God of Skiing

Apr 23rd, 2020
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  1. After all, a great deluge of water assaulted her ignoring the physical laws. The massive amount of saltwater that struck Kanzaki at the will of the magician swallowed up the deserted third of Uphill Island that was split off like a broken cookie.
  3. The strangely red and viscous seawater sealed off Kanzaki’s movements in an instant and swept her out to sea. She was already beyond the island. The water was hundreds of meters deep making it a hopeless place for a human.
  5. The girl moderately but definitely giggled.
  7. The deluge of water skillfully avoided the area around the girl.
  9. She was up against a professional Necessarius magician.
  11. And at her feet were the magically worthless runes desperately carved by the Norse believers during the Age of Exploration. They could not withstand that ridiculous strength.
  13. That one strike was enough to smash them.
  15. “Do you know how the world was created in Norse mythology?”
  17. She cut her own fingertip and pressed it up against the charm at her neck.
  19. As she had been told, its communication functionality activated, but she had no idea if Kanzaki could actually hear her.
  21. “The material that made up the world was the corpse of a giant named Ymir. But when Odin and his brothers killed Ymir, a great amount of blood flowed from the wound. That flood of blood washed away everything of the old world that had existed before and caused a conflict with the giants who lost many of their brethren.”
  23. By manipulating the salt content and concentration of her blood to match that of seawater, the girl gained magical access to a great amount of seawater. A certain amount of the real power of something resided within an idol with similar form and properties. She accessed that power by using the same Idol Theory that existed between the cross used to execute the Son of God and the crosses atop churches.
  25. Ymir’s blood washed away the world and drowned giants who had power rivaling that of the gods. At that instant, the red liquid flowing within that girl’s body may have become one with the blood of Ymir who had become the material the world was created from.
  27. If that was all it was, it was simple.
  29. However, there were many things preventing that from happening in reality.
  31. If something with the same concentration and salt content as sea water was sent flowing through a human body, that person’s internal organs would definitely be fatally damaged. The defensive spell used to prevent her body from being injured was more of a mystery than the one turning her blood into Ymir’s.
  33. The sound of something straining could be heard from the girl’s right wrist.
  35. The color of her palm changed.
  37. It was now a kind of reddish purple.
  39. The girl had concentrated the transformed blood in her palm and then stopped the flow of the blood so it did not circulate to the rest of her body. Basically, she had tied off her wrist with an invisible rope.
  41. She could not keep that up for long.
  43. Stopping the flow of blood would bring about necrosis in her cells. The concentration and salt content of the Ymir-ized blood would destroy the cells of her palm from the inside.
  45. But many magicians would likely have admired the girl’s achievements and may have even been jealous that she could pull something like that off on her own. The destruction was overwhelming.
  47. (It’s over...)
  49. Kanzaki was dead.
  51. She had been swept around three thousand meters away.
  53. While she was being swept along the island, her body would have struck sand and rocks countless times. When she was later swallowed up by the great currents in the sea, her arms and legs would have been thrown about randomly destroying all of the joints in her
  54. body. And by modifying the salt content and concentration of the seawater being magically controlled, it was given normally impossible viscosity. Even if she was still alive, Kanzaki would just sink unmoving to the depths of the ocean.
  56. Even a Saint still had a normal human body.
  58. As long as she had to inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide, she would drown when brought underwater.
  60. “...Ymir’s Ocean.”
  62. The name of the spell that had killed her enemy escaped the girl’s lips.
  64. That was the identity of the large-scale magic that had become known both inside and outside the island. Those who did not understand the situation seemed to think there was some kind of giant temple used to control that occult power, but there was not. That heinous magic that could destroy the very terrain at the user’s wish was a personal spell.
  66. It should not be used against a normal magician much less a normal non-magic user.
  68. However, that changed when the magician was a member of the world powerful Necessarius.
  70. “Didn’t I tell you? Stories similar to Noah’s Ark can be seen in religions across the world.”
  72. A noise came from around the girl’s neck.
  74. It was the sound of the wire necklace-like wire there quickly contracting in what may have been some form of final resistance. But before the wire could decapitate the girl, she slipped her own hands between her neck and the wire.
  76. A shockingly large amount of blood sprayed out.
  78. However, the girl’s expression did not change in the slightest. She stretched out her arms to the left and right tearing the wire to pieces.
  80. “...”
  82. She looked down at her palms to see that they were partially torn to pieces. Yet the girl smiled. Against a wire wielded by a Saint, she had gotten off easy. Normally, even a steel framework would have been sliced clean through.
  84. She brought her lips near the charm that was died red with blood and gave her last words to the dead.
  86. “Well done. You just had the terrible luck to meet me on the sea.”
  88. She had said what she had to say.
  90. The girl was about to cast aside the charm she no longer needed, but she froze partway through.
  92. “No. I’m sorry to say that I was not given a life that was normal enough to call that bad luck.”
  94. A voice.
  96. She heard a voice.
  98. “...”
  100. At first, the girl glared at the charm she had been about to cast aside, but then she quickly glanced over at the sea. She stared three thousand meters ahead. She stared off to an area of the sea that could easily hold a large tanker or aircraft carrier, not to mention a normal boat.
  102. Normally, a large tsunami or other large waves would only affect the areas with a shallow coast.
  104. However, the Ymir’s Ocean she had caused was something else entirely. A wave that large had the destructive power to turn even a large ship to scraps.
  106. However, there was no relief on her face.
  108. At her distance, all objects looked like nothing more than dots.
  110. However, that presence kept the girl’s gaze fixed on it.
  112. She could see the girl who should have drowned standing atop the ocean surface.
  114. “Do you know of the Norse god Ullr?”
  116. The voice was calm.
  118. The girl recognized it as Kanzaki Kaori’s voice.
  120. “He is an ancient god who was believed in even before Odin. In Danish, his name is Ollerus. So much has been lost about him that it is not even clear what role he had as a god, but some scholars categorize him as the god of hunting and skiing.”
  122. (It can’t be...!!)
  124. The girl wrinkled her brow and distorted her face as she stared off at the distant sea and then she confirmed it.
  126. Water skis.
  128. Kanzaki was not standing atop the sea. She was unnaturally undulating up and down as she used only two skis to ride a wave big enough to capsize a battleship. Water skis were normally pulled forward by something like a motorboat, but Kanzaki did not need that.
  130. She was keeping her balance by using the power of the large wave that would crush a normal human’s body.
  132. “R-ridiculous...!!”
  134. “Is it? Ullr is one of the Æsir just like Odin. He is a member of the race that was not swallowed up by the flood of Ymir’s blood. In that case, the fact that the ski god would not be swallowed up by the flood would have been inputted as a condition from the beginning. You can create as large a flood as you want, but as long as the spell is related to Ymir’s blood, you cannot drown me.”
  136. After saying that, Kanzaki fell silent for a bit.
  138. SS Kanzaki, Chapter 2, Part 4
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