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Feb 10th, 2018
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  1. By commissioning me, you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions.
  2. When you contact me for work, you agree that my TOS supersedes any TOS you might have.
  3. My ToS applies to all of my artwork.
  5. You the commissioner must be fluent in English to the degree that you can understand my terms of service as the provisions listed are binding and necessary to the transaction process.
  7. All commissions must be sent through note .
  9. Here is a list of important bullet points.
  10. - Please do not repost my artwork to FurryNetwork
  11. - Paypal only.
  12. - Content do's and don't's can be seen here.
  13. - Preview/WIP at the sketch stage for revisions.
  14. - No rush orders, but deadlines are okay.
  15. - No waiting list.
  16. - I retain all copyrights. (Commercial work can be discussed, begins at $500)
  17. - You may not place your own watermark on my artwork.
  18. - I must be credited when the artwork is posted.
  19. - My artwork is never to be posted on: Boorus (this includes e621), chans, Facebook, Inkbunny and Photobucket.
  20. - Editing of my work by anyone, including commissioners, is not allowed. (This includes wips) Cropping for icons is okay. (For finished works only)
  21. - I will not depict racist/sensitive content in my artwork. This includes, but is not limited to, offensive use of clothing, hurtful stereotypes, racist wording.
  22. - All artwork depicted on my accounts are full res.
  23. - You may not add your own watermark/logos to any of my artwork, including commissions, trades and requests.
  24. - I reserve the right to limit, cancel or refuse commissions for any reason I see fit.
  26. Please note that I will only retain finished commissions for one month after I have completed them. please make sure you store and back up your finished commission as I will not be able to provide it if you lose it after that time period. This does not apply to premades or adoptable files; I do not keep those on hand at all.
  28. Payment:
  29. All payments must be through paypal. Do not include any additional notes, as paypal does NOT endorse the sale of artwork/commissions and it can end with your/my paypal being banned. Also, please do NOT send it as a gift, or anything else under the Personal tab, as Paypal cracks down on that.
  31. All prices are in dollars, and must be paid up front. Work will not begin until payment is received. In the case of mailed (or item) payment, work will not start until I've received it. I am not responsible for money/items lost in the mail. For orders that are over $150, I will take 50% up front, but I need the commission paid in full once you approve the sketch.
  33. YCH Section added May '12
  35. YCHs
  36. YCH sketches come as is, and changes cannot be made to the sketch unless stated in the description, or asked before hand. I have the right to refuse any changes to YCH sketches. You are able to see the sketch before hand, and agree to receive that image by bidding. YCH sketches are subject to change due to character species or body type.
  37. Excessive changes or additional may incur additional fees.
  39. Commission Procedure:
  40. In order to commission me you must have at least one image of the character, with color. I do not accept SL images, and I will very rarely accept text references and commissions without visual refs will incur a 'design fee' to cover the extra edits.
  42. Once you have sent your request and we have discussed what you'd like, you must pay me in full up front, and I will add you to my commission queue. I will note you your sketch* once I've gotten to it, and at this point in time you must request any minor revisions. Once you have approved the sketch, I will continue on to finish the image.
  43. Please take note that stylistic changes will not be accepted. Asking me to change a key part of my art style (Noses and eyes, wide hips, humanoid legs, flat faces, and other key markers) will be declined. Please be sure you wish to commission me for my art style.
  45. Please check the sketch thoroughly before approving it, as you may only request very minor charges from them on, and only if they are mistakes that I have made myself. (Ex, forgot a collar, or colored the hair the wrong color)
  47. *The only exceptions are icons, chibis and other small commissions.
  49. Once you image is completed, I will note you the final image. If I am unsure on something, I will ask you (may not have been able to see a marking or color correctly). If you do not reply within 48 hours of me seeing the note has been open and read I will assume the image is fine and will no longer make changes or edits. This will apply to all commissions as well; if there needs to be a fix done, you must contact me right away.
