413. >You underestimated me... Is this the best you can do?
  415. >...All I did was shoot you with a water gun and you started chasing me.
  416. >That's all...
  417. >I don't know what happened afterwards.
  419. pg. 270 - Creeping shadow
  420. >The water I sprayed on the president's back...
  421. >That's the one I collected when I snuck into Mizusu's bath that one time - my 'Misuzu leftover bathwater'!
  423. >As he chased me around, the Misuzu leftover bathwater mixed with the president's sweat...
  425. >And that smell will bring her here!
  426. >Oi, what are you grinning about...?
  428. SFX: *Fwiw*
  430. pg. 271 - Summoning
  431. >Y-...You were in the park that day...!
  432. SFX: *Nwoooo*
  433. >Wh-.. Wait, please, wa-...
  436. SFX: *Cruuunch!*
  438. [side]GYAAAAAAH
  439. >If you get attacked by a student from another school, that's none of my business...
  440. >I owe this success to Chikako's physical ability and her love for Misuzu...
  442. pg. 272 - Friendship is the weapon
  443. >Oh man... I thought I smelled Misuzu getting attacked by a man... I got the wrong idea...
  444. >How embarrassiiiing!
  445. SFX: *Bluuuush*
  446. >That's one hell of a standard for shame...
  448. >Ah- Shoutarou... What should I do? I beat the crap out of this guy I don't even know.
  449. >Aah, don't worry about him.
  451. >Oh, really?
  452. >Then, if there was nothing else, I'll go back to my school... Tell Misuzu I said hi.
  453. [small]Sure
  455. >I won...
  457. pg. 273 - Smouldering fire
  458. >Oi.
  460. >The student council president is down for good. Nobody's going to bother you anymore.
  461. >Do whatever you want from now on.
  462. >Eh... Eeeeh!?
  464. >Haah
  465. >Haah
  467. >You... You son of a bitch...
  468. >I won't let it end like this...!
  470. pg. 274 - Flushing with style
  471. [sign upper] Flush
  472. [sign lower] Hold hand up to flush toilet
  474. >O Undine, spirit of water ... Lend me your strength...!!
  475. SFX: *Baaaam*
  477. SFX: *Fwshhh... clug glug*
  479. >S...Sir! There's a water bender in the bathroom...! [not a specific reference to avatar or anything, it's literally 'water power person']
  480. >What are you talking about, sir...?
  482. pg. 275 - Shnk [sound effect for something being chopped off]
  483. >Studying for a test
  485. SFX: *Pheeeew*
  486. >Wanna take a break...? [she says 'kyuukei', which means break/rest/breather]
  487. >Kyuukei...!?
  489. >Kyuukei
  490. >Punishment by castration, practiced in ancient China
  492. >I'm not going to just sit by and let my symbol get cut off like that...!!
  493. SFX: *Scrtch* *Scrtch* [writing frantically]
  494. >Dunno why but I guess it's good that he's motivated.
  495. >They got good grades.
  497. pg 276 - Makihara filter
  498. >It must be moving to witness some famous landmark with your own eyes for the first time, but
  500. >if you moved there, you'd be able to see it every day
  501. >and eventually you'd probably not think anything of it anymore...
  503. >It's true that you get bored of anything amazing if it goes on long enough.
  504. >...And when that happens you start looking for something else that'll impress you, right?
  506. >Like rewatching an anime after reading through the art books or how a manga you've read to exhaustion becomes fun again once you find out what kind of person the author is...
  507. >...I like how you can put that kind of twist on anything we talk about...
  509. pg. 277 - Pure and Impure
  510. >If all goes well we'll be second years this spring... Now begins the anxiety about if we'll be able to get close with the new first year girls.
  511. >If you want to get along with kouhai, that's what clubs are good for.
  512. >That's it!
  514. >We don't know much about baseball but I swear that when it comes to being called "Senpaaaai~ ♡" by a kouhai manager girl we feel about it stronger than anyone else!
  515. >We're willing to put up with all your annoying training until next spring for that! So please...!
  517. >...I don't think anyone's generous enough to let you into the club for that reason...
  518. >Just think about that for a second...
  520. >Nevermind then!
  521. >We're going to the tennis club next!
  522. SFX: *Run*
  523. >Yeah!
  524. >Couldn't they show that kind of enthusiasm for something else...?
  526. pg. 278 - Fine with being called a pig at this point
  527. >To achieve our dream of being called "Senpaaaai~ ♡" by a girl, we have no choice but to rely on the power of Sugisaki's sister!
  528. >Are you that indiscriminate!?
  530. >Hiyori-chan, please, just once...!
  531. SFX: *Gezaaaa* [from dogeza]
  532. >Could you please call me "Makihara-senpai" with a sweet voice...!?
  534. SFX: *Thrilllled*
  535. >M-...Me too! I want to be slapped!!
  536. >She's my sister you asshoooooles!
  538. pg. 279 - Triangular
  539. >Otonashi-san... There is something I want to ask you...
  540. >Wh-...Why so formal...?
  542. >When three people get involved romantically it's called a 'love triangle', right?
  543. >...Yeah.
  545. >But I noticed if you actually draw the chart of the relationship as a triangle, someone is guaranteed to love someone of the same sex.
  546. [triangle, clockwise] Man, Man, Woman
  548. >Isn't it... A huge turn-on...?
  549. >What kind of reaction is she expecting from me...?
  551. pg. 280 -
  552. >This nature park is a famous dating spot...
  554. >...What is a 'date', even?
  556. >Does it just have to be a guy and a girl going outside?
  557. >I don't think you have to be outside.
  558. >They talk about home dates too.
  560. >Oh, it's almost time for the movie.
  561. >We're heading out so watch the house, all right?
  562. >Are they doing it on purpose...?
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