  51. Content:
  52. I will draw most content. To view what I will draw, fetish wise, check this list.
  54. If an extremely complex character is requested, there may be additional charges.
  56. I won't draw in another style. eg; Disney, Sonic or another artist's. You are hiring me for my art, not for someone else's. If you would like art in someone else's style, then please commission them.
  58. I reserve the right to refuse your commission for any reason.
  60. Revisions:
  61. You are able to ask for changes in the sketch phase. However, if you ask for excessive changes, there will be a fee. Major changes will be limited. If you have changes please state so all at the same time, or you may be charged.
  62. Once you have approved of your sketch, you may not make any more changes to the pose or composition of the piece. Please review the sketch carefully before approving.
  64. I will often show another WIP once the line art is complete, but you may not make any major changes. This includes removing or adding things, unless I have personally forgotten something you asked to be included when you ordered.
  66. If you decide that you want a completely new pose, or a different character it counts as a resketch and you may be charged.
  67. Redraws are either paid for, in which you may treat the sketch as a commission. Or, they are not paid for and will be resold or re-purposed (personal work). You do not have any rights to the sketch if this is chosen and you may not post, use, or save the image. You will be reported for theft if you attempt to claim it as yours.
  69. I do not make changes after a commission has been completed.
  70. In the off chance there is an error with your commission after completion (examples being I forgot a marking, or item which was clearly stated when ordering) I will make corrections.
  73. Rush Orders/Deadlines:
  74. I do not accept rush orders.
  75. If there is a deadline on your commission please state so at the beginning of your order. I cannot always fulfill these and will either accept or decline if I cannot complete your commission in time. A deadline date must be at least 2 weeks after the time of order, and is used for things like birthdays or holidays.
  77. Permissions & Private Artworks:
  78. I retain all rights to my art unless I state otherwise. This means that I can post it to my FA/DA accounts, website, art CDs/Folios, prints, and other personal/public uses. Please state ahead of time if you wish for your commission to be withheld from my galleries and my own personal/public use, as there will be a 25% fee charged. This does not mean you own the rights to the image. This does not mean that I will claim credit over your character. Requiring the image to be censored will also incur a fee.
  80. You are allowed to post your commission in your FA gallery, but it must be linked and credited back to me. You are also able to print the image for personal use, use it for a personal tattoo, or as a graphic in a personal website or blog layout. If you're using it on a website or blog layout, I must be visibly credited. You may not upload commissions to boorus or chans (image boards), Facebook, and/or InkBunny. If posting to tumblr, please reblog from me. If the artwork is not on my blog, I will post it or allow you to do so. The above applies only to the one who commissioned the artwork, and the specific file they commissioned.
  82. You aren't allowed to use it commercially, as I still own the rights unless discussed before I accept your commission. You may not sell t-shirts, prints, or any other items with the image on it. You may not mass produce (more than one or two copies) products (Shirts, prints, stickers and so on) with the image and give them away. If you want the rights to your image, it will have to be discussed before I begin to work on your commission, as you need my permission in writing.
  84. You may not hire (payment exchanged in return for coloring; money, items, art and so on) someone to color any line work of mine (Or make any edits at all), whether it is a commission or not. You may color the image you purchased yourself, or get someone to color the image for free. If someone is coloring it you must ask permission before hand. Failure to do so may result in the image being removed from you gallery by FA staff.
  85. You must state who, including yourself, colored if the work is not colored by me.
  87. You may not add your own watermark/logos to any of my artwork, including commissions, trades and requests. (The only ones I shall allow are dA's automatic watermark, and watermarks, which are also set to be automatic, neither of these are actually the user placing the mark.)
  89. Refunds:
  90. If you need a refund for whatever reason, then you must request it before I've started your commission, full refunds are not available after I have started, unless I offer them due to not being able to complete your piece. In the case of a full refund you may not use any artwork I have produced. Any progress will be deducted from the refund. I do not give refunds for pieces once they are complete. If you are unhappy with the piece, I have given you ample time to voice your concern.
  92. If I feel you are being unreasonable (ie. rude, harassing, stalking and so on) I will terminate the commission if you continue after a warning. A partial refund will be given if the artwork has been started.
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